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Daemon Weapons: roll a D6 at the start of the fight phase, on a 1, suffer a mortal wound.

fight as normal.

Q'OAR the Boundless: Tzeentch power sword, Hellforged sword, force sword only.

- S user, AP -3, D d3, Abilities: Ignore invulnerable saves.

Thaa'Ris and Rhi'Ol, The Rapacious Talons: Slaanesh model with twin Lightning Claws or two
malefic talons

- S user, AP -2, D 2, Abilities: Re-roll wound rolls, when resolving the D6 roll for the Daemon
weapon ability, if you roll a 2+, you can make that many additional attacks (Like Abaddon's

Zaal, the Wrathful: Khorne model with power sword or Hellforged sword.

- Profile on the Community Page

C'Holl L'Ax, Fist of Decay: Nurgle model with power fist

- Profile on the Community Page

Ul'O'Coa, the Black Axe: Model with Power Axe, Force Axe or Daemon Axe

- S User, Ap 0, D 1, Abilities: Every unmodified wound roll of 4+ does a mortal wound in addition
to any other damage.

Word Bearers Rules:

Warlord Traits:

1. Add 3" to Warlord Aura Abilities.

2. This Warlord Gains the POSSESSED and DAEMON Keywords. Add 1 to their Strength, Attacks
and Movement Characteristics.
3. Profile on the Community Page

4. Add 1 to the Attacks characteristics of friendly WB Possessed Models within 6" of the Warlord

5. When with Warlord loses a wound, roll 1D6, adding 3 if that wound being lost is a mortal
wound, on a 6+, that wound is not lost.

6. +1 wound, Start of every player turn, generate D3 lost wounds.


1CP: Dark Pact

- From Codex
1CP: Malevolent Covenant

- use in Psychic phase, if WB Psyker fails test - test auto passes, and cannot be denied. Psyker
takes mortal wound after.

1CP: Apostle of the Dark Council

- Use before battle, friendly WB priest model can knows and can use an additional prayer for the
remainder of the battle.

2CP: Cursed Despoilers

- Use after deployment but before the first turn begins, if a WB unit is on the battlefield, select a
piece of terrain (other than fortifications) - cannot be used for cover

1CP: Revered Hosts

- Use in Fight phase, select WB Possessed or WB G-Possessed before they are chosen to fight.
they all gain +1 Damage to their melee weapons.
1CP: Hexagrammatic Ward

- Use in any phase, after making a saving throw for a WB character, that roll is treated as being a
6. Each WB character can only use this Stratagem once per battle.

1CP: Vengeance For Monarchia

- Use in fight phase, when a WB unit is chosen to fight with, Re-roll hits and wounds against
Ultramarine units.


Crown of the Blasphemer: +1 Invulnerable save (to a max of 3+). Subtract 1 from Ld
characteristics for enemy models within 6".

Baleful Icon: Subtract 2" to charge rolls for enemy units charging friendly WB units within 6" of
the relic bearer.
Book of the Reviler: model that is not a Daemon. Before the battle this model can generate 2
chaos boons, re-rolling Spawndom and daemon-hood and duplicate results (does not cost CP)

Malefic Tome: Knows additional power, Add 1 to Psychic tests.

Ashen Axe: Chainaxe only

- S +1, ap -2, D d3, abilities: units within 1" of this relic cannot fallback, unless they're a VEHICLE
or TITANIC, or have a minimum move

Epistle of Lorgar: Priest model only, re-roll dice for prayer activation, +1 Ld for friendly WB units
within 6"

Night Lords Rules:

Warlord Traits:

1. from codex

2. can charge after falling back, -1 to hit rolls against melee weapons

3. unmodified hit rolls of 6 cause a mortal wound in addition to other damage

4. Add D3 attack when charging, being charged, heroic intervention. these attacks last until the
end of the fight phase

5. when in terrain, +1 to saving throw (not Invulnerable saves). In addition, whilst this model is in
terrain, +1 to invulnerable saves (max of 3+)
6. If there are more friendly models within 3" than enemy models, add 1 to wound rolls for
melee weapons


1CP: In Midnight Clad

- from codex

2CP: Vox Scream

- use at the end of the movement phase, select an enemy model within 18" of a NL unit. until
the start of your next movement phase, enemy units cannot be affected by the affected units
aura abilities

1CP: Prey on the Weak

- use in shooting or fight phase, select a NL unit. Until the end of the shooting or fight phase,
when targeting a unit with a lower Ld characteristic than that unit, add 1 to the hit rolls.

