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A Detailed Lesson Plan in English Grade 11 Speech Styles

At the end of the 80-minute lesson, the students are expected to:

Topic : Intercultural Communication
Reference: Sipacio, P. & Balgos, A., (2016) Oral Communication in Context for
Senior High School, Quezon City, Philippines: C&E Publishing


Teacher’s Activity Students’ Activity

A. Routine

 Opening Prayer and Greetings

Everyone stand-up and let us all pray.

(Student), could you please lead our Our Father in heaven We, the AUF
prayer. Community, Consecrate ourselves to the
Cause of Truth. That in all our aspirations,
we may contribute to the greater good.
Born from the Heart of the Church, Grant
us the commitment to serve, Promote
dignity of every person, and Build an
authentic human society. May we
constantly strive to become Mabuti,
Magaling, at may Malasakit sa Kapwa
That we may attain total development of
humanity For Your greater Glory. Amen.

Good morning, class! Good morning, Ma’am!

 Checking of Attendance and

Settling Down

Please align your chairs and pick up any

pieces of paper or trash below your chairs.
Before we start, secretary, do we have any None, ma’am! / There are absentees,
absentees? ma’am. They are (student), (student) and

B. Motivation

C. Lesson proper

D. Generalization

It seems like you already understood our

lesson. So now, I want you to ponder
about something. What do you think would
happen if people are not aware of the
A Detailed Lesson Plan in English Grade 11 Speech Styles

different speech styles? I think if people are not aware of the

different speech styles, there won’t be any
uniformity in different communication
scenarios. For example, people will use
any type of language that they want to
use. They might use formal languages
when they talk to their friends and families
and they might use informal language
when they talk to someone who has an
authority. For me, if that happened, it
would be chaotic and people will lose their
sense of uniformity because they would
randomly use the language that they
Very good! Thank you for that (student). wanted to use.
How about the others? What do you think
will happen if people are not aware of the
different speech styles? In my opinion, aside from what (student)
had said, not being aware of the different
speech styles will result on people losing
their sense of respect when they speak.
Based on my experiences, we show our
respect to others by properly choosing the
language that we use when we
communicate with them. For instance, if an
employee talked to his/her boss, he/she
will use formal language in order to show
his/her respect towards his/her boss. On
the other hand, if we talk to our friends, we
choose to use casual language so that our
friends will feel that we treat them as
someone who we feel comfortable with,
which I think is also a sign of respect
towards them. Therefore, aside from losing
uniformity in every communication
scenario, the lack of awareness of the
different speech styles will also result into
people losing their sense of respect
Excellent, (student)! Based on what towards others.
(student) and (student) had said, could we
now say that being aware of the different
speech styles is very important to all of
us? Yes, ma’am!

If that’s the case, what do you think is

noticeable change that might happen to
you now that you are fully aware of the
different speech styles? I think the most noticeable change that
might happen to me is that I’ll be more
careful on the language that I use
whenever I communicate with others. Our
discussion of the different speech styles
taught me that not all speech styles could
Thank you for that (student). It is indeed fit every communication scenario.
very important to be very careful with the
language that we use when we
communicate with others, so that we won’t
offend them. Anyone who want to share
A Detailed Lesson Plan in English Grade 11 Speech Styles

his/her thoughts? Yes, (student). As someone who easily approaches

people, when I got deeply engage in a
conversation, I tend to forget that I am
talking to someone who has higher
authority and end up using informal
language when I converse with them.
However, now that I am aware of the
different speech styles, I could be more
Very good, (student)! It is quite nice that tactful when I talk with others.
you are now aware of the importance of
knowing the different speech styles in our
daily lives. I hope from today onwards, we
would be more sensitive in choosing the
languages that we use when conversing
with others. Is that alright, class? Yes, ma’am.

Good. Now, do you any questions about None, ma’am.

our discussion?

E. Application

Since you do not have any question, let us

now proceed to our next activity. For our
next activity, you need to be seated with
your group because we will be doing a
quiz bee type of activity. I will be showing
you video clips of different communication
scenarios and what you need to do is
determine what speech style and speech
context is being reflected in each video
clip. You have to write your answers in
these boards using white board markers.
For each video clip, I’ll be giving you 30 All clear, ma’am.
seconds to write down your answers. After
the time limit, you need to raise your Yes, ma’am.
boards and show me your answers. Before
we start, is everything clear?

Good. Shall we start?

Okay. This one will be a practice. Here’s

the first one.

(The students will do the activity.)

Your 30 seconds starts now.

(After 30 seconds)

Time’s up. Boards up, please. The correct

A Detailed Lesson Plan in English Grade 11 Speech Styles

answer is Intimate and Interpersonal. All of

you got the correct answer. Do you now
understand how our activity will go? Yes, ma’am.

Any questions? None, ma’am.

If that’s the case, let’s now continue.

(The teacher will continue facilitating the



Instructions: Determine which type of speech style is suited in each of the

communication scenarios below.


Teacher’s Activities Students’ Activities

For your assignment, you will be doing a
forced analogy of speech styles and one
object that you think is comparable to speech
styles. Here’s an example of a forced analogy.
As you could see this example is a
comparison speech styles and clothing. Class, I chose to compare clothing with speech
please read the explanation below. styles because based on our discussion no
speech styles is appropriate for every
communication scenario; in some situations,
we need to use formal languages while on
others we need to use casual languages.
On the other hand, no clothing could also fit
in every occasion; some occasion needs
formal clothes likes coat and tie, while
others need casual ones like jeans and T-
Just like our example, in a one short bond
paper, you need to draw an object that is most
likely comparable with speech styles. Below
your drawing, using three to five sentences,
explain why you chose that object. In addition,
you cannot copy the example that I provided.
You need to think of another object. Clear? Clear, ma’am.

Good. The submission of the assignment will

be next meeting. Before we end our class, do
you have any questions? None, ma’am.

Okay. Good day, class. Good day, ma’am.