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The Café by the Corner


“Here is your order.” The shorter girl placed the plate onto the counter and pushed it towards Chaeyeon. “A-And this…”

Sakura shyly grabbed the taller’s hand and wrote down a string of number on her palm. Chaeyeon could only smirk in victory as she stared at the embarrassed girl. She can’t believe that she could actually ‘order’ someone’s phone number.

Smooth. Really smooth, Lee Chaeyeon.

“Have a n-nice day!” The girl mumbled in embarrassment before fleeing inside.

“You too!” Chaeyeon called out, giggling to herself at the other’s adorable behaviour.

“Good job, unnie!” Minju praised.

“That was simple, wasn’t it?” Yena scoffed proudly. She was the one who manage to persuade Chaeyeon to ask for Sakura’s number.

“Order away guys, my treat.” Chaeyeon smiled.

As the girls were pestering Nako with their neverending orders, Chaeyeon pulled her phone out of her pocket and saved the numbers written on her palm with a gigantic grin.

Chapter One

Chaeyeon adjusted her round frames as she walked into the café across her university.

The brunette couldn’t believe that she was ditched by her best friend again. Minjoo was the one who asked her out for a study date, but cancelled it because she was going to spend time with her crush, Ahn Yujin.

Chaeyeon placed her laptop on the table with a heavy sigh. Majoring in Dance, her assignment for the day was to memorise a specific dance routine and to choreograph the dance break.

“Why the sigh, miss?” Chaeyeon heard a small voice calling out.

Turning her head, she found herself to be facing a… middle schooler?

“If you are having a bad day, I recommend the ‘Kkura Bread’!” The tiny girl said. “It is famous for bringing happiness to customers!”

Nako.The tag read.

Chaeyeon gave a slight nod in reply, along with a small smile.

That girl couldn’t possibly be a worker here right? The dancer thought. She looks too young to be working.

Realising the girl was no longer in sight, Chaeyeon stood up and headed to the counter.


Chaeyeon couldn’t process for a minute. The girl behind the counter was perfectly her type. She had reddish shoulder-length hair with tips that were neatly curled inwards. A few pins were clipped onto her bangs on her right, holding it up. The look was completed with a pastel pink button-up paired with a mid-thigh black skirt, which Nako had also worn.

“How can I help you?” Her soothing voice snapped Chaeyeon out of her thoughts.

Warmth filled the brunettes cheeks as she realised she had been caught staring. The subject of her attention had a tint of redness present on her cheeks as she flashed a shy smile.

“K-Kkura…” Chaeyeon mumbled.

“Y-Yes?” The girl jumped in surprised and blushed.

“Do y-you still have the ‘Kkura Bread’?”

“Ah!” Her cheeks seemed to flush more due to embarrassment. “Of course you meant the bread! Give me a moment.”


Chaeyeon caught a glance of her name tag as the girl went inside to get her order.

Cherry blossoms? What a nice name. Chaeyeon thought to herself, edges of her lips curling up to form a small smile. She must be Japanese.


“Eh?” Chaeyeon stared at the girl in front of her.

It was Nako. Chaeyeon could barely see her over the counter due to her height.

“‘Kkura Bread’!” The tiny girl said excitedly. “You ordered it right?”

“Ah… Yes.” Disappointment filled Chaeyeon’s voice as she smiled weakly and paid. “Thank you.”

Bringing her plate back to her seat, she racked her brains for ways to get the attention of Sakura.

Plan A. Visit everyday and flirt subtly with the girl. Minju had always called Chaeyeon smooth, and a girl-crush.

Plan B. Strike a conversation with Nako and ask about her. Nako seemed extremely friendly, unlike Sakura.

Chaeyeon can’t help the adrenaline rushing throughout her whole body as she thought of the success of her plan. But she had to finish up what she came here for before she could do anything more. The brunette clicked on the shared video as she took a huge bite into the recommended menu.

Various complimenting flavours exploded in Chaeyeon’s mouth, bringing the girl into food coma for a few seconds. ‘Kkura Bread’ was just so delicious, Chaeyeon understood why it was famous. Unfortunately, the café was underrated. In fact, the only customers seemed to be regular customers. With such delicious menu and cute employees, Chaeyeon questioned the

emptiness of the café. But a part of her was glad, as this was where she could take a break from the noisy world and relax.

After 15 minutes of analysing the video, Chaeyeon memorised the dance routine, and she had to do was to practice it. Just as she started brainstorming for the dance break, she felt a light tap on her shoulders.


“Here.” The tiny girl place another serving of ‘Kkura Bread’ on the table before collecting the other empty plate. “It’s on the house. Kkura-chan saw you working hard on your… assignment and wanted to reward you.”

Kkura-chan? Sakura?

Nako laughed as she saw the brunette gasp in surprise. It’s not often for Sakura to offer free food, but she done it before. At least, for her close friends that is, for example when her other roommate, Hitomi, was preparing for her finals.

“T-Thank you…” Chaeyeon muttered as she took a quick glance towards the counter, hoping to catch a glimpse of the kind girl.

True enough, Sakura was also looking at her, anticipating her reaction. As their eyes met, Chaeyeon flushed red while Sakura turned and pretended to clean the counter, only to pop open the cash register and spill her cup of coffee onto the floor. The taller laughed at the clumsy girl as she was panicking away.

“You have my support!” Nako patted Chaeyeon’s shoulder before heading over to help Sakura clean up.

Chaeyeon just smiled and took a bite into her second helping of the delicacy. Oh she could totally eat it every meal and not get tired of it.