1CP: Hit and Run

- use in charge phase, select a NL unit, they can charge even if they fell back

1CP: We have come for you

- Profile on the Community page

1CP: From the Night

- Use at start of Charge phase, select one NL infantry unit in terrain, until the end of the turn,
add 2 to charge rolls, and +1 to hit in Combat.

1CP: Raptor Strike

- Use in charge phase, select one NL Jump pack unit that was set up as reinforcements, roll 3D6
for charge rolls.

1CP: Flay them alive

- Use in the Fight phase, when a unit is destroyed from a NL unit. Until the end of the turn, when
a moral test is taken for enemy units within 12" of that NL unit, your opponent rolls and
additional D6 and can choose which to discard.

Night Lords Relics:

Flayer: Power Sword model only

- S +1, ap -3, D 2, abilities: each model destroyed from this weapon counts as 2 for moral

Storm Bolt plate: 2+ armour save, always counts as being in cover

Vox Daemonicus: Profile on Community Website

Talons of the Night Terror: Model that can FLY

- S +1, ap -1, D 1, Abilites: D3 additional attacks or D6 if it charged or made a heroic intervention

Scourging chains: Improve the Ap of one melee weapon by 1, in addition, -1 attack for enemy
units within 1" of this model

Misery of the Meek: Once per battle: at the start of the Movement phase, model regains D6 lost
wounds. in addition gains D3 extra attacks until the start of your next turn.

Alpha Legion Rules:

Warlord Traits:
1. From Codex

2. -1 to hit rolls against this Warlord.

3. Warlord can target characters. Unmodified Hit rolls of 6 inflict 1 mortal wound in addition to
normal damage

4. at the start of the first battle round, before the turn begins. select up to 3 other AL units on
the battlefield. redeploy them in your deployment zone

5. Profile on Community Page

6. once per battle, at the end of your Movement phase, you can remove your warlord and
redeploy him within 3" of an AL unit and 9" from enemy units.

1CP: Forward Operatives

- From Codex

2CP: Conceal

- use at start of opponents shooting phase. Select one AL infantry unit. cannot be targeted unless
it's the closest visible unit.

1CP: Sabotaged Armoury

- profile on Community website

1CP: Scrambled Coordinates

- use in enemy movement phase, enemy units deploying as reinforcements have to be more
than 12" away instead of 9"

1CP: Renascent Infiltration

- Use at the end of the Movement phase. Select one AL Infantry unit more than 3" from enemy
models (cannot select units that arrived from reserve). remove that unit and set them up more
than 9" from enemy models

2CP: Ambush

- use in opponents Movement phase, after your opponent has set up reinforcements, select one
AL unit from your army within 18". they can shoot that unit as if it where your shooting phase.

1CP: Feigned Retreat

- Use in movement phase, select one AL unit, they can shoot after they fell back.
1CP: We are Alpharius

- Use before the battle, after nominating your Warlord, select another AL Character and generate
a trait for them. can only use once per battle.


Darkscale Plate: Infantry only. 2+ armour save, 5+ "feel no pain"

Mindveil: start of movement phase, while on the battlefield, roll 3D6. until the end of the phase,
that models move characteristic is that result. this model can move over other models as if they
weren't there (in the movement and charge phase). this model can charge after it fell back.

