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Introduction of the topic


It is undeniable that social media is indeed a driving force for businesses for astro company
worldwide. Malaysia is no exception to encouraging entrepreneurs in the country to use social
media as their catalyst for business. Looking at today's scenario, social media approaches have
become a very important phenomenon in the business environment. Marketing technology
through social media can be used by entrepreneurs to ensure their particular marketing
activities are enhanced. For this reason, social media is expected to have a positive impact on
small companies or entrepreneurs. According to a survey, many
entrepreneurs agree that social media plays an important role in marketing their products to
known and unknown customers.

Social media, defined as the medium for social interaction, is one of the new mediums of
communication and community that has gained widespread recognition in recent decades. In
today's ICT world, words like blog, twitter, sms, mms, youtube and facebook (Please refer to
figure 1.0) are not strangers but have become a vessel or something that has to be done in the
daily life of the world including the people Malaysia.

Social media is the best internet application for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs to use
in marketing activities. Social media is able to narrow and close the gap between the strategies
that are being planned and the strategies that are being implemented (Kim & Ko, 2012). Online
marketing using social media applications has the potential to provide an exciting new platform
for entrepreneurs, especially in the Small and Medium Industries.

According to Rothschild (2011), social media communication approaches consist of several

methods including internet forums, social blogs, micro-blogging, wikis, podcasts, pictures,
videos, user polling and social bookmarking. The diversification of this social media branch
approach has allowed internet users in particular the choice of communication between internet

users. Additionally, social media has tremendous power to help companies in particular build
product branding through networking, communication and community restructuring
(Erdogmus & Cicek, 2012).

If traditional media used both print and broadcast media, then today social media used the
internet. Social media invites anyone interested in entertaining by making contributions and
feedback publicly, commenting, and sharing information in a quick and unlimited time. As
internet and mobile technology evolve, social media is also developing fast. Now to access
facebook or twitter for example, it can be done anywhere and anytime just by using a mobile
phone. How quickly one can access social media has led to a huge phenomenon in the flow of
information not only in developed countries, but also in Malaysia. As the speed of social media
began to appear, it also replaced the role of conventional mass media in spreading the news.
The pace of social media is booming now that everyone seems to have their own media. If
owning a traditional media such as television, radio, or newspapers requires large amounts of
capital and labor, then social media is another thing. A social media user can access using social
media with a great internet connection, without the expensive tools and self-service without
the employees. Social media users can also edit, add, modify posts, pictures, videos, graphics
and many other content models.

The presence of merchants in social networks is important because it enables closer

relationships with customers. Traders' job is to create an environment that will attract potential
customers or customers, depending on their thinking and actions. When a trader decides to
enter a social network, it is very important for the trader to know the advantages and risks
involved. The most important thing is to determine your direction in determining your next
marketing strategy. The presence of traders should have a purpose and direction and not just
follow other companies that have joined the social network or just like "Let go of the cough on
the stairs"

Many companies do not fully understand the benefits and benefits of having a company or
business while on social networks. Whereas for companies or businesses who are already
familiar with it, social media use will be a priority in conducting business marketing activities.
Here are some of the importance of social media in business:

2.Development of a comprehensive media relations plan for the chosen organisation

2.1 Social Media is an effective marketing place

This is because the Internet itself is now widely available to many people including using it to
'play' on social networks. The process of disseminating information and information on social
media is very easy as traders simply need to create articles, posts, pictures, videos, or any other
form of information and place it on a specific social media that is visible to all users on the
internet. In addition, having a notification system or notification to social media users can
inform these users that there are updates from certain traders. This way, they can get
information quickly and quickly.

2.2. For the purpose of promoting their products

Social networks are not just for the sale of products or services, they are for listening and
communicating. It is a very important channel in promoting new products. Social media is also
a great way to promote traffic to your website. Many big and well-known businesses have used
social media as a publicity medium to introduce their brand. The reason is that they know that
with a large number of social media users, they can indirectly introduce their brand or product
in this way even at a much cheaper price.