The next time Chaeyeon saw Sakura was at her school’s event.

Crowds gathered in anticipation for the dance performance that was about to start. Chaeyeon felt like she was going to faint when she saw the masses that hoarded the front of the stage. It was obvious that they were here for Momo, the best dancer of her class.

Chaeyeon had always had confidence in her dance. She held pride in her talent. However, she worries about her outer appearance and that she wasn’t pretty. As one of the top dancers in her

class, she was always being compared to Momo. Chaeyeon had skills on par to Momo, but her confidence always disappear when she looks at the other’s face. Momo was too pretty.


Chaeyeon turned to face the familiar voice.

“Yena unnie!” Chaeyeon smiled and wrapped the smaller girl in a tight hug.

“Ahhh! I can’t breathe!” Yena mumbled into the taller’s chest. “And I brought someone with me!”

Chaeyeon laughed at her unnie before releasing her. Yena had always been a good friend, just not when she is pranking. The younger was glad that she had some support for her upcoming performance.

“Yuri?” Chaeyeon teased.

Yena and Yuri have been dating for over 2 years now. Sometimes Chaeyeon would just look at them and wonder when she would be able to get a partner too. They are just so perfect for each other, Chaeyeon felt that Yena would die if she didn’t have Yuri and vice versa.

“Yuri will come later.” Yena pouted. “She was looking for you.”

Chaeyeon looked towards where Yena was pointing and found a familiar face.

“Nako.” Chaeyeon greeted. “What brings you here?”

“Here!” The tiny girl had her arms stretched out, handing Chaeyeon a packed lunch. “From you-know-who.”

“Eh?” The tallest gasped. “You mean Sakura?”

Nako nodded happily and Yena just stood there like a confused duck, not understanding the conversation at all.

“She said she would be coming down to watch you as well.”

Chaeyeon started panicking, almost dropping her lunch. Nako just laughed at the sight before leaving to meet with Sakura.

“Unnie.” Yena finally spoke. “Who was that?”

“Uhh…” The younger laughed nervously, not knowing how to explain. “The performance is about to start, I got to go!”

Chaeyeon grinned cheekily and fled the scene, leaving Yena grumbling by herself.

Opening the precious lunch box, Chaeyeon was expecting to see ‘Kkura Bread’ again, but was met with delicious looking sandwiches as well as kimbap. By the box was a small handwritten letter, filled with clumsy korean alphabets.

Chaeyeon could still understand it despite the spelling mistakes and broken sentences. Tears welled up in her eyes as she read through the sincere note. It was the first time she was acknowledged by someone that she didn’t know. The compliments she always got were from her friends, and though they encouraged her, she was touched by the fact that a stranger would go out of her way to support her.

“10 minutes to the start of the performance!” One of the staff shouted. “Everyone please be on standby!”

Chaeyeon rubbed her wet eyes and finished up the heartwarming lunchbox, before slotting the letter in between her file, not wanting to damage it.

“Chaeyeon! That was awesome!” Yena ran and high-fived the panting girl as she got off stage.

Yuri and Minju walked over as well, giving a thumbs up to their precious friend. Chaeyeon smiled in relief, knowing that the performance went well.

It’s all thanks to Sakura… Chaeyeon thought.

Speaking of the devil, she saw Nako walking towards them, along with two other familiar faces.

“Nako!” Chaeyeon waved them over.

“Chaeyeon!” Nako gave her a hug, not minding her sweaty body. “Good job!”

“Thank you.” The brunette smiled and looked towards the other girls. “Hello, Sakura and… Hi-chan?”

“Eh?” Nako exclaimed.

“Nako-chan, Chaeyeon is my senior.” Hitomi explained in Japanese. “Good job!”

“Let’s go get celebratory dinner!” Yena shouted and dragged Yuri and Minju away.

Nako and Hitomi followed them, with the former bombarding her best friend with questions. That left Chaeyeon alone with the oldest.

“Let’s go?” Chaeyeon started nervously.

“That was amazing.” Sakura complimented, looking at the floor awkwardly. “I… couldn’t take my eyes off you.”

Chaeyeon was surprised by the straightforward words coming out from Sakura’s mouth. It was only the second time they met and they already shared this strange chemistry that seemed to bring them closer to each other than anyone else.

Was this what they called fate? Chaeyeon thought to herself.

“T-Thank you.” Chaeyeon stuttered as she gestured for them to start following the rest. “I don’t think I could have done that w-without you. Thank you so much for the lunch…”

Chaeyeon and Sakura both held their heads low, hiding their flushed face from each other.

“You are welcome. I really enjoyed you performance.” Sakura replied, almost a whisper. “Was that what you were doing in my café that day?”

“Yes. I’m glad you enjoyed it.”

Chaeyeon really admired the other girl. She was shy but she was courageous enough to tell Chaeyeon her honest feelings. And Chaeyeon was really grateful for that. She knew that they wouldn’t even be talking if it wasn’t for Sakura. She wasn’t brave like the older girl.

The rest of the walk to the nearest pizza shop was a silent one, both of them enjoying the comfort from each other. It was strange that the awkwardness faded fast, and both of them really liked each other’s company.

The name lingered in Chaeyeon’s mind for the whole night. The taller have yet to figure out why she was so attracted to the café owner. Questions threatened to spill out of her mouth, as her thirst for wanting to know the older girl more, grew.

Chaeyeon only dared to call her in her mind.


Chapter Two

Chaeyeon ended up in front of the pink cozy café before she could process where her legs were bringing her.

It was just two days since she saw Sakura, and she is already missing her.