Hydra's Wail: once per battle, at the start of the turn. for the remainder of the turn, when your
opponent uses a stratagem roll a D6, on a 4+ your opponent must spend an additional CP to use
that stratagem or it has no effect and the CP spent are lost.
Viper's Wail: Combi-bolter only

- R24", RF2, S5, ap -3, D 2

Hydra's Teeth: Bolt weapon only, Grants the following abilities:

auto hits, wounds on a 2+ unless its a vehicle or titanic in which case it wounds on a 6+, ignores

Shadeblade: Power sword or Force Sword only

- S +1, ap -3, D d3, abilites: -1 to hit against the bearer

Iron Warriors Rules:

Warlord Traits:
1. From Codex

2. unmodified hit rolls of 6 for friendly IW Daemon engine or Cult of Destruction models within
6" scores 1 additional hit

3. 5+ 'feel no pain'

4. when resolving an attack made against friendly IW units within 6" and they're benefiting from
cover, that attack becomes AP0

5. profile on Community Page

6. IW units within 6" do not suffer penalties for moving and firing heavy weapons

1CP: Iron Within Iron Without

- Same at Codex

1CP: Methodical Annihilation

- Use in Shooting phase, select one IW unit to shoot then select one of the following effects to
last to the end of the phase:

1. Re-roll damage

2. you can re-roll any or all of the dice to determine shots for weapons

1CP: Dour Duty

- use in opponents shooting phase or your charge phase. when resolving a shooting attack
against an IW unit, worsen the AP by one.

1CP: Unholy Vigour

- use at start of movement phase, select one IW Vehicle, that model gains up to 3 lost wounds.

1CP: Tank Hunters

- use in shooting or Fight phase. when IW unit (not Cultists) shoots or fights, select one enemy
Vehicle unit. re-roll wound rolls for that IW unit against the vehicle.

1CP: Rampant Techno-Virus

- use in shooting or Fight Phase. Select an IW Obliterator or Mutilator unit when they shoot or
fight. you can re-roll any or all of the D3 rolls when using the fleshmetal guns or flesh metal
weapons ability

2CP: Cannon Fodder

- Use this Stratagem at the start of your opponents shooting phase. select one IW infantry and
one IW cultist unit wholly within 6" of that unit. until the end of the phase, enemy models
cannot target that IW infantry unit if the selected IW cultists are visible.

1CP: Bitter Enmity

- use in the Fight phase. Select one IW unit to fight with. re-roll hit and wound rolls against
Imperial Fists units.


Siegebreaker Mace: Power maul or accursed Crozius only (Has 2 profiles)

Swing - S +2, ap -2, D 2

Smash - S x2, ap -3, D d6, Ablities, when using smash, it makes 2 attacks, in addition roll 2D6 for
damage, discard the lowest.

Cranium Malevolis: in your shooting phase, this model can use the relic instead of shooting. roll
a D6 for each enemy vehicle unit within 9". on a 4+ they take D3 mortal wounds, on a 6 they take
3 mortal wounds.

Insidium: Model gains the Daemon Keyword, add 1 to Strength, Toughness and wounds

Axe of the Forgemaster: Power axe or daemonic axe only

- S +3, ap -3, D2, abilities: against vehicles, unmodified hit rolls of 5+ inflict D3 mortal wounds in
addition to normal damage.

Spitespitter: Combi-bolter only

- R24", RF2, S 5, ap -3, D d3

Techno-Venemous Mechatendrills: Warpsmith only

- S User, AP 0, D 1, Abilites: 4 additional attacks (this weapon can only make 4 attacks). every hit
scored does a mortal wound.
Emperors Children Rules:

Warlord Traits:

1. Same at Codex

2. -1 to hit against warlord for enemy within 3"

3. when your Warlord Fights, you and your opponent secretly choose a number between one
and three on a D6. Reveal at the same time, if the numbers differ, your warlord can make that
many additional attacks. if they're the same nothing happens.

4. roll a D3 at the start of the fight phase, subtract that many attacks from enemy models within
5. -1 damage against your warlord

6. re-roll charge rolls. if your warlord charges or heroic interventions, +1 S and A


2CP: Combat Elixirs

- Profile on Community Website

1CP: Excess of Violence

- See Codex
1CP: Incessant Disdain

- Use at the end of your opponents charge phase. Select one EC character, that model can
perform a 6" heroic intervention and can move 6" when doing so.

