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150 Presentation Topic Ideas for Students

Did your teacher or professor just assign you a presentation?

Did they also tell you to pick your own presentation topic idea?

That’s probably the reason why you’re here, looking for a topic idea to create a presentation that
will get you a good grade.

Well, you’ve come to the right place!

List of Presentation Topic Ideas for Students

We know how difficult it is to come up with an interesting presentation topic idea on the fly. That’s
why we put together a list of 200 ideas to help you out.

We have organized these presentation topic ideas by subject so you can easily browse through and
find what you're looking for. Each section also comes with a bonus presentation template!

In this article, we've also included some tips on designing a presentation once you've chosen a
topic. For example, a flowchart data widget can help with a historic timeline presentation.

But first, let's dive into the topic ideas.

Current Events Presentation Topic Ideas

 What are the different stances on immigration in the US?

 What is happening in Kashmir?

 Should the death penalty be outlawed?

 Should University be free for everyone?

 What is racism?

 How can non-minorities be allies to minorities?

 What is White Privilege?

 Can a border wall really fix the immigration crisis?

 What is Brexit?

 What is Pride?

 What is gentrification?

 What is the European Union?

 What is Sharia Law?

 Why is it more profitable to be a plumber than a doctor?

 What is happening in Syria?

 What is the Israeli/Palestine conflict?

 Who is Harvey Weinstein and what is he accused of?

 What is the #metoo movement?

 What is happening in North Korea?

 What is the problem with guns in America?

Education Presentation Topic Ideas

 What is dyslexia?

 What is the Pythagorean theorem?

 Is a college education worth it?

 Is reading better on Kindles or paper books?

 What is worldschooling?

 What is unschooling?

 Why are teachers underpaid?

 What is sociology?

 What is anthropology?

 What is social archaeology?

 Why do schools need mentorship programs?

 What is an education in Finland like?

 What is Montessori Education?

 Who is Rudolf Steiner?

 What is the most difficult language to learn?

 What is an Ivy League school?

 What is the SAT?

 What is the TOEFL?

 What is the IB program?

 How to get into an international university

 What is a learning disability?

 What is a gap year?

 Why is it important to learn a second language?

 What is a TCK?
 What is the foreign exchange program

General Culture Presentation Topic Ideas

 Is Graffiti considered art?

 Ancient Greek myths in modern media

 Why should students learn about different religions?

 What are crop circles?

 What is Area 51?

 What are the origins of Rock and Roll?

 What was the Woodstock Music Festival?

 10 memorable things about any country

 What are the different styles of coffee?

 What does living “off the grid” mean?

 What is Crossfit?

 What is cultural appropriation?

 What is Feminism?

 What is the difference between White Hat and Black Hat Hacking?

 Who is the artist formerly known as Prince?

 Why is yoga so popular?

 What is Art Therapy?

 What is the difference between 80’s parenting and current parenting?

 What is a journalist?

Health Presentation Topic Ideas

 What is the respiratory system?

 How are diseases spread?

 How does the nervous system work?

 What is skin cancer?

 What are infectious diseases?

 When to call 911

 What is the placebo effect?

 How to read a nutrition label

 How to eat a balanced diet

 What is CPR?

 How to dress a wound

 What is Alzheimer’s Disease?

 What is dry drowning?

 What are allergens?

 Why are cigarettes bad for you?

 How are medicines approved for human consumption?

 Why should Marijuana be legalized?

 What is a neurosurgeon?

 What is an EMT?

 How does the digestive system work?

History Presentation Topic Ideas

 Prehistoric timeline of dinosaurs

 Your favorite president of the United States

 How has the role of women changed in society?

 Who was Alexander the Great?

 What is the Declaration of Independence?

 Who was Harriet Tubman?

 What is Pangea?

 What is Gobekli Tepe?

 Who is Nelson Mandela?

 What is the Berlin Wall?

 What is the Boxing Day Tsunami?

 Who were the Conquistadors?

 Who were the Incas?

 What is the story behind Thanksgiving?

 Who is Pocahontas?

 What is the origin of Language?

 How were Egyptian mummies conserved?

 What is the story of King Tut’s Curse?

Life Skills Presentation Topic Ideas

 How to change a tire

 What are the basic cooking skills?

 How to do laundry

 How to budget monthly expenses

 What are the essential tools for a household?

 How to furnish a house on the cheap

 How to drive a car

 How to save money

 How to take care of a baby

 How to take care of a plant

 How to change the AC filters

 How to minimize the use of plastic

 How to live trash-free

 How to fry an egg

 How to clean a house fast

 How to use the internet to find what you need

 Why is it important to teach our grandparents how to use the internet?

 How to get dressed for a funeral

Literature Presentation Topic Ideas

 Who is William Shakespeare?

 What is Haiku?

 What is The Catcher in The Rye about?

 Who is Dante Alighieri?

 What is a sonnet?

 What is magical realism?

 Who is Emily Bronte?

 How is the book 1984 relevant today?

 What is the difference between an autobiography and a memoir?

 What book should be made into a movie which hasn’t yet?

 Who is Oscar Wilde?

 Who is Orhan Pamuk?

 Who is Isaac Asimov?

 What is historical fiction?

 What is a Greek Tragedy?

 What is the hero’s journey?

 Who is Ulysses?

 What is the origin of science fiction literature?

Media Presentation Topic Ideas

 Evolution of the projector

 How can social media be dangerous for underage kids?

 The history of the internet

 What is the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

 Who is Steve Jobs?

 Who invented the television?

 Which came first, MTV or VH1?

 What is Virtual Reality?

 What is Augmented Reality?

 The evolution of film and cinema

 How are TV commercials made?

 What is the role of an art director?

 How are minorities represented in the media?

 How are women represented in the media?

 What is blogging?

 Who was Elvis Presley?

 The history of Jazz

 The history of Tango

 What is a social media manager?

 What is content marketing?

 What is an influencer?

 How has binge-watching changed television?

Science Presentation Topic Ideas

 What are GMOs?

 What is organ donation and why is it important?

 How does the respiratory system work?

 Should human cloning be allowed?

 What is the greenhouse effect?

 Why do some people say climate change is a hoax?

 What is the water cycle?

 What is Photosynthesis?

 What are the different states of matter?

 How is medicine made?

 What is alternative medicine?

 What is biochemistry?

 What is quantum physics?

 What is the Big Bang Theory?

 50th anniversary of the moon landing

 What is the plant cycle?

 How are babies born?

 What is a particle accelerator?

 What is a light-year?

 Why do humans want to colonize Mars?

Work Life Presentation Topic Ideas

 What is the pay gap?

 What is an entrepreneur?

 What is a franchise and how does it work?

 What are the best-paid careers?

 Why is it important to hire mothers back into the workforce?

 Should fathers have paternity leave?

 Are internships worth it?

 Why are more college-age students entering the labor force through skilled labor?

 Why is it important for high-schoolers to have summer jobs?

 What is the glass ceiling?

 How to live as a digital nomad

 How to stop discrimination in the workplace

 What is a Candy Striper?

 Is volunteering hurting the neediest?

 What does “the 9 to 5” mean?

 What constitutes a good work-life balance?

 When should moms go back to work?

 How to dress for a work interview

 How to write a resume/CV

 How to make an infographic