Bells jingled in invitation as Chaeyeon swung the glass door open, excited to see the café owner. The brunette headed straight for the counter and scanned the menu for the first time.

“Welcome! How can I help you, unnie?”

Chaeyeon looked up to see her junior smiling brightly.

“Ah. Hi-chan.” Disappointment filled Chaeyeon’s words and Hitomi understood why. “I’ll just get a cup of coffee. Thanks.”

“And a Sakura on the side?” The younger teased.

Chaeyeon can’t believe the younger was doing that to her. Was her attraction towards Sakura that obvious? Does that mean Sakura knew as well?

“Yes?” A voice spoke behind the door. “Did you call for me Hi-chan?”

Chaeyeon panicked as she saw a figure emerging behind the door.

Sakura had her short hair tied up in to a ponytail, revealing her charming ears and exposing her nape. Chaeyeon felt herself drool at the sight. She was exceptionally beautiful today.

“Close your mouth, unnie!” Hitomi whispered before Chaeyeon makes a mess of herself.

Chaeyeon covered her mouth in embarrassment and check for drool discreetly.

“Hi… Jjaeyon.” Sakura greeted. “‘Kkura Bread’?”

It’s funny how Sakura is reminded of ‘Kkura Bread’ everytime she sees Chaeyeon. And it’s cute how Sakura tried her best to pronounce Chaeyeon’s name only to fail adorably.

Till this day, it is still unknown to Chaeyeon how the café staff knew of her name. Hitomi was not even here the first time she visited. Nako probably sneaked a peek at her file while she was concentrating on her work.


“Huh?” The girl snapped out of her trance.

“What can we get you?” Hitomi kindly repeated. “And it’s Chaeyeon, Kkura-chan.”

Sakura was embarrassed. She had been calling the other so confidently she didn’t realised she pronounced it wrongly.

“J-Jjaeyeon?” The older tried again, tilting her head in confusion.

The cute action shot an arrow straight at Chaeyeon’s fast-beating heart. For the second time that day, her jaw dropped unconsciously, almost letting drool escape from the corner.

“Can I have… you…” Chaeyeon started off, her brain unable to process.

Sakura went bright red at Chaeyeon’s words, not knowing how to react.

“I think she meant your recommendation.” Hitomi covered up, obviously unable to stand the thick tension between the two of them. “Other than ‘Kkura Bread’ that is.”

“Uh yes.” Chaeyeon laughed awkwardly when she finally realised what she said.

She prayed hard that the other didn’t find her weird or even, feel disgusted. But Sakura didn’t seem to be the judgemental type. And definitely not homophobic. She seemed to be jealous of Yena and Yuri, just like how Chaeyeon did.

“Oh o-of course!” Sakura smiled. “I just created a new recipe. W-Would you like to be my first?”

Chaeyeon knew that wasn’t what the girl meant, but she couldn’t help but think of it in that way. And of course Hitomi, being the innocent little bread-lover, didn’t realise it either. Sakura wasn’t fluent in Korean so she had no idea what she just implied.

“Um, s-sure.”

The two staff only stared at Chaeyeon in confusion, as her face turned red. The tallest just bowed in embarrassment before heading to an empty seat, calming herself down with her coffee. How on earth can someone look so hot yet cute at the same time?

The brunette decided to go with Plan A, which was to subtly flirt everyday, but it seems like her mind went into overdrive everytime she sees Sakura, and just went ahead with all out flirting. But that seemed to work as well, judging from how Sakura got flustered and embarrassed everytime Chaeyeon acted like that.

Chaeyeon decided to indulge herself in cooking videos before her thoughts ran any further. Looking at the finished products just made Chaeyeon excited about cooking it herself. Maybe I should whip a lunch box for Sakura one day… The brunette thought.

“You like cooking too?” The voice from behind startled Chaeyeon, causing her to jump.

Chaeyeon looked over her shoulders and saw Sakura with a plate of food. Giving a nervous smile,

the older set it on the table before taking her seat in front of the other.

“It makes me more nervous to know that a cook is about to taste my new creation.” Sakura confessed, and the sight of her sheepish smile had Chaeyeon melting into a puddle.

“Whatever made by you is definitely delicious, Kkura-chan.” Chaeyeon said smoothly, wanting to call Sakura by her nickname too. “Have more confidence in yourself.”

Sakura almost knocked over Chaeyeon’s coffee at her nickname, but she still gave a heartwarming

smile in response, watching Chaeyeon bite into her new creation. It was simply french toast with a

mix of string cheese, ham and various spices, which had tastes that compliment each other well.

“How is it, Jjaeyon?” Sakura was still struggling with her name.

“Jjaeyon is fine.” The girl giggled. “And it is very delectable!”

Chaeyeon couldn’t believe she called her ‘Kkura-chan’. And the girl even acknowledges it. Their friendship was progressing way too fast, Chaeyeon didn’t know if she still need her plans. It was only their third time meeting yet Chaeyeon felt like she knew Sakura for ages. They just seemed to fit perfectly with each other.

“I’m glad you like it!” Sakura clasped her hands together in delight. “Would you like to give it a


“Huh? No no… I’m fine!” Chaeyeon waved her arms in rejection. “You should name it yourself.”

“ Okay then.” Disappointment was clear in Sakura’s tone as she stood up from her seat. “See you around!”

Chaeyeon wanted reached out to grab her hand before she got any further but her arms just won’t listen. Nothing was coming out from her mouth either. It was clear that she made Sakura upset, for unknown reason that is.

“Silly!” Hitomi came over. “Kkura-chan made that just for you!”

