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November 22-28, 2019

CA 91910

Aquino asks Duterte: Can you appoint someone you do not trust? Robredo drug war shows why

Thankfulness at
SWS: Pinoys' trust in China falls it will take village to solve
drug menace
to bad; remains excellent in US

by Christian V. Esguerra, ABS-CBN
GMA News | MANILA, 11/20/2019 — In June 2010, it reached a high News | MANILA, 11/20/2019 —
Filipinos' net trust in China fell moderate +17, while registering Vice President Leni Robredo
from poor to bad, while trust in a record-low of -46 in September walked through a muddy pathway
the United States remained excel- 2015. leading to a village called Market
lent, according to the Third Quar- The third quarter sruvey was 3, one of the poorest and drug-
ter 2019 Social Weather Survey. conducted from September 27-30, infested areas in the fishing city
The survey by the Social Weath- 2019 using face-to-face inter- of Navotas Tuesday.
er Stations (SWS) showed that views of 1,800 adults nationwide: With law enforcement officials
trust in China, which was at -33 600 each in Balance Luzon and still raising questions over her
(21% much trust, 54% little trust) Mindanao, and 300 each in Metro capabilities, the Philippines’ new
was down by nine points from the Manila and the Visayas (sampling anti-drug chief turned to a com-
-24 in June 2019. This was the error margins of ±2.3% for na- munity twice razed by fire, the
lowest since the -35 China got in tional percentages, ±4% each for last one caused by a drug addict
June 2018. Balance Luzon and Mindanao, who had left behind a burning
According to SWS, net trust in and ±6% each for Metro Manila candle in a shanty.
China has been positive in only and the Visayas). It illustrated how the drug prob-
nine out of 51 surveys since the lem can affect a community, and
SWS first survey in August 1994. ( Continued on page 6 )
why it will take a village to solve

Historical marker of first Filipino settle-

it, she told residents who gath-
ered for her visit Tuesday.
By Zena Sultana Babao
ment in America unveiled in Louisiana
“Kailangan natin itong upuan.
Paplanuhin natin. Pero lahat,
“Heavenly Father, on Thanksgiving Day magkokoopera,” she said, re-
GNP News | MANILA, 11/19/2019 — We bow our hearts to You and pray.
A new historical marker for minding them the problem was
We give You thanks for all You’ve done not the police’s or the govern-
St. Malo, now standing inside Especially for the gift of Jesus, Your Son.
the Los Islenos Museum Com- ment’s alone.
For beauty in nature, Your glory we see (We need to sit down and talk
plex at Saint Bernard Parish in For joy and health, friends and family,
Louisiana, holds great meaning in about this. We will plan for it. But
For daily provision, Your mercy and care everyone should cooperate.)
Filipino-American history. These are the blessings You graciously share.
Unveiled last November 9th, So today we offer this response of praise Sizing up Robredo
2019, the St. Malo Marker is a re- With a promise to follow You all of our days.” – Mary Fairchild

minder of the first Filipino settle-
Since being tapped to co-chair
ment in America and a testament his four-day Thanksgiving weekend (Thursday, Nov. 28 – Sunday, Dec.1, 2019) the Inter-Agency Committee on
to Filipino resilience and ingenu- is a personal time for reflection on what each one has to be thankful for. It’s a Anti-Illegal Drugs (ICAD), Ro-
ity. The settlement began around from ships of the Manila Galleon
Trade during the Spanish colonial
tender time, a unifying ritual. It brings family and friends together for a reunion bredo has brought poor villages
1763, even before the birth of the
United States of America. administration of Louisiana. The replete with a feast of turkey, ham, BBQ and pumpkin pie. And the ever-present favorite on board, seeking to repurpose
Filipino delicacies! a drug war that has killed more
Historical records indicate that Filipino mariners decided to stay
Photo Credit: ( Continued on page 5 ) than 5,000 people in 3 years.
the first Filipino settlers came ( Continued on page 3 ) #RealNumbersPH: PNP revises
drug war figures, cites vetting for
DFA's Locsin calls CBCP The Presidential Gambit - Will Robredo Fail? discrepancies

president 'moron' by E. Gamboa Robredo has been gathering

support from the church, local
ABS CBN News | MANILA, you moron in a white Mu-Mu. The news swept the Philip- governments, and civil society
11/15/2019 — Foreign Affairs Without him, she'd be stuck with pine landscape like a bagyo, a groups to do more for a campaign
Secretary Teodoro Locsin Jr. her retarded retinue and ecclesias- forebearer of destruction. But it zeroing in on the drug menace,
slammed Catholic Bishops' Con- tical idiots like you," said Locsin, also meant rain, something the not the people.
ference of the Philippines presi- who was never shy to speak his parched land needed to reinvigo- At the heart of her strategy is
dent Davao Archbishop Romulo mind on social media. rate itself. community-based rehabilitation,
Valles on Friday, calling him a "How did you pass theology? Sick of criticism at home and one that treats drug addiction as
"moron" after the latter called for You're a disgrace to what is rankled by pressure from abroad, a public health issue and not a
prayers for Vice President Leni supposed to be the world's most the ailing President reluctantly purely law enforcement problem.
Robredo. intellectual religion," he added. admitted that his campaign The approach forms a crucial
Locsin, in a tweet, lambasted Valles had sought prayers for against drugs was a disaster. part of the 5-year National Anti-
Valles as a "disgrace" to Catholi- Robredo following her recent What was envisioned as a Drug Plan of Action, but has been
cism and told the prelate that he appointment as co-chair of the 3-6-month blitzkrieg had instead overshadowed by the sheer bru-
should be grateful to President country's anti-drug panel. The dragged on in the wake of at least communities. The exhilarat- evolved into a limpy fist bump. tality of the government effort.
Rodrigo Duterte. Vice President has vowed to 20,000, some say 30,000 deaths, ing promise that had catapulted The Chinese pipeline wasn’t But while communities such
"Say Thank You to the President ( Continued on page 5 ) predominantly in poverty-stricken Duterte to the presidency had ( Continued on page 6 ) ( Continued on page 4 )

圀䔀 氀攀渀搀 礀漀甀 䴀伀刀䔀℀

San Diego Authorized Agents:

Nonong Roxas
Operations Manager Otto Zambrano Tirso Parfiles Rene Morales
(858) 221-3088 (747) 229-7466 (619) 995-4495 (619) 274-4051

San Diego Office: 550 E. 8th St., Suite 6, National City, CA 91950
Main Office/Warehouse: 20604 Belshaw Ave., Carson, CA 90746
Manila Office/Warehouse: Lot 1, Blk. 2, Canaynay BF Homes, Las Piñas City NVOCC License # 019339N
㔀 瀀洀 Cebu Office/Warehouse: 810 Ortega Bldg., MJ Cuenco Ave., Cebu City
Page 2 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | November 22-28, 2019

As the
information is available?"
San Diego City College celebrates grand opening
Nonetheless, because Robredo had
of its new Veterans Service Center
Bamboos also been meeting with international
entities to include the US Ambas-
San Diego City College cel-
sador’s office and UN personalities
who volunteered to give her a hand ebrates the grand opening of its
in her new mandate as Drug Czar, new Veterans Service Center.
by Rudy Liporada the issue became “not necessary list” The center moved from a small
Read previous articles by Rudy Liporada but if she blurts confidential infor- 445-square-foot room to a spa-
at mation to wrong sectors, she might cious and inviting 1,404-square-
be endangering the state. For this she foot space in room M-101 in the

The Czar Robredo Challenge II

was threatened to be fired by Duterte Student Affairs building.
and kicked out of the cabinet.

As the Bamboos Sway admitted that he has “mixed feel- Digong said that these meetings did “The Veterans Service Center
By Rudy D. Liporada ings” on the designation of Robredo not sit well with him and he does not relocated to a space where they
as co-chairperson of the Interagency actually trust Robredo. can find their community again,”
Vice President Leni Robredo Committee on Anti-Illegal Drugs said Dora Meza, student services
got President Rodrigo ‘Digong’ (ICAD). Echiverri told “The Chiefs” To this, Robredo retorts “If they supervisor for the Office of Ad-
Duterte and his minions by the on  Cignal TV’s One News that don’t trust me, why did they des- missions, Records, and Veterans.
balls, proving further that Di- ICAD members have concerns on ignate me?” Nonetheless, Robredo “Our student Veterans now have
gong’s war on drugs is a sham. how to handle confidential informa- stands firm that she will work on as- better access to computers, a
tion, especially those that involve signed task with or without Digong’s
And she has the balls to carry on public and national security, and how trust nor being with the cabinet. This space to hold social events and
her mandate as Drug Czar in spite to share these with Robredo. implies that she will do her mandat- workshops, and an area where
of obstacles barricaded on her ed job even if the promised whole- they can study and relax between
way. The moronic followers of Digong hearted support is not given her. classes.”
were in unison in towing the line of
Less than a month after she as- “there is no need for a list.” In doing so, it might be arduous, The Veterans Service Center is
sumed her being Czar, Digong but the state the Robredo might be home to a number of student sup-
threatened to fire her if she blurts However, anyone at the helm of an “endangering” might be those that port services and amenities, which
away secrets that would endanger organization whether a manager of are in the government itself includ- include study spaces, printing
the state. Already, she has been an office, a general in the field, or ing the ninja cops and those absolved services, computer and internet use,
kicked out of the cabinet again anyone who wants to achieve goals in the $6M shabu that was sniffed a kitchenette, and snacks and food
because there could be items that she must have a baseline data of where by the Bureau of Customs episode. I to fight food insecurity. The center
might not be privy with. to start defining goals and strategies. could also be that we will really con- will also feature transfer and career
firm that alleged Smartmatic senator workshops, and workshops on finan-
What rattled the Duterte cabal “I myself has no copy of the list Bong Go is the brother in law of cial aid and other services available
started when Robredo requested for in my possession. What I am doing drug lord Peter Lim who is married for our student Veterans.
a list of drugs lords or High Value is I check it from time to time with to former Cherry Go. There is also “The new center is fantastic,” said
Targets (HVTs). In November 14, my intelligence service and conduct the “security risk” of us finding out Samuel McCauley, behavioral sci-
2019, Robredo has asked agencies workshops against these personali- that Aaron Aquino is allegedly also ence student who served as a combat
under the Inter-Agency Committee ties!” Aquino had said belatedly. a friend of the Peter Lim. And of engineer in the U.S. Army for nine
on Anti-Illegal Drugs (ICAD) to course, Bong Go is the dakilang ala- years. “Seeing where the center was
produce clear baseline data on the So, no wonder the PDEA had made lay of Digong. We might also have before to what it is now, and all the
campaign against illegal drugs by the no advancements on the drug war. Paulo Duterte forced to show his support and opportunities that are
end of the year. They have no list or a nowhere point dragon triad tattoo on his back. available to the student Veterans, it’s
to start. Tira bulag ika nga. just great!”
The reaction from the Duterte camp Apparently also, the senate is seri- San Diego City College serves their spouses and dependents. The Diego. A 60-acre urban campus, City
was fast and furious. Robredo, on the other hand makes ously pushing for charging retired more than 3,000 active duty mili- Veterans Office is a resource that is College serves more than 17,000
Philippine Drug Enforcement it clear why the ICAD needs the base general Oscar Agbayalde and his tary, Veterans, and their dependents designed to assist students on how to students, offering 200 majors and
Agency (PDEA) chief Aaron Aquino line data. ninja cops for the reselling of drugs — approximately 13 percent of the navigate the programs and services degrees and 1,800 classes. City Col-
said there is no need for Robredo confiscated in Mexico, Pampangga. student population. offered at City College. For more lege is part of the San Diego Com-
to obtain a list of high-value targets Citing Executive Order 15 creating If this materializes, I believe it will information, call the Veterans Office munity College District (SDCCD),
as she had reportedly requested. He the ICAD, Robredo said on her radio just be a show. ### at 619.388.3504 or stop by A-241 on the second-largest of California’s
said that he does not understand why show on Sunday that among the campus. The Veterans Service Center 72 community college districts,
she needs that kind of list. "We don’t functions of the ICAD is to "ensure The important matrix is the list. San Diego City College is recog- is located in M-101 in the Student which also includes Mesa College,
agree to that because in the first the effective conduct of anti-illegal nized as a 2019-20 Military Friendly Affairs M Building. Miramar College, and Continuing
place, she’s just a chairman of one drug operations and arrest of high- If they don’t provide this and Di- School by Military Friendly. City Established in 1914, San Diego Education. For more information,
committee. It is beyond her mandate value drug personalities down to the gong eventually fires Robredo, alam College is home to more than 3,000 City College serves as the educa- visit
to request for whatever list that I street-level peddlers and users." na natin. active duty personnel, Veterans, and tional cornerstone of downtown San
think has no purpose," Aquino said. She said it would be difficult to do

In a radio interview, presidential

this without the proper data.
"How do I ensure that when I don't
That is why Digong and his min-
ions are now on the panic mode. McDonald’s commits half a million dollars in scholar-
ships to Asian And Pacific Islander American students
spokesperson Salvador Panelo even know who these are? How can After being surprised that Robredo
insisted that access to documents I ensure that the HVTs are being accepted the Czar post, they are now
with classified information is not arrested if I don't even know how finding ways to get her out the way.
within the scope of Robredo's au- many high-value targets there are?
In partnership with APIA resources to bright future leaders. like the McDonald's/APIA Scholar-
Scholars, fifty-five college The McDonald’s/APIA Scholarship ship program are so crucial to the
thority. "There are things that even What is the status of efforts to go They are really close to being check program will award 15 four-year community. Emphasis will be placed
us, members of the Cabinet, are not after the high-value targets? What mated. scholarships will be awarded
scholarships and 40 one-year schol- on students who are first generation
allowed to look into. These are clas- to students in 2020 arships to rising college freshmen college attendees and demonstrate
sified information. Only the NICA through APIA Scholars, which will high financial need.
(National Intelligence Coordinat- (CHICAGO, Ill.) – Nov. 20, be awarded in Spring 2020. Ac- “McDonald’s is very excited to
ing Agency) director, secretary of 2019 – McDonald’s announced cording to APIA Scholars, half of launch the McDonald’s APIA Schol-
national defense can because they today that it has committed all APIAs have a college degree, arship program to give a platform
handle security," he said in a radio
$500,000 to establish the first- compared to a third of all Americans, for APIA students to achieve their
ever McDonald’s/APIA Scholar- but there are tremendous disparities higher education dreams,” said
ship program in partnership with within the APIA community, eco- William Cho, a Seattle McDonald’s
Earlier, DILG undersecretary Rico- nomically and educationally. Only Owner/Operator. “We believe ev-
judge Echiverri said, “What we are APIA Scholars. Fifty-five Asian
25% of Native Hawaiians, Pacific Is- eryone deserves the chance to go to
looking at is, is she really for real in and Pacific Islander American landers, and Southeast Asian Ameri- college, regardless of finances, and
helping us or looking into things that (APIA) college students will ben- cans have college degrees and the McDonald’s is committed to making
might be used against us? It’s just efit from the program, furthering top 10% of APIAs earn more than that happen.”
that this is a unique scenario where McDonald’s longtime support of ten times the bottom 10% of APIAs, Founded in 2003, McDonald’s
we invited an opposition to join.” He
providing educational and career which is why scholarship programs ( Continued on page 3 )
November 22-28, 2019 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | Page 3

California Communities
New hotline available to help California’s most County receives grant force child Legal Notices
vulnerable during power shutoffs passenger safety education program _________________

