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Lesson Plan

TOPIC: Flowers and fruits
No. of periods allotted: 3
Learning objectives: The students will be able to-
 Define flowers and give their uses
 Identify and name flowers seen in different seasons
 Define fruits
 Recognize and name fruits grown in different seasons
 Give different uses of fruits
Previous knowledge: Oral questions will be asked-
 What are the different parts of plants?
 What is the role of flower in a plant?
 How does a plant grow?
 Name some flowers in your surroundings.
 Name your favourite fruit .



Previous knowledge testing Oral questions and answers

 What is a flower ?  Children are shown

 Differences between real flowers and buds
DAY 1 a bud and a flower or pictures of the
same to differentiate
between the two

 Flowers like China

Seasonal flowers rose, lily grown in
summers and rose seen
in winters are shown to

 Samples of various
DAY 2 Uses of flowers
flowers like rose used
for making perfumes is
shown to children
 Similarly flowers used
as vegetables like
banana are shown.
Uses of flowers in
medicines like cloves,
uses in cosmetics and
for decoration are also
DAY 3 Fruits, uses of fruits

 Children are shown real

fruits some containing one
and some with many
 Uses of dry fruits and
fruits used as
vegetables are shown
Instructional aids: Samples of different flowers and fruits, text /notes.

Keywords: fragrance, extract, wound, seasonal flowers and fruits.

Values incorporated: Importance of flowers and fruits

Life skills: Healthy eating habits, benefits of eating fruits

Questions on critical thinking:
 Why is the bud of a plant covered with green leaves?
 Some fruits don’t have seeds. So how do they grow?
Motivational Strategy: Greeting card making activity using dried flowers and leaves.
Assessment Technique: The following worksheet will be given-

 Differentiate between bud and flower?

 Draw and write names of 3 flowers seen in winter and summer season each?
 Draw and write names of a few flowers used as medicines?
 Draw and write names of a few fruits used as vegetables?
Prepare a scrap file and paste pictures of-
1) three flowers seen in winter and summer seasons
2) flowers used for making perfumes
3) flowers used as medicines
4) three fruits grown in winter and summer seasons
5) fruits used for preparing pickles and chutneys
Remediation: Following worksheet will be used-
 State any two uses of flowers?
 Name two flowers which are eaten as vegetables?
 Why do we eat fruits?
 Name two flowers seen in winter season?
 Name any two uses of fruits?
Learning outcomes: After the lesson students will be able to-
 Give uses of various flowers and fruits
 Identify different flowers and fruits of different seasons
 Give names of fruits with one seed and many seeds
 Appreciates the values of fruits.