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Uganiza, Dana Danielle F.

College Academic Skills In English

ACCTY 148 GED0101-Sec212-MN

Alan Simpson's "The Marks of An Educated Man" - A Review

Case Study
It is a given fact that everyone does not have the same amount of knowledge. Educated
persons are influenced by facts, by their professors, by their schools — but how about the non-
educated ones? They are easily influenced by what they see in the television, by what they hear in
the radio or gossips among the neighborhood, and lastly, by what they read in social media. This
makes them prone to fabricated and falsified information created by scam artists and frauds.

According to an article written by one of the writers on Philippine Star, "Fraud lifts
economic crimes record high". It has been reported that fraud cases nearly doubled in the last two
years. Another similar case is the Credit Card Fraud in year 2016 in which consumers lost 506
million pesos in total. To broaden this issue, this case study will tackle the problems, solutions and
recommendations with respect to the writer's perspective.

The Major Problem

According to Simpson's essay, educated persons that encompass liberal education skills are
more likely to recognize phony doctrines compared to non-educated persons. Given this
statement, it can be concluded that Lack of Good Liberal Education is the major problem.

If a person is knowledgeable of liberal education, the chances of being easily influenced by

what he or she reads, views and hear is minimal. An educated person doesn't easily believe to what
is presented to her or him. He or she exhibits skepticism before adapting one's assertion. On the
other hand, people who have little or no educational background are easily fooled by these
scammers by just presenting convincing data etc.

The Minor Problem

Lack of Liberal Education makes people gullible to false teachings. These people can be
effortlessly misled by others since they are simply influenced. Scammers and frauds are able to get
some persons' trust since they are easily convinced by what they hear, view and read. An example
of this is when you see a story in social media and it’s able to get your sympathy even if the whole
story was just fabricated. Once they get through a person's trust, it is trouble-free for them to fool
Alternative Causes of Action
Again, according to Simpson, a person's unwillingness to make changes even if it will lead
him or her to progress makes him or her gullible to false teachings. If a person disagrees to give in
to proper education, then he or she will not be able to learn things that can be taught in advance
through lectures. It is true that experience is the best teacher but is also a fact that prevention is
better than cure. If you are willing to learn, then you are preventing yourself from learning through
experiencing crimes associated with fraud.

Present and Future Effects

As mentioned earlier, lack of good liberal education results to the increase of crimes
related to fraud and scam. If people were liberally educated, scammers won't be able to fool and
deceive its victims. If this issue will not be properly addressed, more serious crimes may arise from
the activities related to fraud, scam, etc.

The problems presented above can possibly be solved by the following:
1. People should not be afraid of making changes and learning new things
2. Develop Skeptical Attitude
3. Possess Liberal Education Skills

Arising from the given problems and its effects, here are my recommendations:
1. Local Government Units shall conduct lecture and awareness programs related to liberal
education to those who have little or no educational background
2. People shall be cautious of the influences that they might get from what they see, read and hear.

Being liberally educated makes a person administer skeptical attitude. With this
characteristic, they can easily recognize false doctrines and not be fooled by it. It enables people to
be cautious of what they should believe or not. Thus, I stand my position to agree that Proper or
Liberal Education shall be exhibited to avoid scam and fraud activities performed by criminals. Thi
will not only benefit a single person but the whole country.