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Declaration of Independence 

In Classroom, September 6, 2019

The students of the world declare that:

Through the course of human history, it has been important for the students of the world to dissolve the bonds with
their educational institutions that connected them with each other and take on the roles of their superiors to better
the world in its foundations and its values, and now in the respect of others, I formally declare my independence
from school.

“We hold these truths” to be shown in the world, that all men have the right to pursue their interests and passions
in their time, that their “Creator” has given them rights, including freedom, the pursuit of what you want to do,
and life. To secure these rights, schools should be based on what the students want to learn and not on the state or
national curriculum and laws. It is the right of the students to overthrow the school system when it seems it has
become too restrictive to the students’ passions and interests and establish a school system that includes adults that
want to better the students’ lives and not their own, a school system where the students pick what they learn, and a
school system where the students grow and prosper not because of brute memorization but because of the passion
for the subjects.

The educational institution has taken my time to pursue my interests every day.
For subjects that don’t interest my peers and me in the slightest.
For tests that my peers and I have spent countless hours to study.
For homework that doesn’t even help my peers and myself on any tests.
It has given me sleepless nights and that has taken a toll on my health.
The educational institution has derived my peers and me of our pursuits of passions.
It has given us assignments that bore us with useless facts.
The educational institution does not teach subjects that help us in the real world.
It has created an environment where every student is on his own.
It has created a persona that you have to fit in.
And it has created students that struggle with the real world because of the school’s lack of preparation for the

We, the students, have tried every method to change the school system and have it be based on our interests. This
has only been returned with more homework, tests, and laws that restrict our passions and inhibit our reach for
knowledge outside the main subjects. We have explained to our teachers that tests and homework don't help us in
the real world and we need real-world education. We have repeatedly reminded teachers to teach us about the real
world and current issues. We have explained to them that this world doesn’t well-educated students, it needs
experienced leaders that can help solve the issues of the world. After all this, we must as students announce our
separation from the school system that inhibits our learning, as we need to change the school system for the future
students to come.

We, the students of the world, appeal to our leaders of the world, who make the laws for our well beings, and by the
students of the world, we declare that we, the students, are free from the grasps of our restrictive school systems,
and we have the full right to overthrow our current system and create a new system that appeals to all and is able
to provide us the information needed to be successful in the real world, is able to offer subjects that interest the
students, is able to support the students in the pursuit of their passions, and is able to prepare us to become the
future leaders of the world. “And for the support of our Declaration,” we promise to each other our dignity, our
knowledge, and our lives.