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DIRECTION: Write the letter and word of the correct answer in the booklet. Don’t write anything on
this test paper. Strictly NO ERASURES allowed.

1) He was the father of Revolution. 12) It is officially referred to in its constitution as the
a) Andres Bonifacio c) Jose Rizal Republic of the Philippines, was the first republic ever
b) Emilio Aguinaldo d) Emilio Jacinto declared in the Philippines by revolutionary leader Emilio
2) What is the first novel written by Pedro Paterno? Aguinaldo and his fellow revolutionaries.
a) Sampaguitay Ostras Poesas Varias a) Peace Treaty of Biak-na-Bato
b) Ninay b) Pact of Biak-na-Bato
c) La Solidaridad c) Republic of Biak-na-Bato
d) My First Inspiration d) Truce of Biak-na-Bato
3) Mother of Mercy of the Philippine Revolution 13) Pseudonym of Andres Bonifacio.
a) Trinidad Tecson c) Melchora Aquino a) “May Pag-asa” c) “Pag-asa ng bayan”
b) Lorena Barros d) Marcela Agoncillo b) “Anak ng bayan” d) “Anak ng Pag-asa”
4) Gabriela Silang was known for her popular image as: 14) The parish priest in Calamba, Laguna who baptized
a) Women’s Power of Ilocos c) Joan of Arc Rizal at the age of three days old.
b) Bolo-Wielding La Generala d) The Great Leader a) Fr. Rufino Collantes c) Fr. Jose Burgos
5) It is the first major activity of MAKIBAKA in b) Fr. Francisco de Paula Sanchez d) Fr. Magin Ferrando
April 8, 1970. 15) She was a remarkable woman, possessing refined
a) Binibining Pilipinas c) Philippine Society culture, literary talent, and the hero’s mother.
b) Mutia ng MAKIBAKA d) Samahan ng Pilipino a) Teodora Realonda Alonso
6) The following are the members of Kalayaan Society, b) Teodora Alonso Realonda
except: c) Teodora Alonzo Rizal
a) Pio Valenzuela c) Jose Rizal d) Teodora Mercado Rizal
b) Andres Bonifacio d) Emilio Jacinto 16) The following are the members of Kalayaan Society,
7) Lorena Barros was very sociable in nature, what is her except:
mother used to call her? a) Pio Valenzuela c) Jose Rizal
a) Social lover c) Nature lover b) Andres Bonifacio d) Emilio Jacinto
b) Social butterfly d) Nature butterfly 17) When was the proclamation of the Philippine Republic?
8) She was a Filipina revolutionary leader best known as the a) June 12, 1898 c) July 12, 1898
first female leader of an Ilocano movement for b) June 12, 1988 d) July 12, 1988
independence from Spain. 18) He was the father of History
a) Gabriela Silang c) Gliceria Villavicencio a) Andres Bonifacio c) Herodotus
b) Agueda Esteban d) Teresa Magbanua b) Jose Rizal d) Ibn Khaldun
9) It is a chronic infection disease which is the cause of 19) She is a pretty 14 years old Batanguena from Lipa who
death of Bonifacio’s first wife. captured Rizal’s heart.
a) Leukemia c) Leprosy a) Segunda Katigbak c) Leonora Rivera
b) Dengue d) Leptospirosis b) Miss L d) Leonor Valenzuela
10) He was the head of MAGDIWANG. 20) Noli Me Tangere was originally composed in which
a) Apolinario Mabini c) Emilio Jacinto language?
b) Mariano Alvarez d) Pedro Paterno a) English c) Latin
11) What is the reason why the father of Gregoria De Jesus b) Tagalog d) Spanish
disagree her marriage to Andres Bonifacio? 21) Jose Rizal was fondly called “___” by his family and
a) Because Andres is not in a high class friends.
b) Because Andres was a Freemason a) Totoy c) Tinoy
c) Because Andres did not really love her b) Pepito d) Pepe
d) Because Andres is uneducated 22) It is taken from the Greek word “historia” which means
learning by investigation or inquiry.