Hotline, consumer resources available during public safety power FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE-
shutoffs. During power shutoffs or By José A. Álvarez, County of San MENT NO. 2019-9025970
page, and personal emergency Diego Communications Office Solaine Designs located at 3243 Stock-
plan now available potential power shutoffs, hotline man St. National City, CA 91950. Reg-
assistance will be available 9:00am- San Diego County’s Health and istrant: Iveth Ruiz-Sotelo, 3243 Stock-
9:00pm. Assistance is available in Human Services Agency, Integra- man St. National City, CA 91950. This
Scott Murray | scott.murray@ many languages. 711 Telecommu- tive Services Division announced business is conducted by: Individual. | SACRAMENTO – nications Relay Services (TRS) are Registrant first commenced to transact
today a $225,000 grant has been
As utility-initiated Public Safety available for individuals with hearing business under the above name as of
awarded by the California Office 10/1/19. Signature: : Iveth Ruiz-Sotelo.
Power Shutoffs continue to im- or speech related disabilities. You
of Traffic Safety (OTS) to fund Conduct “roll call” training sessions Statement filed with Recorder/County
pact residents across California, can find more information on 711 Clerk of San Diego County on October
TRS here. programs that educate parents on occupant protection.
a nonemergency hotline has been Conduct child passenger safety edu- 25, 2019 AJ 235 11/1/8/15/22/2019
and guardians on child passen-
established to help medically vul- cation classes for elementary schools.
Individuals experiencing a medical ger safety. The grant is ongoing
nerable Californians and health Car crashes remain the leading
or psychiatric emergency should call mation to better plan and respond through Sept. 30, 2020. FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE-
and community care facilities find 911. Individuals who need medi- to power shutoffs. This data dash- cause of death for children 13 and MENT NO. 2019-9025991
resources in their communities cal services or a medication should board includes information related Grant funding will be used for a under. According to the National Health and Wellness located at 6419
during power shutoffs. Highway Traffic Safety Administra- Viewpoint Drive San Diego, CA 92139.
call their health plan’s member to individuals with durable medical variety of activities to promote the Registrant: Rosamaria Barrientos
services number. Individuals who equipment, healthcare facilities, proper use of child safety seats, tion, 46% of car seats are not used
Ortega, 6419 Viewpoint Drive San Diego,
The hotline is (833) 284-3473. have a problem getting services or community care facilities, weather, including: properly. CA 92139. This business is conducted
assistance with their health care can and utilities. Car seat checkup events and/or “Children should be as safe as by: Individual. Registrant first com-
“As power shutoffs continue, contact the Department of Man- one-on-one appointments to inspect possible when traveling in a car,” menced to transact business under the
aged Health Care’s Help Center at The State of California is taking car seats. OTS Director Barbara Rooney said. above name as of 10/25/19. Signature: :
we have been working hard to “Funding for child passenger safety Rosamaria Barrientos Ortega. Statement
protect the health and well-being (888) 466-2219 or www.HealthHelp. additional actions to help medically Child safety seat education classes filed with Recorder/County Clerk of San vulnerable individuals. informing parents on using and prop- education and training allows our
of California’s most vulnerable,” erly installing the right car seat based partners to make sure children are in Diego County on October 25, 2019 AJ
236 11/1/8/15/22/2019
said California Health and Human CHHS has also created a new Governor Newsom announced $75 on a child’s height and weight. the right car seat that is being used _________________
Services (CHHS) Secretary Dr. online tool that allows individuals million for local and state govern- Child Passenger Safety Technician correctly.”
Mark Ghaly. “This hotline will to complete a personal emergency ments to mitigate impacts of power (CPST) training and certification/re- Funding for this child passenger FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE-
serve as an important resource for plan. This is designed to help those shutoffs and, last week, demanded certification courses. safety program was provided by a MENT NO. 2019-9025862
with access and functional needs be that California’s Investor-Owned Distribution of child safety seats to grant from the California Office of The Accounting Academy located at
our families, friends, and neigh- Traffic Safety, through the National 7283 Engineer Rd., Ste H San Diego,
bors, but especially the elderly prepared for power shutoffs. Also, a Utilities adhere to previously-agreed families in need. CA 92111. Registrant: American Busi-
new consumer page provides vari- protocols for their power shutoff Surveys on car and booster seat Highway Traffic Safety Administra-
and those with access and func- ness College, 7283 Engineer Rd., Ste H
ous resources available for those in decisions and coordinate with state compliance rates. tion. San Diego, CA 92111. This business is
tional needs.” de-energization areas. CHHS has and local officials to protect public Community events and fairs to For more information, contact No- conducted by: Corporation. Registrant
also created a data dashboard for safety and limit impacts during these increase awareness about child pas- emi Dueñas, 858-621-2313 ext. 114, first commenced to transact business
The hotline, which was established local response partners to allow local events. — California Health and Hu- senger safety. at Pacific Safety Center. under the above name as of 08/03/05.
by CHHS and its Departments, will governments, state agencies, and man Services (
Signature: William Setterlund, President.

Registrar urges action in

provide information about resources Statement filed with Recorder/County
community partners to share infor- Clerk of San Diego County on October
24, 2019 AJ 237 11/1/8/15/22/2019

community, both economically and
educationally, that are often overlooked.
• Be a citizen, national, or legal per-
manent resident of the United States. postcards to voters _________________


( Continued from page 2 ) As a founding sponsor of APIA Scholars, Citizens of the Republic of the Marshall By Tracy DeFore, County of San
McDonald’s has supported our efforts to Islands, Federated States of Microne- Diego Communications Office MENT NO. 2019-9025789
partner, APIA Scholars, is the na- address these disparities. We are grateful sia and the Republic of Palau are also Taylor Success Systems, Accel Firm
tion's largest non-profit organization Postcards are showing up in the located at 4025 Camino Del Rio S,
to McDonald’s for recognizing the need eligible to apply
that provides college scholarships to and working with us to make a differ- • Be enrolling as an undergraduate
mailboxes of 1.8 million reg- #300 San Diego, CA 92108. Registrant:
APIAs with financial need and has istered San Diego County vot- Julia Louann Taylor, 4025 Camino Del
ence.” student in a U.S. accredited college or Rio S, #300 San Diego, CA 92108. This
distributed more than $150 million APIA Scholars is currently accepting university in the Fall 2020 ers this week, alerting them to business is conducted by: Individual
in scholarships with the support of online applications for the McDonald’s/ • Have a minimum cumulative GPA of political party rules on voting for Signature: Julia Louann Taylor. State-
partners. APIA Scholarship at www.apiascholars. 2.7 on a 4.0 scale (unweighted) or have president in the March 3, 2020 ment filed with Recorder/County Clerk of
“We are grateful to McDonald’s for org/. The application will be avail- earned a GED ballot with their presidential candidate. San Diego County on October 23, 2019
their longstanding support and partner- able for the 2020-2021 academic year • Must apply for federal financial aid primary election. To vote for a candidate in another party, AJ 238 11/1/8/15/22/2019
ship in our mission to make a difference until January 22, 2020 at 5:00 PM EST. for the 2020-2021 academic year using the voter will need to re-register with _________________
in the lives of APIA students,” said Noël Applicants must meet the requirements the Free Application for the Federal Stu- Political parties decide who can that party.
S. Harmon, President and Executive below in order to be eligible: dent Aid (FASFA) by early April 2020 vote for their presidential candidates. During a news conference Thursday ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE FOR
Director, APIA Scholars. “There are • Be of Asian and/or Pacific Islander • Submit one letter of recommendation Anyone who is registered as non- morning, Registrar of Voters Michael Vu CHANGE OF NAME
tremendous disparities within the APIA ethnicity as defined by the U.S. Census ( Continued on page 5 ) partisan – also known as indepen- said it’s imperative to know the rules and CASE NUMBER: 37—2019 –
verify your registration to confirm your 00053556-CU-PT-CTL

dent, no party preference or decline
to state – will not see the presidential Petitioner Francheska Diaz on behalf of
“We want to make sure every registered
race on their primary election ballot voter who wants to cast a ballot for pres- minor children filed a petition with this
at all. To vote for president on March ident in the March 2020 primary election court for a decree changing names as
3, 2020, they must act to get that has that opportunity,” said Registrar of follows: Samantha Lishery Sosa Diaz
option. Voters Michael Vu. “That means voters to Samantha Lishery Villanueva Diaz
The American Independent, need to act sooner rather than later to and Christian Jesus Villanueva Diaz to
Democratic or Libertarian parties are Christian Jesus Villanueva Diaz Jr. THE
make sure they’re not caught by surprise
COURT ORDERS that all persons inter-
Let nothing move you. — 1 Corinthians 15:58 allowing nonpartisan voters to cross
over and vote for their presidential
on Election Day.”
Voters can double check their registra-
ested in this matter appear before this
court at the hearing indicated below to
candidate. But they must request one tion, re-register and register to vote at show cause, if any, why the petition for
of those ballots. Voters who have moved, change of name should not be granted.
To vote for a presidential candidate changed their name or visited the DMV Any person objecting to the name
with the Green, Peace and Freedom or recently will also need to re-register. changes described above must file a
Republican party, nonpartisan voters For more information, call (858) 565- written objection that includes the rea-
must re-register with that party. 5800 or visit You can find sons for the objection at least two court
Voters who are already registered with additional resources about the upcoming days before the matter is scheduled to
a political party will get only that party’s election here. be heard and must appear at the hearing
to show cause why the petition should

Historical ing of Filipinos in St. Bernard in not be granted. If no written objection

November,” said Tourism and Film is timely filed, the court may grant the
petition without hearing.
( Continued from page 1 ) Office director Katie Tommaseo.
and established settlements along The St. Malo Marker is the second NOTICE OF HEARING
the shores of Lake Borgne where marker about the Filipino settlers in 12/19/19
the state, the first one at the Manila 9:00 AM, Dept. 903
they lived off the marshland and Village. Superior Court
harvested abundant seafood like “These two markers help us inform 1100 Union St.
shrimps and fish. the public about our history,” said Dr. San Diego, CA 92101
Their dwellings were built in the Randy Gonzales, co-vice-president of A copy of this Order to Show Cause
the PLHS. “We want the histories of the shall be published at least once each
style found in the Philippines at that week for four successive weeks prior to
time. Their houses were elevated communities of St. Malo and Manila Vil-
lage to be integrated into the Louisiana the date set for hearing on the petition
above the water and there were large in the following newspaper of general
story everyone knows. The next genera-
piers to dry their harvest of shrimps tion shouldn’t be surprised when they circulation printed in this county. Asian
and fish. learn there was a Filipino fishing village
Journal: Date Oct. 09, 2019
“Filipinos pioneered the dried Peter C. Deddeh
in St. Bernard Parish.” Judge of the Superior Court
shrimp industry, the predecessor of St. Malo was a prosperous community AJ 239
the modern shrimping industry,” says of over 150 Filipino fishermen who lived 11/1/8/15/22/2019
Robert Romero, Honorary Philip- in large cypress buildings constructed _________________
pine Consul and the President of the over the wetlands. The location provided
Philippine-Louisiana Historical Soci- easy access to prime fishing grounds, but FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE-
ety which was established in 2012. it also made the village susceptible to MENT NO. 2019-9026443
The first Fil-Am historical marker storms. Despite being abandoned early in V & V AUTOGLASS located at 500
in Louisiana was set up in 2012 with the 20th century, the village remains sig- E. H St. #2 Chula Vista, CA 91910.
nificant, representing the many forgotten Registrant: Victor Lopez , 500 E. H St.
a mural of Manila Men in Manila settlements that helped shape Louisiana’s #2 Chula Vista, CA 91910. This business
Village. Credits to Filipinola. history and culture and the first chapter is conducted by: Individual. Registrant
The most important settlement was in the story of Filipino migration to the first commenced to transact business
Solemnity of All Saints named St. Malo in Saint Bernard Par- United States. under the above name as of 10/31/19
ish, which in fact is the first Filipino “To understand the history of St. Ber- Signature: Victor Lopez. Statement filed
Cycle 3 Readings: settlement in the entire United States. nard Parish, you have to now about the with Recorder/County Clerk of San
Filipinos that first settled here. They are Diego County on October 31, 2019 AJ
1 John 3: 1-3 The settlement grew, prospered, and 240 11/1/8/15/22/2019
flourished from the 18th century up part of our cultural identity,” said Wil-
Revelation 7: 2-4, 9-14 to the early 20th century before it liam Hyland, St. Bernard Parish historian
was eventually destroyed by the hur- and director of the Los Isleños Museum FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE-
Complex. “Filipinos lived alongside
ricane of 1915. Isleños for many generations. They inter-
MENT NO. 2019-9026413
The survivors joined other Fili- ABE Plumbing Services Inc located
married and influenced each other.” at 170 Mace St. Suite E6 Chula Vista,
pino settlers at Manilla Village on Filipino-American National History CA 91911. Registrant: ABE Plumbing
Barataria Bay in Jefferson Parish. Month was celebrated across the USA Services Inc, 170 Mace St. Suite E6

divine mercy shrine “St. Bernard Parish is strengthened

by its diverse cultural heritage. That
Filipinos established the first Asian-
American community is something
in October with various events testify-
ing to the significance of the Filipinos’
contribution to American society. Among
these events are the tributes to visionary
Chula Vista, CA 91911. This business is
conducted by: Corporation. Signature:
Elias B. Baca, President. Statement
filed with Recorder/County Clerk of San
Join us on the 13th of the month from 2 pm to 4 pm
all St. Bernard residents should be Filipinas and the first Fil-Am Command- Diego County on October 30, 2019 AJ
to pray the rosary, the diviNe mercy chaplet and er in the Los Angeles Police Department, 241 11/8/15/22/29/2019
proud of,” said Parish President Guy
the way of the cross. GPS 701 Encinitas Blvd, Encini- McInnis. and the holding of the Historic Filipi- _________________
tas CA 92024 — divine mercy hills Foundation of notown Festival in Los Angeles, the only
Jesus, I Trust in You! “Filipino visitors are welcome to proclaimed Filipinotown in the entire
Southern california. WWW.DIVINEMERCY724.COM visit our community and we are United States.
proud to host an international gather- ( Continued on page 10 )
Page 4 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | November 22-28, 2019

Health & Wellness

Hear this: Healthful diet tied to lower risk of hearing loss A persimmon a day could be better
— patterns have been associated
with numerous positive health
pants were asked to indicate when
they could just barely hear the tone.
had hearing loss in the low frequen-
cies, 38 percent had hearing loss
for your heart than an apple
Investigators from Brigham and outcomes and eating a healthy in the mid-frequencies, and almost — levels than the pulp or the whole
Women's Hospital have found that diet may also help reduce the risk Using over 20 years of dietary half had hearing loss in the higher fruit, according to the findings.
eating a healthy diet may reduce intake information that was collected frequencies. Despite this consider- Here's some dietary advice you Persimmons also contained more of
of hearing loss." every four years beginning in 1991, able worsening in their hearing the major phenolics (antioxidants)
the risk of acquired hearing loss. can take to heart. A persimmon
the researchers investigated how sensitivities, hearing loss among than apples.
Previous studies have suggested closely participants' long-term diets many of these participants would not a day does more to reduce the
Using longitudinal data collected Persimmons had significantly
that higher intake of specific resembled some well-established typically be detected or addressed." risk of heart disease - the lead- higher levels of sodium, potassium,
in the Nurses' Health Study II nutrients and certain foods, such and currently recommended dietary ing cause of death in the United magnesium, calcium, iron and man-
Conservation of Hearing Study as the carotenoids beta-carotene patterns, such as the DASH diet, the The study included female health States - than an apple. ganese. Apples had higher overall
(CHEARS), researchers exam- and beta-cryptoxanthin (found in Mediterranean diet, and Alternate care professionals, which enhanced concentrations of copper and
ined three-year changes in hear- squash, carrots, oranges and other
fruits and vegetables), folate (found
Healthy Index-2010 (AHEI-2010). the validity of the health information A head-to-head comparison of zinc.
ing sensitivities and found that Greater adherence to these dietary collected and reduced the variabil- the two fruits by
in legumes, leafy greens, and other patterns has been associated with a ity in educational achievement and
women whose eating patterns an internation- Eating one
foods), long-chain omega-3 fatty number of important health out- socioeconomic status, but the study
more closely adhered to common- al group of medium-sized
acids (found in seafood and fish), comes, including lower risk of heart population was limited to predomi-
ly recommended healthful dietary persimmon (about
were associated with lower risk of disease, hypertension, diabetes, nantly middle-aged, non-Hispanic researchers 100 grams) a day
patterns, such as the Dietary self-reported hearing loss. These stroke and death as well as healthy white women. The authors note found per- is enough to help
Approaches to Stop Hyperten- findings revealed that dietary intake aging. that further research in additional simmons fight athero-
sion (DASH) diet, the Alternate could influence the risk of develop- populations is warranted. The team contain sclerosis, says
Mediterranean (AMED) diet, and ing hearing loss, but investigators The team found that the odds of a hopes to continue to longitudinally
sought to further understand the signifi- Gorinstein.
the Alternate Healthy Index-2010 decline in mid-frequency hearing follow the participants in this study cantly higher She is quick
connection between diet and hearing sensitivities were almost 30 percent with repeated hearing tests over time
(AHEI-2010), had substantially concentrations to add that
loss by capturing overall dietary lower among those whose diets most and is investigating ways to col-
lower risk of decline in hearing of dietary fiber, minerals and other fruits
patterns and objectively measur- closely resembled these healthful lect research-quality information on also help guard
sensitivity. The team's findings are ing longitudinal changes in hearing dietary patterns, compared with tens of thousands of participants for phenolic compounds - all instru- against heart dis-
published in the American Journal sensitivities. women whose diets least resembled future studies across diverse popula- mental in fighting atherosclerosis, e a s e and urges
of Epidemiology the healthful dietary patterns. In the tions. a leading cause of heart disease, people to include them in their diet
To do so, the researchers estab- higher frequencies, the odds were up Story Source: heart attacks and stroke. The as well.
"A common perception is that lished 19 geographically diverse to 25 percent lower. Materials provided by Brigham and
testing sites across the U.S. and study appears in the February
hearing loss is an inevitable part Women's Hospital. Note: Content may Persimmons, a very popular fruit
trained teams of licensed audi- be edited for style and length. 1 Web edition of the Journal of
of the aging process. However, "The association between diet and Agricultural and Food Chemistry. in Israel, were chosen because
ologists to follow standardized hearing sensitivity decline encom- Journal Reference:
our research focuses on identify- Sharon G Curhan, Christopher Halpin, The monthly peer-reviewed jour- they contain a "high percentage of
CHEARS methods. The audiologists passed frequencies that are critical
ing potentially modifiable risk fac- Molin Wang, Roland D Eavey, Gary C polyphenols, especially tannins,
measured changes in pure-tone hear- for speech understanding," said nal is published by the American
Curhan. Prospective Study of Dietary which are very good antioxidants,"
tors -- that is, things that we can ing thresholds, the lowest volume Curhan. "We were surprised that so Chemical Society, the world's said Gorinstein. Other researchers
that a pitch can be detected by the Patterns and Hearing Threshold De-
change in our diet and lifestyle many women demonstrated hearing cline. American Journal of Epidemiol- largest scientific society. involved in the study were from
to prevent hearing loss or delay participant in a given ear, over the decline over such a relatively short ogy, 2019; DOI: 10.1093/aje/kwz223 Jagiellonian University in Poland,
its progression," said lead author course of 3 years. An audiologist period of time. The mean age of the Cite This Page: This is the first comparative study the University of Lleida in Spain, the
presented tones of different frequen- women in our study was 59 years; Brigham and Women's Hospital. of persimmons and apples that
Sharon Curhan, MD, a physi- cies (0.5, 1 and 2 kHz as low-
Kaplan Medical Center in Israel, and
most of our participants were in their "Hear this: Healthful diet tied to evaluates their anti-atherosclerosis the Israeli Ministry of Health.
cian and epidemiologist in the frequencies; at 3 kHz and 4 kHz as lower risk of hearing loss." Science-
Brigham's Channing Division of 50s and early 60s. This is a younger capabilities, says lead researcher The persimmon tree, which pro-
mid-frequencies; and at 6 kHz and 8 age than when many people think Daily. ScienceDaily, 18 November Shela Gorinstein, Ph.D., a research
Network Medicine. "The benefits duces the reddish-orange fruit, was
kHz as higher frequencies) at vari- about having their hearing checked. 2019. < associate with the department of
es/2019/11/191118190855.htm>. first cultivated in China thousands
of adherence to healthful dietary able "loudness" levels and partici- After only three years, 19 percent medicinal chemistry at the Hebrew of years ago, and is now grown in
University of Jerusalem in Israel. many countries. China, Japan, Brazil

