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Based from UAP Doc. 202 – Design Services


The Agreement executed this day of March, in the year of 2017, dated and effective as of

March 29, 2017 to April 21, 2025

Client’s Name : Mark Bautista

Permanent Address : 4 Bulacan, Project 7 Quezon City

Hereinafter referred to as the CLIENT,


Jan Drake B. Dumaguing with office address at Unit 308 3rd floor 860 corner M.F. Jhocson St. and
Espana Boulevard, Sampaloc Manila, duly represented by its principal, hereinafter referred to as the


WHEREAS, parties hereby enter into this agreement that the CLIENT commissions the
ARCHITECT for the COMPREGENSIVE DESIGN services of a Two-Storey Residential Structure
Located at Blk 5 Lot 34, Avida Setting Lipa, Tambo, Lipa, Batangas, Under the Following


Architect’s Preliminary Responsibilities

I. The ARCHITECT shall investigate, identify the document the needs of the CLIENT for use
in the design of the PROJECT.

II. The ARCHITECT shall assist the CLIENT in locating/analyzing the proposed PROJECT site,
evaluating its adequacy with regards to topography, subsurface conditions, utilities,
development costs, climate, population, legal considerations and other factors.

III. The ARCHITECT shall recommend if deemed necessary, the services of design engineers
for the inspection and assessment of the site or existing structure.

Unit 308 3rd floor 860 corner M.F. Jhocson St. and España Boulevard, Sampaloc Manila,
+63 2 7382014 • +63 906 5520950

General scope of Architectural Regular Design Service


I. Schematic Design: This includes conferences with the client and a visit to the project
site,, submittals will include:

a. Design Conceptualization
b. Preliminary sketches
c. Area computation
d. Preliminary perspectives showing the massing of the building
e. Probable project construction cost based on the current cost parameters

Upon approval of schemes, we shall proceed to the more concrete development of

the design

II. Design development: this comprises study of plans, sections, elevations and materials.
Submittals Include:

a. Floor Plans
b. Roof Plan
c. Section
d. Elevations
e. Perspective – vistas and focuses
f. Preliminary material specifications
g. Statement of probable project construction cost derived from current cost
parameters and area of computation from developed design

Upon approval of the developed design, we shall be preparing drawings for

construction. Please take note that at this stage approved drawings shall be
forwarded to our design engineers (structural, electrical, mechanical and sanitary.)
Any changes at this point, requested by the owner after the approval of design
that will inure overhead costs shall be to the account of the owner

III. Construction Drawings: preparation and production of the construction drawings and
specifications are based on the approved and agreed developed design. All details,
including utility details are finalized. Submittals include: {five (5) sets of drawings}

a. Architectural Plans (with perspective), Specifications and final Cost Estimate

b. Detailed plans for utilities (mechanical, electrical, sanitary) including Load
Schedule for electricity, “Heating, Ventilating and Air conditions”, Cold and Hot
water supply lay-out, and other service-connected equipment.
c. Detailed Structural Plans which include Foundation Details, Detail of Columns
and Beams, Schedule of Steel Reinforcement and Site Reinforcement, etc.
d. Basic Plans and Details ready for coordination to allied professionals such as
Planners, Landscape Architects, Interior designers, and Design Engineers etc.

Unit 308 3rd floor 860 corner M.F. Jhocson St. and España Boulevard, Sampaloc Manila,
+63 2 7382014 • +63 906 5520950
IV. Construction Phase: Implementation of construction drawings and documents.
Architect’s responsibility during the construction phase are as follows:

a. Assists the CLIENT in preparation for contract letting documents for

construction, forms for invitation and instruction to bidders, and forms of
bidder’s proposals.(if necessary)
b. Assist the CLIENT in obtaining bids/proposal from contractors, analyzing
bids/proposals and awarding of bids/proposals.
c. Makes Periodic Visits* to the site to check the general progress and quality of
the work and to determine whether the work is proceeding in accordance with
the contract documents (Plans and Specification).
d. Shall be determine the amount due to the contractor and shall issue the
corresponding certificate for payments for such amounts.
e. Shall check, asses and condemn work found failing to conform to the contract

*This proposal does not include the full-time supervision. Periodic visits are site
inspections on milestones of construction only. Determined based on the work schedule
of the contractor or professional in-charge of construction


Architect’s Basic Design Fee:

The Minimum Basic Design Fee shall be placed at a lump sum of PhP 600.00 per square
meter (Six Hundred Pesos per square meter.) amounting to a total Basic Design Fee of :

300.00 sq.m. x PhP 600.00 = PhP 180,000.00

Lumpsum Rate = PhP 170,000.00

(One Hundred Seventy Thousand Pesos Only)


Schedule of Payments:

The Design fee shall be broken down into phases and must be paid in the following

A. Down Payment 5 PhP 8,500.00
B. Conceptual / Schematic phase
(not beyond 15days upon submission of DD) 15 PhP 25,500.00
Total % = 20%
C. Design Development Phase (not beyond
15days upon submission of DD) 35 PhP 59,500.00
Total % = 55%
D. Construction Documentation
Total % = 85% 30 PhP 51,000.00
E. Retention Fee 15 PhP 25,500.00
TOTAL 100 PhP 170,000.00

Unit 308 3rd floor 860 corner M.F. Jhocson St. and España Boulevard, Sampaloc Manila,
+63 2 7382014 • +63 906 5520950
Unit 308 3rd floor 860 corner M.F. Jhocson St. and España Boulevard, Sampaloc Manila,
+63 2 7382014 • +63 906 5520950