a) Historia c) Research
b) Historiography d) History
23) KKK b) Kataas-taasan, Kagalang-galangan Katipunan ng Anak ng
a) Kataas-taasang, Kagalang-galangang Katipunan ng mga Bayan
Anak ng Bayan c) Kataas-taasang, Kagalang-galangang Katipunan mga
Anak ng Bayan
d) Kataas-taasan, Kagalang-galangan Katipunan ng mga Anak ng Bayan
24) He is the Brain of Katipunan. 27) When did Emilio Aguinaldo proclaim as the first
a) Andres Bonifacio c) Emilio Jacinto president of Philippine Republic?
b) Emilio Aguinaldo d) Jose Rizal a) January 4, 1899 c) January 3, 1899
25) Secret organization founded by Andres Bonifacio. b) January 2, 1899 d) January 1, 1899
a) Katipunan c) Kartilya 28) Nieves Fernandez is formerly known during the World
b) Katipunero d) KKKK War II as what?
26) The first favorite novel of Rizal. a) First Filipina Guerrilla Leader
a) The Count of Monte Cristo c) Travels in the b) First Filipina Bravery Leader
Philippines c) First Filipina Headhunter Leader
b) Universal History d) The Bible d) First Filipina Leader
29) She gave birth to the Red Cross in the Philippines. d) For the love of her family
a) Teresa Magbanua c) Trinidad Tecson 40) The following are poem written by Lorena, except:
b) Marcela Agoncillo d) Gabriela Silang a) You are the Lord c) Documentary of a
30) The reason behind the real surname of the Rizal family. war
a) It was a meaningful surname b) Babae (WOMAN) d) There is a new
b) It was his father’s surname scavenger
c) It was given by a Spanish lieutenant 41) Renowned Filipina in Philippine history as the principal
d) It was special to the family seamstress of the first and official flag of the Philippines.
31) The versatile gifts that endowed by God to Dr. Jose a) Corazon Aquino c) Gabriela Silang
Rizal, except. b) Marcela Agoncillo d) Gloria Arroyo
a) Philosopher c) Businessman 42) He was the first teacher in school of Dr. Jose Rizal.
b) Economist d) Linguist a) Maestro Justiniano Aquino Cruz
32) Goyo signed an oath in a secret society using his own b) Maestro Celestino
___? c) Maestro Leon Monroy
a) Pen c) Pencil d) Maestro Lucas Padua
b) Blood d) Pluma 43) ) He is the greatest Filipino hero and peerless genius.
33) He was the founder of the newspaper Diarong Tagalog. a) Jose Rizal c) Apolinario Mabini
a) Jose Rizal c) Apolinario Mabini b) Andres Bonifacio d) Emilio Jacinto
b) Marcelo H. del Pilar d) Andres Bonifacio 44) Who was the founding chair of MAKIBAKA?
a) Andres Bonifacio c) Maria Lorena Barros
34) What is the law which provides that “courses on the life, b) Emilio Aguinaldo d) Gliceria Villavicencio
works and writings of Jose Rizal, particularly his novels 45) The country’s most cherished symbol. It is the nation’s
Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo, shall be included in emblem of freedom.
the curricula of all schools, colleges and universities, public a) Lupang Hinirang c) Flag
or private? b) Sun d) Heroes & Heroines
a) RA 1425 c) RA 1245
b) RA 1452 d) RA 1542
35) Where does the title of the Noli come from?
a) It comes from a poem by Lope de Vega
b) It is a reference to Greek methodology
c) It is derived from the Gospel of St. John 20:17
d) It is the title of Giovanni-Battista Franco’s painting
36) He was a war general and a leader of Magdalo faction
that led to a lot of notable victories for Katipunan.
a) Andres Bonifacio c) Emilio Jacinto
b) Emilio Aguinaldo d) Jose Rizal
37) What is the cause of death of Marcelo H. Del Pilar?
a) War c) Tuberculosis
b) Heart attack d) Cancer
38) Code of Conduct in Kartilya ng Katipunan except:
a) Importance of Honesty c) Importance of Trust
b) Importance of Time d) Importance of
39) How did Teresa Magbanua recognized as a heroine?
a) For her courage and services
b) For being responsible and helpful
c) For her dedication