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ERE LUN Aer UNIVERSITY EXAMINATION Islamabad — Kohat - Peshawar - Lahore Reg. Ne ‘Student Name: Course Code: MT 3282 Course Title: Probability Theory-II Program: ~ BS (Mathematics) Semester: Spring 2015 This is a three-hour examination and consists of review questions and problems. ‘You may attempt not more than a total of five review questions and problems. Q.l.a) Assumed that the normal distribution with Population Mean = 40 and Population standard deviation = 6. Find the value of x that has (i) 45% of the area to the left, and (ii) 14% of the area to the right. ) A certain machine makes electrical resistors having a mean resistance of 40 obms and a standard deviation of 2 ohms. Assumption that the resistance follows a normal distribution and can be measured to any degree accuracy, what percentage of resisters will have a resistance exceeding 43 Ohms. Q2a) Gauges are used to reject all components where a certain dimension is not within the specification of 1.5 4d: Itis known that this measurement is normally distributed with mean 1.50 and standard deviation 0.2. Determine the value of d such that the specifications “cover” 95% of the: ‘measurements. b) A certain type of storage battery lasts, on average, 3.0 years, with a standard deviation of 0.5 years: ‘Assuming that the battery lives are normally distributed, find the probability that a given battery will last less than 2.3 years. Q3.a) Given a standard normal distribution. Find the area under the curve that lies (i) to the right of z= 1.84 and (ii) between z= -1.97 and z= 0.86. b) Given a standard deviation distribution, find the value of K such that (i) P(Z>K) = 0.3015, and (ii) P(K-0.18) =0.4197. Q4a) A lotcontaining 7 components is sampled by a quality inspector; the lot contains 4 good ‘components and 3 defective components. A sample 3 is taken by the inspector. Find the expected value of the umber of good components in this sample. 2 b) Find ae fot the density of f(x,y)=— ise O Show that covariance of two random variable X and Y with 2, and y, respectively is Oy = EY) Hy by Q6 — Inproducing gallium-arsenide microchips, it is known that ratio between gallium and arsenide is independent of producing a high percentage of workable wafers, which are the main components of microchips. Let X denotes the ratio of gallium to arsenide and Y denote the percentage of micro ‘wavers retrieved during a I-hour period. X and Y are independent random variable with the joint density being known as, Hey) = 2032") O 0.9 Test with 5% level of significance. Page 20f2