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Have you ever asked yourself how would you perform while teaching an ESL lesson?

During this essay, I will take as a reference an ESL lesson showed in a video to reflect about how

important is the way you communicate, the way you plan a lesson and how do you implement the

time inside the classroom.

By having a good body language, we can make our students feel safe, confident and

guided through inside the classroom. Likewise, it can break the students-teachers barrier. For me,

this aspect ensured the success of the lesson, since the teacher gave the perception that the it was

being carried out in a dynamic way. Her gestures were fluid, the attitude was friendly and at the

beginning of the lesson, she made a knowledge assessment. This warm up activity was not only

beneficial for the students but also for the teacher. This is due to the fact that pre-lesson activities

can help us to acknowledge how much do our students know. Also, what can we modify in order

to ensure that our students learn with a proper approach.

An important aspect that future teachers need to avoid, is to let the lesson become

monotonous. Even though this lesson was well planned, I realized that generally the activities

were structured with “think, pair, share”. Besides, the attention was centered to the instructor the

most part of the time. Additionally, no roleplays were included in order to grant the immersion of

the students with the content. These are the aspects in which I consider the lesson needs

improvement, otherwise, in future lessons students could get bored and lost with the content we

would be teaching.

Something I consider very positive about the lesson I watched, was the time management.

All the activities were carried out perfectly in terms of time. Likewise, these activities were

selected carefully to practice certain abilities such as writing, listening and speaking. In addition,

visual aids were also presented during the entire lesson and examples were crucial in order to
stablish differences between the contents provided by the teacher. These are the aspects I liked

the most inasmuch as I saw all the efforts and commitment of the teacher with her students.

To conclude, even though this lesson has some aspects that need improvement, I can say

that it was very enriching for us as teachers in development. This is due to the fact that all the

positive aspects mentioned before, were very useful to get us know how to gain and maintain the

control of the class, as well as developing it smoothly and make our students apply what we will

teach inside the classroom. Nonetheless, for future lessons I would suggest that more interaction

between students is needed in terms of roleplays, since the approach I think the teacher applied

was communicative language teaching.

Class observation reflective essay.

Academic Writing.

Juan Camilo Bermudez López.

Licenciatura en Bilingüismo con énfasis en inglés.

Nora Lucía Marulanda PH. D.

Universidad Tecnológica de Pereira.

Facultad de Bellas Artes y Humanidades.

10th October 2019.