Chaeyeon sat in shock, unable to process what Hitomi just said. Why would Sakura create a dish

specially for her, a stranger that she just met days ago? Did she know Sakura from before? Was it

the kind of cliché plot where childhood friends were separated and one of them lost their memory?

“What do I do, Hi-chan?”

“Just… Show her appreciation I guess?”

Chaeyeon visited the next day. This time with a heart filled with determination to fix her new friendship. Unfortunately, lady luck wasn’t on her side as her friends decided to tag along.

“Nako-chan!” Yena greeted as she burst through the door.

The tiny girl smiled widely as she saw the customers. As fast as her tiny legs could run, she embraced Yena in a hug, smirking at Yuri when Yena returned it with equal passion. Yuri started to do her infamous pout which caused Chaeyeon and Minju to burst into laughter. It was fun to tease the couple, especially when Yena was blind to flirting and Yuri just refuse to admit that she was jealous.

The group managed to find a table near the counter after Nako released Yena from the hug. Yuri was still pouting and the clueless Yena tried to please her by pressing her lips on her partners cheek. Chaeyeon and Minju could only flip through the menu awkwardly while the two were in their own world.

“So…” Minju started. “Who is Sakura to you, unnie?”

“K-Kkura-chan?” Chaeyeon wanted to slap herself for calling Sakura by her nickname. “What about S-Sakura?”

“Unnie…” The frog-like girl giggled at Chaeyeon’s failed attempt. “There’s no need to hide when we can all sense the tension between the two of you. Spill it.”

“Uh…” Chaeyeon threw a glance at the counter, making sure the mentioned girl was not around. “I think… I like her.”

“Finally!” Yena shouted. “At last the truth is revealed.”

“Since when were you listening?” Chaeyeon gasped.

Chaeyeon swore Yena was busy attending to her jealous girlfriend, she couldn’t have heard their conversation. Now that Yena knew of this, who knows what who happen. The brunette sighed as she prepared herself for the upcoming teasings her friend was going to give. Hopefully Yuri would be kind enough to save her soul.

“It’s about time you told us, unnie.” Yuri added.

“And I was thinking that you were my last hope, Yuri…” Chaeyeon trailed off in disappointment. “God have mercy on me.”

The trio laughed at their grumpy friend as she clasped her hands together.

“Relax, I won’t say anything.” Yuri giggled.

“Me too.” Minju added.

Chaeyeon smiled at the two before looking at Yena, hoping she would do the same.

“Relax.” Yena paused. “I can helpon their behalf.”

Chaeyeon released a grunt as she rolled her eyes at the older.

“I bet you haven’t gotten her number yet!” Yena confidently stated, grinning widely when Chaeyeon shook her head with a sigh. “Your first task is to get it!”

“I can’t…” Chaeyeon mumbled.

“Where is the charming and smooth unnie I look up to?” Minju pouted, shaking Chaeyeon’s shoulders.

Unable to resist, Chaeyeon stood up from her seat and headed over to the counter, leaving the satisfied trio high-fiving amongst themselves. Chaeyeon swear they will be her cause of death one day.

“Hi…?” Chaeyeon called out. “Kkura-chan?”

Shuffling noises were heard before the familiar figure appeared behind the door. Chaeyeon took her time to reel in the refreshing appearance of the older. There wasn’t a day where the other wasn’t pretty. And not a day where Chaeyeon could stop falling for her.

“Did you call me, Jjaeyon?” The girl a gave a small wave, hitting her hand on the counter top by accident. “Ouch.”

“Be careful!” Chaeyeon exclaimed, unconsciously taking Sakura’s hand into her own and rubbed it softly, easing the pain.

Sakura could only blush at the sweet gesture and wonder if the younger knew what she was making her feel. Chaeyeon had such warm hands that Sakura wouldn’t mind holding onto forever.

“Ah! Sorry…” Chaeyeon retracted her hand when she realised what she was doing. “It’s just…”

“It’s fine. Thanks!” The shorter smiled. “What can I get you?”

“Uh… Chaeyeon’s special order?” Chaeyeon joked.

“A-Ah…” Sakura laughed nervously. “From the other time?”

The brunette just nodded in response. Sakura seemed to be delighted over the fact that Chaeyeon remembered.

“Wait!” Chaeyeon managed to grab Sakura’s arm before she could go retrieve her order. “And your number…”

The last sentence came out in a whisper, and Sakura almost thought she heard it wrong. The bright blush growing on Chaeyeon’s cheeks made Sakura sure of what she heard. Without saying anything more, she rushed back inside, Chaeyeon’s hand slipping off her own.

“What did you do to her?” Nako teased before heading over to her table to chat with the three.

Chaeyeon was starting to panic. Her thought ran wild as she played with her fingers. What if she ended the new friendship? Was Chaeyeon going too fast? But she didn’t seem to dislike Chaeyeon calling her ‘Kkura-chan’.

Before the dancer could think of a solution, Sakura reappeared in front of her with a familiar looking french toast on hand.

“Here is your order.” The shorter girl placed the plate onto the counter and pushed it towards Chaeyeon. “A-And this…”

Sakura shyly grabbed the taller’s hand and wrote down a string of number on her palm. Chaeyeon could only smirk in victory as she stared at the embarrassed girl. She can’t believe that she could actually ‘order’ someone’s phone number.

Smooth. Really smooth, Lee Chaeyeon.

“Have a n-nice day!” The girl mumbled in embarrassment before fleeing inside.

“You too!” Chaeyeon called out, giggling to herself at the other’s adorable behaviour.

“Good job, unnie!” Minju praised.

