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We are delighted to welcome you as a

Türkiye Scholarships holder.
This guide will provide you with
information on the steps you need to
take before and after your arrival in
Turkey as a Türkiye Scholarship

a. Airport Transfer
a. Scholarship Agreement
b. Communication in Turkey
b. Visa Procedures
c. Dormitory Registration
c. Turkish Language
d. University Enrolment
Education Portal
e. Required Documents for
d. Travel Plans
e. Travel Guidelines
f. Turkish Preparation
Course Enrolment
g. Residence Permit
h. YKN Number
i. Health Insurance
j. Bank Account
k. Cultural Orientation
l. Orientation Programmes
m. Important Notes

1. 2.
Accept your Read the
Türkiye information
Scholarships in this guide
offer on TBBS carefully

3. 4. 5.
Prepare the Visit the nearest Book
original Turkish Embassy/ your travel
copies of the Consulate arrangements
required to have your
documents scholarship
for submission agreement verified

We are delighted to welcome
you as a Türkiye Scholarship
holder during our very
competitive round this year. This
guide will provide you with
information on the steps you
need to do take before and after
your arrival in Turkey as a Türkiye
Scholarship holder. Each of the
items listed below will be
explained in more detail.
1.1 Scholarship uploaded again to Türkiye Scholarships
Information System (TBBS). Please make sure
Agreement that you fill out the form in your personal page
after you upload the signed Scholarship
First, you must accept the scholarship
offer, then download and sign the
Scholarship Agreement issued in your You must have your passport, diploma,
name through your personal account transcript, and health report prepared and
with Türkiye Scholarships Information translated into Turkish by institutions/bodies
System (TBBS). accredited by the Turkish Embassy/ Consulate.
(You do not need to translate documents such
Afterwards, please visit the nearest
Turkish Embassy / Consulate
etc.). You will need the original documents and
whenever you are informed to sign
translations to register at the university in
scholarship contract. Officers at the
Turkey and to carry out scholarship
Turkish Embassy/Consulate will check
procedures. All the documents must be
the original copies and Turkish
approved by the Embassy/Consulate.
translations of your previous
qualifications (diploma / interim Your health report needs to be issued by an
certificate of graduation), transcripts, official health organization in the last 3 months
health report, current passport/ID card and indicate that you are not infected by a
and other original supporting contagious disease or a disease that requires
documents to ensure that you meet continued treatment. You can call the
the requirements set by the Embassy/ Consulate of the Turkish Republic to
department/university (if any). learn which health organizations in your country
are eligible to provide you a health report.
Please do not forget to bring your
Scholarship Agreement that has been Students already in Turkey can have their
verified by officials. Scholarship Agreement form approved in
Ankara and Istanbul at the address provided
The Scholarship Agreement specifies
below. You will be given information here in
your rights and obligations as a
Ankara and Istanbul regarding visa
scholarship holder. The Scholarship
Agreement verified by officials must be

Please make sure that you fill out Türkiye Cumhuriyeti

Yurtdıșı Türkler ve Akraba Topluluklar Bașkanlığı
the form in your personal page
after you upload the signed Ankara Office Istanbul Beyoğlu Office

Scholarship Agreement. Ankara Sakarya Mah. Șehit Muhtar Mah.

Öz Sk. No:10 Hamamönü İmam Adnan Sok.
Ankara TÜRKİYE No:9 Beyoğlu/İSTANBUL

1.2. Visa Procedures 1.3. Turkish Language
Education Portal

International students who wish to study in Since 2009, Yunus Emre Institute has been
Turkey need to obtain a student visa before introducing Turkish language, culture, art
arriving in the country. Student visas can be and history to people of various professions
obtained from the nearest Consulates or the and age groups in more than 40 cultural
Embassies of the Republic of Turkey. For centers around the world. Yunus Emre
student visa applications, required Institute has launched a new website, the
documents are Turkish Education Portal, which offers
• a valid passport, step-by-step Turkish language education at
• offer of scholarship, all levels.
• visa application form to be obtained from The online Turkish Language Education
Portal is an easy and entertaining tool for
• passport photograph
Türkiye Scholarships holders to learn
• and visa fee if needed. Turkish at their own convenience. The
Consulates may request other documents program provides ‘must-have-phrases’ that
as well. You can consult to the nearest you can use in everyday conversations so
Embassy/ Consulate of the Republic of that you have the necessary basic language
Turkey for the list of all required documents. skills before beginning an intensive Turkish
After obtaining these documents, you need Preparation Course.
to visit the Consulate department for visa Türkiye Scholarships holders can sign up
application. Student visa procedures may for the program for free.
take some time, therefore you are reco
mmended to apply for visa immediately after
you receive your acceptance letter and sign For more information
the scholarship agreement. please visit Yunus Emre
Institute website

