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Apale, Ralph Glenn P.

GEC WORLD (4:30 -5:30 MWF)

BSCE – 1 November 29, 2019

Duterte on inclusive growth,

We have long known President Duterte to be a shrewd political leader, anti-crime fighter
particularly against drug operations, and advocate of strong and effective government. Last week,
in Vietnam, we saw him in a new light as he spoke on globalization and its ill effects at the Asia-
Pacific, Economic Conference (APEC) CEO Summit in Da Nang, Vietnam.
Globalization, he said, may have been generally beneficial for the world economy, but it
has had adverse effects on some economies, including the Philippines. Growth has not been
equal or inclusive, he said. Growth has been much greater in some countries, so that countries
like the Philippines have suffered a “brain drain” as skilled Filipino workers migrated to rich
“We must ensure that globalization does not just lead to wealth generation but, equitably,
wealth distribution as well,” he said. He stressed the need for an “inclusive environment where
everyone has the opportunity for growth. This could be achieved through the promotion of
competition, complementation, and cooperation in business.
The President said he would pursue this matter further in his meetings with leaders of the
Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) in Manila. “If Europe can do it with its Union
and America is starting to revive its industries, why can’t we, the ASEAN, do it?” he asked.
President Duterte cited one point in his comments on globalization which, he said, is of
particular to Southeast Asian nations. They should review, he said, their present practice of
exporting raw materials to industrialized countries, only to import finished products made from the
raw materials at four times the value.
Last March, at the height of the dispute between then Secretary of Environment and
Natural Resources Gina Lopez and the mining industry, the Chamber of Commerce of the
Philippine Islands, the oldest business organization in the country, made a proposal. We should
not just export raw ore from our mines, it said. We should process the ores and produce iron,
copper, nickel, and other metals used to make finished products. At a further level of our economic
development, we could one day produce the finished products themselves.
The President’s thoughts on globalization and proposals for economic development will,
we hope, augur a new phase in the Duterte administration.
The anti-drugs drive, the campaign on corruption, the efforts for national security through
settlement of our age-old disputes with rebel groups – these led the movement for change for
which President Duterte won election in 2016. With his words on globalization at the APEC
Summit in Vietnam and his call to move on to processing our raw materials, we look forward to
greater efforts by the government for economic development.
Apale, Ralph Glenn P. GEC WORLD (4:30 -5:30 MWF)
BSCE – 1 November 29, 2019

Reflection on Editorial about Globalization

Globalization indeed helps us especially to the World Economy. Yes it’s true, but in every
positive effect of a certain thing, it has negative effects. Especially in globalization, President
Duterte said that Philippines have suffered a “brain drain” because skilled Filipino workers will
migrate to other countries such as Canada. Duterte insisted that everyone has the opportunity for
growth in inclusive environment. I agree with the President’s thought on how globalization looks
like. I would also appreciate the effort of the late Secretary of Environment and Natural Resources,
Gina Lopez together with the Chamber of Commerce of the Philippine Islands, and the oldest
business organization in the country on making a proposal of exporting raw ore from our mines
and produce iron, nickel etc. to make finished products. I greatly appreciate the effort of our
government towards on economic development that we can compete other countries, that we can
save Filipino workers not to migrate to other countries. We make globalization beneficial to each
country’s economics that economic growth should be equal and fair.