“That was simple, wasn’t it?” Yena scoffed proudly.

“Order away guys, my treat.” Chaeyeon smiled.

As the girls were pestering Nako with their neverending orders, Chaeyeon pulled her phone out of her pocket and saved the numbers written on her palm with a gigantic grin.

Chapter Three

It was finally Saturday and Chaeyeon decided to sleep in to repair her sore muscles but a

dreaded ringing woke her up. The girl was going to murder whoever it was, unless it was really important.

“ Hello?”

a Saturday.”

Chaeyeon answered grumpily. “You better have a good reason for calling at 7 am on

“I’m really sorry!”

Chaeyeon wanted take back whatever she said earlier as soon as she heard the familiar voice.

It was Sakura.

“Ah no!” Chaeyeon shouted anxiously. “I’m sorry for being rude!”

Soft giggles could be heard from the other side of the line. Chaeyeon didn’t know what was so funny. It still amazes her that the older is so hyper at such a timing.

“Jjaeyon, can you do me a favor?”

“Yes, of course!” Chaeyeon replied before Sakura could even explain.

The lovestruck girl was willing to doing anything for Sakura as long as she is happy.

“Could you come down to the café now?” Sakura sounded desperate. “Hi-chan is down with a fever and Nako, being her roommate, has to take care of her…”

Chaeyeon knew where this was going. She was supposed to take over them as a staff at the café. In her 18 years of her life, she has never part-timed before, hence she was really clueless about this.

“Kkura-chan…” Chaeyeon started. “I can come down but I don’t know what to do…”

“It’s fine Jjaeyon, you just need to key in the orders, I will handle the rest.” Sakura said. “Trust me.”

That was all Chaeyeon needed to hear for her to bolt out of bed and get changed.

“Give me 15 minutes.” Chaeyeon hung up before Sakura could even reply.

The two of them started texting since Chaeyeon got her number that day, mostly talking about cooking and their day. It was the first time Chaeyeon actually replied to someone within a minute. Yena is always complaining that she didn’t check her phone often, leading to late replies.

True to her words, Chaeyeon arrived at the café within fifteen minutes. The brunette decided to put on white button-up paired with jeans, trying to look a little formal for the job.

“Jjaeyon!” Sakura exclaimed and ran towards the taller.

In a rush, the older tripped over her own feet and almost landed on her face, if it’s not for Chaeyeon’s fast reflexes. The taller managed to stretch out her arms in time and caught Sakura in a hug.

“C-Careful there!” Chaeyeon stuttered as she released her embraced quickly, as if she touched fire.

Sakura didn’t seemed to mind the contact and thanked the other girl instead. Sakura seemed to have warmed up to Chaeyeon through their late night texts, but Chaeyeon was still a mess around Sakura.

Maybe it’s because she was afraid that Sakura could hear her fast beating heart.

“We open at 8.” Sakura said. “Would you like to help me in the kitchen?”

Chaeyeon’s ears perked up as soon as she heard the word ‘kitchen’. It has been long since Chaeyeon cooked anything, let alone baking pastries. But Sakura’s café was different. It didn’t sell pastries but instead, common food like kimbap,rice balls and such. Maybe it’s to make it an affordable café for students from the University.

Chaeyeon nodded excitedly and followed the giggling Sakura into the kitchen. Chaeyeon took in the sight of the clean kitchen and her eyes landed on a cute pink apron.

How I wish to see Sakura in that… Chaeyeon thought.

As if Sakura read her mind, the shorter looped the fabric around her body professionally. Chaeyeon could only gape at the sight, her thoughts running wild. Sakura is literally the perfect wife anyone could ever get.

“Here.” Sakura handed Chaeyeon a blue apron. “It’s Nako’s but you can use it.”

Chaeyeon shivered as their fingers touched when she grabbed the material. The younger seemed to be the only one affected as Sakura just went on preparing the ingredients needed.

The brunette sighed and put on her apron, only to realise she didn’t know how to wear it. Nako’s apron seemed to be different from the ones Chaeyeon had at home.


“Yes?” The said girl looked up to see Chaeyeon fighting with her apron. “Ah.”

Without warning, Sakura grabbed Chaeyeon’s hand and guided her in wearing the piece of fabric. The latter was frozen on her spot as Sakura brought her arms behind her, before looping it in front again.

“There you go!” Sakura said as she leaned her chin onto Chaeyeon’s shoulder to get a view of the strings. “Finish it off with a nice ribbon!”

It’s amazing how Chaeyeon didn’t faint from the back hug that Sakura was giving her. Especially when her breath was tickling her neck. Chaeyeon almost whimpered when Sakura gave her a tight hug before letting go.

How can Sakura be clumsy and cute one moment, and yet hot and mature the next? The thought will always puzzled Chaeyeon.



“Your face is red.” Sakura looked concerned. “Are you sick?”

“N-No.” Chaeyeon used all her remaining strength to reply. “Thanks.”

The older shot her a suspicious glare before instructing her to help.

“Thank you so much!” Sakura said, handing a cup of green tea latte to the other. “I would have died if it wasn’t for you!”

Indeed Chaeyeon thought she was already in the afterworld. The café was extremely popular today, even Sakura was surprised. The café had to close early because Sakura ran out of ingredients.

“What’s this?” Chaeyeon asked as she took the cup into her hands.

“My love!” Sakura answered.


“Green tea latte is my favourite!” Sakura exclaimed, still oblivious to what she implied by accident.

Chaeyeon nodded in embarrassment and took a quick sip of the drink, scalding herself in the process. Wincing, Chaeyeon’s face scrunched up in a cute way that made Sakura giggle.