1.4. Travel Plans 1.5. Travel Guidelines

After obtaining your visa, You are recommended to arrive at the airport two hours
prepare your documents before the departure time of your flight, together with your
and pack your luggage to university registration documents, passport with student
come to Turkey on the date visa, and all other documents. We strongly advise you to
that will be notified to you. pack a cabin baggage in case of any delay. You may learn
Check the communication about your free of charge baggage rights through the
addresses of the university relevant airline company. Make sure you keep your official
you are placed in, the documents and valuable belongings in your hand luggage
dormitory, and the Turkish to prevent the loss of any important items. Please write
preparation centre as listed your address in Turkey clearly on your luggage. It may also
in the mail sent to you. The be helpful to have your address written on a piece of paper
flight ticket for your first inside your luggage in case of any external damage. Also,
departure from home online check-in will speed up procedures at the airport.
country to Turkey will be You are recommended to not wear any clothes or
provided by the Türkiye accessories with metal to avoid any scanning problems at
Scholarships Office. the airport. You may be asked to turn on your laptop (if
Between 5-22 September any) at control points, so make sure that it has sufficient
2019, the most appropriate battery during travel. For practical purposes, make sure
flight ticket will be issued for to have some USD or Euro (around $200 or equivalent)
you and you will receive an with you during your travel to Turkey. If you must
e-mail about it. Please be exchange some cash to Turkish Lira for short term
prepared for this process. purposes such as transport, it is important to note that the
exchange offices at the airport charge commission fee
unlike foreign exchange offices in the city centers which
offer you an exchange rate without commission fee.
Make sure to dress appropriately for the weather. Bring
warm clothing and consider carrying an umbrella with you
in case it rains in Turkey.
See the passport control desk when you land in Turkey.
After passport control, follow the directions to reclaim
your checked-in luggage. In the event that your luggage is
lost, report to the Airport Lost and Found Office.

2.1. Airport Transfer 2.2. Communication
in Turkey
If you land in Istanbul Airport or Ankara Esenboğa You can use the payphones at the
Airport, airports to contact your family after
• Find the Türkiye Scholarships International arriving in Turkey. Phone cards are
Students Welcome Desk after getting your sold at the airports. Do not hesitate
luggage. to ask the airport personnel for more
• Introduce yourself to the personnels at the desk information. Please be advised that
with your personal and contact information using the SIM cards of the mobile
phones you bring from your country
• You can get information from the personnels
may be very expensive in Turkey.
about the province in which you will stay and
When you arrive in Turkey, you can
other procedures
use the phone cards sold in the PTT
You will be welcomed by our staff if you arrive
branches at the airport like
between 5-22 Semptember 2019. In case of your
arrival anytime out of these dates (5-22 September
2019), please take into consideration the following
instructions. It is more functional and cheaper to
use mobile phone operators such as
If you take a bus after landing in Istanbul:
Turkcell, Türk Telekom and
• Go to the bus station from the airport with the
Vodafone in Turkey, all of which have
shuttle bus provided by the crew that will greet
English language services of some
you at the airport
kind. Once you have decided which
• At the station, buy a bus ticket to the province mobile operator to use, you can take
you will be staying up a contract or stick to pre-paid
• When buying a bus ticket, please try to arrange option. You can get more
your arrival time before 4:30 pm information by visiting the branches
If you take another flight after landing in Istanbul: of the operators. Please update your
• If your journey continues on a different airline, contact details on TBBS once you
check your ticket and please ensure that you have a new mobile number in Turkey.
have the relevant information on whether you
need to claim your luggage. According to their
procedures, some airlines transfer the luggage
automatically onto the connection flight.
Therefore, the passenger does not have to
claim their luggage in between flights. Please
ensure that your luggage is labeled until your
final destination to check on that it is not left in
the terminal.