Aquino ako nag-accept ng trabaho sa "I never said I'm firing her. I said I trust her. and Korea are the major produc-
The relatively high contents of ers. Israel, which has an expand-
gobyerno, wala saking ego,” she decided not to appoint her as a Cabi- "Kung wala silang tiwala, bakit nila fibers, phenolics, minerals and trace
said. net member because I think I will ako dinesignate? Kung pagkakait ing persimmon industry, grows a
( Continued from page 1 ) elements "make persimmon pref- variety called Sharon Fruit. Although
(Like I always say, when I accept a jeopardize 'yong situation, including nila 'yon information, nasa sa kanila erable for an anti-atherosclerotic
as Market 3 cheered Robredo’s job in government, there's no ego.) records classified, which are secrets. 'yon," she said.—With a report from persimmon trees grow wild in many
diet," Gorinstein and her colleagues areas of the United States, most of
appointment to ICAD, some of- “Kung wala silang tiwala, bakit Tawag nila diyan ay state secrets Arianne Merez, ABS-CBN News concluded. A previous study by the the fruit grown for consumption in
ficials within the committee had nila ko dinesignate?” that includes everything from sensi- researchers showed that persimmons this country is of Japanese origin.
expressed reservations. (If they don't trust me, why did tive matters with our relations with improved lipid metabolism in rats. Shela Gorinstein, Ph.D., is a research
they designate me?) China, then with the United States," associate with the department of medici-
“'Yung pagsukat sa'kin, problema Sincerity he said. Many persimmons contained twice nal chemistry in the School of Pharmacy
nila 'yun. Hindi ko 'yun problema. Robredo is also grappling with the Robredo’s consultations with as much dietary fiber as apples. The at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Basta 'yung inaasikaso ko 'yung lack of clarity on how much power foreign organizations, such as the peels of both fruits had higher fiber in Israel.
trabahong ibinigay sa akin,” she told she actually holds as Aquino’s co- United Nations, and "the way her
reporters. chair at ICAD. mouth behaved" following her Oct.
(How they're sizing me up, that's “'Pag magkaharap kami, wala 31 appointment as co-chair of ICAD
they're problem. That's not my prob- namang problema,” she said. “Kaya did not sit well with him, according Call the Asian Journal at 619.474.0588 for your
lem. What I am minding is the job paminsan nagugulat ako kapag to Duterte. He deemed it grandstand-
nababasa ko sa media na may prob- ing. advertising needs.
given to me.)
“Hindi ko problema kung namom- lema pala. "In the first place actually, what
roblema sila sa akin. Kaya nga tina- (Once we meet, there's no problem. she should have done and under-
tanong ko kung handa na sila para That's why sometimes I get sur- stand is to give the direction and the
sa ‘kin. Kasi handang-handa ako sa prised whenever I read in media that guidance, and of course instruct the
trabahong ito.” there's a problem.) law enforcement agencies to make
(It's not my problem if they are Malacañang has backtracked on it more transparent to her liking...
making me a problem. That's why a previous announcement and now make it more transparent for the
I'm asking if they are ready for me. clarified that her designation was not people," he said.
Because I am so ready for this job.) a Cabinet-level position — a change 'Handa ba kayo?': Robredo accepts
Philippine Drug Enforcement Agen- Robredo said didn’t matter to her. Duterte challenge to lead inter-agen-
cy (PDEA) chief Aaron Aquino, who From the start, she acknowledged cy committee vs illegal drugs
sits as Robredo’s co-chair at ICAD, questions of sincerity behind her ap- Alter Ego
earlier rejected the idea of furnishing pointment to ICAD, a move initially As the country’s second highest
her with a list of high-value targets in seen as a taunt but later formalized official, Duterte said Robredo could
the anti-narcotics campaign. by President Rodrigo Duterte. have been his "alter ego" in the
Duterte has 'reservations' on sharing “Kung mayroon mang resentment Cabinet.
gov’t secrets with Robredo: Palace sa aking appointment as co-chair, "Ang problema kasi dito, I can't
Philippine National Police officer- palagay ko hindi 'yun dapat sakin trust her, not only because she is
in-charge Archie Gamboa also ques- i-raise kasi hindi ko naman hiningi with the opposition, I don't trust her
tioned why the vice president would 'yung posisyong to,” she said. because I don't know her," he said.
need such information, noting that (If there is resentment over my He claimed that the "biggest drug
the PDEA chief heads the commit- appointment as co-chair, I think that manufacturing apparatus" was found
tee’s law enforcement cluster. should not be raised with me be- in Bicol, where Robredo hails from.
Robredo said she had expected cause I did not ask for this position.) "She's with the opposition and she
the pushback to a “certain extent” would be attending Cabinet meet-
and admitted it would make her job
“more difficult.” 'I don't trust her': ings. In that Cabinet meetings, we
discuss day-to-day matters. We

Duterte says no
She said she would still work to discussed security matters. We dis-
gain access to relevant data to get a cussed critical issues. Ngayon kung

need for Robre- VA

clear picture of the drug problem. siya nandiyan, hindi ko man talaga
“Hindi ako magsasayang ng oras na siya kilala. And the way she behaved Vendo
do to get classi-
makipag-away. Hindi ako magsa- right after I appointed her, [it] does
sayang ng oras para makipagpaligsa- not inspire. It's not inspiring, Natakot
tuloy ako," he added.
fied information
han,” she said.
(I won't waste time to quarrel. I Robredo: I will continue my job,
won't waste time to compete.) Cabinet post or not
“Basta ako, 'yung magagawa ko Davinci Maru, ABS-CBN News | Cabinet Or Not
ngayon, gagawin ko. Hindi ko na MANILA 12/19/2019— Robredo earlier said she would con-
problema kung may mga ayaw silang President Rodrigo Duterte said tinue to fulfill her duties as co-chair
ibigay.” Tuesday night he wanted to set of the country's anti-drug committee.
(For me, I will do what I can do "Hindi ko na problema kung 'di pa
"parameters" on Vice President sila nagkakasundo sa role ko. Basta
now. It's no my problem if there are Leni Robredo’s role as "drug
some things they won't give.) sa'kin, lahat na puwede kong gawin,
Trust czar," adding the latter can "jeop- gagawin ko," she told reporters.
ABS-CBN News learned that Lo- ardize" the republic. The Vice President was puzzled
cal Government Undersecretary RJ "Need-to-know lang siya... If she why her meetings with officials
Echiverri had been told to personally asks something then you give her from the United States and UN irked

Office Hours
apologize to Robredo for raising the half of it. The other half, if it's Duterte.
questions over her intention for seek- a classified information, there is no "Hindi ko naiintindihan kung bakit

Tues to Thu: 9-1 & 2-6

ing a copy of the drug list. need for her to know," he said in a [sila] nababahala. Alam naman natin
Echiverri phoned her office but was press briefing in Malacañang Palace. 'yon source ng droga is transnational.

Sat 9-3
not able to speak with her. The President said he was neither Hindi natin kaya i-constrict 'yon
Robredo told reporters that Echiver- "firing" nor revoking Robredo's supply. Kaya napakahalaga 'yon
ri need not extend his apologies, say- appointment as co-chair of the partnership natin with other govern-
ing she didn’t take comments against Inter-Agency Committee on Anti- ments," she said.
her personally. Illegal Drugs (ICAD), but decided to
forego giving her a Cabinet post.
Robredo also questioned Duterte's
motive for appointing her if he don't
Emergency Visits Welcome
“Gaya ng sinasabi ko parati, 'pag
November 22-28, 2019 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | Page 5

10 Things you can do to avoid fraud
Crooks use clever schemes to see aren’t always real. If someone and gift cards (like iTunes or Google and bill you every month until you
defraud millions of people every calls asking for money or personal Play). Government offices and hon- cancel. Before you agree to a free
year. They often combine new information, hang up. If you think est companies won’t require you to trial, research the company and read
technology with old tricks to get the caller might be telling the truth, use these payment methods. the cancellation policy. And always
call back to a number you know is review your monthly statements for
people to send money or give out genuine. Talk to someone. Before you give charges you don’t recognize.
personal information. Here are up your money or personal informa-
some practical tips to help you Don’t pay upfront for a promise. tion, talk to someone you trust. Con Don’t deposit a check and wire
stay a step ahead. Someone might ask you to pay in artists want you to make decisions money back. By law, banks must
advance for things like debt relief, in a hurry. They might even threaten make funds from deposited checks
Spot imposters. Scammers often credit and loan offers, mortgage as- you. Slow down, check out the available within days, but uncover-

Thankfulness at Thanksgiving pretend to be someone you trust,

like a government official, a family
member, a charity, or a company you
sistance, or a job. They might even
say you’ve won a prize, but first you
story, do an online search, consult an
expert — or just tell a friend.
ing a fake check can take weeks. If
a check you deposit turns out to be a
have to pay taxes or fees. If you do, fake, you’re responsible for repaying
( Continued from page 1 )
do business with. Don’t send money they will probably take the money Hang up on robocalls. If you an- the bank.
or give out personal information in and disappear. swer the phone and hear a recorded
response to an unexpected request — sales pitch, hang up and report it to Sign up for free scam alerts from
It’s also a day of rejoicing whether it comes as a text, a phone Consider how you pay. Credit the FTC. These calls are illegal, and the FTC at Get the
because the seeds of democracy call, or an email. cards have significant fraud protec- often the products are bogus. Don’t latest tips and advice about scams
sown on our shores hundreds of tion built in, but some payment press 1 to speak to a person or to be sent right to your inbox.
years ago continue to blossom Do online searches. Type a com- methods don’t. Wiring money taken off the list. That could lead to If you spot a scam, report it at ftc.
and flourish in this beloved adopt- pany or product name into your fa- through services like Western Union more calls. gov/complaint. Your reports help
ed country of ours. Our Ameri- vorite search engine with words like or MoneyGram is risky because it’s the FTC and other law enforcement
• Our Babao-Arnis family, “review,” “complaint” or “scam.” nearly impossible to get your money Be skeptical about free trial investigate scams and bring crooks
can flag is still up there, and long Or search for a phrase that describes back. That’s also true for reloadable offers. Some companies use free to justice.— Federal Trade Commis-
may she wave! our friends and associates in the
martial arts world, and our neighbors your situation, like “IRS call.” You cards (like MoneyPak or Reloadit) trials to sign you up for products sion
can even search for phone numbers
‘Tis the season for ‘open enrollment’ scams
Life is a wheel – there are times and friends in the community who
provide love, caring, and company in to see if other people have reported
when we are up and times when times of need and in times of plenty. them as scams.
we are down! This year and the • My church, the Skyline by Gretchen Abraham, Division of Ignore anyone who says you must istration.
past few years have been great Church of La Mesa, our wonderful Don’t believe your caller ID. Consumer & Business Education, Fed- join a prescription drug plan to Starting this year, you can also
for America, especially because pastors and congregation who pro- Technology makes it easy for eral Trade Commission, 11/13/2019 keep your Medicare coverage. The sign up for a plan directly through
our beloved President, Donald vide nourishment for my heart and scammers to fake caller ID informa- Medicare prescription drug plan several certified partners. Make sure
soul. tion, so the name and number you Winter is coming, which means (also known as Part D) is voluntary the company is on the approved list
J. Trump continue to fulfill his
promises to the American people. • The freedoms I enjoy as an open enrollment season is here. and has nothing to do with the rest of before giving them your information.
However, the leftist mainstream American citizen. With 2020 just around the your Medicare coverage. Need help? Call the Marketplace
• Our brave men and women corner, now’s the time to add Never give information over the Call Center at 1-800-318-2596 to ask
media and the politicians who in the U.S. Armed Forces who serve
( Continued from page 1 )
phone to someone who says they a question, start or finish an applica-
have been in power for so long, shift focus of the campaign to or change your health coverage
our country and even sacrifice their through Medicare or the Afford- need it so you can keep your cover- tion, compare plans, or enroll. Prefer
continue to heap blame and lives for the freedoms we enjoy, and prevent unnecessary killings, the age. Hang up on anyone who asks to meet in person? Use the local
insults on our hard-working our ever-ready-to-help law enforce- main point of criticism against able Care Act (ACA). You have for a quick payment, threatens you, assistance tool to find a list of people
President. They make people, es- ment officers. Duterte's drug war. until December 7 (Medicare) or or offers you free equipment or ser- and organizations in your commu-
pecially the naïve and uneducated • My health which is my VP Leni meets with enforcement December 15 (ACA) to make any vices in exchange for your informa- nity who can help you – for free.
ones, think that America has be- wealth, a great gift from the Lord! cluster of anti-drug committee changes. As you compare your tion. After you apply, you may get a call
• Plenty of good books to While Valles did not respond to options, watch out for scams. If you need help with Medicare, from the Marketplace asking you to
come a desolate land with nothing call 1-800-MEDICARE or go to verify or provide information. If you
read with great ideas to share and be Locsin's criticism, his fellow prelate Here are some tips to protect your
beyond the horizon but darkness shared. Caloocan Bishop Pablo David de- don't want to answer questions over
and sorrow. Their left-leaning wallet and your personal informa-
• A roof over our heads, a fended the CBCP president online. the phone, ask the representative to
agenda seem to point out that tion this open enrollment season. Looking for coverage under the mail you a letter with instructions for
warm bed, and hot food. My heart David, in a Facebook post, said the
hope and opportunity are gone. goes out to those who have lost their Davao archbishop passed theology Eligible for Medicare?
Affordable Care Act? completing your application.
Which is not the case! There’s homes and their jobs. I pray they "with flying colors."
always hope and opportunity for will find a place to stay and food to Valles, according to David, finished Get information, compare plans, If you spot a scam, report it to the
Anyone who tries to sell you
everyone willing to work for it. eat, especially during these coming his Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, and enroll at Check FTC at If the
Medicare insurance while claiming
winter months. and Theology degrees from the out the new Quality Ratings to see scam is Medicare related, report it at
to be an “official Medicare agent” is
• Writing for local, national St. Francis Xavier Regional Major how plans compare to others in your 1-800-MEDICARE. The more we
Thanks and Giving and international publications, espe-
a scammer. There are no Medicare
state, based on member experience, hear from you, the more we can help
Seminary in Davao City in 1972 and sales representatives.
cially Asian Journal here in San Di- 1976 respectively. medical care, and health plan admin- fight scams.
The word “thanksgiving” is ego. Writing is one of my passions He also reminded Locsin that
made up of two significant words: and pleasures in life. It gives me the Valles was a professor of theology in
thanks and giving. We give opportunity to share God’s words, several schools before becoming an

thanks to the Creator of Life and to make a difference, and to develop archbishop.
to everyone who has touched our amazing professional and personal "I can only wonder what it was in
lives for the better. It has been relationships with a lot of people. what the archbishop had said in his
said, “Of all the qualities one can • Social networking sites request for prayers for VP Leni that
that abound in the Internet. Never


deserved such vitriolic and patently
possess, perhaps the trait which before in our history has it been so undiplomatic remarks from our
brings the most contentment is easy for people to get our voices out country’s top diplomat?" David said.
gratitude.” there in a massive way. These sites
afford us the opportunity to com-

