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Emergency Response Plan (ERP) assignment

Q1. Develop an off – site and on – site emergency response plan for any chemical plant.

 On – site emergency
An accident/ incident that takes place in a factory, and its effects are confined to the factory
premises, involving only the persons working in the factory and the property inside the
 Off – site emergency
The accident is such that it affects inside factory are uncontrollable and it may spread
widely outside the factory premises.

On – site emergency response plan

Emergency response plan consist of designated emergency control centre/room and key personnel.

Emergency control centre is the main part where the operations to handle the emergency are
directed and co-ordinated.

The facilities that must be available in the emergency control centre are:

 Internal and external communication.

 Computer and other essential records.
 Daily attendance of workmen employed in factory.
 Storage of hazardous materials record and manufacturing records.
 Pollution records.
 Walkie – talky.
 Plan of the plant showing –
o Storage area of hazardous materials.
o Storage of safety equipment.
o Firefighting systems.
o Water sources.
o Assembly points.
o Truck parking area.
 Notebooks, pad and pen.
 List of key personnel with addresses, telephone number and other important information.

Assembly points is designated area for a group of people to meet and gather in an emergency. It
must locate far away as to ensure that the plant workers, contract worker and visitors are safe, and
their attendance must be check as to ensure there is no missing person during emergency.

Key personnel for onsite emergency

Person in charge Duty/ duties

1. Asses the magnitude of the situation
and decide whether the evacuation of
staff from the plant is needed.
General manager of the plant
2. Maintain a continuous review of
( work main controller)
possible development and assess in
consultation with work incident
controller and other key personnel.
3. Liaison with police, fire service, medical
services factory inspectorate and other
government agencies.
4. Direct and control rehabilitation of
affected area after emergency.
5. Intimate off-site emergency controller
of the emergency spreads beyond the
factory premises and likely affect the
surrounding area.
1. Take overall charge and report to the
work main controller on the current
situation through personnel
communication system.
2. Assess the situation and estimate the
magnitude of emergency.
Plant manager
3. Give direction whether to stop all the
(work incident controller)
operation or not within the affected
4. Ensure that all non-essential worker or
staff are evacuated to assembly point.
5. Informed to all key personnel and all
outside agency for help.
1. Alarming the siren and proceed to the
control centre and communicate to
work incident controller.
2. Collect information form the
emergency affected area and send the
actual information to work main
Communication officer
controller for declaration of
3. Contact all other essential department
and take stock of the meteorological
condition from local meteorological
1. A group that responsible for the
eliminate and dispose the source of
2. Inform the level of hazards and the
current situation to the work main
Security and fire officer
3. May require outside support such as
from state fire service and other
mutual aids department.
4. Control the traffic movement in and
out the factory and ensure alternative
transport is available when needed.
1. Immediate respond to the injured
Medical officer worker/person that cause by the
2. Collect and record the number of
victims and handed it to the work main
controller for inspect.
3. If the victim gets serious injury, the
victims immediately send to the
nearest hospital.
1. Ensure that the casualties receive
adequate attention to arrange
additional helps of required and inform
their relatives.
Personnel/ administrative officer 2. Arrange for the relief of personnel and
organize refreshment and catering
facilities if the emergency is prolonged.
3. Arrange for finance for the expenditure
to handle the emergency.
1. Follow the instruction given by work
main controller and other key
Worker/ staff/ sub-contractor personnel.
2. Walk carefully to the designated area
and ensure the safety of each other.

Off – site emergency response plan

(From TATA CHEMICALS, Safety and Health Department)

Objective of off – site emergency plan:

 To protect persons and properties of the factory in general and the affected community.
 To plan for evacuation, safe assembly points and transportation required.
 To plan for rescue and recuperation of casualties and injuries. To plan for relief and

Structure of off – site emergency plan

Main Incident Controller

Incident Controller

Dy. Incident Controller

Site main controller will provide copy of the onsite emergency plan to
district authorities, factory inspectorate and emergency services so
Factory management that information from the various annexures, authorities will make
their emergency preparedness to formulate and execute area of off –
site emergency plan.
Emergency co – Liaison closely with main incident controller. In case of severe incident
ordination officer external control may be given to senior local authority or even
(ECO) administrator appointed by government.
Local authority will appoint emergency planning officer (EPO). It will be
the responsible of EPO to ensure that those entire organisations which
Local authority
will involve off – site emergency plan in handing of emergency know
their role and able to accept it by having sufficient team member.
On hearing the emergency proceed immediately to the site. Divert the
workforce towards the pre decided assembly points. They give
instruction to all security people not to allow other people other than
Fire authorities the key personnel and essential worker to cross the affected area. If
necessary, they will control the traffic inside the work area. Fire
authorities must ensure that the incident controller keep update about
the fire and rescue measures.
Health authorities will be prepared to treat injured affected people
with the optimum use of resources available. External help may require
Health authorities
for this team and may be taken from surrounding private and
government clinic.
These authorities will observe the rehearsal of off – site emergency
Assistant directorate of plan. Emergency plan will suggest correction to make it fail – safe. In
industrial safety and event of incident, the DISH will assist the district emergency authorities
health for information and available help from surrounding area. They will
(DISH) investigate to find the cause of incident and may also interview
Q2. a) Plant that used and store chemical substances need to have emergency response plan for
their future references. Emergency response plan (ERP) is a plan that specifies procedures for
handling sudden or unexpected situation that have potential to cause casualties, loss in property and
affect the surrounding area.

Ammonia gas can decompose at high temperature forming very flammable hydrogen and toxic
nitrogen dioxide. It is a compressed gas and a confined space explosion and toxic hazard may occur.
Ammonia gas also a corrosive gas and may be fatal if being expose for a period.