2.3. Dormitory Registration 2.4. University Enrolment

Officials from Turkish Language Center or Please contact the Registrar’s Office of your
Türkiye Scholarships Office will meet you university to get more information about the
at your final destination and accompany enrolment and course selection process.
you during the registration process. You When you go to the university for enrolment,
can learn in which dormitory you are please visit the International Student Office
placed from TBBS (My Applications/ and provide them with your contact details.
Dormitory Information). When you arrive to After completing your enrolment, obtain four
the dormitory introduce yourself to the copies of your student certificate from the
officials, complete the registration process, university.
and settle in your room. Required Documents for Enrolment
If you have a problem with the dormitory, a. Original diploma or interim certificate of
please see the dormitory directorate. You graduation and its Turkish translation
will be provided with free accommodation certified by notary public or Turkish foreign
within the scope of Türkiye Scholarships missions.
Program. Observe the entrance hour limits
b. Original high school diploma equivalence
to the dormitories. No accommodation
certificate obtained from the Republic of
assistance is provided to students who do
Turkey’s Provincial Directorates of National
not want to stay in the dormitories. Please
Education (İl Milli Eğitim Müdürlüğü) or
keep your residence address and related
Turkish foreign missions (for undergraduate
changes updated on TBBS.
students only).
c. Approved transcript indicating the
courses, grades and general point average
(GPA) and its Turkish translation certified by
notary public or Turkish foreign missions.
d. Copy of the pages of the passport with
student visa showing your identity
information, expiration date, and its Turkish
translation, where both the copy and
translation are certified by notary public or
Turkish foreign missions.

e. Internationally recognised foreign language
certificate and Turkish proficiency certificate (if
f. Six photos (4,5 x 6,0 cm) (taken in the last six
months with front view to allow easy
identification of the candidate)
g. Residence permit (to be submitted to your
university’s Registrar’s Office within one month 2.5. Turkish Preparation
of your enrolment date) Course Enrolment
High School Certificate of Equivalence
Undergraduate students need to obtain a high Türkiye Scholarships holders have to
school certificate of equivalence. Please ask the demonstrate proficiency in the Turkish
officials of the Embassy /Consulate of the language (including students who will
Republic of Turkey whether there is an study at departments where the
Education Counsellor (Eğitim Müșavirliği) in your medium of instruction is English). If
country. you have a Turkish proficiency
If there is an Education Counsellor in your certificate in the C1 level, you can
country, you can obtain the high school directly start your university education.
certificate of equivalence before departing to If you do not have the Turkish
Turkey. proficiency certificate, but are able to
speak Turkish, you can take the
If not, you can get it by applying to the
Turkish Preparation Course exemption
Provincial National Education Directorates (İl
test. If you pass, you can directly start
Milli Eğitim Müdürlüğü) in the province that you
your university education. You can
will stay in Turkey.
take the exemption test in the Turkish
Language Centre that you are placed.
Transcript of your last year of high Please follow the instructions in the
school or student certificate
e-mail sent to you about the Turkish
exemption test. If you do not speak
Diploma or student certificate indicating
that you are entitled to obtain a diploma Turkish, you need to register in the
Turkish Preparation Course notified to
Passport you on TBBS (My Applications/Turkish
Preparation Course Information).

We particularly recommend that you refrain You are expected to have successfully
from speaking your native language in completed the Academic Turkish Course
order to ensure a quick and better learning and have received a C1 level certificate of
achievement before beginning your
of Turkish. During your Turkish Preparation
university education the following academic
Course, regular attendance to the courses
year. Your certificate must be submitted to
and observance of the education program your university.
offered to you will significantly increase
Ways you can improve your Turkish
your success. education include trying to speak Turkish
Following the preparation course, an with your friends, joining programmes and
intensive language program called reading information about Turkish cultural
“Academic Turkish Course” will be and social life. We recommend that you
provided. The Academic Turkish Course start reading books in Turkish (e.g.,
which aims to empower you to succeed in children’s books, newspapers, magazines)
any academic-level course is mandatory for and practice speaking with people around
Türkiye Scholarships holders even if they you. Use online Turkish programmes to
have already demonstrated proficiency in enhance your language skills.
Turkish language. The programme is Turkish courses bring together students
designed to equip you with skills to from many countries and offer a unique
conduct rigorous academic research and opportunity for students to learn about
express your ideas effectively in any different cultures. With shared experiences,
academic format. you will be able to successfully adapt to the
Turkish culture.

