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The following text is form questions No. 1 – 2.

1. What is suggested about Mr. Bach?

a. He has been to Kansai more than once.
b. He currently works in Beijing.
c. He is on a business trip.
d. He works for Fly Right Airlines.

2. At 12:15, what does Mr. Otani mean when he writes, “Sure thing”?
a. He has confirmed the arrival time of a flight.
b. He is certain he will be able to find a parking place.
c. He agrees to wait at the door near the customs area.
d. He knows Mr. Bach must pass through customs.

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The following text is form questions No. 3 – 4.

3. What is the main purpose of this memo?

a. To describe how to dispose of metal and glass
b. To outline procedures for burnable waste
c. To reinforce waste disposal guidelines
d. To remind staff of the collection schedule

4. What have the sales staff failed to do?

a. Use specific garbage bags
b. Separate the garbage
c. Place metal waste in the correct receptacle
d. Take out the garbage at the correct time

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The following text is form questions No.

5. What is NOT stated in the memo?

a. Canoeing will take place after hiking.
b. Water sports will be held at Axe Lake.
c. Both barbecues are at the beach.
d. Participants can go paragliding and mountain climbing.

6. What time is the bus scheduled to leave on Monday?

a. At 8 a.m. b. at 8.15 a.m. c. at 7 p.m. d. at 8.30 p.m.

7. Where will the staff be on Monday evening?

a. In the parking lot c. at the center
b. On the bus d. at the beach

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The following text is form questions No. 8 – 12.

8. What is the main purpose of the memorandum?

a. To explain the arrangements for a special event
b. To encourage people to travel by car
c. To ask for help arranging a party
d. To thank people for attending the party

9. Why does Kyle Berwick write to Annette Derringer?

a. To ask the price of the movie c. To explain why he cannot come
b. To request directions to a hotel d. To ask if he may bring guests to the party

10. Which of Kyle’s points is NOT mentioned in the memo?

a. Payment for extra guest c. storage for personal item
b. Parking restriction d. timing for the evening

11. What information does Kyle require?

a. The date of the party c. The location of the Green Vale Country Club
b. The price of additional tickets d. The name of the organizer

12. By when does Kyle ask Annette to contact him?

a. By November 26 c. by December 17
b. By November 28 d. by December 21
The following text is form questions No. 13 – 17.
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13. Where in Mansfield
Towers was this notice
a. In the parking
b. In the lobby
c. In the conference
d. In the elevator

14. What ideas might Henrikson offer to Pederson if he checks the notice?
a. They could call the city for parking advice.
b. They could make a reservation with the receptionist.
c. They could ask clients not to forget their passes.
d. They could each give up an employee pass.

15. Why are none of the people

attending the conference allowed to
park at 5th and Main garage?
a. They didn’t make reservations
on time.
b. They are not current clients.
c. They only have temporary
d. They are form out of town.

16. When is the conference taking

a. Over the weekend
b. The first week of June
c. In the middle of June
d. In ten minutes

17. How many attendees does Pederson expect at the conference?

a. Less than 30 b. less than 60 c. about 60 d. over 80

The following text is form questions No. 18 – 19.

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18. Who took the message?
a. James
b. Dr. Garofalo
c. Ms. Bingham
d. Sally

19. What is James asked to do?

a. Join the product promotion team
b. Call Dr. Garofalo
c. Go out to lunch
d. Contact Ms. Bingham

The following text is form questions No. 20 – 24.

20. What position did Mr. Reyes
originally apply for?
a. Assistant director of Valleyview
b. Personal assistant to Mr. Kappler
c. Deputy coordinator of a research
d. Research technician

21. When will Mr. Kappler probably meet

the Mr. Reyes?
a. May 30
b. May 31
c. June 1
d. June 2

22. Why was Mr. Reyes NOT offered the position for which he applied?
a. He lacked the proper experience for it.
b. He was overqualified for it.
c. It had already been filled.
d. The company decided not to fill it.

23. Why does Mr. Kappler apologize in his letter?

a. Because the advertisement is not clear
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b. Because the salary us so low
c. Because he took so long to respond
d. Because his letter is so short

24. Who probably filled out the phone message sheet?

a. Carlos Reyes c. Philip H. Kappler
b. Rachel Stone d. Leigh Elliot

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