If we are keen observers of people, mune with friends and acquaintances
we can see that those who enjoy from around the world. 2240 E. PLAZA BLVD., SUITE P,
life the most are those who show • Beautiful San Diego
gratitude and acknowledgement of
their blessings. They seem to exhibit
County, with its wonderful climate
( Continued from page 3 )
online NATIONAL CITY, CA 91950
all year round – no snow, smog, and McDonald’s also offers the HACER®
peace and contentment because of hurricanes. National Scholarship for Hispanic
their grateful outlook in life – despite students and the McDonald’s Black
the daily problems and struggles
they have to contend with.
A Little Bit of History and Positively Golden Scholarships to PHONE: (619) 259-6464 FAX: (619) 259-6557
students attending Historically Black

There’s joy in the simplest things

Thanksgiving is the story of people Colleges and Universities. In addition
to the scholarships offered, McDonald’s
of different races bound together by
we see each day: the flowers bloom- one of the greatest of human needs – Archways to Opportunity program
ing along the way, the beautiful the need for survival. This tradition provides eligible employees at partici-
pating U.S. restaurants an opportunity
dawn and spectacular sunsets, the
chirping of the birds and the laughter
had its origin in Massachusetts, a to earn a high school diploma, receive WE ARE PLEASED TO ANNOUNCE THE OPENING OF
part of our country which has been, upfront college tuition assistance, access
of children at play. The Lord God
gives them to us daily, free of
from its founding, a leading force in free education/career advising services OUR NEW OFFICE CONVENIENTLY LOCATED NEAR
culture and tradition. and learn English as a second language.
charge! They brighten our dreary
day and shorten our longest night!
For more information about McDonald’s MANILA SEAFOOD, ACCESSIBLE BY PUBLIC TRANS-
During their first winter in this new support of education, please visit http://

Giving is an integral part of

country, the Pilgrims lived aboard www.mcdonald’
About McDonald’s USA
their ships and suffered loss of lives
Thanksgiving! Not all of us have – victims of the same epidemic that McDonald's USA, LLC, serves a
money and material things to give variety of menu options made with qual-
away, especially during these trying
decimated thousands of Indians.
The arrival of the Pilgrims was ity ingredients to more than 25 million R&T IS HIGHLY SPECIALIZED IN
times – but we always have some- customers every day. Ninety-five percent
thing we can give away. We can
significant, yet the native Indians
had already found this corner of the
of McDonald's 14,000 U.S. restaurants IMMIGRATION AND CIVIL LITIGATION
give some of our time, a helping are independently owned and operated
country hundreds of years earlier. by businessmen and women. For more
hand and a shoulder to lean on, car- information, visit, PAROLE VISA for Relatives of Filipino WWII Veterans
ing and support – and most espe- Their common effort at survival or follow us on Twitter @McDonalds
cially, love. gave rise to the feast of Thanksgiv- and Facebook Now Available for Processing at the USCIS starting June 8, 2016.
ing, the first and most characteristic donalds.
Let’s Count our Blessings celebration of the American people. About APIA Scholars For details and information
In 1621, Massachusetts Governor Based in Washington, D.C., APIA
Counting our blessings is by far the William Bradford invited the neigh- Scholars is the nation's leading non- please call our office at (619) 259-6464
best way of observing Thanksgiving. boring Indians for a three-day feast profit organization devoted to providing
My family and I have suffered the in gratitude for the bounty of the sea- college scholarships for Asian Pacific
sudden loss of my husband, and we son. By the end of the 19th century, Islander Americans (APIAs). APIA
are still in deep mourning, but I am Scholars works to create opportunities
Thanksgiving Day had become an for students to access, complete, and
thankful for and thankful to: institution throughout America and succeed after post-secondary educa-
was officially proclaimed a national tion; thereby developing future leaders
• The Lord God Almighty, holiday by President Abraham Lin- who will excel in their career, serve
Giver of life and blessings. coln in 1863. as role models in their communities,
• My family (3 sons,5 grand- and ultimately contribute to a vibrant
sons, 1 granddaughter, 2 daughters- Happy Thanksgiving everyone! America. Since 2003, APIA Scholars
in-law) here in the United States, has awarded more than $150 million in
and relatives back in the Philippines, “The Lord has done great things scholarships to deserving APIA students.
stick together through thick and thin, for us, and we are filled with joy.” – APIA Scholars manages three scholar-
for love, support, and encourage- Psalms 126:3 ship programs: APIA Scholarship, the
ment. They bless my life so richly. AANAPISI Scholarship, and the Gates
Millennium Scholars/Asian Pacific
Islander Americans funded by a grant
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Page 6 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | November 22-28, 2019

The Presidential Gambit - Will Robredo Fail? ORDER FOR PUBLICATION OF SUMMONS /CITATION
CASE NUMBER:37-2019-00032838-CU-FR-CTL
( Continued from page 1 ) Malacanang and wielding only half speech, she could rescue one life Plaintiff/Petitioner : Aurora C. Villamor
the authority, the VP was set up from extrajudicial killing, she
blocked. Prisons were over- Defendant/Respondent/Citee : GO FUND ME et. al. DEPARTMENT: C-73
for failure, to be branded as all talk would bear the challenges and the
populated with small-time drug and no substance. In fact, Cayetano, expected hits. She would willingly Upon considering the evidence, consisting of an application and declaration as provided in Code Civ. Proc §
users, but fat-cat narco suppliers Bato, Go and company promptly face ridicule, destructive criticism, 415.50 by the plaintiff/petitioner, and it satisfactorily appearing therefore that the defendant/respondent/citee
remained scot-free. Even so- joined the peanut gallery. Further- fake news, etc., because she believes ROSALIA TIU, cannot be served with reasonable diligence in any other manner specified in the Code of
called ninja cops pilfered confis- more, as a vested member of the in being faithful to one’s conscience Civil Procedure, and it also appearing from the petition/complaint that a cause of action exists in this case in
cated drugs, exposing a national faltering Presidential team, Robredo and in living the old-fashioned ideals favor of the petitioner/plaintiff therein and against the defendant/respondent/citee and that the said defend-
would now become a subject of the that have been eroded by pragmatic ant/respondent/citee is the necessary or proper party to the action, or that the party to be served has or claims
scandal which brought down the United Nations investigation which politics and swept away by horse- an interest in real or personal property in this state that is subject to the jusrisdiction of the court, or the relief
nation’s chief of police. she had publicly encouraged. trading in local and national politics. demandedin the action consists wholly or in part in excluding such party from an interest in such property:
So, the President offered the posi- NOW, on application of AURORA C. VILLAMOR plaintiff/petitioner
tion of drug tsar to Vice-President It was a win-win for Malacanang. Let us not mistake her steely deter- IT IS ORDERED that service of said summons/citation in this case be made upon said defendant/
Leni Robredo, whose articulate Muffle the Vice President’s criticism mination for gullibility. This is one respondent/citee by publication thereof in THE ASIAN JOURNAL, a newspaper of general circulation pub-
criticism of extrajudicial killings and bring her aboard a sinking ship. person who will not buckle down lished at San Diego, California, designated as the newspaper most likely to give notice to said defendant/
appeared to get traction. Malacanang Trolls went into taunting mode, as under intense criticism. Many will respondent/citee ; that the publication be made at least once a week for four successive weeks in the manner
claimed that the presidential offer critics dared Robredo to accept the finally see the remarkable person the prescribed in Gov. Code §6064. A RESPONSE IS DUE 58 DAYS AFTER THE FIRST DAY OF PUBLI-
was an olive branch. To many how- offer. They could hardly relish the Philippine nation had elected Vice CATION.I
ever, the offer was simply a gambit. thought of her walking straight into President – an honest, idealistic and IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that a copy of said summons/citation, of said complaint/petition, and of the
Fans of the President after all revere the lion’s den. And if Robredo re- intelligent stateswoman. order for publication in this case be forthwith deposited with the United States Postal Service, postage-paid,
him as a political chess strategist. directed to said defendant/respondent/citee if the address is ascertained before expiration of the time pre-
fused, they could promptly label her scribed for the publication of this summons/citation and , a declaration of this mailing or of the fact that the
Not in the league perhaps of Floren- a coward. With one brilliant stroke, Could Robredo be the next Presi-
cio Campomanes or Eugene Torre, address was not ascertained to be filed at the expiration of the time prescribed for publication.
Robredo's credibility and political dent of the Philippines? Panelo
but there it was, a classic chess move future were kaput. might for once be prescient. ##
intended to risk a minor setback (a
soapbox for an otherwise marginal- ORDER FOR PUBLICATION OF SUMMONS /CITATION
Well, against the advice of friends
ized government official) in order to CASE NUMBER:37-2019-00032838-CU-FR-CTL
and those wary of the gambit, Robre-
expose her political naivete. do called the bluff. And Malacanang Plaintiff/Petitioner : Aurora C. Villamor
While tsar or czar means supreme inhabitants, like the smirking Panelo, Defendant/Respondent/Citee : GO FUND ME et. al. DEPARTMENT: C-73
ruler or emperor, a Slavonic deriva- popped their champagne bottles. JUDGE: JOEL R.WOHLFEIL
tive from the Latin Caesar, and used Other pointed out with glee that
in modern day politics to designate Upon considering the evidence, consisting of an application and declaration as provided in Code Civ. Proc §
Robredo had been “checkmated.” 415.50 by the plaintiff/petitioner, and it satisfactorily appearing therefore that the defendant/respondent/citee
a position of full authority over a
government agency, the actual posi- SAL NEVAREZ, JR , cannot be served with reasonable diligence in any other manner specified in the Code
But the VP possesses traits that
tion offered to Robredo was co-chair of Civil Procedure, and it also appearing from the petition/complaint that a cause of action exists in this case
have become anathema to present
of the Inter-Agency Committee on day Filipino politicians – at least in favor of the petitioner/plaintiff therein and against the defendant/respondent/citee and that the said de-
Anti-Illegal Drugs (ICAD), a posi- to many of those who now hug the fendant/respondent/citee is the necessary or proper party to the action, or that the party to be served has or
tion she would share with Philippine national scene. She is not in this for claims an interest in real or personal property in this state that is subject to the jusrisdiction of the court, or
Drug Enforcement Agency Director the money or the prestige. She is in the relief demanded in the action consists wholly or in part in excluding such party from an interest in such
General Aaron Aquino. Hardly a po- this for unconditional public service. property: NOW, on application of AURORA C. VILLAMOR plaintiff/petitioner
sition akin to that of Peter the Great. This is evident in her biography, in IT IS ORDERED that service of said summons/citation in this case be made upon said defendant/
the career choices she has made. respondent/citee by publication thereof in THE ASIAN JOURNAL, a newspaper of general circulation pub-
Nonetheless, the unexpected turn of
events did not deter the presidential lished at San Diego, California, designated as the newspaper most likely to give notice to said defendant/
After graduating from the UP respondent/citee ; that the publication be made at least once a week for four successive weeks in the manner
spokesman from proclaiming the School of Economics in 1986,
magnanimous offer as a “ladder to prescribed in Gov. Code §6064. A RESPONSE IS DUE 58 DAYS AFTER THE FIRST DAY OF PUBLI-
Robredo worked as a researcher for Edgar A. Gamboa, M.D., FACS,
the presidency,” an opportunity for the Bicol River Basin Development FICS CATION.I
Robredo to demonstrate what she Program, a government agency. Af- https://www.linke- IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that a copy of said summons/citation, of said complaint/petition, and of the
could do for the country, even while ter passing the bar in 1996, she shied order for publication in this case be forthwith deposited with the United States Postal Service, postage-paid,
imprisoned anti-government critic away from a lucrative legal career directed to said defendant/respondent/citee if the address is ascertained before expiration of the time pre-
Senator Leila de Lima called it for instead opting to serve in the Public Photo Credit: GMA News scribed for the publication of this summons/citation and , a declaration of this mailing or of the fact that the
what it was, a “silly trap.” Attorney’s office. In 1998, she coor- address was not ascertained to be filed at the expiration of the time prescribed for publication.
dinated SALIGAN, a legal support
If Robredo accepted the position, group, which provided legal services
many of her supporters expected that to distant and marginalized rural
the embattled Vice President, who communities. She also founded an
at the outset had been expelled from organization that provided livelihood
cabinet meetings and then subjected opportunities for underprivileged The original and first Asian Journal in America,
to frivolous election protests, would
only render herself vulnerable to
women. it is the leading Filipino American newspaper
potentially lethal political firepower. in San Diego, California
If, as she said in her acceptance
With zero guarantee of support from

Simeon G. Silverio, Jr.
or whatever bizarre Broadway Pier and the Convention
Center. Once across, guests arrive at Publisher & Editor
reason, my family
the Coronado Ferry Landing, a wa-
happens to be one terfront marketplace with more than Genevieve Tagudin Silverio
of those that live in a place 25 unique shops and restaurants.
Associate Publisher & Managing Editor
that vacationers pay thou-
sands of dollars to visit and Founded in 1915 and proudly
celebrating its 100th anniversary, Miles Beauchamp, Ph.D.
we don’t see much of it at Flagship Cruises & Events is San Associate Editor
all. Go figure. But hey, life Diego’s only locally- and family-
gets in the way, you know? owned yacht charter, cruise and
Writers: Zena Sultana-Babao; Ofelia Dirige, Ph.D.; Dinggol
Work, schools, kid’s friends, event company, featuring a premier
fleet of luxury yachts available for a Araneta Divinagracia; Virginia Ferrer; Msgr. Fernando G. Guti-
chores, etc. all seem to jump wide variety of experiences on San errez; Rudy Liporada; Marjon L. Saulon; and Marjorie Villareal
in front of fun times. Well
Coronado Ferry
Diego’s sparkling waters.
Tran. Contributors: Ernie Delfin; Dr. Ed Gamboa; Atty. Rogelio
last Sunday afternoon we de- Karagdag; and Bill Labestre, MBA.
A few great hours close to home
cided that we’re going to go
see a part of San Diego that SWS
all the tourists see. What did
( Continued from page 1 ) In Pursuit of Excellence:
The survey was non-commis-
we do? We got on a ferry. sioned. Eugenio “Ego” Osin, 1946-1994
Joe Cabrera, 1924 - 1996
The SWS terminology for Net Trust Soledad Bautista, 1917 - 2009
Ratings was: +70 and above, "excel-
We bought round rip tickets lent"; +50 to +69, "very good"; +30 Dr. Rizalino “Riz” Oades, 1935 - 2009
from San Diego’s Broadway Pier to +49, "good"; +10 to +29, "mod-
to the Coronado Ferry Landing in erate"; +9 to -9, "neutral"; -10 to The Asian Journal is a legally adjudicated newspaper
Coronado Island. It was a beauti- -29, "poor"; -30 to -49, "bad"; -50 of General Circulation in the State of California. It is au-
ful Southern California afternoon; to -69, "very bad"; -70 and below,
"execrable." thorized to print official legal notices of all types including
the water was smooth, the air Liens, Fictitious Names, Change of Name, Abandonment,
Filipinos' trust for the United States
was warm, and it the parking was remained excellent at +72 (80% Estate Sales, Auctions, Public Offerings, Court Ordered
easy. much trust, 8% little trust), almost
publishing, etc.
the same as its June 2019 rating at
The ride is just 15 minutes to the +73. The Asian Journal is also available in digital form.
Ferry Landing in Coronado where For Australia, net trust rating was Visit our website at
there are shops, restaurants, and very good at +37, although down A multi-award winning newspaper, the Asian Journal
more. We had dinner, left a few dol- from +46 in June 2019.
lars in a gift shop or two and headed is published weekly every Friday and distributed all over
Net trust rating stayed good for
back at nightfall. What a amazing Japan at +35, while it was moderate San Diego County. Advertising deadline is every Wednes-
view: the San Diego skyline, the for Singapore at +26. day at 5 p.m. prior to the publication date. For advertising
water, the sounds. Our daughter and
a friend she brought had fun not
For Vietnam, net trust fell from and subscription information, call (619) 474-0588 or send
moderate to neutral. —LDF, GMA an email message to The Asian
hanging around us. Win – win. On News
the way home we made a promise to Journal is not responsible for unsolicited manuscripts and
ourselves to not wait another decade phtographs but welcomes submissions. Entire content is
or so before exploring the waterfront
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to Coronado Island, now depart- Website:
ing from two San Diego locations:
November 22-28, 2019 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | Page 7
his daughter Carol seated by a chair,
Complicated Affairs sleeping with her head resting on a pil-
low propped against a wall. He called
She would not wake up.

