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Key Concept of Tolman’s Theory on Purposive

Personal Message
1. Learning is always purposive and goal- 1.1 I make sure my students do what I require
directed them to do, I should state the goal clearly and
1.2 I must set my goals and direction first for my
student to understand well
1.3 I must set clear objectives and directions for
better result
2. Cognitive maps help students perform 2.1 I will use concept maps when I am teaching
well. Organisms select the shortest or for my students to have a better learning
easiest path to achieve a goal. experiences
2.2 students can easily learn if one concept relate
to another concept
3. Latent learning stays with the individual 3.1 I will use some strategy to prolong the
until needed. knowledge to my students so they can retrieve it
whenever they need to
3.2 as the sayings say tell me and I forget. Teach
me and I remember, involve me and I learn
4. Learning is influenced by expectations, 4.1 I will equalized/fair the reward and
perceptions, representations, needs and punishment system in my room for my students
other internal variables like hunger. to be more disciplined and motivated to have
higher grades

3 Key Concepts of Albert Bandura How I apply it in my teaching

1. Conditions necessary for effective 1.1 I will discuss some phrase and I make sure
modeling to occur that the students pay attention to what I say
(attention process) and I will see to it that the
student will process the information and tries to
remember it (retention process)
1.2 I will tell the students to repeat the phrase,
the student will imitate the phrase that I mention
earlier (Motor Reproduction process). If the
student pronounced the phrase correctly, they
will be rewarded (reinforcement process)
2. Cognitive factors reciprocal causation 2.1 I will make sure that I teach self-efficacy
through scaffolding and clear goals because this
can result in higher efficacy to students, higher
determination which can result for better grades.
3. Social learning implications for classroom 3.1 I make sure that my students are not bored
use in my class by cracking some jokes at specific
time that the joke is really needed
3.2 I make sure that I must be a role model in
appropriate behaviors and take care that I do not
model inappropriate behaviors