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Republic of the Philippines


Labuyo, Tangub City


Course Syllabus
Elective 3- English for Travel and Tourism Employment (EFTAT)
Revised on First Semester S.Y. 2019-2020

VISION NMSC: A place where Science and Technology Education and Research on Indigenous Resources Works towards a more globally competitive higher
education institution.
MISSION The State College shall primarily offer higher professional, technical instructions for special purposes and promote research and extension services,
advanced studies and progressive leadership in education, agriculture, fishery, engineering, arts and sciences, short-term vocational-technical and other
continuing courses as may be relevant.
It shall also provide primary consideration to the integration of researches/studies for the development of the Province of Misamis Occidental.
SAS Goal Ensure that the Arts and Sciences programs are Centers of Development by 2026.To produce highly competitive individuals who
can communicate effectively, solve problems accurately, discover & preserve all the organisms in the environment.

OBJECTIVES 1. Strengthen General Education courses (Arts, Sciences and Technology) as strong foundation of students’ personal growth and intellectual learning;
2. Undertake applied and systemic learning in students’ chosen fields;
3. Perform research and extension on Arts, Sciences and Technology at par with international standards.

Name GLENN MARK C. RECAMADAS Contact Number 09203249638
Email Consultation Hours
Course Code ELECTIVE 3 Course Title Language Enabling Type Credit Units 3
Course This is a three unit course designed to provide interventions and resources to acquire language
Description Skills needed for productive employment in the International Job sectors requiring reasonable proficiency. It also develops sufficient English
communication skills in order to secure appropriate employment. This course pathway has been divided into two- lecture and the independent studies.

Course Prerequisites/(Co requisites) JEEP Start 1/2 Course Schedule

Course The course aims to develop the speaking, writing, listening and reading skills of the students.
Outcomes After the 54 hours of class meeting, students are expected to:
1. Reach the required English language proficiency needed in order to secure International Employment in the students’ relevant sector;
2. Reach the English proficiency requirements for entering one of the ESP Specific Accelerate courses in JEEP Project;
3. Develop sufficient English communication skills based on the key elements of job selection identified by the employers in the industry; and
4. Internalize the vision, mission, goals, and objectives of the college.
Time Frame Topic Intended Learning Outcomes Outcome-Based Assessment(OBA) Teaching and Learning
Week Activities(TLA)

1-5 1. JEEP Orientation After the completion of this unit,

students can:
2. Dealing with Incoming Calls 1. Write what they hear. 1. Develop listening skills 1. Drills and Practices
a.) Receive incoming calls 2. Perform conversations relevant to
real life work situation. 2. Demonstrate proper greetings 2. Role-playing
b.) Take Messages 3.Practice self-introduction
4. Explore different websites and 3. Develop Speaking Skills 3. Job Interviews
c.)Deal with Request companies in preparation for job through Speaking Activities
application. 4. Enhanced their skills in 4.Checking Independent Studies
d.) Independent Studies 5. Interact with each other and become manipulating computers esp. for Job
responsible with the Hunting.
e.) Speaking Activities 5.Video Speaking Assessment
f.) Identifying the Job Application
Process 5. Boost their self-confidence in
g.) Interview Practice speaking.
3. Costumer Information given task.
a. Give Information to Customers 6.Perform the conversation with the
b. Talk about hotel facilities and used of different English Phrases and
services Expressions
c. Tell Customers where facilities 6. Student Speaking Assessment
are. during the take- turn activities
d. Independent Study Assessment
e. Researching Yourself 6. Familiarize English Phrases and
4. Taking Reservations Expressions with correct grammar.
a. Take a room reservation
b. Confirm the details of a
c. Change and cancel reservations