“Did it taste bad?”

“Noh…” Chaeyeon struggled to speak with her burnt tongue. “I burnt mahself.”

Sakura laughed harder when she heard Chaeyeon’s explanation. For a moment, she was worried that Chaeyeon didn’t like her favourite drink. She was prepared to drown the younger in green tea latte to convince her why green tea latte was the best.


“Surprise!” Yena shouted as she burst through the front door of the café.

“What are you doing here? The café is closed.” Chaeyeon snapped.

Stupid Yena chose the wrong time and cockblocked her precious time with Sakura. If Yena wasn’t older than her, Chaeyeon swore she would have strangled her to death.

“Yena…” Yuri panted when she stepped into the café. “Did you not read the sign?”

The hyperactive girl shook her head in an ‘I-don’t-care’ manner and approached Sakura.

“Do you have food for me?” The younger jutted her lips out like a duck. “I’m starving since Yuri decided to make me run with her.”

“You don’t seem tired.” Chaeyeon retorted, obviously still pissed. “And there’s no more stock left.”

Of course there were a few leftovers, but that was Sakura’s and Chaeyeon’s dinner. Surely Yena isn’t going to take it all.

“We do have leftover rice balls…” Sakura trailed off, her eyes shined mischievously.

“Oh thank god!” Yena sat down with the equally hungry Yuri at a nearby table.

“Saku-chan…” Chaeyeon held her back before the girl could give them their lunch.

Sakura just smiled before heading into the kitchen. The smile definitely didn’t reassure the safety of Chaeyeon’s dinner, but it made her weak. Curious of Sakura’s plan, she headed into the kitchen to see what the other was doing.

“Kkura-chan?” Chaeyeon called as she entered the room. “What’s that?”

Sakura laughed and tried to stuff one into Chaeyeon’s mouth. Of course the stubborn younger refused with all her might, not wanting the foreign object to even touch her.

Umeboshi!” Sakura giggled. “It’s nice!”

Chaeyeon shook her head furiously. She couldn’t take the sourness of the Japanese food. She felt like she was going to wither the first time she tried it with her family, and she swore that that would be the last time she was going to touch it.

The taller could only stare in amazement as Sakura laughed and placed it into her mouth, munching delightfully. The amazement turned into a smirk as soon as she saw Sakura stuffing three umeboshiinto the rice ball that she was making.

“For Yena.” Sakura giggled like a teenage girl that just talked to her crush. “And maybe Yuri…”

Chaeyeon struggled to keep a poker face as they brought the plate to their customers.

“Chaeyeon.” Yena said as she picked up one of the rice balls. “Why are you here anyways?”

The brunette almost blew her cover when she saw Yuri chewing her food with a pout. The best part was that Yena popped half of the rice ball into her mouth obliviously. As soon as the playful girl frown, Chaeyeon and Sakura burst into laughter and high-fived each other, proud of their successful prank.

“Gosh! What is this?” Yuri grumbled after swallowing.

“Japanese pickled plum!” Yena screeched in horror, fully knowing what she bit into.

“It’s healthy.” Sakura said with a straight face, making Chaeyeon laugh harder.

“Ugh, I hate you!” The duck-like girl said and dragged Yuri out of the café before they regret.

The two just laughed as Yena almost slammed herself into the glass door. Yuri couldn’t help but laugh at her girlfriend’s silliness and brought her out before she seriously injures herself. Sometimes she wonders if Yena was the older one or Yuri was older. Yena never fail to amuse her.

A growl interrupted Chaeyeon’s train of thoughts and she looked towards the culprit who was

blushing. Sakura held her stomach in a cute manner, Chaeyeon just wanted to buy all the food

in the world to feed the hungry girl.

“Let’s go get dinner.”

Chaeyeon led the two into the kitchen, where they started using the leftover ingredients to whip up recipes that weren’t on menu. Chaeyeon decided to cook some fried rice for Sakura to try, and the other girl was just creating a whole new recipe.


Chaeyeon looked up from her food and her eyes met with deep, captivating brown ones, she almost forgot to speak.


“I know this is sudden but…”

Chaeyeon tilted her head to the side in confusion. It can’t be a confession right? Chaeyeon was sure Sakura didn’t reciprocate her feelings, but she was planning to change that. She didn’t have confidence in herself, but she could probably do it as long as Sakura didn’t like anyone else.

“Would you like to part-time here?”

The taller never expected such a question from the older. Was she even qualified for it? She made a lot of mistakes in the orders that afternoon, and she didn’t even know how to operate the coffee machine, let alone make orders.


“Hitomi and Nako can operate the coffee machine.” Sakura sensed the uneasiness in the other. “All you have to do is to take orders and occasionally help me out in the kitchen.”

Helping Sakura in the kitchen? That was definitely tempting. And it sounded more promising than any other plan Chaeyeon thought of, in order to get closer to Sakura. Who knows what would happen in the kitchen with a clumsy Sakura?

“Okay.” Chaeyeon finally agreed when she couldn’t take anymore of Sakura’s puppy eyes.

Chapter Four

Chaeyeon couldn’t wait to report for work. Her slow lecturer was still going on and on about General Education class that was obviously common sense nowadays. As soon as the bell rung, the dancer flew up from her seat and dashed towards the exit.

Unfortunately, she was held back by one of her classmates.

“Chaeyeon, want to hang out?” Eunbi asked.

Eunbi was the class representative. She was good at dancing, almost on par with Chaeyeon and Momo. But she had double major, in Vocal and Dance, so she couldn’t focus much on dancing.

