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A2Uploader + Guide

Thanks to the_laser (SETool Creator).

A2 Phones, This is an updated list of A2 phones.

A2 v1/DB3150
C702, C902, G502 , K630, K660, K850, T700, V640, W595, W760, W890, W902, W910, W
980, Z750, Z770, Z780.
A2 v2/DB3210
C510 ,C901, C903, C905, G705 W705, W715.
With A2uploader you can now flash the phone with firmwares, customize your phone
, de-brand your phone, add files to phone FS-FileSystem, upload flash menus and
change menu icons and perform all customizations possible on the file system. Wi
th A2uploader you can’t patch your phone yet, you can use jjpatcher to patch your
phone though.
USB Flash Drivers.
Before you can use a2uploader, you will need to install USB Flash drivers. A2upl
oader comes with an automatic flash driver installer. Just unpack the downloaded
archive and you will find a file with name ggsetup, Install the Gordon Gate dri
vers with ggsetup. And you will be ready for the next setp. You should install U
SB drivers only for the first time.

Part 1: Flashing The phone.

This part discusses how to flash the phone with firmwares.
The phone firmware consists of 2 parts, the Main firmware, and the FS firmware.
Main firmware contains the phone operating system. Where as the phone file syste
m contains lots of files needed for the phone to work properly. The phone FS als
o contains preloaded content like images and factory ringtones. With A2uploader
you can flash your phone with the latest firmwares. You can flash both main and
fs. Or only one of them, as you need. The main firmware has the extension .mbn a
nd the FS firmware has the extenion .fbn !
You can get firmwares from or or 4shared or esnips. We n
ow proceed to How To Flash The phone.
Flashing The Phone firmwares.
Start A2uplader.exe
Click ADD button.
Select the firmwares you want to flash.
Shutdown your phone.
Re-insert Battery.
Click Flash in A2uploader.
Connect your phone holding C or 2+5.
Wait for some time.
Disconnect phone after flashing is done. It will say Elapsed:*** secs.
Re-insert battery and start your phone if you necessary.
You should connect your phone holding C, but if your Phone Start Button is C, Th
e connect your phone holding 2+5.
Example: G502. Start button is same as C key.
Imporant Warnings:
If you flash your phone FS, then all the data in your phone will be erased, All
your SMS/Contacts/Pictures in phone memory. So before flashing your FS firmware
you should backup every thing.
Also If you Flash your FS, then you will need to upload CDA files to phone file
system. You should upload Customize.xml and preloaded_config.xml to /tpa/preset/
custom/. If you forget to upload CDA/Customizaiton/CustPack files after flashing
the FS, then you will get a configuration error are phone start. If you forget,
don’t worry, just upload them this time before starting the phone.
While flashing the phone, don’t press the STOP button. Don’t close A2uploader, or do
n’t let your computer hang. Flashing the firmware half way may break your phone, a
nd your phone might not start.
A2uploader Main Interface.
A2uploader While Flashing

Part 2: File System Tool.

Now this is where all the fun begins. With the File System Tool you can upload a
ny type of file to any location in the phone file system. And also you can easil
y download files from the phone file system. Using the FS Tool is really easy. W
e right away get down to the tutorial on how to use it.
Start A2uploader
Click File System Tool.
Re-insert battery.
Connect phone holding C or 2+5.
Wait for some Time for File System to intialize.
After it loads, you can navigate through the file system with your mouse.
Navigate to the location of your choice.
To Upload Files, Just drag and drop files from your desktop or folder to A2uploa
der File System window.
To download files, just right click on files in phone fs and click Read. It will
be downlaoded to ph_out folder.
Very imporant, after you finished uploading files to the phone FS you should cli
ck Shutdown FS Manager. Other wise all changes made will be lost.
After closing, you should re-insert your battery and then start your phone.
File System Tool .
Reading A File from FS.
With The File System Tool you can customize your phone in many ways. Here are a
few examples.
New Custom Acoustics for better sound quality.
New Custom Camera Drivers for better picture quality.
Flash Menus, Very cool animated flash themes with animated menus.
Menu Icons. With custom Menu ML you can completely control every menu in the son
y ericsson phone.
Directories where the appropriate files are to be uploaded:
PhoneMenu System: /tpa/preset/system/menu/
Sound Drivers: /ifs/settings/acoustic/
Camera Drivers: /ifs/settings/camera/
Start-Up/Shut-down Images/Sounds: /tpa/preset/system/settings/
Sound System: /tpa/preset/system/sound/
Sources: /tpa/preset/system/fonts/
Archives (images / sounds / etc): /tpa/user/