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Curriculum (AY2013/2014)

The B.A. (Hons) in Economics is designed as a four-year course. To graduate, students are required
to complete 126 academic units (AUs) from the Econ Major Requirements (ECON) and General
Education Requirements (GER).

General Education Requirement

Econ Major Requirement (ECON)
(GER) Free
Prescribed Electives Electives
Core Prescribed Electives Core
30 AUs 39 AUs 12 AUs 15 AUs 30 AUs 126 AUs

Description of Abbreviation
AHSS - Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences
STS - Science, Technology & Society
BM - Business & Management
LS - Liberal Studies

Economics Major Requirements (69 AUs)

TABLE A: Core (30 AUs)

Year Sem Code Course Title AUs
Year 1 1 HE1001 Microeconomics Principles 3
1 HE1002 Macroeconomics Principles 3
2 HE2001 Intermediate Microeconomics 3
2 HE2002 Intermediate Macroeconomics 3
Choose ONE from the following :
2 HE1004 Introduction to Statistical Theory & Methods 3
2 HE1005 Introduction to Probability and Statistical 3
Year 2 Choose ONE from the following :
1 HE2004 Introductory Econometrics 3
1 HE2005 Principles of Econometrics 3
Year 3/Year 4 1 HE4010 Singapore Economy in a Globalised World 4
1&2 HE4099 Graduation Project* 8

Graduation Project is only eligible for students with a CGPA of 3.90 and higher. Students who are
not doing GP will have to read an additional TWO 4000-level courses to be registered as Core Electives
in order to fulfill the 8 AUs that would otherwise have been earned through the FYP.
TABLE B: Prescribed Electives (39 AUs)
Choose FOUR from Group A
(Click here for the list of economics courses)
Choose EIGHT from Group B of which THREE have to be HE4XXX
(Click here for the list of economics courses)

General Education Requirement (27 AUs)

TABLE C: GER Core (12 AUs)

Communication (Compulsory):
HW0101 Introduction to Critical Writing 3
HW0201 Research Writing in the Social Sciences 3
Singapore Studies: Choose ONE from the following.
(1) HS0201 - Understanding Singapore Society
(2) HH0201 - Singapore and the Modern World
(3) HG0201 - Singapore’s Languages
(4) HA0201 - Government and Politics of Singapore
(5) HL0201 - Images of Singapore: Literature, Film and Culture
(6) HP0201 - Employment Relations for Work and Careers in Singapore
(7) HC0201 - Chinese Literature in Singapore

Environment Sustainability: Choose ONE from the following.

(1) HY0301 - Environmental Philosophy
(2) HC0301 - Environmental Ethics and Chinese Thought (to be conducted in Mandarin)
(3) HH0301 - The Environment in History
(4) HS0301 - Environmental Sustainability

TABLE D: GER Prescribed Electives (15 AUs)

Choose FIVE courses from 4 categories of studies with at least 1 course in each category:
Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
Science, Technology and Society
Business and Management
Liberal Studies

* List of GER Prescribed Electives offered by HSS.

TABLE E: Free Electives (30 AUs)

Students may fulfill the remaining AUs from any school. This choice may include the second Major, one or
two Minor(s), more Economics electives or Professional Attachment.