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Online Application at Worms University

1. It is recommended to register first at the central coordination at

Why? Later when you apply online, your personal data will be automatically filled in. There
you will receive your Applicant-Identification-Number (BID) and your Applicant-Authorisation-
Number (BAN). These numbers must be entered at the end of every application, for your
preferred higher education institutes. The system will be able to identify you and centrally
manage your applications. You can track the status of all your applications at
Please write down your BID and BAN numbers! You will need them to be able to log
onto the site, and to fill out applications for your preferred higher
education institutions.

2. You can find out which higher education institutes are taking part in the scheme, and the
courses on offer, at Register at your preferred higher education
institutions. Here you will need your BID and BAN number; some of your personal and
contact data will be automatically filled in. You will receive a registration confirmation e-mail.

3. During the application process you will be accompanied by an online assistant. All
mandatory fields are marked with a star (*). Help for each of the input fields can be found by
clicking on the Info icon. If you still need help, or have questions, contact support under
the Help and Support tab. You can discontinue with your application at any time, e.g., to
check details or find information. Any information entered will be saved, and be available
when you want to continue.

Your application consists of not only the preferred course of study, but also
information such as, the minimum academic entrance requirements (MAER), usually your
high school/college diploma or certificate, as well as any compulsory or national military
service, vocational- and apprenticeship training, or other information, e.g., application for
exceptional circumstances. The local Student Advisory Service can provide information for
an exceptional circumstances application.
It is only possible to change your application information before you click on

"File an Application", thereby sending the application to the higher education

institute. After the application has been sent; it is only possible to change information,
on your application, by withdrawing it, and the higher education institute will not
process your application until it has been resubmitted.
4. It is possible to check the information entered, by clicking on the button Print Control sheet.
Use the Cover letter and Application Documents button, to print the documents, to be
sent to the higher education institute. Here, you will also find out what other documents
may need to be posted to the higher education institute. Send all your signed documents to
the given address.
You can track the status of your applications at the Applicants-Portal for the

individual higher education institute; the status is also collected and display at Please be aware, the information, and any changes, being
displayed at may be time delayed.