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W Quick Guide

If you feel difficulty in using

my templates, please contact me
on my profile page


Here are the links to the fonts required for your new design. Only downloading and
installing these fonts will allow the template to look just like the design in the PDF file.
Please click on the links below, or copy and paste them into your web browser. You will
find links to download the necessary free fonts. Always make sure to restart Word after
installing fonts, so it recognizes the new added fonts to your computer.


Here’s our Mac/PC friendly guide on how to download a new font to your computer.


Option 1 1. Open your Applications

2. Open Font Book
1. Open your Control Panel 2. Open Fonts 3. On the
File menu, click Install New Font 4. In Drives, click 3. Drag the folder that contains the fonts you want
the drive you want 5. In Folders, double-click the into Font Book
folder that contains the fonts you want to add In
List of fonts, click the font you want to add, then
click OK
If you are a Mac user you may run into the problem
Option 2 where certain installed fonts do not show in your
font list. To fix the problem please visit the website
1. Open My Computer 2. Open the C: Drive 3. Open
the Windows folder 4. Open the Fonts folder 5. er.php and convert your .TTF files into .DFONT
Copy and paste selected font you want to add, then files. Next, install the .DFONT files, close and re-
click OK open Word, to make sure the font list is now
updated and the new fonts visible in the list