Life Saver
She remained asleep.
After the fifth call, he decided it was
futile to continue. He remained awake
with his eyes open when a nurse came in
after a few minutes.
“How are you doing?” she asked him.
Chapter 26 of "Complicated and escaped most of the financial REST OF HIS LIFE. His weekly
Senior traveler
“Okay,” he said.
Affairs" by Simeon G. Silverio, Jr. responsibilities to his children. Now, routine became going to the hospital The nurse woke up Carol, who grew
suddenly, he was sick, seriously sick. twice a week for a five-hour dialysis excited to see him regain consciousness.
“Tumawag na naman siya (She At this time Danny reaped the each time, and occasionally getting “How long had I been asleep?” he
Most Filipino immigrants that is good enough.
called again),” JR, Danny’s son, benefit of having many children, a call, through JR, from his long-lost asked.
“Two days,” Carol told him. have resided in the U.S. for many The Iloilo airport is located outside
was referring to Danny’s long-lost borne by at least six women. Save daughter, who wanted to know his the city and there’s a light traffic
for the one he had been hiding from whereabouts. There were times when As the nurse and a doctor checked years have changed the way they
daughter with his Mexican lover, him, Carol called her other siblings for the 15 minute ride to our house.
Juanita. Danny had been hiding from and the unborn child he was having he wanted to agree to see her, but look at life in general. There are
through her cell phone. In a few hours, The weather has really changed and
the daughter, whom he had not seen with his neighbor Sheila, the rest of he thought it was too late. He had they arrived at the hospital together with still some who switched back still hot and humid in November. I
since she was a few months old, his nine children had been showering avoided her long enough; no good Danny’s other close relatives. to the old ways right after they enjoyed the rain, the lightning and
afraid she might ask for financial him with love and care. If their con- would come from their ever meeting, “You are brand new again,” the doctor boarded a Philippine Airlines the thunder at night. The brownouts
support since he had never supported cern alone would not be enough to he thought. declared. “You can live a long life.” flight to Manila. It’s amazing how were annoying.
her. cure his ailment, it somehow eased “Buti na lang na lang na hindi na Everybody cheered. Danny could not More shopping malls were built
Danny’s suffering. kami magkita, baka mamura pa ako believe his good fortune. True to his
they can transform that quick.
“Tell her you do not know where I outside the city and they were not
am,” Danny told JR. “TUMAWAG NA NAMAN SIYA (It’s better we don’t see each other. nature, he did not think about the person
who had donated his brand new kidney The long flight going that way is on my priority list to visit. I would
“But she keeps calling,” JR replied. (She called again)”, JR again told his She might curse at me),” he told rather shop on the wet markets for
until JR ask him about it. like a punishment now when you’re
He wanted to tell his dad to face the father after bringing his dad to the himself. the fresh veggies, seafood and fruits.
“Dad, do you want to meet your kidney old and crammed in the economy
music and confront his daughter. But hospital for his dialysis appointment. A YEAR HAD PASSED WHEN I am still doing intermittent fasting
donor?” section. So, if you can afford it, re-
his father had his own ways of deal- “Just tell her you do not know DANNY GOT THE GOOD NEWS. but, I believe I had too much sugar
“Of course,” Danny replied. For a serve an extra legroom seat, upgrade
ing with things. where I am,” Danny told his son. For “Dad,” his son JR excitedly told change, he was embarrassed for not even consumed from the local sweet
to the premium economy or even the
“But Dad, why don’t you just meet some reason, he did not desire to see him. “We had finally found a com- thinking about the person to whom he treats.
business class seat. It is time to enjoy
her?” JR finally asked. “After all, his long-lost daughter, convinced she patible donor with your kidney.” owed his new lease of life. The senior citizen card is really a
a relaxing flight.
she’s your daughter. Your own flesh would just be a financial burden to “How much would it cost?” Danny After a while, a nurse wheeled a beauti- big thing for the locals when dining
and blood. Our sister. My sister.” him. asked. He knew the news was too ful girl seated in a wheelchair. She was outside or using the public trans-
I have no sympathy for those with
Danny dismissed his son’s sugges- JR wanted to speak up against his good to be true; there must be a smiling, with tears in her eyes. Danny
portation. Do not take it personally
noticed everyone around him had tears bulky or heavy carryon luggage. Do
tion. He had other things to worry dad, and lecture him on his respon- catch. when customer service people ask
in their eyes also. not bring a bag too heavy for you
about. Lately, he had not been feel- sibilities. But he knew Danny was “Nothing,” JR replied. “The donor you for the card. They’re just trying
“Thank you,” was all Danny could say. to load on the overhead compart-
ing well and wanted to see a doctor. sick and it might just aggravate his just wanted to help you.” to make sure you get the proper
The girl leaned over and tried to hug ment. The flight attendant is not your
But in the Philippines, he had no condition. Danny would not believe it. But his discount. The older people seemed
him. personal baggage handler.
medical insurance. Finally, when his “YOU REQUIRE A KIDNEY doctor told him it was not uncom- Finally, Danny asked. to enjoy their benefits. They have no
From my previous travels I learned
mysterious ailment seemed to be get- TRANSPLANT,” the doctor told mon. “Why did you do it? Why did you save qualms in telling you their current
many things to keep my trip easy
ting worse, he travelled to the United Danny during one of his appoint- “The donor can live a normal life since my life?” ages or asking yours.
only one of the two kidneys would be and simple. Long trips will require
States for treatment. ments. “But that would be next to “Because I owe you my life.” Don’t be surprised if a local ask
donated. One kidney is enough, espe- comfortable clothing and shoes.
“I HATE TO TELL YOU THIS,” impossible since there is a long Danny was perplexed. He didn’t re- you how much you paid for the
cially for a healthy person.” I have a small backpack to hold a
the doctor told Danny. “You are very list of patients in need of one. You member saving any person’s life. house, your car, furnishing or home
Danny did not ask any more questions. “How?” he asked. pair of shoes, socks, shorts, golf
sick. You need a kidney transplant would have to wait for your turn to improvements. They are so interest-
He would believe what everyone told The girl smiled and said. “Because you shirt, ipad, iphones, chargers, spare
immediately.” get an available kidney.” him after they had happened. ed in finding out how much income
are my father.” eyeglasses and toiletries inside a
Danny was surprised. Although he “What if somebody donates a kid- DURING THE DAY OF HIS OP- you make. With Google’s help, they
She turned out to be the long-lost clear ziplock bag. The 2 medium
had not been feeling well for quite a ney for him?” JR asked the doctor. ERATION, Danny’s children gathered will find your personal information
daughter whom he had been avoiding size suitcases were checked in. Other
long time and had been ignoring the “If the donated kidney is compat- around him, assuring him everything and most likely they already saw the
for more than a year now. stuff was shipped 2 months before.
symptoms, he didn’t realize he was ible with your father’s, then a trans- would be okay. Danny just bitterly (To be continued) picture of your house in the U.S.A.
that sick. plant can be done right away.” smiled at them. He was resigned to his
They are current on what’s trending
fate. He was prepared for whatever that Reading a paperback or an ebook
“In the meantime, you must un- Upon learning this, JR asked all and viral.
would happen. He felt he was blessed kept my mind busy and the time go
dergo a dialysis twice a week,” the their relatives and friends for help. I was there not to entertain or
enough. He thought of himself as one faster. I do not watch inflight movies
doctor told him. Although he was not sure whether visit other people and listen to their
lucky son-of-a-bitch who got with ev- but, catch a few hours of sleep.
Danny’s family and friends were any of them would be willing to problems. I had a list of things to do
erything without even deserving them. If I fly with PAL because I still have
shocked. They had known him to be donate part of their kidney, he asked for the house. I also had a list of lo-
he woke up and survived the operation, a connecting flight to Ioilo and I
strong, someone who had never been them to submit to a test of compat- cal food I wanted to eat and items to
it would just be a bonus. admire their pilots. It’s always a very
seriously ill all his life. He seemed ibility. Some of them did, including IT SEEMED TO BE A VERY LONG buy for my trip back to San Diego.
smooth takeoff and landing. The
to be a lucky guy. He had his share Danny’s children in San Diego. SLEEP. He thought he was in heaven. My wife joined me a week later and
food is not great but, I eat a little bit
of women, had somehow man- Unfortunately, not one of them was Everything was quiet. Slowly, he opened stayed behind for 2 weeks.
when flying. Black coffee and water
aged to survive financially without found to be a suitable donor. his eyes. He saw the rays of the sun
actually keeping a conventional job, DANNY WAS RESIGNED TO coming through a window on his right.
HAVE KIDNEY DIALYSIS THE He saw a white ceiling, white walls, and

Four exorcists urge day of fasting,

prayer and reparation Dec. 6
The priests suggest the Rosary and the idol into St. Peter’s, as well as plac-
prayers to the Sacred Heart, as well ing the idols in St. Maria in Traspontina
as “some form of penance, such as church, we are reminded of the words
fasting, abstinence and other forms of St. Paul (1 Corinthians 10:20), “Do
of mortification” I say, that what is offered in sacrifice
to idols, is anything? Or, that the idol
is anything? But the things which the
by Bree A. Dail | WASHINGTON —
heathens sacrifice, they sacrifice to
Four exorcists have issued a devils, and not to God. And I would not
joint statement asking Catholics that you should be made partakers with
worldwide to dedicate Dec. 6 as a devils.”
day of fasting, prayer and repara- The Psalms (95:5) tell us that “all the
gods of the Gentiles are devils: but the
tion, “for the purpose of driving Lord made the heavens.” These events
out any diabolic influence within bring home the reality that (Ephesians
the Church that has been gained 6:12) “our wrestling is not against flesh
as a result of recent events.” and blood; but against principalities and
power, against the rulers of the world
of this darkness, against the spirits of
The exorcists, who have requested wickedness in the high places.” These
anonymity due to the sensitivity of events bring home the reality that we are
their ministries, cited in a particu- in spiritual warfare and that warfare is
lar way the controversy that took happening within the Church, itself.
place during the recent Pan-Amazon We are, therefore, encouraging all
Synod, when statues purportedly of Catholics who recognize the evil of
Pachamama, a goddess worshiped by the events to join us in a day of prayer
indigenous Andeans, were incorpo- and penance on December 6th, for the
rated into various synod events. purpose of driving out any diabolic in-
“These events bring home the real- fluence within the Church that has been
gained as a result of these recent events
ity that we are in spiritual warfare,”
— along with any other events.
they said in their statement, “and We are asking all of those who
that warfare is happening with the participate to do the following for this
Church itself.” intention:
The full statement follows: 1.) say the Rosary;
In light of recent events regarding 2.) take on some form of penance, such
the Pachamama ritual in the Vatican as fasting, abstinence and other forms of
Gardens, the subsequent procession of ( Continued on page 8 )

Unstamped Letter
A Post Office worker at the main who dig deep and come up with 96
sorting office finds an unstamped, dollars. They get it to her by special
poorly hand-written envelope ad- courier the same morning.
dressed to God. He opens it and A week later, the same postal
discovers it is from an elderly lady, worker recognizes the same hand on
distressed because some thief robbed another envelope. He opens it and
her of 100 dollars. She will be cold reads: "Dear God, Thank you for the
and hungry for the rest of the month 100 dollars. This month would have
if she doesn't receive some divine been so bleak otherwise. P.S. It was
intervention. four dollars short but that was prob-
The worker organizes a collection ably those thieving bastards at the
amongst the other postal workers, Post Office."
Page 8 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | November 22-28, 2019

Spiritual Life
God’s Mercy The promises of the devotion to the Holy Face of Jesus
Time and Again
In light of the rise of modernism in the church and secularism in society, please offer these prayers of reparation in atonement
for sins against the first, second and — third commandments— that offend the Eternal Father so much and merit His just anger.
Promises of Our Lord Jesus Christ to
As I was meditating on the sin Sr Marie of St Peter, Discalced Carmelite
of the Angels and their immediate Nun of Tours, France, in favour of those
punishment, I asked Jesus why the who honour His Holy Face
Angels had been punished as soon
as they had sinned. I heard a voice: 1. By offering My Face to My Eter-
Because of their profound knowl- nal Father, nothing will be refused,
Solemnity of Christ the King edge of God. No person on earth, and the conversion of many sinners

The Hidden Power of the Cross

even though a great saint, has such will be obtained.
knowledge of God as an Angel has. 2. By My Holy Face, they will
Nevertheless, to me who am so work wonders, appease the anger
miserable, You have shown Your of God and draw down mercy on
mercy, O God, and this, time and sinners.
time again. You carry me in the 3. All those who honor My Face
bosom of Your mercy and forgive in a spirit of reparation will by so
me every time that I ask Your doing perform the office of the pious
forgiveness with a contrite heart Veronica.
(Diary, 1332). 4. According to the care they take
in making reparation to My Face
My Prayer Response: disfigured by blasphemers, so will I
Lord Jesus, please help me to know take care of their souls which have
You and Your greatest attribute, Your been disfigured by sin. My Face is
mercy. Help me to tell Your people the Seal of the Divinity, which has
of Your compassion and love. As I the virtue of reproducing in souls the
do, also give me courage to ask Your image of God.
forgiveness whenever I sin. 5. Those who by words, prayers
*The words of Jesus appear in boldface type. or writings defend My cause in
Diary of Saint Maria Faustina Kowalska: Divine
Mercy in My Soul © 1987 Marian Fathers of the the Work of Reparation, especially
Immaculate Conception of the B.V.M. Excerpted My priests, I will defend before
from Divine Mercy Minutes with Jesus: Praying My Father, and will give them My
Daily on Jesus' Words from the Diary of Saint
Faustina by Rev. George W. Kosicki, CSB © 2010 Kingdom.
Marian Press 6. As in a kingdom they can pro-
cure all that is desired with a coin
stamped with the King's effigy, so
in the Kingdom of Heaven they will

