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Anikent Ballesteros

Mrs. Tubbs

English 1301

Oct. 14 2019

Your perspective and opinion about education isn’t always the same with how other

people view it, some are the same and some aren’t, every individual has their own opinions, it’s

normal. Having different opinions on a certain subject or matter doesn’t mean it is something

negative, well it could be because other people may disagree with other people’s opinion. But it

can also prove to be a positive thing, you can study and learn from other people’s opinions like

comparing them, take tips from, or supporting it, combining it with your own, these are just a

few, there are multiple ways to gain or learn from other people’s opinions. This is what this

profile essay is all about, to hold a close discussion with a specific person that is going to be

interviewed, to learn that person’s perspective on education. The person that was interviewed

was a friend of mine, Eren. Out of all of my friends, he is probably one or the smartest amongst

all of them, that is why I chose him to be the person to be interviewed. My dominant impression

of Eren is that he is educated, inspiring, and hard-working, he shows that through how he acts,

how he speaks and how he thinks on certain matters.

Eren’s opinion about education is pretty similar to mine, in the interview he said, “I think

that education is an essential aspect in life and the key to making it into the big world, without it,

you can be in big trouble” and I can agree with that because education is very valuable and

without it, who knows what kinds of situations a person can be in. He values education a lot
because for him, education is a way for him to say that he has achieved and learned something in

life and the time he has spent turned into results that he may or may not expected. Majority of his

inspiration and pride came from his parents, he uses his family’s past to motivated him. Back in

his hometown, his family didn’t have much and they had to face unfortunate situations, but with

Eren’s parents hard work and the whole family’s patience, they pulled through, gave the family

ease and moved the whole family into here in San Antonio for a better life and more

opportunities. In the end of the topic, he said “Most of what I do is for my family, it’s like I’m

paying their hard work with my hard work and success”

Me and Eren graduated in 2019, so as of now, he is a college student just like me. He

chose his path and aspire to be a Surgeon. “I want to be a Surgeon because I’ve always had an

interest in surgery and I find it challenging.” he stated as I asked about his choice of career path.

I also quite agree with the career that he chose because I always picture him to have a pretty

intense job that requires serious amounts of time and concentration, I also agree with the second

reason that he said because he likes to challenge himself on almost anything and he aims to have

good results on whatever he is doing. He also partly dedicated his career decision from his

mother, he looks up to his mom and her hard work, she also works in the medical field, that’s

how he first found his interests in the medical field.

Lastly, I asked about what is the purpose of going to school and what role does teachers,

instructors, and professors play in his life. He said “school is a place where you get the majority

of your early education,... you are like a USB when you go to school, once you plug it in, you

start gaining information and data...the teachers serve as masters of the place, they pass on the
knowledge that they’ve learned to the next generation ”. It was a creative way to explain it and I

agree, going into school and listening to the teachers is really the main way to gain education in

school. It also shows how he values and respects going to school and the teachers.

In conclusion, his opinions and perspective on education isn’t far-fetched, it’s pretty spot

on and on the same page with my own. And again, everyone has their own opinions but it’s a

coincidence that mine and Eren’s are pretty similar. In the end, I and other readers get learned

about Eren’s intentions, background, perspective, and opinions.

The purpose of writing this essay is to really just bring/find out another person’s

perspective on education and I hope to communicate comparisons between people’s opinions,

learn from it and also develop their own opinions for this person’s opinion. I imagine the readers

to be my peers, instructor, and maybe the interviewee, the effect that I only want for the readers

is that I want them to hear and learn from another person’s perspective on education that is

similar or different from theirs. I wrote about Eren because I don’t know a lot about him but I do

know that he values his education pretty high up, how I planned building this I took his answers

from the interview and then free wrote while combining his answers on the writing. I definitely

had to change a handful like ideas for paragraphs and word choices, but hearing feedback from

my classmates also helped me on revising and editing. I feel like doing classwork helped me

made the foundation for this essay.