Prelim Exam-Mock Interview

6-9 1. Highlighting your skills and After the completion of this unit, Assessment
experience students can:
2. Independent Study 1. Write what they hear. 1. Develop listening skills 1. Job Interviews
3. Researching the Market 2. Describe jobs and personal 2. Demonstrate their jobs and 2. Role-playing
4. Problem Solving Speaking information. personal information. 3. Drills and Practices
Activity 3. Introduce their company and 3. Develop Speaking Skills and 4.Checking Independent
5. Dealing with booking company activities. Confidence through Speaking Studies
Enquiries 4. Explore different websites and Activities. 5.Student Speaking Assessment
a. Turn down Bookings companies in preparation for the job during the take- turn activities
b. Give explanations application. 4. Improve their skills in 6. Video Speaking
c. Suggest Alternatives 5. Interact with each other and become manipulating computers, for their Job
6. Independent Study responsible with the given task. Hunting.
Assessment 6.Recognized their weaknesses
7. Preparing for the Interview 5. Develop Speaking Skills through
8. Correspondence Speaking Activities.
a. Write letters and emails to
customers, and respond to emails 6. Criticized and make some
and voicemails improvements.
9. Students Assessment
10. Making a positive first
impression on Interviews
11. Independent Study
12. Problem Solving Speaking
13. Talking about Yourself

Midterm Exam- Mock

After the completion of this unit,
10-14 Visiting a Client students can:

a.) Speaking at a Reception and 1. Speak at a reception and show 1. Describe the situation in different 1. Independent Studies
Hospitality hospitality ways. 2.Student Speaking Assessment
b.) Meetings and Appointments 2. Enhance speaking skills in meeting during the take- turn activities
c.) Meetings and Introductions: 2. Make Appointments clients. 3.Video Speaking Assessment
Business People 3. Create formal and informal 4.Independent Study Assessment
d.)Presentation Activities: 3.Pronounce numbers correctly conversations. 5. Job Interviews
Speaking and Interviewing 4. Generate and locate places of an 6. Role-playing and simulation in
e.) Asking About Locations 4. Tell time properly office plan. call center set –up
f.) Telling Time and Pronouncing 5. Discuss weaknesses in order to 5. Discover the correct enunciation of 7. Drills and Practices
Numbers improve them. numbers. 8. Speaking Activities
g.) Business Writing: An E-mail 6. Develop Speaking Skills
Message through Speaking Activities.
h.) Independent Studies
i.)Speaking Activities /
f.) Listening Activities
15-17 4. Business Activities After the completion of
this unit, students can: 1. Describe routine situation activities. 1. Job Interviews
a.) Listening on Relaxing Over
Lunch 1. Discuss other business 2. Illustrate company activities. 2.Role-playing and simulation
b.)Presentation on Business activities in call center set –up
Activities 3. Demonstrate what his /her job is like. 3. Drills and Practices
c.) What’s my Job? 2. Make a sample
d.) Culture File: Office File business letter 4. Improve their skills in manipulating 4. Speaking Activities
e.) Independent Studies computers for their job hunting.
f.) Listening Activities 3. Present relevant 5. Independent Studies
information about

4. Share information 6.Checking Independent

about office culture
5.Enhance their listening
18 Final Exam- Mock Interview
Course Requirements Each student is required to:
1.Listen and watch Audio and Video Recordings
2.Do Independent Study Outputs
3. Polished Resume, Cover Letter and Job Advertisement
4. Simulated Job Interview
5. Class Attendance
6. Other course requirements may be given from time to time
Class Policy 1. Students are required to speak English upon entering the JEEP Accelerate Laboratory.
2. Attend classes as scheduled. Every student is required to be in actual attendance from the first day of the semester and
thereafter. Classes missed because of the late enrollment are considered absences.
3. A student is considered late if he/she is not in the classroom within fifteen (15) minutes after the class start and considered
absent if he /she arrives beyond (15) minutes.
4. Absences are to be determined whether excused or unexcused by the subject instructor upon the submission of a letter signed by
parents or guardian.
5. Any student who, even with permission of the instructor leaves the classroom while the class is going on shall be considered
cutting classes after the lapse of fifteen (15) minutes.
6. Any student who incurred absences of more than 20% of the total number of hours of the course even excused is declared
7. Students under the influence of drugs and/or liquor are strictly prohibited from entering the classroom /campus.
8. Using cell phone during classes is strictly prohibited.


The following is the grading periods for the 1st and 2nd semester; Preliminary and Textbooks:
Midterm combined, Semi- Final and Final combined. 1. Highly Recommended 2 Student’s Book
2. Highly Recommended 2 Workbook
Computation of grades using the formula below: 3. Cambridge English for Job-hunting
4. Listening Extra
50/PS x SS+50=SG Where: PS- is the Perfect Score 5. Speaking Extra
SS- Students’ Score and Websites:
SG-Students’ Grade http//