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A. Background about the bank/general corporate information (6):

1 Brief narrative history of the bank
Basic organization structure/chart/description of corporate
3 General description of business activities
4 Date of establishment of the company
5 Official address/registered address/address for correspondence
6 Web address of the bank/email address
B. Corporate strategy (2):
Management's objectives and strategies/corporate
vision/motto/statement of corporate goals or objectives
Future strategy—information of future expansion (capital
expenditures)/ general development of business
C. Corporate governance (9):
Detail about the chairman (other than name/title) background of
the chairman/academic/professional/business experiences
Details about directors (other than name/title) background of the
directors/ academic/professional/business experiences
11 Number of shares held by directors
List of senior managers (not on the board of directors)/senior
management structure
13 Directors' engagement/directorship of other companies
14 Picture of all directors/board of directors
15 Picture of chairperson
16 Composition of Board of Directors
17 Number of BOD meetings held and date
D. Financial performance (6):
18 Brief discussion and analysis of afinancial position
19 Return on equity
20 Net interest margin
21 Earnings per share
22 Debt-to-equity ratio
23 Dividend per share
E. General risk management (8):
Discussion of overall risk management philosophy and
Narrative discussions on risk assets, risk measurement and
26 Information on risk management committee
27 Information on assets–liability management committee
28 Information on risk management and reporting system
29 Disclosure of credit rating system/process
30 General descriptions of market risk segments
31 Disclosure of interest rate risk
F. Accounting policy review (2):
32 Discussion on accounting policy
33 Disclosure of accounting standards uses for accounts
G. Corporate social disclosure (3):
34 Sponsoring public health, sponsoring of recreational projects
35 Information on donations to charitable organizations
H. Others (8):
36 Age of key employees
37 Chairman's/MD's report/directors report
38 Information on ISO 9001: 2000 certification
39 Graphical presentation of performance indicators
40 Performance at a glance—3 years
41 Related party disclosure
42 Details of non-compliance, penalties imposed by SE or SEBI
43 Year of listing at DSM