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Career Investigation project

By: Madolyn Lewis

Test 1: Results
Results: Jobs:

❖ Realistic: 9 ❖ Fitness and wellness coordinator

❖ Investigative: 23 ❖ Informative nurse specialists

❖ Artistic: 7

❖ Social: 27

❖ Conventional: 17
Test 2 Results:

❖ Human Services

❖ Government and Public Administration

Test 3 Results:
Results: Jobs:

❖ Open-mindedness: 59% ❖ Physician

❖ Conscientiousness: 98% ❖ Reporter

❖ Extraversion: 80%

❖ Agreeableness: 89%

❖ Negative emotionally: 5%
The Job that Fits me Best: Informative Nurse Specialist
Job Duties:

❖ Participate with staff to find new research

❖ Come up with medication plans after you find out a patients needs
❖ Analyze data and outcomes of the client
❖ Educate patients about different health conditions

Work Conditions:

❖ Health Clinic
❖ Hospital

In order to become a nurse you need BSN (bachelor of science degree in

nursing), ADN (Associates degree in Nursing), or an approved diploma from a
nursing program. All of the nurses must be licensed to apply for the job.


Yearly: $71,730

Monthly: $5,977

Hourly: $34.48

Employment Prospects

The job is supposed to grow by 12% due to the population growing around 2028
College: The University of Iowa
Type of college: Public


❖ Found on February 25th, 1847

❖ Created 59 days after Iowa was considered a state
❖ Originally designed by architect D. Elwood Cook
❖ 32,948 students from 114 countries and all 50 states
❖ Home of one of the largest medical centers in the country + their writing
Nursing Program Requirements
❖ Minimum 28 ACT
❖ Minimum 3.8 GPA
❖ 4 years of high school english
❖ 1 year of biology
❖ 1 year of chemistry
❖ 1 year of physics
❖ 4 years of the same world language
❖ Algebra 1, Algebra 2, and Geometry must be completed
❖ 3 years of social studies
Activities and Clubs
❖ Softball
❖ Tennis
The University of Iowa ❖ Cornhole
❖ Soccer
❖ Around 33,334 people are at the University of Iowa ❖ Volleyball
❖ Archery
❖ 80 people get into the nursing program ❖ Table tennis
❖ Log rolling
Student Life ❖ Dodgeball
❖ Basketball
❖ golf
❖ Diversity's ❖ Sand volleyball
❖ Fraternities and sororities ❖ Flag football
❖ Wallyball
❖ Off campus housing ❖ Pickleball
❖ Residence halls ❖ Darts
❖ Arts
❖ Living-learning communities ❖ Museums
❖ Muic
❖ Dance
❖ Writing
❖ reading
What type of people would be good for this job, which would be
suitable for the job?

This job would be good for people who want to work hard for their success in
the medical field. The nursing program is a challenge to get into so it’s important to
try very hard so you can get a spot. This would be good for people who want to
help others and cure patients. This job would not be good for people who don’t put
much effort into anything also, if the person doesn’t have the highest GPA or ACT,
they could struggle trying to get into the nursing program. This job requires a lot so
it is important to meet the abilities!
How does this job meet your needs or wants in 5 sentences or

This job meets my needs and wants because I would love to help others with
their medical issues and help them get better. They are in need of workers in the
healthcare field and I want to be able to get into it! My wants is to work with
people, help them, and hands on activities. Nursing meets all of my wants and I
am willing to put as much effort in as possible to get into the nursing program at
Iowa. Nurses have to be able to have a tight schedule because they work alot and
I think I would do that to help the patients and find their needs. I would also enjoy
taking blood pressure and giving shots because that always seems interesting
when my nurse does it to me. Some nurses aren’t so fun so I would like to be the
nurse that is fun with the kids in the room and makes them feel that they are in a
safe environment.