Behind Eunbi were two loud kids that seemed to be in their own world. Chaeyeon didn’t know them personally, but knew that they were popular in school. They were the only topic people talked about nowadays. The talented Yujin and Wonyoung who entered the University at an extremely young age.

“I… have work.” Chaeyeon apologised.

Eunbi looked disappointed while the other two tried to pout and did puppy eyes, in an attempt to change the dancer’s mind.

“Unnie said you were a really good dancer, so we were hoping to learn a thing or two from you…” The youngest, Wonyoung, said and did an irresistible aegyo.

“Um…” The brunette hesitated, not wanting to disappoint the trio. “How about you get something at my workplace, and I’ll show you some moves?”

Chaeyeon didn’t mind demonstrating her moves or even, teaching them. But all she wanted to do was to help Sakura get more business. And perhaps get a praise from her.

Being the reserved Japanese she is, Sakura rarely talks about herself. Chaeyeon was hoping to gain her trust and get to know her more. Now that Chaeyeon thought about it, she didn’t know anything about Sakura. What are the chances that she was already attached?

“Unnie?” Wonyoung asked cutely, obviously excited to learn. “Bring us there!”

Chaeyeon gave a sheepish smile and started the route to the café.

“So Chaeyeon.” Eunbi said as she looped her arm through Chaeyeon’s.

What? Chaeyeon thought. She didn't recall being so close to the older. In fact, they have only exchanged a few conversations, and they were all about dance.

“Since when did you work part-time? I’ve never heard about it.”


Chaeyeon didn’t even tell her friends she was going to work at Sakura’s. The brunette was confused. Why would Eunbi know anything about her anyways?

“I just started today?” The taller responded awkwardly.

Was it just her or Eunbi was being flirty?

“Oh! Are they still hiring?” Chaeyeon shot Eunbi a questioning look.

Taking into consideration that Nako was a full-timer and Hitomi was a part-timer just like her, Sakura probably has all the help she needs.

“Probably not.” The taller answered a little too coldly.

Eunbi didn’t seem to mind the hostility from the younger. But she took note of how uncomfortable Chaeyeon looked and released her hold on her arm, giving an apologetic look.

“Sorry…” Eunbi scratched her head. “I tend to be over-friendly.”

“It’s fine. Thank you.” For once Chaeyeon gave a sincere smile.

Maybe Eunbi wasn’t that bad. It will be good to have a friend in her classes.

“We are here.” Chaeyeon announced as she saw the familiar pink exterior of her favourite spot.

“Finally! I’m starving!” Yujin exclaimed as she pushed the door open.

“You better order more!” Eunbi laughed.

They were greeted by Nako, who seemed shocked at the sudden liveliness in the café.

“Oh Chaeyeon!” The tiny girl called out. “Kkura-chan is waiting for you in the kitchen.”

Chaeyeon beamed at the sentence and headed into the kitchen in excitement, completely forgotten about her new friends. Eunbi was amazed at how hyped the girl was. She had never seen her like that, not even during dance classes.

“Kkura-chan!” Chaeyeon entered the kitchen to see Sakura preparing french toast.

“Jjaeyon!” Sakura eye-smiled as she saw the other. “You must be hungry right? Take a seat first.”

The taller took a seat behind the kitchen table as she watched Sakura cook, looking like a love struck puppy. It warmed Chaeyeon’s heart to learn that Sakura was waiting for her, and even, prepared her lunch. The scene somehow reminded Chaeyeon of newlyweds, and the girl could only blush at her thoughts.

“Oh? Is that ‘Chaeyeon’s special order’ I smell?”

After visit the shop many times, Chaeyeon could identify the menu just by their smell. And Sakura was definitely impressed each time Chaeyeon managed to get it right.

Sakura just giggled as she finished her masterpiece, scooping them onto a plate and serving them to Chaeyeon.

“Looking good!” Chaeyeon complimented, painting a blush on Sakura’s cheeks.

The older playfully slapped Chaeyeon’s shoulders before taking a piece of their lunch.

“Leave some for Nako too.” Sakura reminded.

“I’m glad you still have me in your heart.” The said girl commented as she made her way into the kitchen. “Here.”

Sakura stuffed the remainings of her food into her mouth and proceeded to make the orders on the list.

“I’ve served them their drinks.” Nako said. “Get changed and you can start by helping Kkura-chan in the kitchen.”

Chaeyeon nodded and took the paper bag from Nako. Familiar pink fabric peeked out of the bag and Chaeyeon wondered how they figured out her size.

“No peeking!” Chaeyeon teased Sakura as she went into the changing room connected to the kitchen.

Sakura blushed and whined before going back to cooking, internally laughing at the younger.

“Get a room guys!” Nako said as she finish washing the plate and headed back outside.

Chaeyeon got out of the changing room with pink cheeks, embarrassed to be seen in the girly outfit. The uniform was a perfect fit, other than the fact that it revealed a little too much thigh. But that was her favourite part of the uniform as she gets to see more of Sakura’s lovely thighs.

“Looking good!” Sakura imitated and grinned widely as she saw the new staff.

Chaeyeon blushed harder but did a small twirl jokingly, for Sakura. Patting her skirt down, the taller proceeded to wash her hands thoroughly before walking over to help Sakura with the cooking.

“I’ll take this out.” Chaeyeon said as Sakura arranged the freshly cooked food onto a plate neatly.

“Chaeyeon!” Eunbi shouted as the girl walked out of the kitchen in her original clothes.