2.3. Marketing Studies in real time

Unlike before, we can now get a lot of data about your product or service including information
about a new project or its launch in real time. In addition, you as an entrepreneur or trader can
easily obtain information that can help you improve and develop products and services with
participation that can bring valuable and most valuable feedback that is free and free of charge.

Technology development has seen an increase in the adoption of information and

communication technology (ICT) in today's ASTRO organisation The importance of social
media for business continuity today is undeniable as it is increasingly accepted by many
organizations in various industries as one of the mediums in marketing their business.

Starting with the acceptance of the Internet, it began to focus on a more focused and personal
medium of email technology. Later through the process of social media transformation is
increasingly accepted for the purpose of business continuity. Today, social media acceptance
in business is visible through mediums such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedln and
blogs. Then the infrastructure provided by the Malaysian government today made access to the
Internet faster, cheaper and easier.

Once upon a time, the Internet was accessible only on a personal computer, but after several
phases of technological innovation, the Internet is now accessible to users anytime and
anywhere through various mediums such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones. . As a result,
access to social media sites is increasing, not only in Malaysia but around the world.

It can be seen that not only are small traders using social media for their marketing activities,
but there are also large companies who also miss out on using social media for their marketing
activities. For example, Small Medium Enterprise (SME) is a Small and Medium Business that
also offers accommodation services using social sites like Tripadvisor, Facebook, Twitter and
Youtube in their marketing.

Social media marketing is one of the most effective ways of marketing if applied properly. For
example, there are many advantages and disadvantages of using social media as a marketing
medium for their business activities and include reducing their advertising costs. Their
advertising costs can be reduced by using this social media. There is no denying that they can
reduce their advertising costs compared to other marketing besides social media.

There are also businesses and businesses that use social media to provide their customer service
space. Only in this way can they provide faster service and even strengthen their existing
relationships with their existing buyers. Thus indirectly this social media plays a very important
role in today's business world.

Most traders acknowledge that with this social media, they can increase their product sales
from the businesses they run. Looking at social sites nowadays, there are a lot of ads and offers
that appear on these sites as well as they can be used as a way to increase their business profits.

In short, social media plays a significant role in the marketing process which in turn leads to
an increase in sales volume and increased profitability in their business. Social media is an
effective marketing destination because the Internet itself is now accessible to many different

3.Discussion on the importance of media relations plan to the chosen organisation.

The process of disseminating information and information on social media is easy as traders
simply need to create articles, posts, pictures, videos or any other form of information and place
it on a specific social media that is visible to all users on the internet.

In addition, with a notification system or notification to social media users, it can inform users
that there is a 'posting' of the latest information from certain traders. This way, they can get
information quickly and quickly.

One of the biggest advantages that comes with social media is the ability to communicate
directly with existing customers, whether new or old. Social media enables merchants to
connect with customers in real-time conversations, whether in the form of complaints,
compliments or services.

With this social media can create a new dimension for internet marketing to be more effective,
efficient and more productive If we are able to maintain and develop it, it will be a quality and
comprehensive internet marketing medium in attracting potential and very valuable buyers .

On the whole, it can be seen that social media is a very useful internet platform especially for
those who want a timer for astro company Function of Mass Media

As the mass media in Malaysia is considered as a communications institution to convey or

disseminate information to the audience, several roles and functions of the mass media must
be implemented although the function of the mass media will always change according to the
technological appropriateness and responsiveness of the audience in addressing the issues
being discussed. In this regard, Malaysia's three major mass media communications, such as
print, electronic, and interactive media, play a role as agents of change in educating, informing,
encouraging, and entertaining in different ways as well as making significant progress.

