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Cloud Software for Commercial Cleaning,

Janitorial Services and Building Service


ManageClean on SAP Business One is a commercial cleaning software designed for

janitorial services and building service companies. Our software solution manages
recurring invoices, special services invoices and billing for supplies in both a
prepaid and chargeback scenario. It also integrates to workorder systems like
CleanTelligent, and with supplies vendors like Pollock Paper.

Manage Customer Building and Facility Details

Within the Projects menu, you can set up each facility or building as it�s own
financial project code to help capture job cost at the building level. If you use
subcontractors to perform the cleaning at a particular facility, include the vendor
code and vendor name.

Setup Recurring Billing Templates for Monthly Cleaning

For every new building or facility you clean on a recurring basis, ManageClean has
the recurring transactions template screen to track all customers and the details
of their contract. Specify the recurrence period, date, start date, next execution
date, and total amount to be billed per period.

With the gold arrow, you can drill into the Sales Order to see further detail on
what is billed for every month. The sales order defines which work is performed by
internal resources, or by subcontractors.

Generate Customer Invoices for Recurring, Changes, Special Services, and Charged
On a monthly basis when you�re ready to bill customers for recurring transactions
all it takes is just a few clicks through the Document Generation Wizard. You can
pick the parameters to bill across recurring, changes, chargebacks or a combination
of them.

Automatically Generate Subcontractor Vendor Invoices from Customer Billing

Subcontractor agreements are defined in the ManageClean Projects menu system which
outline what rate is due to your subcontractors performing cleaning work. As you
move through the vendor A/P process you create a purchase order for the correct
amount due to your vendors, and easily create payments quickly.

By using recurring invoices for regular cleaning work to clients, you�ll save time,
save effort, and improve cash flow. Recurring invoicing allows you to set up
periodic invoices for regularly delivered services to a schedule. Rather than
having to create a new invoice every week, month or quarter depending on the
billing cycle, you set it up once then automatically generate them.

Set up the recurring template � The template defines the client, the service, the
cost, any subcontractors being used to perform the service.

Set the frequency � Set the recurrence period for each client, whether they should
be billed weekly, biweekly, quarterly or monthly.

Create a sales order & make any adjustments � The ManageClean recurring transaction
wizard pulls any recurring clients and allows you to select the customers that
you�d like to invoice.

Create and send the invoice � In ManageClean you can quickly use the Copy To in the
sales order to create an A/R invoice. Or, use the open transactions report to
create invoices from open sales orders in bulk.