Ways you can improve

your Turkish education
include trying to speak
Turkish with your
friends, joining
programmes, and
reading information
about Turkish cultural
and social life.

2.6.Residence Permit
A Student Residence Permit is issued to Required Documents for
undergraduate, Master’s and PhD students. A Residence Permit
Research Residence Permit is specifically issued to
students with a research scholarship. After Residence Permit Request
completing your university enrolment, please visit the Form
web page and via
Four passport photos
the "I lodge and application for residence permit
for the first time" section submit your residence Original copy of the valid
permit application with the required documents to passport with long term
obtain a residence permit. Foreign students who validity
enter Turkey with a student visa need to submit
their residence permit requests to the Photocopy of your passport
Directorate General of Migration Management (photo page, last entry page,
within 30 days after entry. Student Residence validity page)
Permits are issued with an expiration of three Enrolment/acceptance
years for undergraduate students, two years for document, student certificate
Master’s students and four years for PhD from the university or an
students. For students who are studying the equivalent document
mandatory Turkish Preparation Course, a
residence permit of one year is issued first, which Student visa to be obtained
may be extended later in accordance with the from foreign missions
duration of further education.
Valuable paper cost for the
In the case that your residence permit or passport residence permit (89 TL for
is lost, please immediately report to authorities for 2019).
renewal of your documents within 15 days.
Students who change their university or residence Original and photocopy of the
address should notify these changes to both the processed pages of
new and old local security authorities of the previously obtained residence
respective institutions within 48 hours. permits (if any)

In the case that you wish to extend your Regarding actions and procedures on
student residence permit, you must do so foreigners, Directorate General of Migration
by applying to the local security authorities Management does not work with third natural
persons and/or legal persons. So you must
within 15 days after the expiration date on
make your residence permit application in
your permit. person when you come to Turkey

2.7. YKN Number 2.8. Health Insurance

Your YKN Number (Foreign ID Number) is a All international students in Turkey are able
unique number of eleven digits issued by to receive General Health Insurance to
the General Directorate of Population and benefit from extensive and quality health
Citizenship Affairs (Nüfus ve Vatandașlık services provided by the state. Health
expenses of Türkiye Scholarships holders
İșleri Genel Müdürlüğü) to foreigners who
are covered by the General Health
obtained a foreigner’s residence permit in
Insurance during the length of the
Turkey for a minimum of three (3) months scholarship.
for any purpose. With this document, you
Health insurance registry procedures of
can benefit from health services during scholarship holders will be conducted by
your study, register for examinations held the Türkiye Scholarships Office. As soon as
by ÖSYM, and open bank accounts. Your you get your YKN number, please register it
unique YKN number will be assigned after on Türkiye Scholarships Information
your residence permit is issued. System (TBBS) to receive benefits from
Health Insurance. Students who do not
update their YKN Number on TBBS may
face high healthcare costs.
Students with General Health Insurance will
receive free care from state hospitals by
presenting their YKN number. They are
eligible to receive medication and
prescriptions recommended by doctors
from any pharmacy with only a small
contribution fee charge. Pharmacies are
open until 19:00 and some may be open
overnight as well.

If you do not register your YKN

number on TBBS on time, the
activation procedures for health
insurance can not be done and you
may face high healthcare costs.

2.9. Bank Account 2.10. Cultural Orientation

Your bank account that your scholarship The Turkish Language Center or Türkiye
payment will be deposited into is opened in Scholarships Office will organize an
your name by the Türkiye Scholarships orientation programme for new students.
Office. Scholarships are deposited to the Enjoy a new culture and social environment
Vakıfbank account in the name of the during your time in Turkey. Keep in mind that
student at the end of each month. When many students that move to a different
you arrive in Turkey, please visit the nearest country may experience cultural shock, but
Vakıfbank branch with required documents this transition period will quickly pass and
and activate the account opened in your you will begin to feel at home. At the
name, so that you may withdraw money. beginning, you may experience longing for
We recommend that you request a your family and difficulty in expressing
Bankomat card (ATM card) from the yourself in Turkish. This time of transition
nearest Vakıfbank branch in your residence may be exhausting, but you can try to make it
by asking the cashier. With the bank card, easier by learning and experiencing new
you can withdraw your scholarship from all things in your city. Cultural shock is generally
Vakıfbank ATMs 7/24 and from all a temporary reaction that passes over time
Vakıfbank branches during working hours. as you become more familiar with your new
environment. The most frequent physical
signs of cultural shock are irregular sleep,
headache, stomach ache, and nervousness.
Emotional signs are homesickness, feeling of
loneliness, causeless anxiety and crying,
asocial behaviour, tendency to stay alone,
loss of self-confidence, anger and hostility
“We recommend against the new culture. To overcome this
that you request a
period easily, we recommend these
Bankomat card
(ATM card) from suggestions:
the nearest
Vakıfbank branch
to your residence Enjoy a new culture and
by asking the social environment
cashier.” during your time in