In other words, the role of the mass media in communicating public matters to the public in
print, broadcast, and even through interactive / multimedia, mass media communication plays
a number of functions that mass media communication practitioners need to perform, such as:

1. The media forms the foundation, broadening the decision-making process and enabling

comprehensive engagement,

2. The mass media acts as an observer of the environmental situation, then

provide audiences with resources and information on specific situations

old or new sources,

3. The mass media acts as an instructor for the audience to exist in themselves

they feel the national spirit when the issues are discussed

patriotism. This means that the media functions as an assistant to

transfer information about specific issues,

4. Mass media is a major impact mechanism for the issues being discussed

and act as observers in certain circumstances. It gives an accurate picture of the state of the
environment presented through mass media as well

control over the abuse of power,

5. The mass media also acts as an entertainer to the surrounding community with

delivers a title to fill your leisure audience, and

6. In addition, the mass media gives the impression of multiplying an activity of change

occurs by disseminating results obtained for mutual benefit.

In this regard, the mass media acts as agents of change in the channel

news about the success of new ventures and ways to deliver them

to the other party. It is clear that, the role of the mass media as a social institution, is the
mechanism for the treatment of change and its binding link


In this regard, the mass media communication that is, is, and has been is the need for a positive
communication climate to create a source of information that is well received by all audiences.
These include each party who feels that their position will be respected by others, trusted, and

Generally, the function of the mass media or the way that the mass media works to the
community can be classified into four main roles: to serve as observer or to monitor, to function
as interpreter or to interpret (to interpret), to serve as a communicator (to connect / to linkage),
and the fourth mass media function as entertainers (to entertain).

4.Suggestions on how OUM can leverage on a sound media relations strategy that can
enhance a wider and more positive media coverage of its Convocation Ceremony.

1. Issue a Note to the Author (NE) within three (3) days prior to the event;

2. Issue a Media Release within two (2) hours of receiving the information;

3. Issue a Media Certificate within three (3) business days;

4. Provide professional and effective Public Relations services within a specified time;

5. Ensure publicity materials and promotional activities of the Department are distributed
to the media three (3) days prior to the event;

6. Ensuring that the Department's programs and activities are publicized and promoted
through government official media;

7. To coordinate the issuance of a special Media Pass three (3) days before the official for
oum konvo event;

External communication. External communication involves communication with the media

such as holding events involving media to foster relationships, having a spokesman or better
known with a Corporate Communications Officer or a Liaison Officer capable of
communicating and holding external events for publicity or promotion purposes. Liaison
officers must be able to maintain the organization's website, manage publicity of organizations
such as magazines and deal with the media.

Internal communication. Internal communication includes things like managing company
publicity for employees and partners and running internal events involving staff.

Employee communication. These include sharing information with employees, building a

sense of pride in employees, managing employee issues, managing online facilities or company

Brand management. Develop and enhance a company's corporate identity to ensure it complies
with company brand guidelines.


Corporate communication is a relatively new field for organizations or companies in Malaysia.

It became important when the privatization policy was introduced by YAB Tun Dr Mahathir
Mohamad. With this policy in place, companies are increasingly exposed to competition for
greater profits. At the time, the importance of corporate communications was only for non-
governmental or for-profit companies. While government organizations see corporate
communication as not a necessity for them. This is because the function of government
organizations is to provide services, not to profit. After all, traditionally speaking, everyone is
aware of the organization. the ASTRO Organization assumes that all Malaysians are aware of
ASTRO and its services are media satellite services. So corporate communication became
less important then. However once the ASTRO organization is incorporated and shifts its focus
from providing services to profitability, the elements of corporate communication are very
important. This importance is felt when there are competitors of other communications
companies. So today we can look at ASTRO with a hundred percent breathtaking images,
logos, motifs and colors.

Corporate communication can be defined as a process or act of translating or altering a physical

identity such as logos, colors, words, and so on that represents the organization to a mental or
mental corporate image. Meaning that when they see a combination of colors or logos, without
being notified, the observer will automatically think of the organization. For example through
corporate communication, a company will conduct a promotional mix. This process involves
the brand and the promotion method to introduce a 'brand' or 'trademark' of a company. This
process needs to involve all parties


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