Four exorcists obtain all they desire with the pre-

cious coin of My Holy Face.
( Continued from page 7 )
7. Those who on earth contemplate
the wounds of My Face shall in
mortification; Heaven behold it radiant with glory.
3.) to offer the prayers to the Sacred 8. They will receive in their souls a
Heart, as seen below.
Other recommended acts which we bright and constant irradiation of My
encourage others to do for this inten- Divinity, that by their likeness to My
tion is make a Holy Hour in front of the Face they shall shine with particular
Blessed Sacrament and attend Mass that splendor in Heaven.
day, offering the merits of the Mass for 9. 1 will defend them, I will
this intention. preserve them and I assure them of
May the Divine Mercy rest upon all Final Perseverance.
Joke of the week: A young sentry, yourself!” The Jews at the crucifix- of us.
on guard for the first time, had ion and the Roman soldiers looked
orders not to admit any car unless at Jesus as a political Messiah or a Act of Consecration of the Human Act of Reparation to the Sacred
Race to the Sacred Heart of Jesus Heart of Jesus
it had a special identification seal. rebel who would free Israel from
The first unmarked car the sentry the domination of foreign rulers. MOST SWEET JESUS, Redeemer O SWEET JESUS, Whose overflowing
stopped contained a general. When Because Jesus does not conform to of the human race, look down upon us charity for men is requited by so much
the officer told his driver to go right their own concept of kingship, he humbly prostrate before Thy altar. We forgetfulness, negligence and contempt,
on through, the sentry politely said, and his teachings were considered are Thine, and Thine we wish to be; behold us prostrate before Thy altar
“I’m new at this, sir. Who do I shoot obnoxious. In the same way, fail- but, to be more surely united with Thee, eager to repair by a special act of hom-
first, you or the driver?” ing to make Jesus conform to their behold each one of us freely consecrates age the cruel indifference and injuries, to
idea of kingship, many in the world himself today to Thy Most Sacred Heart. which Thy loving Heart is everywhere
Scriptures: First Reading: 2 Samu- today find it difficult to belong to his Many indeed have never known Thee; subject.
el 5: 1-3. The first mention of David Kingdom. many too, despising Thy precepts, have
in Hebrew history occurs in 1 Samu- rejected Thee. Have mercy on them all, Mindful alas! that we ourselves have
most merciful Jesus, and draw them to had a share in such great indignities,
el 16: 13. Later on, fleeing the wrath Luke presents Jesus as a powerful Thy Sacred Heart. which we now deplore from the depths
of King Saul, David led a group of King when he looks helpless on the BE THOU KING, O Lord, not only of our hearts, we humbly ask Thy
renegade soldiers. Then, David was cross. This powerlessness of Jesus is of the faithful who have never forsaken pardon and declare our readiness to
made king by the southern tribes and part of his leaving the greatness of Thee, but also of the prodigal children atone by voluntary expiation not only
later by the northern region to be the heaven and of his becoming incar- who have abandoned Thee; grant that for our own personal offenses, but also
king of Israel. Today’s first reading nate, humble and small. Yet in this they may quickly return to their Father's for the sins of those, who, straying far
is about this recognition of David powerlessness and smallness, Jesus house lest they die of wretchedness and from the path of salvation, refuse in their
both as shepherd and military leader exercises his powerful kingship hunger. obstinate infidelity to follow Thee, their
that took place at Hebron. Second when he bestows forgiveness and BE THOU KING of those who are de- Shepherd and Leader, or, renouncing the
Reading: Colossians 1:12-20. This promises salvation. Indeed, Chris- ceived by erroneous opinions, or whom vows of their baptism, have cast off the
hymn speaks of Christ’s activities as discord keeps aloof; call them back to sweet yoke of Thy Law.
tianity is the only religion where the harbor of truth and unity of faith, so
God’s wisdom: his preexistent state We are now resolved to expiate each
God shows his greatness when he is that soon there may be but one flock and and every deplorable outrage commit-
before creation and his Incarna- humbled and ridiculed. one Shepherd. ted against Thee; we are determined to
tion and Redemption. It is the same BE THOU KING of all those who are make amends for the manifold offenses
God who both creates and redeems. The cross reveals not only Jesus’ still involved in the darkness of idolatry against Christian modesty in unbecom-
Gospel: Luke 23: 35-43. St. Luke’s power and the nature of his kingship, or of Islamism; refuse not to draw them ing dress and behavior, for all the foul
Gospel began with the apparition of but also how those who are like him, all into the light and kingdom of God. seductions laid to ensnare the feet of the
Gabriel to Zechariah in Jerusalem. as the “Christ” (“the One Anoint- Turn Thine eyes of mercy toward the innocent, for the frequent violations of
For Luke, Jesus” journey is about ed”), imitated his life. Luke, in writ- children of that race, once Thy chosen Sundays and holidays, and the shocking
to end in Jerusalem. Luke shows ing the Acts of the Apostles, wants to people: of old they called down upon blasphemies uttered against Thee and
that Jesus’ mission that began and themselves the Blood of the Savior; may Thy Saints.
complement the fact that the apostles it now descend upon them a laver of
ended in Jerusalem reveals that it is We wish also to make amends for the
and Paul took up the cross in the redemption and of life. insults to which Thy Vicar on earth and
confined within Judaism, but now same way that Jesus took up his GRANT, O LORD, to Thy Church as- Thy priests are subjected, for the profa-
through the apostles it goes to Rome own. It is ironic that many women surance of freedom and immunity from nation, by conscious neglect or terrible
(the Gentile world). and men who preached peace and harm; give peace and order to all na- acts of sacrilege, of the very Sacrament
non-violence, like Christ, died in the tions, and make the earth resound from of Thy Divine Love; and lastly for the
Reflection: Luke’s version of the hands of violent assassins. pole to pole with one cry: Praise to the public crimes of nations who resist the
Gospel personifies Jesus as the Divine Heart that wrought our salvation; rights and teaching authority of the
embodiment of compassion and for- True kingship with Christ is shep- to It be glory and Honor forever. Amen. Church which Thou hast founded.
giveness. Jesus wept over Jerusalem, herding and guiding the people to
he grieves over the fate of Jerusalem their salvation by compassion, not
women and children, he heals the by domination and subjugation. This I'll say maybe a last thing about
slave’s ear at the time of his arrest, kind of kingship goes against the spiritual warfare. I just spoke to
he forgives those who crucified world’s values. No wonder why not 300 priests at our inaugural Word
him and promises Paradise to the too many people want to belong to on Fire National Conference for
penitent thief. True to his style, Luke Jesus’ kingdom. They would rather Priests. On the Feast Day of the
places the trial and crucifixion of prefer to use their “kingly” power
Jesus as an occasion to manifest this (over the family, community or na-
Queenship of Mary, I talked about
compassion and forgiveness that are tion) to control and oppress, not to why it's not a twee, sentimental
characteristics of Jesus’ true king- care and love. feast. On the contrary, Mary the
ship. Queen is associated with Christ
Quotation of the week: A non- the King. And in the Israelite tradition, the king and his
For a world where power, such as violent deity can only signal his queen mother are warrior figures. They do battle with the Would, O divine Jesus, we were able of perfect observance of the precepts of
political, physical and economic, existence to mankind by having enemies of Israel. And so now Christ and Mary, his queen to wash away such abominations with the gospel and especially that of charity.
holds supreme, the power that Jesus himself driven out by violence in the our blood. We now offer, in reparation We promise to the best of our power to
exercises as King is ludicrous. This Kingdom of Violence. René Girard.
mother, are warriors in the great spiritual struggle. for these violations of Thy divine honor, prevent other from offending Thee and
mentality has been demonstrated by Does anyone doubt that the demonic power has been at work the satisfaction Thou didst once make to bring as many as possible to follow
those who taunted him, “You are a in this terrible time? I think you'd be naïve in the extreme to to Thy eternal Father on the cross and Thee.
savior. You’re a king, prove it, save deny it. What’s our job? Get in the army. Get in the army of which Thou dost continue to renews O loving Jesus, through the interces-
Christ the King and Mary the Queen Mother, and fight with daily on our altars; we offer it in union sion of the Blessed Virgin Mary, our
with the acts of atonement of Thy Virgin model in reparation, deign to receive the
them for the purification of our Church: through prayer and Mother and all the Saints and of the voluntary offering we make of this act
penance, through abstinence and fasting, through raising of pious faithful on earth; and we sincerely of expiation; and by the crowning gift of
one's voice and calling of the bishops—whatever means you promise to make recompense, as far as perseverance keep us faithful unto death
want to use, cooperate with Christ the King in his cleansing we can with the help of Thy grace, for in our duty and the allegiance we owe
all neglect of Thy great love and for the to Thee, so that we may one day come
and purifying work. That's the spiritual call of our time. -- sins we and others have committed in to that happy home, where Thou with
Bishop Robert Barron the past. Henceforth we will live a life of the Father and the Holy Ghost livest and
unwavering faith, of purity of conduct, reignest God, world without end. Amen.
November 22-28, 2019 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | Page 9

Arts & Culture

A Glimpse of
Branch. Araneta de Lacson were represented,
Likewise, the latest member of as follows:
Congress and grandson of past 1. Jesusa Araneta Lacson de Ar-

Ilonggo History Philippine President Manuel Acuña

Roxas --the young and ever-smiling
scion of the Roxas-Araneta Clan of
royo: by Ignacio Lacson Arroyo,
Jose Maria Arroyo, Jr., and Atty.
Antonio Lacson Arroyo.
by Dinggol Araneta Capiz, Manuel "Mar" Araneta Roxas 2. Carmen Araneta Lacson de
drew much attention. He has the rare Claparols: by Alberto and Carmita
Divinagracia distinction of having descended from Claparols-Balcells with their sons
Dinggol is an Ilonggo Historian of modern times.
He is a Lover of Nature by profession; a Genealogist
three branches of the family. In that Carlos and Alfonso; Antonio Medina
same category was Lourdes "Lulu" Claparols, representing the Jaime

Pinagpala Ka
by avocation and an Advocate of Federalism.
Sitchon Araneta-Villarosa and Maria Lacson Claparols family.
Magdalena "Diting" Gonzaga del 3. Ma. Enriquita Araneta Lacson


