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A Study on Religion 1. Primordial

Society and Culture with Family Planning Belief that religion was organized
solely out of fear of the unknown.
2. Second
Now…. While science, may provide answers to Belief on fertility and good harvest.
many natural phenomena, it fails to answer many 3. Division of the supernatural powers; gods
questions concerning God or the afterlife. and goddesses.

Thus. . . It can be stated: Where Science ends, However today: we have MONOTHEISTIC and
Religion begins. HENOTHEISTIC

For Science deals with the word “within” the TECHNIQUES OF RELIGION
senses; Religion deals with the word “beyond” the 1. Prayer
senses. . . o This is the communication between a
believer and the supernatural through
RELIGION speech.
Comes from the word “RELIGIONEM” or 2. Sacrifice
“RELIGIO” which means to bind together o It expresses the desire to please the
supernatural powers by gift - giving
The Question Now is, Who is Bonded? 3. Reverence
It is the bond between MAN and the being o It refers to the awe coupled with love
believed to be the creator, architect, maker of and admiration which one offers.
everything, an omnipotent being, we call 4. Divination
GOD. o Means the control by foreknowledge
of supernatural powers
Do note: that the word God has many forms, 5. Taboo
origin and etymological origin such as but not o Refers to the sacred prohibition.
limited to Adonai, Kyrie, Jehovah, Yeshuah, 6. Duty
Odin, Zeus, and Jupiter of Old as the Romans o The opposite of taboo. It is the doing
believe. But what is common is the belief in this of positive acts which attempts to
Supernatural Being. please the supernatural powers.
7. Rituals
The Universality of Religion o It is defined as a prescribed way of
For in every faith, culture, creed, state, performing religious acts.
ethnicity whether today or of the yesteryears; 8. Ceremony
faith in a Supreme Being/s is evident o Involves a number of interconnected
and related rituals performed at a
given time.


1. Supernatural Beings
Those of non-human origin like gods
and spirit; and
ELEMENTS OF RELIGION Those of human origin such as
1. Sacred Objects ghosts and ancestral spirits.
Holy things. 2. Supernatural Forces
2. Sacred Beliefs This are being having no humanlike
Faith and teaching. character.
3. Rituals
Visible and symbolic expression of TYPES OF RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATIONS
Religion. 1. Sect
4. Religious Community A small, exclusive, uncompromising
The idea of society is the soul of fellowship of individuals seeking
religion spiritual perfection.
2. Church
THEORIES OF RELIGION It is a large, conservative universal
1. Psychological institution. Its growth comes from
 A way of reducing anxiety or those who are born and baptized in
satisfying intellectual needs. its institution.
2. Sociological 3. Cults
 Reflection of society and its social They break away with established
condition. church to found a new group claiming
3. Mix to be the
 Response to strain or deprivation and authentic church.
involvement with society.
 In midst of problems in life, individual may
turn to God. Religion itself provides individual
peace of mind and comfort.
 It helps understand the meaning of life.
 There exist an integration of individual
personality such as the acquisition of goals,
attitudes, and values inherent in their
religious beliefs.
 Helps in human relation by forming and
enriching their respective concept of society.
 Religion to others is a source of status


 It predominates family by instilling virtues
and values of life.
 Religious organizations seek to make the
moral and social order more similar.
 Religion promotes social solidarity in the
community by acting as a kind of social
cement. It provides a context in which
relationship develop; establishes norms for
proper behaviour.
 Religion offers codes of conduct, thereby
reinforcing the moral order in the society.
 Religion provides interpretation of different
events in a given society.

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