• Try to observe and understand the
behaviour, belief systems, and
2.11. Orientation Programmes
ways of thinking and of people
around you. Different orientation programmes are
organized throughout the year to help
• Establish communication with
people as much as possible. Do students who are facing problems during their
not hesitate to share your problems studies and to facilitate their adjustment
with the people around you. process to Turkey. International Students
• Try to express yourself and insist Academy, International Students Social
on speaking in Turkish even if Sciences Congress and International
people do not understand you at Students Career Days are some of the
first. programmes that have been specially
• Avoid classifying the new ways of designed for Turkiye Scholarships holders.
thinking and living as good or bad;
accept that these are only different International Students Academy is a series of
from your culture. Try to educational programmes that aim to
understand different points of contribute to the academic, social and cultural
views. development of international students in our
• Remain curious and open minded country by providing them with new
to the new culture. opportunities within their fields of interest and
• Do not hesitate to try new things. study. This enables them to form close
Do not forget that you will discover relationships with academics, well-known
many novelties in Turkey. authors, artists, intellectuals and scientists,
• Do not be afraid to make mistakes strengthening their communication and
and be at peace with yourself. You providing an environment where they can
will discover a new country and
benefit from the cultural heritage of other
inevitably have a period of
inexperience. students.
• Establish friendship with people Attendance to the “Turkiye Seminars”, which
from different countries as much as is a part of International Students Academy
possible. Do not forget that organized for incoming freshman students, is
friendships will be among the mandatory. The program is designed for
greatest gains of your life in Turkey
scholarship holders to acquire more insight
even after you complete your
studies. about Turkey, develop analytical and critical
thinking skills, and raise awareness of regional
• Participate in the events organized
for you, student clubs, sports, and and global issues. The six-week program
art activities. consists of lectures in art, culture, sociology,
• Visit the international student office economy, history, international relations, and
in your university. Do not hesitate so on. The exact date of the program will be
to contact your advisor. announced closer to the date.

The International Students Social Sciences companies to have opportunities for future
Congress is organized to provide an employment.
academic environment that aims to enable Internships, cultural, entertainment, and
the international graduate students of social recreational activities are the other
sciences in Turkey to present their research, programs created to contribute to the
exchange knowledge, and carry out joint adjustment process of Türkiye Scholarships
studies through various workshops and other holders.
activities. The congress is held once a year
Likewise, the orientation programmes
with the collaboration of Türkiye
organized by universities allow students to
Scholarships Programme and a relevant
participate in various social, cultural, and
recreational events where you can obtain
The International Student Career Days basic information about academic
Programme is specifically planned to bring programmes, meet lecturers, campus staff,
together Türkiye Scholarships holders and and make new friends. Student’s
leading Turkish companies operating participation in these events is important for
abroad. There are “Career Days” organized their adjustment process. You can get more
each year to give international students information about the social and cultural
professional exposure by allowing them to orientation programmes from the
gain insight into the practice of different International Office in your university.
fields. Students will share their CVs with the

Please keep your personal information updated on the Türkiye
Scholarships Information System.

Keep your passport or residence permit licence with you

all the time.

If you have any problems or requests about your education and

social life, please inform the Türkiye Scholarships Call Centre at
0850 455 0982. (available on weekdays at 09.00-18.00 local time
in Turkey)

Follow In addition, you can follow the current changes and

announcements by following our Facebook page (turkiyeburslari)
and Twitter (@TurkiyeBurslari).

We would like to express that you are our guest in Turkey and
we hope that you will successfully complete your studies and
benefit from all opportunities offered to you.

0850 455 0 982