Castillo-Sia who were also present. de Lacson: by Ma. Angela Silverio
The Yulo-Araneta Clan of Can- Lacson. Kung sa umagang paggising ang sa iyo ay bumungad
November 19 & 20, 1993, Iloilo City-Philippines* lubang Estate in Laguna were repre-
sented by Maritoni Yulo - Loyzaga,
4. Mariano Araneta Lacson: by
Hector Montilla Lacson and Mary
ay isang magandang umagang walang kasing liwanag
at ang pakiramdam mo'y para kang nasa alapaap
impressive "Photo Slide Presenta- daughter of former Assemblyman Alice Lacson with Skip, Eric and
Part 1 tion" using rare Araneta photos of Luis Araneta Yulo and by the young Clairli Lacson. daig mo ang pinagpala ng mga santo sa 'taas.
(By DinggolAranetaDivinagracia - the yesteryear's. teenage celebrity Margarita Yulo Antonio Montilla Esteban, son of
November 19, 2019) Kung sa pagbukas mo may laman ang iyong paminggalan
Thereafter, several members of the Gomez (Great Granddaughter of for- Eduardo Araneta Esteban and Anato-
(Araneta Serial No. mer Congress Speaker Jose Y. Yulo lia Montilla came with his wife, the kahit nga kaning lamig lamang at tira-tirang ulam
Clan rendered messages and short
"May the Brotherhood of our talks, namely; Congressman Edward and Cecilia Araneta de Yulo) who former Negros Occidental Vice-Gov- at mayroong kang damit na suot sa iyong katawan
Ancestors Continue to Future Miller Matti of Negros Occidental, rendered a superb operatic singing ernor Gloria Araneta-Esteban with pinagpala kang hindi hamak iya'y iyong tandaan.
Generations" Congressman Mar Araneta Roxas of performance. their “Tres Marias”; Amelia "Mel-
~~~ Capiz, Mayor Manuel “Tutay” Tor- THE ARANETA'S OF CUBAO, ing" Rodriguez, Glorieta "Baby"
Sa panahong umuulan at may tulo ang 'yong bubong
Prologue: Today we celebrate the res of Bago City, Negros Occidental, Quezon City led by Ma. Lourdes Javelosa, and Ma. Merle "Nini"
26th anniversary of the First Araneta Iloilo 4th District Provincial Board "Baby" Araneta-Fores, the youngest Villacorta. timba lamang ang katapat n'yan huwag ka nang tututol
Family Grand Reunion in the City of Member Pablito V. Araneta, and daughter of business tycoon J. Ama- The Tionko-Araneta branch headed at kung may papag man na naghihintay sa iyong silong
Iloilo, Philippines as a tribute to our Municipal Councilor Paterno Aponte do “Amading” Araneta and Ester by the Tionko brothers: Romeo, para sa iyong paghimlay aba'y kay inam naman 'tol.
family members and delegates who Araneta of Anilao, Iloilo. Araneta de Araneta, founders of the Efraim, and Mariano registered
had participated, but are now gone Margarita “Tina” Zaragoza Araneta business empire in Cubao, about 25 delegates. Nine (9) who Maraming nilalang d'yan maaaring 'di makalampas
beyond the great divide. May they Araneta-Singh, daughter of Don Quezon City came with daughter flew over from Davao City in the sa sakuna o sakit sa mga susunod na oras.
enjoy eternal life in the kingdom of Gregorio Soriano Araneta delivered Gaita Araneta Fores and Mar Ara- south were descendants of Vicente pinagpala ka pa rin dahil sa ikaw ay malakas
the Lord, amen! --dinggol.d~~~ an inspirational speech. neta Roxas, who also represented his Araneta Tionko and Vicenta Suazo
mother, Judy Araneta-Roxas and the Demonteverde. They were: Jose masigla, walang sakit hayan at kaya mong lumakad.
FROM AS FAR AS ILOCOS up were the former Philippine Presi- family of the late Senator Gerardo Hizon Tionko with his two (2) sons;
in the North, down to Davao in the dent Ferdinand Edralin Marcos and “Gerry” Roxas. Baby Araneta-Fores J.T. and Tommy; Shella and Ana Vi, Sa pagtaas mo ng iyong mukhang may kasamang ngiti
South, they came from all parts of Imelda Romualdez-Marcos children; offered generously the world- the daughters of Ana Socorro Tionko at taos na pasasalamat sa mga grasyang namithi
the country, while others came from Congressman Bongbong Marcos renowned "Araneta Coliseum", the Laxa. pinagpala ka dahil marami rin  ang nagwawagi
abroad. Some came by land and of Ilocus Norte with his wife, the biggest dome coliseum in the world The other delegates from this subalit sa kanilang mukha hindi ito mawari.
by sea, while the others came via former Atty. Lisa Cacho Araneta of as a venue for future Araneta family branch of the family came from
commercial airlines, and still, others the Araneta Negros Branch; and his grand reunions. Negros island and in Iloilo. Trini-
came in their own private airplanes. sister Irene Romualdez Marcos with Descendants of the 1898 Negros dad "Booday" Tirador Tionko the
The same destination Iloilo City. The her husband, sportsman-businessman Island "Presidente" Gen. Aniceto Treasurer of the Araneta Family Copyright 2019 by Virginia Ferrer. All rights reserved.
same purpose to attend and partici- Greggy Araneta of the Araneta Iloilo Ledesma Lacson and Rosario Emilia ( Continued on page 11 )
pate in the first-ever family grand
5 Hikes
reunion of the ARANETA CLAN oaks on the lower range of elevation halves of the county. surround the lake, and the numerous along the north-facing slopes,
last November 19 and 20, 1993 in (4000'-5500'). black oaks contrast nicely against the attaining brilliant oranges during
Iloilo City, Philippines. ( Continued from page 11 ) 4. Lake Cuyamaca lake's placid waters. November.
The affair on the 20th of November variations do not exist here. How- 1. Thunder Ridge and Where: Cuyamaca Rancho State — Source:
started with a Thanksgiving Mass ever, the higher altitudes (4000'- Chimney Flat Loop Park - 15027 Highway 79, Julian, 5. Observatory Trail
at the historic Santa Ana Church at 6500') of the Peninsular Ranges Of all of the natural features in San CA 92036 Where: Cleveland National For- Call the Asian
“Parian” now Molo in Iloilo City
that run north to south through Diego, the last thing that visitors While most of the forest in est - 35899 Canfield Road, Warner Journal at
--officiated by Jaro Archbishop Cuyamaca burned during the 2003 Springs, CA 92061
Monsignor Alberto Jover Piamonte. the center of the county produce expect to encounter is fall color.
San Diego's reputation for perpetual Cedar Fire, fire-adapted black oaks This wooded trail connects the 619.474.0588 for
The task was previously assigned to reliable, and often spectacular, sunshine and two seasons (warm/dry are making a strong comeback. The Palomar Observatory and a popu- your advertising
Fr. Francisco Z. Araneta, S. J. --but fall color shows. and mild/wet) usually leads people finest parcels of unburned forest lar campground. Black oaks thrive needs.
was changed at the last minute due to suspect that the more classic
to his Doctors’ advice for his critical The large, lobed leaves of the Cali- seasonal variations do not exist here.
health condition. Fr. Fritz Zaragoza
Araneta was the first Filipino head
fornia black oak (Quercus kelloggii)
create the seasonal foliage display.
However, the higher altitudes (4000'-
6500') of the Peninsular Ranges that
Law Offices of
of the Ateneo de Manila University. This handsome deciduous oak tree run north to south through the center
He was the youngest son of Don
Gregorio Soriano Araneta and Doña
occurs throughout the western Sierra
Nevada and northern coastal Cali-
of the county produce reliable, and
often spectacular, fall color shows.
 E. B. Alejo
Carmen Roxas Zaragoza-Araneta. fornia. It survives in isolated pockets The large, lobed leaves of the Cali-
throughout San Diego County and
The holy mass was followed by a
motorcade and a sumptuous lunch neighboring Riverside and San
fornia black oak (Quercus kelloggii)
create the seasonal foliage display. ~30+ YEARS EXPERIENCE~
buffet at the Sanson-Araneta/Monti- Bernadino Counties as a relic of
This handsome deciduous oak tree
nola-Jalandoni "Antillean House" in colder, wetter times. Every October occurs throughout the western Sierra
Jaro, Iloilo City. The venue courtesy and fall, the leaves of the black oak Nevada and northern coastal Cali-
of the 4 generous Sanson-Montinola
brothers headed by the eldest Gre-
make a transition from green to vivid
golds and oranges. Black oaks don't
fornia. It survives in isolated pockets CALL 1-619-500-6237
throughout San Diego County and
gorio. usually exist in pure stands; rather, neighboring Riverside and San
Gregorio, George, Federico, and they are commonly interspersed with Bernadino Counties as a relic of
Francisco are the four (4) sons of conifers like white fir, Jeffrey pine, colder, wetter times. Every October
Don Alfredo Araneta Sanson and the and incense cedar. The combination and fall, the leaves of the black oak 240 Woodlawn Ave Suite #11 & 14
former Matilde Jalandoni Mon- of tall conifers contrasted against make a transition from green to vivid
tinola. They are the grandsons of the vivid colors of black oaks forms golds and oranges. Black oaks don't Chula Vista, CA 91910
Don Roque Locsin Sanson and Dña. an impressive and welcome site to usually exist in pure stands; rather,
Isabel Soriano Araneta de Sanson of admirers of fall foliage. they are commonly interspersed with Near the E Street Chula Vista Trolley
Molo. conifers like white fir, Jeffrey pine,
Master of Ceremonies during the Most displays in the county reach Station. 
and incense cedar. The combination
morning program was Pablito V. their peak in early and mid-Novem- of tall conifers contrasted against
Araneta, Provincial Board Member ber. Higher elevations (5500'-6500') We can help you stop worrying about your legal problems.
the vivid colors of black oaks forms
of the 4th District of Iloilo. He is the tend to peak first, followed by the an impressive and welcome site to
eldest son of Barotac Nuevo-Iloilo admirers of fall foliage. Member, California State Bar (1987)
Mayor Marianing and Dra. Estrella
Sarroza Valera de Araneta. Pablito is Prayer to St. Joseph Most displays in the county reach
their peak in early and mid-Novem-
Juris Doctor Law Degree, University of San Diego (USD), California 
the grandson of 1898 Ilonggo revo-
lutionary leader Gen. Pablo Soriano of Cupertino ber. Higher elevations (5500'-6500')
tend to peak first, followed by the
Araneta, who was a physician-sur- oaks on the lower range of elevation Certificate of Completion, Leading Nonviolent Movements for Social
geon by profession. (4000'-5500').
Highlights of the program was the Where: Palomar Mountain State Progress, Executive Education, John F. Kennedy School of Government at
presentation of each family lineage Park - 19952 State Park Dr, Palo-
and delegations coming from various mar Mountain, CA 92060 Harvard University 
parts of the globe by Dinggol Ara- Heavily wooded Thunder Ridge
neta Divinagracia (Interim President features a heavy concentration of Diploma, Oxford Institute on International and Comparative Law (USD),
- AFMA), which included the Arane- black oaks mingling amidst stately
tas' of Bago City in Negros Occiden- conifers. The site of golden leaves Oxford, England
tal who finally registered the biggest and dark green pine needles reflected
sum total number of delegates. in Doane Pond forms a classic image
In the afternoon, kinship was either of Southern California fall color.  Bachelor of Science degree, University of Southern California  
discovered or renewed during the Thank you, St. Joseph for your
fellowship, games and business powerful intercession to our Lord 2. Sunset Trail
meeting. Montgomery High School, San Diego, California
on my behalf. Thanks for listening Where: Laguna Mountain Recre-
In the evening, formal dinner was to my prayer and helping me pass ation Area - 10678 Sunrise Hwy,
served at the Residence Hotel along my exam. -- Arlene Descanso, CA 91948
Gen. Luna Street, Iloilo City with Although many of the oaks in the
Member, Mensa IQ Society, USA
the program emceed by Jose Alfonso St. Joseph Cupertino's Laguna Mountains have suffered un-
"Jojo" Divinagracia Hallares (great- Prayer for Success in der the onslaught of invasive pests,
grandson of Gen. Marciano Soriano Born in Philippines (Cavite)
Examination the remaining oaks rimming Laguna
Araneta) and by Marie Jo Fuentes Meadow still throw a warm contrast
Gallardo (great-granddaughter of O Great St. Joseph of Cupertino upon an already sublime scene.
Gen. Juan Anacleto "Tan Juan" Tor- who while on earth did obtain
Immigration law - Divorce - Estate (Wills & Trusts) - Criminal Defense
res Araneta).
During the evening program, del-
from God the grace to be asked 3. Volcan Mountain -Credit/Debt disputes - Wage & Hour violations - Unemployment
at your examination only the Where: Volcan Mountain Wilder-
egates who belong to the "Araneta questions you knew, obtain for Appeals - Work Contracts - Landlord/Tenant disputes - Bankruptcy -
ness Preserve - 1209 Farmer Road
Circle of Senior Members" were me a like favour in the examina- at Wynola Road, Julian, CA 92036
seated in the presidential table, rec- tions for which I am now prepar- The rounded, wooded slopes of this Debt Negotiation - Personal Injury - Wrongful Termination - Sexual
ognized and were properly honored ing, In return I promise to make Julian high point feature some of the Harassment - Work Discrimination (Race, Gender, Age, Disability)
by all clan members. you known and cause you to be oldest and most impressive black
Antonio "TonyPet" Araneta, involved. Through Christ our oaks in the county. The cool, clear
grandson of Don Gregorio Soriano Lord. Amen fall atmosphere also enables sweep- Call the Asian Journal at 619.474.0588 for your advertising needs.
Araneta personally demonstrated an
ing views of the desert and coastal
Page 10 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | November 22-28, 2019

Legal Notices SENIOR TECHNOLOGY PROGRAM ANALYST 1.8 Million. $78,000 annual net
( Continued from page 3 )
FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE- Support and implement IT projects and solutions. Call (619) 699-1900 or visit Open Until income. Mission Valley 1 acre w/
MENT NO. 2019-9026100
Filled. EOE.
2-6 patient residential care homes.
GRILL located at 8300 Paradise Valley
Rd. #110 Spring Valley, CA 91977. commenced to transact business under _________________ Clerk of San Diego County on 11/06/19.
Seller leaseback with 4.333 %
Registrant: Pinoy Tambayan LLC, 8300
Paradise Valley Rd. #110 Spring Valley,
the above name as of 06/01/96. Signa-
ture: Jesus Ernesto Corrales, President. FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE-
AJ 262 11/22/29 12/6/13/2019
absolute return to buyer.
CA 91977. This business is conducted
by: Limited Liability Company. Reg-
Statement filed with Recorder/County
Clerk of San Diego County on Nov.7,
MENT NO. 2019-9025553
Annual increases. Agt. Neil Czujko
istrant first commenced to transact 2019 AJ 250 11/15/22/29 12/6/2019
at 1015 Calma Drive Chula Vista, CA
91910. Registrant: Ronald Eugene
MENT NO. 2019-9027697
Color & Blade Studio located at 590
619.254.8703 dre#00600163
business under the above name as of
06/15/18. Signature: Benjamin S. Sison Phillips, 1015 Calma Drive Chula Vista, G. St. Unit #1 Chula Vista, CA 91910.
Jackie Tovar
Jr., Owner/CEO. Statement filed with FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE- CA 91910. This business is conducted Registrant: Jasmine Guadalupe Godi- To:
Recorder/County Clerk of San Diego MENT NO. 2019-9025830 by: Individual. Registrant first com- nez, 3522 Beyer Blvd #202 San Ysidro, SANDAG
County on October 28, 2019 AJ 242 Full Coverage Graphics located at menced to transact business under the CA 92173. This business is conducted
5885 Vale Way San Diego, CA 92115.
Registrant: Anthony Victor Soltero, 5885
above name as of 01/01/18. Signature:
Ronald Eugene Phillips. Statement filed
by: Individual. Registrant has not yet
begun to transact business under the 6-Elderly Board and Care


Vale Way San Diego, CA 92115. This
business is conducted by: Individual.
with Recorder/County Clerk of San
Diego County on 10/21/19. AJ 256
above name. Signature: Jasmine Gua-
dalupe Godinez. Statement filed with In Paradise Hills.
Herewith is proof of

Training Provided. Call or

MENT NO. 2019-9026614 Registrant first commenced to transact 11/15/22/29 12/6/2019 Recorder/County Clerk of San Diego your classified ad for
Sisters Lock it Wright located at 377 business under the above name as of _________________ County on 11/18/19. AJ 263 11/22/29
Bay leaf Dr. Chula Vista, CA 91910. 10/24/19. Signature: Anthony Victor 12/6/13/2019 publication in the Asian
Registrant: Deborah Lee Barrow, 377
Bay leaf Dr. Chula Vista, CA 91910. This
Soltero. Statement filed with Recorder/
County Clerk of San Diego County
MENT NO. 2019-9026826
Leave a Message:
Journal. Please proofread
it an d f a x b a c k t h e

(619) 857-6945
business is conducted by: Individual. on 10/24/19. AJ 251 11/15/22/29 Ocean Shoes located at 2037 A Mis- FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE- correction if any or call
Registrant first commenced to transact 12/6/2019 sion Ave Oceanside, CA 92054. Regis- MENT NO. 2019-9027799 us for your approval. The
business under the above name as of _________________ trant: Michael Hong, 1301 Oakmont Rd Royal Events located at 343 S Fig St.
11/1/19. Signature: Deborah Lee Barrow. Apt 145i Seal Beach, CA 90740. This Unit B Escondido, CA 92025. Registrant: ad is tentatively scheduled
Statement filed with Recorder/County ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE FOR business is conducted by: Individual. Carlos Suastegui, 343 S Fig St. Unit B to be published in the
Clerk of San Diego County on Nov.1, CHANGE OF NAME Signature: Michael Hong. Statement Escondido, CA 92025. This business
2019 AJ 243 11/8/15/22/29/2019 CASE NUMBER: 37—2019 – filed with Recorder/County Clerk of San is conducted by: Individual. Registrant AJ-CA_11.22.2019 issue Work for the San Diego’s
_________________ 00059424-CU-PT-NC Diego County on 11/05/19. AJ 257 has not yet begun to transact busi- of the Asian Journal if we
tioner Boyan Nastich filed a petition with
11/15/22/29 12/6/2019
ness under the above name. Signature:
Carlos Suastegui. Statement filed with receive your approval on Top Home Care Agency!
MENT NO. 2019-9025915 this court for a decree changing names Recorder/County Clerk of San Diego time. At $4 per line
GMR APPS located at 1447 Chance as follows: Boyan Nastich to Bojan FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE- County on 11/19/19. AJ 263 11/22/29 lines, it costs
Mountain Pl. Chula Vista, CA 91913.
Registrant: Gabriel Ruliva Jr., 1447
Chance Mountain Pl. Chula Vista, CA
Nastic. THE COURT ORDERS that all
persons interested in this matter appear
before this court at the hearing indicated
MENT NO. 2019-9027167
Bonita Residential Care 2 located at
3661 Filly Lane Bonita, CA 91902 and
_________________ $______.00 to be paid Now Hiring
91913. This business is conducted by: below to show cause, if any, why the mailing address 1520 Sherman Drive FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE- Exerienced Caregivers
upon your receipt of the
invoice and tear sheet.
Individual. Signature: Gabriel Ruliva Jr. petition for change of name should not Chula Vista, CA 91911. Registrant: MENT NO. 2019-9027378
Statement filed with Recorder/County be granted. Any person objecting to the Wa Lai Bernarte, 1520 Sherman Drive JASMIN DÉCOR, JASMIN ARTS Thank you. for Live-In & Hourly Shifts
Clerk of San Diego County on October name changes described above must Chula Vista, CA 91911. This business located at 7840 Westside Dr. Apt 311
25, 2019 AJ 244 11/8/15/22/29/2019 file a written objection that includes the is conducted by: Individual. Registrant San Diego, CA 92108. Registrant: Recai Fax #
_________________ reasons for the objection at least two first commenced to transact business Noyan Karakas, 7840 Westside Dr. Apt Top Pay • Flexible Hours • Great Benefits
court days before the matter is sched- under the above name as of 10/18/19. 311 San Diego, CA 92108. This business
MENT NO. 2019-9026975
uled to be heard and must appear at the
hearing to show cause why the petition
Signature: Wa Lai Bernarte. Statement
filed with Recorder/County Clerk of San
is conducted by: Individual. Registrant
has not yet begun to transact business Requirements
Carlsbad Tax and Consulting located should not be granted. If no written
objection is timely filed, the court may
Diego County on 11/08/19. AJ 258
11/15/22/29 12/6/2019
under the above name. Signature: Recai
Noyan Karakas. Statement filed with
• 3 professional references
at 701 Palomar Airport Road Suite TO APPROVE
300 Carlsbad, CA 92011. Registrant:
Taxes and Postal Inc, 701 Palomar
grant the petition without a hearing.
_________________ Recorder/County Clerk of San Diego
County on 11/13/19. AJ 265 11/22/29
