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Abejas y Zanganos

The illustration or cartoon shows the Spanish friars as fat drones and the Filipinos
laborers hard- working bees, economically disenfranchised in their own country. Old Spanish
drone: “look at the unfortunate sons of Adam, they fulfill the divine judgment—you shall live by
the sweat of your brow.” Young drone: “and we, father, why do we not labor; we do not sweat?”
old drone: “no, my son, to the greater glory of the lord”

Evadiendo la Contribution

While the crowd of Filipinos dutifully gathers before the internal revenue office to pay
taxes, two Spanish friars scamper down the street evading their taxes. The cartoon refers to the
intense church opposition to taxes on its properties levied by the Manila Municipal Board. In
October 1907 the Municipal and Advisory Board proposed a tax on all church opposition to
taxes on all church real estate. The Dominican owned newspaper liberias commented that such
taxes would “mean that Filipino Catholics in the future may not make manifest their religious
sentiments without submitting to condition not exacted ever by protestant or schimastic
governments.” The church protested the proposed tax vehemently, claiming it restrained freedom
of worship and had no parallel in the civilized world.

Representing Peking

The cartoon from the nationalist weekly Lipag Kalabaw, Pedro A. Paterno (the one who
represents Laguna province and introduced a bill to allow Chinese immigration for plantation
labor). He advocates Chinese immigration and outrage the crowd of Filipino from laborers
behind him. In the end the labor movement, working through radical representatives in the
Nacionalista Party defeated bill.

Negocio Allucinante

Shows the chinese addicts successfully bribing a Filipino pharmacist to sell them opium
from his medical stock.
Mientas el Chino Progreso, el Filipino Se Estena

Shows that in the past decade foreign merchants, chinese included, have grown from
small traders into “now great merchants and bankers.” The filiipinos by contrast, have remained
hewers of wood and drawers of water.

Question of Time

Illustrates the subtle Chinese corruption of Filipino civil servants. While few public
official of the early American era would have dared accept a blatant bribe in cash or kind
Chinese have over the past quarter century, selected influential Filipino officials as their
baptismal godfather when they convert to Christianity.
Las Cucañas Del 30 De Hulio Kuskus Balungos

Shows the outcome of the July Assembly Election in Manila two districts. Grasping the
20php per diem salary and waving the American flag of victory at the left side of the cartoon is
the Nacionalista Fernando Ma. Guerero. Below him Rafael Del Pan and Dr. Benito Valdes slip
downward. Below him Rafael Del Pan and Dr. Benito Valdes slips downward. On the right pole
Dr. Dominador Gomez has defeated rival Nacionalista Dr. Justo Lukban and Progresista Roberto

David and goliath

It portrays Ramon Diokno’s election as councilor for the manila north district in 1908 as
a stunning rebuke for Dr. Gomez. Through his free clinic and labor activities, Gomez had built
up a strong following in the working class district North of the Pasig River. Running in
opposition to the powerful Gomez faction in Manila North, Diokno had fared an uphill battle and
his victory was thus a major upset—to the delight of anti- Gomez elements within the
Nacionalista Party.
Goyo the Patriot

The independent mocks the marriage of convenience. It wonders how radical revolution
like sandiko can ally with an arch reactionary like Gregorio Araneta. While serving as solicitor
General under Governor-General WH Taft (1901-04), shown as “imperialism” with mustachos,
and his conservative successor. Araneta testified for the persecution in the libel case dean c.
Worcester filed against the nationalist newspaper El Renacimiento and defended Spanish friars
right to reoccupy their parishes.
Peeping in the eye of the key

Reveals the independence had always suspected—labors leaders are taking bribed from
the bosses.

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