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Department of Education

Region XII
Division of South Cotabato
Lamian, Surallah, South

Test I: A. MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the letter of the correct answer. Write your answer on the space

________1. Designed to send you advertisement.

A. adware B. trojan C. internet D. pharming
________2. Replicates and can transfer from one computer to another.
A. virus B. spyware C. spam D. malware
________3. Exploit the DNS system.
A. pharming B. rogue C. malware D. spam
________4. Runs in the background and monitors what you are doing.
A. spyware B. spam C. trojan D. keylogger
________5. Unwanted emails, mostly from bots.
A. spam B. rogue C. malware D. net
________6. Disguise as a useful program but it’s not.
A. trojan B. rogue C. keylogger D. worm
________7. A malicious software.
A. malware B. spyware C. spam D. keylogger
________8. Used to record the keystrokes done by the user.
A. keylogger B. spam C. trojan D. worm
________9. Malicious program like “LOVE BUG” created by a Filipino programmer.
A. worm B. virus C. malware D. trojan
________10. Tricks the user into posting that is a security software.
A. Phishing B. virus C. Pharming D. spam

B. MULTIPLE CHOICE. Tell whether the statement is related to Online Safety and Security, Protecting
Reputation Online, Copyright Infringement and Online Research.
Write “A” for Online Safety and Security, “B” for Protecting Reputation Online,
“C” Copyright Infringement and “D” for Online Research.

________11. There is a risk on sharing your Name and other information online.
_______ 12. Your cellphone number should not be posted over the internet
________13. Having your birthday on your profile makes vulnerable to identity theft.
________14. Your post in the internet have tell about your personality.
________15. Your reputation is at risk if you are careless in using your social media account.
________16. There is a protection on a literary works, paintings, drawings, music etc.
________17. It is illegal to use something made from somebody else’s creativity
________18. It is important to acknowledge some body about their woks.
________19. To filter information, use advance search
________20. Search engine like Google, Bing and Yahoo is a flat form for gathering information

II. True or False. Write T if the sentence is correct; otherwise, F.

______21. Use as many slides as you can so that the audience can clearly understand your
______22. Powerpoint Presentation is a form of visual aid.
______23. Most of the contents of your report through your Powerpoint Presentation and not
from the speaker himself/herself.
______24. To insert a hyperlink, go to the Home tab then click the Hyperlink option.
______25. To embed an object, go to Insert Tab and under the Text Group, Click Object.
______26. There are two options when inserting an object: create new from file and create new
from existing file.
______27. Action buttons are found in the Insert > Smart Art.
______28. Use dark fonts on dark backgrounds to gain proper contrast.
______29. Use bullets to simplify your message.
______30. Insert artwork in each slide of your presentation. It may not be related but at least it
would draw the audience’s attention.