Proof of eligibility to work in the US
and fax
Airport Road Suite 300 Carlsbad, CA 1/7/2020 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE- 12/6/13/2019 back to
92011. This business is conducted by: 8:30 AM, Dept. 23 MENT NO. 2019-9027034 _________________ (619) 474-0373Call
or for an appointment
Corporation. Registrant first com- Superior Court El Gallo Universal located at 1460 acknowledge via
menced to transact business under the 325 S. Melrose Dr. South 43rd St. Ste. F San Diego, CA The Asian Journal is a legally ad- Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
above name as of 10/31/19. Signature: Vista, CA 92081 92113. Registrant: Jeffrey Mario Castro, judicated newspaper of General Cir-
Ke H. Ball, President. Statement filed A copy of this Order to Show Cause 7794 Woodbine Way San Diego, CA
with Recorder/County Clerk of San shall be published at least once each 92114. This business is conducted
culation in the State of California. It
is authorized to print official legal La Jolla Apply Online!
Diego County on Nov. 6, 2019 AJ 245 week for four successive weeks prior to by: Individual. Registrant first com-
11/8/15/22/29/2019 the date set for hearing on the petition menced to transact business under the
notices of all types including Liens,
Fictitious Names, Change of Name,
_________________ in the following newspaper of general above name as of 08/01/04.Signature: Abandonment, Estate Sales, Auc-
circulation printed in this county. Asian Jeffrey Mario Castro. Statement filed
tions, Public Offerings, Court Or-
FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE- Journal: Date: Nov 8,2019 with Recorder/County Clerk of San
dered publishing, etc.
For dependable car repairs
MENT NO. 2019-9026613 Sim von Kalinowski Diego County on 11/07/19. AJ 259
Exclusive Dealz located at 4141 Huer- Judge of the Superior Court 11/15/22/29 12/6/2019 To advertise, call (619)-474-0588
fano Ave. San Diego, CA 92117. Reg- AJ 252 _________________ or send message to asianjournal@
istrant: JD Investment Resources LLC 11/15/22/29 12/6/2019 The Asian Journal is also
1 , 4141 Huerfano Ave. San Diego, CA _________________ ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE FOR available in digital form. Visit our
website at www.asianjournalusa.
Mission Valley Foreign
92117. This business is conducted by: CHANGE OF NAME
Limited Liability Company. Registrant ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE FOR CASE NUMBER: 37—2019 – com. A multi-award winning news-
first commenced to transact business CHANGE OF NAME 00058596-CU-PT-CTL paper, the Asian Journal is published

Car Service, Inc.

under the above name as of 11/1/19. CASE NUMBER: 37—2019 – TO ALL INTERESTED PERSONS: Peti- weekly every Friday and distributed
Signature: Jeffrey D. Herriman. State- 00058583-CU-PT-CTL tioner Melissa Taylor on behalf of Cam- all over San Diego County. Advertis-
ment filed with Recorder/County Clerk TO ALL INTERESTED PERSONS: eron ONeil filed a petition with this court ing deadline is every Wednesday at 5
of San Diego County on Nov.1, 2019 AJ Petitioner Katie Hickey Walders filed for a decree changing names as follows: p.m. prior to the publication date. For
246 11/8/15/22/29/2019 a petition with this court for a decree Cameron James ONeil to Cameron advertising and subscription informa-
_________________ changing names as follows: Katie
Hickey Walders to Katie Colleen Hickey.
that all persons interested in this matter
tion, call (619) 474-0588 or send an
email message to asianjournal@aol.
MENT NO. 2019-9026132
THE COURT ORDERS that all persons
interested in this matter appear before
appear before this court at the hearing
indicated below to show cause, if any,
com. The Asian Journal is not respon-
sible for unsolicited manuscripts and
A.R.M. METAL SUPPLY located at this court at the hearing indicated below why the petition for change of name
2267 Montemar Ave. Escondido, CA to show cause, if any, why the peti- should not be granted. Any person ob-
phtographs but welcomes submis-
sions. Entire content is copyrighted
92027. Registrant: Jose D. Mendoza, tion for change of name should not be jecting to the name changes described
material by Asian Journal. Materials
2267 Montemar Ave. Escondido, CA granted. Any person objecting to the above must file a written objection that
name changes described above must includes the reasons for the objection at
in this publication may not be repro-
92027. This business is conducted
by: Individual. Registrant first com- file a written objection that includes the least two court days before the matter duced without specific permission
menced to transact business under the reasons for the objection at least two is scheduled to be heard and must ap- from the Asian Journal publisher.
above name as of 08/26/14. Signature: court days before the matter is sched- pear at the hearing to show cause why

Court rules Daleiden's

Jose D. Mendoza. Statement filed uled to be heard and must appear at the the petition should not be granted. If no
with Recorder/County Clerk of San hearing to show cause why the petition written objection is timely filed, the court
Diego County on Oct.28,2019 AJ 247 should not be granted. If no written may grant the petition without hearing.
objection is timely filed, the court may
grant the petition without hearing.
01/16/20 undercover videos caused
'substantial harm' to
NOTICE OF HEARING 9:00 AM, Dept. 903
MENT NO. 2019-9024709 9:00 AM, Dept. 903 1100 Union St.
4849 University Ave San Diego, CA
92105. Registrant: Osman Ibrahim Os-
Superior Court
1100 Union St.
San Diego, CA 92101
San Diego, CA 92101
A copy of this Order to Show Cause
shall be published at least once each
Planned Parenthood
San Francisco, Calif., Nov 15,
man, 4546 60th St. #5 San Diego, CA A copy of this Order to Show Cause week for four successive weeks prior to 2019 / 03:05 pm (CNA).- A pro-life
92115 and Abdulkadir Mohamed Mo- shall be published at least once each the date set for hearing on the petition organization said that “justice was
hidin, 8890 Jamacha Rd. #201 Spring week for four successive weeks prior to in the following newspaper of general
Valley, CA 91977. This business is con- the date set for hearing on the petition circulation printed in this county. Asian not done,” after a federal court found
ducted by: Co-Partners. Registrant first in the following newspaper of general Journal: Date Nov.05,2019 that pro-life advocate David Da-
commenced to transact business under circulation printed in this county. Asian Peter C. Deddeh leiden’s Center for Medical Progress
the above name as of 10/9/19. Signa- Journal: Date Nov.05,2019 Judge of the Superior Court caused “substantial harm” to Planned
ture: Osman Ibrahim Osman. Statement Peter C. Deddeh AJ 260 Parenthood by secretly recording
filed with Recorder/County Clerk of San Judge of the Superior Court 11/15/22/29 12/6/2019 meetings with abortion doctors
Diego County on Oct.09,2019 AJ 248
AJ 253
11/15/22/29 12/6/2019
and staff to expose their business
H Mart is seeking Stocking Clerks
_________________ _________________ FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE-
MENT NO. 2019-9027679 “Justice was not done today in San for Seafood, Meat, Produce,
Francisco. While top Planned Par-
MENT NO. 2019-9026843
MENT NO. 2019-9027188
ARTS & CO. located at 5189 Sand-
bar Cove Way San Diego, CA 92154. enthood witnesses spent six weeks Grocery, and other departments.
testifying under oath that the undercover
RVQ HANDYMAN located at 889
Saugerties Ave San Diego, CA 92154.
Bravo Cleaning Services located at
6859 Bear River Row #4 San Diego,
Registrant: Marc Alain Dimalanta Amio,
5189 Sandbar Cove Way San Diego, CA videos are true and Planned Parenthood (Full Time and Part Time)
Registrant: Reynaldo V. Quintana, 889 CA 92139 and mailing address 727 E. 92154. This business is conducted by: sold fetal organs on a quid pro quo basis,
Saugerties Ave San Diego, CA 92154. San Ysidro Blvd #1592 San Ysidro, CA Individual. Registrant first commenced a biased judge with close Planned Par-
This business is conducted by: Indi-
vidual. Registrant first commenced to
92173. Registrant: Bryan David Bravo,
6859 Bear River Row #4 San Diego, CA
to transact business under the above
name as of 11/15/19.Signature: Marc
enthood ties spent six weeks influencing
the jury with pre-determined rulings Visit our stores ,
transact business under the above name
as of 05/16/19. Signature: Reynaldo V.
92139. This business is conducted by:
Individual. Signature: Bryan David Bravo.
Alain Dimalanta Amio. Statement filed
with Recorder/County Clerk of San
and suppressing the video evidence,
all in order to rubber-stamp Planned email or call
Quintana. Statement filed with Recorder/
County Clerk of San Diego County
Statement filed with Recorder/County
Clerk of San Diego County on 11/08/19.
Diego County on 11/15/19. AJ 261
11/22/29 12/6/13/2019
Parenthood’s lawsuit attack on the First
Amendment,” the Center for Medical (562) 879-8591 to apply
on Nov.5, 2019 AJ 249 11/15/22/29 AJ 254 11/15/22/29 12/6/2019 _________________ Progress said Nov. 15
12/6/2019 _________________ “This is a dangerous precedent for
MENT NO. 2019-9026947
citizen journalism and First Amendment Locations:
civil rights across the country, sending
FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATE- MENT NO. 2019-9027388 Studio 4 Interiors located at 1990 Kent
a message that speaking truth and facts 9440 Mira Mesa Bl.,
MENT NO. 2019-9027086 3 Barbershop located at 1245 “A” St. Chula Vista, CA 91913 and mailing
Motiva Associates located at 282 Highland Ave National City, CA 91950. address P.O. Box 210852 Chula Vista, to criticize the powerful is no longer San Diego, CA 92126
protected by our institutions,” the group
Landis Avenue Chula Vista, CA 91910 Registrant: Alicia Paredes, 537 F Street CA 91921. Registrant: Liliana V. Bello
Tel. (858) 577-0060
and mailing address P.O. Box 122279 Chula Vista, CA 91910. This business Recio, 1990 Kent St. Chula Vista, CA
Chula Vista, CA 91912. Registrant: is conducted by: Individual. Signa- 91913, This business is conducted by: The federal court in San Francisco has
Motiva Family Therapists and Behavioral ture: Alicia Paredes. Statement filed
with Recorder/County Clerk of San
Individual. Registrant has not yet begun
to transact business under the above
ordered Daleiden’s organization to pay
Planned Parenthood $870,000 in puni-
7725 Balboa Ave, San Diego, CA 92111
Services, Inc., 282 Landis Avenue Chula
Vista, CA 91910. This business is con- Diego County on 11/13/19. AJ 255 name. Signature: Liliana V. Bello Recio. tive damages. Tel. (858) 836-9230
ducted by: Corporation. Registrant first 11/15/22/29 12/6/2019 Statement filed with Recorder/County
November 22-28, 2019 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | Page 11

5 Hikes to See San Diego's Fall Colors
Of all of the natural features fall color. San Diego's reputation usually leads people to suspect
in San Diego, the last thing that for perpetual sunshine and two that the more classic seasonal
visitors expect to encounter is seasons (warm/dry and mild/wet) ( Continued on page 9 )

A Magical Sa Puso. largest casino floor in California. With

Another featured entertainer was the addition of the newly built 14-story
Marcelito Pomoy, a Filipino singer hotel tower, there are now a total of
( Continued from page 12 ) 1,090 luxurious rooms and suites. The
known for his ability to sing in both
auditioned and was later cast in the tenor and soprano. He is the grand two-story spa facility Spa Pechanga has
2009 Cinemalaya film Last Supper also won numerous awards. In addi-
winner of the second season of Pili- tion, the 40,000-square foot Pechanga
Number 3. The independent film was pinas Got Talent. Summit can accommodate 3,000 event
where Direk Lauren Dyogi, business Eric Nicolas, a TV host, actor and goers, whereas, the Pechanga The-
unit head of ABS-CBN found him comedian kept the audience laugh- ater has 1,200 seats to host top-notch
and asked to audition for Midnight ing with his jokes while hosting the entertainment shows. Make a splash at
Phantom. show. The Cove with your family or indulge
He was cast in the new PHR series your culinary cravings at one of our 13
Alyna and paired with his Midnight About Pechanga Resort Casino restaurants. Come “Play Your Perfect
Phantom co-actor Charee Pineda . Combination” at Pechanga Resort Ca-
His biggest break so far is playing Pechanga was recently voted “Best sino. Pechanga is just a less than two-
the lead role as Gabriel Maglayon in Southern California Casino” in the hour drive from Los Angeles and about a
readers’ polls of 2019 held by The one-hour drive from San Diego.
ABS-CBN's 2011 remake of Mula
Press-Enterprise and Orange County

The First Register” At the same time, Pechanga Pechanga Resort Casino offers one of
also picked up first place wins in the the largest and most expansive resort/
( Continued from page 9 ) categories of “Best Casino Resort,” casino experiences anywhere in the
“Best Entertainment,” “Best Poker,” United States. Named the Number One
Members Association (AFMA) is the casino in America by readers of USA
daughter of Marianing Galan Tionko “Best Casino Spa” and “Best Casino
Golf Course” in the Southern California TODAY and rated a Four Diamond
and Victoria Tirador-Tionko. property by AAA since 2002, Pechanga
Gaming Guide’s readers’ poll.
Attendance of the Araneta's from Likewise, in the national online read- Resort Casino provides an unparalleled
Anilao in Iloilo headed by Sanggu- ers’ poll held by USA Today’s 10Best. getaway. Offering more than 5,000 of
niang Bayan (SB) Member Paterno com, Pechanga came in as one of the top the hottest slots, table games, world-
Aponte Araneta included Francisco, three in the “Best Casino Hotel” and the class entertainment, 1,090 hotel rooms,
Ninfa, Mauricio, and Warlito Ara- “Best Casino Outside Las Vegas” cat- dining, spa and championship golf at
neta. Together with them who came egories. Among the result of the “Best Journey at Pechanga, Pechanga Resort
were Asuncion Araneta Pedroso, Casino Hotel” poll, Pechanga came in Casino features a destination that meets
third, just a little behind Mohegan Sun and exceeds the needs of its guests and
Milagros Araneta Caro, and Samuel the community. Pechanga Resort Casino
Araneta Pedroso. They are descen- and Foxwoods.
The $300M Pechanga Resort Casino is owned and operated by the Pechanga
dants of Pantaleon Araneta who Band of Luiseño Indians. For more in-
spent on their resort expansion would ri-
left Molo to settle at Barrio Santo val any casino in California or Nevada. formation, call toll free (877) 711-2946
Rosario in Anilao, Iloilo during the With 200,000-square foot of casino floor or visit Follow
early part of the 19th century. combined with an exhilarating array of Pechanga Resort Casino on Facebook
The descendants of Eusebio Araneta table games and slots, Pechanga has the and on Twitter @PechangaCasino.
who came were; Andrea Araneta de
Zaldarriaga, Senene Araneta-Araño; also
Raul A. Belita from Capiz with his wife

Dental Implant Centers

Lydia and their daughter Rita together TM
with her husband Pilar, Capiz --Mayor
Ike Patricio.
Granddaughters of Don Simplicio
Benedicto Montinola and Cornelia Mili-
tante Araneta-Montinola who participat- DENTAL IMPLANT CENTERS® is the leading provider of comprehensive dental implant treatments in San Diego.
ed were the children of Alfredo Araneta
Montinola and Rosario dela Peña-Mon-
tinola, namely; Emma Montinola-Ledes-
ma with her children: Roberto “Bobby”
and Joaquinito; also Emma’s sister
Violeta Montinola-Ng with her husband
Pepito Ng. (to be continued)

Dr James Khazian DMD, AFAAID, FICOI

❁ Advanced Dental Implant Education: ❁ All your implant treatment in one office, by one doctor.
Howard University, Loma Linda University, UCLA, USC No referrals.
❁ 25 years hands-on dental implant experience ❁ 2 convenient locations in Hillcrest and Escondido
❁ Fellow, International Congress of Oral Implantology ❁ Tagalog speaker
❁ Associate Fellow, American Academy of Implant Dentistry ❁ Watch Dr. Khazian on TV at

Call for a FREE CONSULTATION: UE Graduate 1987 Manila

866-469-7645 Fluent in Tagalog
Two convenient locations
❁ 727 E. Grand Ave, Escondido 92025 ❁ 3969 4th Ave. Suite 205, San Diego 92103

866.469.7645 •
Page 12 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | November 22-28, 2019

䌀䰀䔀䄀一 吀䔀䔀吀䠀 䄀一䐀 䠀䔀䄀䰀吀䠀夀 䜀唀䴀匀 䘀伀刀 䰀䤀䘀䔀℀

䰀漀漀欀椀渀最 昀漀爀 愀 挀愀爀椀渀最
A Magical Night at the Pechanga Resort Casino 愀渀搀 昀爀椀攀渀搀氀礀 搀攀渀琀椀猀琀㼀

t was indeed a magical
night at the Pechanga
Resort Casino in Temec-
ula, California last Novem-
ber 2, 2019 when The ‘Phe-
nomenal Box Office Queen’
in Manila, multi-talented ac-
tress and performer, Kathryn
Bernardo and young-famed
heartthrob, Daniel Padilla,
along with three other vet-
eran actors, performed live at
the Pechanga Resort Casino
last November 2, 2019.
Dubbed as the “One Magical
Night”, the show also featured JM de
Guzman, Eric Nicolas and Mar-
celito Pomoy. Hundreds of fans were
thrilled to see the cast, much more
when they performed live at the
Pechanga Resort Theater.

Bernardo became known for her

role as Mara in the TV series Mara
䌀䄀䰀䰀 吀伀䐀䄀夀 ℀ ⠀㘀㄀㤀⤀㐀㜀㜀ⴀ 㔀㜀   켥 䐀爀匀洀椀氀攀刀砀⸀挀漀洀
Clara and also starred in other
TV series. She is the first and only
Filipina actress who breached the 䐀爀⸀ 䴀礀爀渀愀 䔀⸀ 䰀愀稀愀最愀Ⰰ 䐀⸀䴀⸀䐀⸀
800-Million mark for two movies. of the year including Princess and I ,
One was in 2018 for The Hows of She won "Best Actress" awards Got to Believe and Pangako Sa 'Yo. ᐧ䘀爀椀攀渀搀氀礀Ⰰ 䌀愀爀椀渀最  ᐧ䌀漀渀瘀攀渀椀攀渀琀 
Us and the other one is Hello, Love, at the 35th PMPC Star Awards for He made his feature film debut as ☀ 䬀渀漀眀氀攀搀最攀ⴀ 䠀漀甀爀猀 ☀ 
Goodbye for 2019. Movies and Entertainment Editors' supporting cast in 2012 before star- 䰀漀挀愀琀椀漀渀
愀戀氀攀 䐀攀渀琀椀猀琀
Choice Awards for Movies, or The ring in the top 10 highest-grossing
She holds the highest-grossing EDDY'S 2019 for her outstanding Filipino films of the year. Padilla ᐧ䐀攀渀琀椀猀琀爀礀 眀椀琀栀  ᐧ匀愀琀甀爀搀愀礀 
Filipino Film of All Time for the portrayal as George in The Hows of has released three double platinum    愀 䰀椀最栀琀 吀漀甀挀栀 䄀瀀瀀漀椀渀琀洀攀渀琀猀 
movie Hello, Love, Goodbye. It also
ᐧ䌀愀爀椀渀最 匀琀愀û
Us. albums in Philippines He also held 䄀瘀愀椀氀愀戀氀攀
became the highest-grossing Filipino headlining concerts and has earned
Film in the Middle East, Australia, Bernardo was also given the “Box numerous awards in television, film, ᐧ䔀洀攀爀最攀渀挀椀攀猀  ᐧ䘀刀䔀䔀 
and North America. Hello, Love, Office Queen” award for the block- and music. His hit song "Simpleng 圀攀氀挀漀洀攀℀    䌀漀渀猀甀氀琀愀琀椀漀渀猀℀
Goodbye broke the Box Office Re- buster movie Barcelona: A Love Un- Tulad Mo" won MYX Music Awards
cords of any Filipino Film. told at the 48th Guillermo Mendoza for Favorite Song. He has received 䘀䄀䴀䤀䰀夀 켥 䌀伀匀䴀䔀吀䤀䌀 켥 伀刀吀䠀伀䐀伀一吀䤀䌀
Box Office Awards. three World Music Awards nomina-
Bernardo was given the "Phe- tions in 2013, and became the first 㤀㄀㐀 䔀⸀ 㠀琀栀 匀琀爀攀攀琀Ⰰ 匀甀椀琀攀 ㈀ 㠀Ⰰ 一愀琀椀漀渀愀氀 䌀椀琀礀Ⰰ 䌀䄀 㤀㄀㤀㔀 
nomenal Box Office Queen" award Her partner, Daniel Padilla is an Pinoy artist to win Kids' Choice
alongside with her on-screen and actor and recording artist labeled as Awards for Global Slime Star.
real-life partner Daniel Padilla for Philippine showbiz's "Teen King"
their movie “The Hows of Us”, and "King of Hearts". He made his Playing the supporting role in the
which also broke multiple records television debut with a supporting concert was JM de Guzman who
in the Philippine Cinema at the 50th role in soap opera Gimik 2010, be- started his career as a print and TV
Guillermo Mendoza Box Office fore landing the lead role in Grow- model before being cast in Ang TV
Awards and received the prestigious ing Up. He has starred in the most 2 as JM "Butik" de Guzman. He
Camera Obscura Award from FDCP. watched Filipino television programs ( Continued on page 11 )


Here are some things you can do this season to save between
Do laundry before 4pm or after 9pm when energy prices are lower.
4pm and 9pm when energy prices are highest:
Caulk/weatherstrip doors and windows to save 10-20% on heating.

Let hot foods cool off (1hr max.) before placing them in the fridge.

Turn off computers, TV’s and other electronics when not in use.

Prepare meals in a slow cooker outside the hours of 4pm and 9pm.

Choose your plan at Time to save.

© 2019 San Diego Gas & Electric Company. All trademarks belong to their respective owners. All rights reserved. Actual savings may vary and will depend on various factors, including geographic location, weather conditions, equipment installed, usage rates and similar factors.

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