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School: Grade Level: 9

Teacher: Learning Area: English
Teaching Dates and Time: Dec. 9-13, 2019 (Week 6 ) Quarter: 3


I. OBJECTIVES The learner demonstrates communicative competence through his/ her understanding of literature and other texts types for a deeper appreciation of Philippine Culture and
those of other countries.
A. Content Standards:
The learner demonstrates understanding of how Anglo-American literature and other text types serve as means of connecting to the world; also how to
use ways of analyzing one-act play and different forms of verbal for him/her to skillfully perform in a one-act play.

B. Performance Standards:
The learner skillfully performs in one-act play through utilizing effective verbal and non-verbal strategies and ICT resources based on the following
criteria: Focus, Voice, Delivery, and Dramatic Conventions.

C. Learning EN9LC-IIIe-f-3.13: Provide EN9LT-IIIe-f-16: Analyze EN9G-IIId-e-21: Use EN9OL-IIId-e- 5: Use the
Competencies/Objectives: appropriate and critical Literature Verbals. prosodic features of speech
Write the LC Code for each feedback/reaction to a when delivering lines in a
 Define Infinitives one –act play. Remedial/Enhancement
specific context or situation
Reading Schedule/ICL
EN9VC-IIIe-f-4.3/5.3: EN9OL-IIId-e-5: Compose  Determine the
forms of literary writing. prosodic features of
Analyze the information speech when
contained in the material delivering lines in a
viewed one – act play.

Content is what the lesson is all about. It pertains to the subject matter that the teacher aims to teach. In the CG, the content can be tackled in a week or two.
Lesson 4: With Fortitude and Determination
II. CONTENT  Providing  Expressing  Verbals: Using  Prosodic Features Remedial/Enhancement
Appropriate and Sensory Images Infinitives of Speech Reading Schedule/ICL
Critical Feedback  Literary Devices
Lists the materials to be used in different days. Varied sources of materials sustain children’s interest in the lesson and in learning. Ensure that there is a mix of concrete and
III. LEARNING RESOURCES manipulative materials as well as paper-based materials. Hands-on learning promotes concept development.
A. References
1. Teacher’s Guide Pages English 9 TG P 153 - 159 English 9 TG P 153 - 159 English 9 TG P 153 - 159 English 9 TG P 153 - 159

2. Learner’s Materials Pages English 10 P 284 - 292 English 10 P 293 - 295 English 10 P 295 - 300 English 10 P 296 - 301
3. Textbook Pages English 10 P 284 - 292 English 10 P 293 - 295 English 10 P 295 - 300 English 10 P 296 - 301
4. Additional Materials from
Learning Resource (LR) portal
B. Other Learning Resources None – textbook only None – textbook only None – Textbook only


These steps should be done across the week. Spread out the activities appropriately so that students will learn well. Always be guided by demonstration of learning by the
I. PROCEDURES students which you can infer from formative assessment activities. Sustain learning systematically by providing students with multiple ways to learn new things, practice their
learning, question their learning processes, and draw conclusions about what they learned in relation to their life experiences and previous knowledge. Indicate the time
allotment for each step.
A. Reviewing Previous Lesson or Ask: Ask: Ask: Ask: Remedial/Enhancement
Presenting the New Lesson What are the prosodic What is Feedbacking? What What is a Sensory Images What is Infinitives? When Reading Schedule/ICL
features in English? is a critical response and Literary Devices? do we use Infinitives?

B. Establishing a Purpose for the Ask: Ask: Ask: Ask:

Lesson What is Feedbacking? Why What is Sensory Images If you can still recall, what is What is a prosodic features
does the idea a very and Literary Devices? How a verbals? What is in speaking English? How
important skill to you as a does expressing sensory Infinitives? What is the does appropriate use and
student especially in the images and literary devices importance of using the stressing of English when
decision making of life? help you in understanding infinitives in respecting delivering lines in a one-act
others despite the other’s differences? play helps you in daily
differences? lives?
C. Presenting Examples/Instances
of the Lesson What are the certain Give example of Sensory Example of infinitives... What are the prosodic
situations where Images and Literary features in English?
feedbacking is needed...? Devices...
D. Discussing New Concepts and
Practicing New Skills #1 Task 1 Listen, Think, and Task 7 Connect and Task 8 Language in Use Task 9 Act and
React Kinect A. Read the ... Communicate (GDA)
English 9 LM A. Sensory Images English 9 LM English 9 LM
pp. 304 English 9 LM pp. 295 pp. 296
pp. 293
E. Discussing New Concepts and Remedial/Enhancement
Practicing New Skills #2 Task 2 Audience Point of Task 7 Connect and Task 8 Language in Use Reading Schedule/ICL
View Kinect B. Complete ...
English 9 LM B. In the Know English 9 LM
pp. 304 - 305 English 9 LM pp. 296
pp. 293 Task 12 Lights Camera
C. Developing Mastery Action!
(Leads to Formative Assessment 3) Task 2 Audience Point of Match the literary on left... Task 8 Language in Use English 9 LM
View English 9 LM C. Look for ... pp. 301
A. Fill the... pp. 295 English 9 LM
English 9 LM pp. 296
pp. 305
D. Finding Practical Applications of
Concepts and Skills in Daily Why does Feedbacking a How does expressing Task 11 Write Now How does appropriate use
Living very important skill to you sensory images and literary English 9 LM and stressing of English
as a student especially in devices help you in pp. 300 when delivering lines in a
the decision making of life? understanding others one-act play helps you in
despite the differences? daily lives?
E. Making Generalizations and Remedial/Enhancement
Abstractions about the Lesson What is Feedbacking? What Create a Venn Diagram What is Infinitives? When What is a prosodic features Reading Schedule/ICL
is a critical response expressing the similarities do we use Infinitives? in speaking English?
means? and differences of Sensory
Images and Literary
F. Evaluating Learning
The Past Write a synopsis of any Teacher Made Test MY TREASURE
English 9 LM Movie Adaptation of any English 9 LM
pp. 306 Anglo – American Stories pp. 301
you’ve previously read or

G. Additional Activities for

Application or Remediation


Reflect on your teaching and assess yourself as a teacher. Think about your student’s progress this week. What works? What else needs to be done to help the
V. REFLECTION students learn?
Identify what help your instructional supervisors can provide for you so when you meet them, you can ask them relevant questions.
A. No. of learners who earned
80% in the evaluation

B. No. of learners who require

additional activities for remediation

C. Did the remedial lessons work? No.

of learners who have caught up with
the lesson

D. No. of learners who continue to

require remediation
E. Which of my teaching strategies
work well? Why did these work?

F. What difficulties did I encounter

which my principal or supervisor
can help me solve?

G. What innovations or localized

materials did I used/discover which
I wish to share with other teachers?