1CP: Honour the Prince

- Use in your Charge Phase. after making a charge roll for an EC Slaanesh unit, you can change
the result of one of the D6 to a 6.

1CP: Excruciating Frequencies

- Use in your Shooting phase, when an EC Noise Marine unit from your army is chosen to Shoot.
Until the end of the phase, add 1 to the strength and Damage of blast masters, sonic blasters
and doom sirens.

1CP: Cruel Duelists

- Use in the Fight Phase, when an EC unit that's not a vehicle or cultist unit is chosen to fight.
until the end of the phase, unmodified wound rolls of 6 have an AP characteristic of -3
1CP: Tactical Perfection

- use at start of first battle round, select one EC unit and re-deploy them in your deployment


The Endless Grin: morale tests within 6" roll and additional dice and you choose which is
discarded. in addition, subtract 1 from Ld for enemy units within 6"

Fatal Sonancy:

- R 12", Assault D6, S6, ap -2, D 1, abilities: auto hits, ignore cover

Armour of Abhorrence: Enemy units cannot fire overwatch against this unit, enemy units that fail
morale within 6", one additional model flees.
Remnant of Marayiglia: Priest models only. when resolving a prayer: re-roll wound rolls for EC
within 6" until the end of the battle round

Distortion: Power sword or force sword only.

- S User, ap - 4, D d3, abilities: can chose to X2 strength but -1 to hit.

Raiment Revulsive: Re-roll hit and wound rolls for attacks. re-roll charge rolls.

World Eaters Rules:

1. From Codex

2. Add D3 to attacks if there are more enemy units within 3" than friendly units. these extra
attacks last until the end of the fight phase.
3. See Community Website

4. +1 charges for friendly WE within 6"

5. half damage suffered against melee weapons (rounding up)

6. 6" heroic intervention. and warlord always fights first


1CP: Scorn of Sorcery

- See Codex
1CP: Apocalyptic Frenzy

- Use during deployment. when you set up a WE infantry unit. at the start of the first battle
round, you can move then 9". can't be within 9" of enemy units etc.

1CP: Skulls for the Skull Throne

- Use in the Fight phase, when an enemy CHARACTER model is destroyed from a WE character
you gain D3 CP

2CP: Red Butchers

- use before the battle, Select one WE Terminator unit. add 1 to Strength characteristic and they
gain the Blood For the Blood God ability (same one from the Khorne Berzerkers)
1CP: Maim! Kill! Burn!

- Use in the Fight phase. before you consolidate with a WE unit. Until the end of that phase, that
unit can consolidate 6"

1CP: Wild Fury

- Use in the Fight phase, when you select a WE unit to fight with. improve the AP of that units
melee weapons by 1 until the end of that phase.

1CP: Stoke the Nails

- Use in the Fight phase, when a WE Infantry or Biker unit (excluding cultists) fights. until the end
of the phase, that units Death to the False Emperor ability affects any enemy unit. but its a 5+
against Imperium.

2CP: Blood for the Blood God!

- use in fight fight phase, if a WE unit destroys a unit in the fight phase, do not roll morale for
that unit, its automatically passed.

Crimson Killer: plasma Pistol only

- R12", S9, ap -3, d 3, abilities: unmodified wound rolls of 4+ inflict a mortal wound in addition to
normal damage

Gorefather: See community website

Banner of Rage: Priest model only, once per battle at the start of the fight phase, add 1 to the
attacks characteristics for friendly WE units within 6".

Berzerker Glaive: Power axe or axe of dismemberment.

- S +1, ap -2, D 2, abilites: 5+ feel no pain on the bearer.

Helm of Furore: Infantry model only. +2 Strength. Bearer must charge if there are any enemy
units within 8"

Bloodhunger: When an enemy model is destroyed in the fight phase from this model, roll a D6,
on a 4+ the bearer regains a lost wound.