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Nicole G.

11- STEM C

1. Based on the tallied results, which type of solid waste do you produce most?

- Based on the materials I recorded, the type of solid waste I produce most is plastic bottle in non- biodegradable waste and in
organic waste is the fruit peel.

2. Why do you think you produce so much of this type of waste?

- I produce so much of plastic bottle because, in every school day I always buy bottled water and other type of beverages in the
schools canteen.

3. Give concrete ways that will help you minimize the solid waste you generate?

- buy recycled goods, reuse items whenever possible, and dispose of recyclable items in recycle bins.

4. Suggest ways on how the household, school, and community can reduce their solid waste.

-In our home we should learn how to reduce, reuse, and recycle materials to decrease household waste. Students, parents, and
teachers can all make a difference in reducing waste at school. By practicing the "3 R's" of waste reduction—reduce, reuse, and
recycleCitizens in every community can do many activities to work together and reduce waste. Each of us can make a difference by
reducing, reusing, and recycling materials throughout our communities-and encouraging our neighbors to do the same.


We should know the different effects of improper disposal of wastes in our environment. We should be responsible with our
wastes. Put it on the specific trash bins where it is properly belonged. We could also help our community through community services,
clean up drives and different activities that could help minimize our wastes. we should campaign and teach the kids about protecting
the environment for the future generation so that the community they'll be living on will be an accommodating and clean environment.
Nicole G. Mallari
11- STEM C

Personal Solid Waste Inventory

Non- Total
Biodegradable Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursda Friday Saturday Sunday Weight:
Wastes: y
 Plastic Bottle 2pcs (1g) 3pcs 2pcs (1g) 2pcs (1g) 2pcs (1g) 1pcs (.5g) 6g
 Candy wrapper 5pcs (.5g) 5pcs (.5g) 3pcs (.3g) 5pcs (.5g) 5pcs (.5g) 2pcs (.2g) 2.5g
 Paper 1pcs 2pcs (.5g) 2pcs (.5g) 1pcs (.25g) 2pcs (.5g) 1pcs (.25g) 2pcs (.5g) 2.75g
 Chip wrapper 1pcs (.5g) 1pcs (.5g) 1pcs (.5g) 1pcs (.5g) 1pcs (.5g) 2pcs (1g) 3.5g
 Plastic cup 1pcs (.4g) 2pcs (.8g) 1pcs (.4g) 3pcs (1.2g) 1pcs (.4g) 1pcs (.4g) 3.6g
 Bread wrapper 1pcs (.3g) 1pcs (.3g) 1pcs (.3g) 1pcs (.3g) 1.2g
 Plastic Bag 1pcs (.5g) 1pcs (.5g) 1pcs (.5g) 1pcs (.5g) 1pcs (.5g) 2.5g
Total Weight: 2.68g 3.8 g 3.5g 3.95g 3.4 g 2.05g 1.9g 22.05g
 Fruit Peel 10g 34g 18 g 62 g
 Vegetables peel 14g 40 g 54 g
Total Weight: 10g 0g 0g 0g 0g 48 g 58 g 116g