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At the end of the discussion, the students will be able to:
a. know and be familiarized to the author of the short story “The last Leaf”
b. guess the meaning of words through context clues
c. detect the themes in the short story “The Last Leaf” by O. Henry
d. discuss the relevance of love, hope, friendship, death, and sacrifices in the
e. perform differentiated task assigned per group

II-Subject Matter:
B. Reference/s: Celebrating Diversity Through World Literature, Page 377-380 English
Time page 11-14

C. Materials: Projector, Pictures, Chalk, Chalk Board,

A. Classroom Routine
B. Initial Tasks
Task 2 - Review of the Past lesson – Elements of short story
Task 3- The teacher will play the chorus of the song entitled “Mama” by Spice
Girls” and ask the students as they listen to the song.

“I Never thought you would become a friend I never had

Back then I didn’t know why
Why you were misunderstood
So now I see through your eyes
All that was love
Mama I love you. Mama I care
Mama I love you. Mama my friend. You’re my friend”
a. The teacher will ask the one who is being talked about in the song.
b. The students will describe their/ a mother by providing words which starts with:


c. What does your/ mother symbolize? How significant is her role in honing your individuality?

Task 4- Vocabulary Development- (Unlocking of difficult words)

Unscramble the letters in Column A based on the meaning and picture shown in column B.


Poesdtic A ruler or a person who holds significant


To cast or drive out; to banish


Rudog Any several trailing or climbing plant

Natedam An authoritative command or instruction

Timsum The highest point or part; the top

Presentation of the Lesson:

The Story of The Mother

A Japanese Folktale
-A fiction narrative
-tales of long time ago
-Pieces collected from oral tradition
-Reveals Japanese history, people and culture

Task 5. The WRITE Thing

Note: The story was given as an assignment to be read.

While reading students will take note the essential information assigned per group.
Work sheets are distributed beforehand. Ask the leader to facilitate the discussion and
then leader will report after the group collaboration.

1. Plot 4. Theme
2. Setting 5. Characters
3. Conflict

Task 6. A. Comprehending the text

1. What was the cruel proclamation?
2. Why did the despoctic leader send cruel proclamation?
3.How did the poor farmer or you th feel about the pr oclamation?
4. Did the poor farmer obey the order? What did he do with his mother?
5. What was the second proclamation of the governor? Was the order accomplished?
6. What did the mother tell his son to do. Describe how they did it?
7. Was the governor satisfied with the story of the poor farmer? Read the lines to prove it.
8. What did the governor do with his cruel law?
9. What do you mean by the saying , “With The Crown Of the Snow cometh wisdom”.

Task 7. Evaluation. Picture Puzzle

1. The teacher will prepare a picture of a mother and son which is cut into 5. Each
piece will contain the chronology of the events which transpired in the story.
2. Students will rearrange jumbled pieces of the puzzle containing the events of the
3. Processing and discussion. What picture was formed when we put the puzzled pieces
together? What can you say about the picture.
4. How will you relate the picture to the theme of the story..
5. What is lesson/ moral you have learned in the story?

Task 8. TEAM UP ( Collaborative Work)

Students will perform the multi-tasks/differentiated tasks per group
1. The students are task to demonstrate how they love and appreciate the love and
wisdom they acquire from their mothers through the following:

Group 1. Music- students will sing a thematic song related to the story
Group II. A lamp- students will make a poster for someone who inspired them to
become the best person in the world. Relate him/her to an object.
Group III. Skit-Students will perform short play/drama about the story
Group IV. Roving Reporter- students will enact on-the-spot interview with the
Group V. Story Teller- the group will perform a story telling activity in front of the class


Category 5 4 3 2-1

Quality of Provides excellent Provides high quality Provides good Provides poor quality
performance quality work/performance quality work/performance
work/performance work/performance

Teamwork All members in the One or two Three or more Only the team leader
team contributed to members did not members did not works in the group
the work contribute to the contribute to the
work work
Effect on Audience is deeply Audience clearly Audience follows Audience is confused
audience engaged, eager to enjoys performance performance politely
follow performance
and responds
Content The content The content The content The content
presented is strongly presented is presented is partially presented is not
evident to the theme evidently to the evident to the theme evident to the theme
of the story theme of the story of the story of the story
Think of your own mother and ponder on the words of wisdom you gained from her. Write your
acquired wisdom and reflect how it changed you to be a better person. Be able to come up with a
creative output.