It was 9 already and Chaeyeon has just finished her work. It turned out well and Chaeyeon

didn’t make any mistakes but it was tiring. She wonder how Sakura actually managed to do this everyday.

“Oh right!” The brunette wanted to face-palm herself for forgetting her promise. “Uh, I don’t have

a place to dance…”

“Can’t you teach us here?” Yujin asked and pointed to the back area of the cafe, where a tiny platform was located.

Chaeyeon didn’t even know that existed. Did Sakura install it recently? What did the older have in mind?

“I’m not sure if we can use that…” Chaeyeon mumbled.

“Go ahead!”

The four of them turned to see Sakura walking out of the kitchen, followed by a hopping Nako.

“I can’t wait to see Chaeyeon dance!” Nako shouted.

The dancer turned red as she made eye contact with her crush. It was way too embarrassing to be the center of attention, especially when Sakura was watching.

“Jjaeyon fighting!” The older cheered and raised her hand up for a high-five.

Chaeyeon awkwardly returned it before walking over to the platform and did some stretches to warm up. She gestured to Yujin for her to play a random song for her to dance to.

As the familiar tune of ‘Gashina’ sounded through the café, Chaeyeon started her sexy dance routine, gaining ‘Ooh’s and whistling from her friends. Next was ‘Instruction, an English song which Chaeyeon knew of but never tried dancing to. But nonetheless she managed to pull off a freestyle easily.

“That was amazing, unnie!” Wonyoung cutely hugged the other.

“Teach me~” Yujin whined as she joined the hug.

“Eunbi can do this too…” The poor girl tried to speak despite the crushing hugs.

Eunbi laughed before pulling the two off Chaeyeon. The latter caught a glimpse of Sakura while the girls were hugging her and she seemed to be upset. Maybe she didn’t like Chaeyeon’s performance?

“Kkura-chan?” Chaeyeon seemed to be used to calling Sakura by her nickname, alternating between ‘Saku-chan’ and ‘Kkura-chan’.

Th café owner just looked blankly at her and hummed in response. Chaeyeon was afraid. She couldn’t read what Sakura was currently feeling, and she definitely don’t want to upset her even further.

“Should we

Sakura wouldn’t be upset.

leave so you can close the shop?” The dance asked with utmost caution, hoping

“Of course not!” Nako replied instead and nudged the taller girl.

“Ah yes. I would love to see you dance.” Sakura added with a smile.

The three girls thanked her before Chaeyeon could even reply and soon she was dragged by them to occupy the stage once again.

Chaeyeon started from the basics and reminded them the importance of practicing the basics everyday. To her surprise, Sakura and Nako joined them halfway through.Chaeyeon almost freaked out when Sakura tapped on her shoulders to ask if they could join.

Chaeyeon never pictured Sakura nor Nako to be the type to dance, but they were doing pretty well and everything the oldest did seemed to sparkle in her eyes.

After the basics, Chaeyeon got Eunbi to demonstrate a few intermediate moves as she showed some of hers as well. The group started to imitate the two dancers and soon a dance battle broke out.

Chaeyeon and Eunbi were leaders, with Nako and Wonyoung in Chaeyeon’s team, and Sakura and Yujin in Eunbi’s.

As Eunbi was the oldest, they decided to let her dance first and select her dance partner. The minute Chaeyeon played ‘Handclap’, Eunbi started doing powerful moves that were perfectly on beat, leaving Nako awestruck. Nako managed to do a few moves but she was just too cute, all of them ended laughing and fangirling over the tiny girl.

The next song was ‘Sorry Not Sorry’ and Wonyoung started first, trying her best to provoke Yujin. The older took up the challenge confident but ended up tripping over her foot and falling to the ground as she was too hyped. The whole notion broke the five of them into huge fits of laughter, Yujin could only pout before laughing at her own silliness.

Finally, ‘Touch’ came on and Sakura took the stage with a few awkward body waves which were extremely adorable. Chaeyeon wished she could have recorded this down, but she knew her feelings would be obvious if she did.

The older gestured for her to join with two fingers, obviously confident that she would win. Chaeyeon, living up to her reputation, started to b-boy and did the windmill, which blew everyone away. Sakura almost forgot that it was a battle, but she managed to pulled herself back.

As the chorus came on, Sakura dance dangerously close to Chaeyeon, almost grinding her body against the other. Chaeyeon didn’t know if it was because of the lyrics or Sakura knew that Chaeyeon liked her. And the worst was that she couldn’t herself from freezing up on her spot. It was the first time Chaeyeon didn’t dance to a song and just stood there doing nothing.

The older continued to work her magic, turning around to face the taller and holding on to her shoulders while dancing. Occasionally, Sakura would trail her hands down Chaeyeon’s arms and grab her hands, trying to get her to dance, but it just backfired.

Sakura threw her a smirk before returning to her place when the battle ended. That made Chaeyeon’s mind go into overdrive and Nako had to pull her back. At this point, it was so obvious that Chaeyeon liked Sakura, but Wonyoung and Yujin seemed to be really dense amd just laughed at the statue-like girl.

“Just get together already!” Yujin randomly said when she saw Chaeyeon’s red cheeks.

The latter playfully glared at her while the rest of them just laughed. Chaeyeon was just glad that Sakura didn’t seem to know of her feelings, or even, didn’t seem to mind. But Chaeyeon didn’t want to get her hopes up. That didn’t mean that Sakura liked her back.

“The winner for today is…” Nako exclaimed, trying to get Chaeyeon out of the situation. “Eunbi’s team!”

The three of them started to dance weirdly in celebration, throwing jeers at the other group.

“Ah. It’s late already.” Nako said as she looked at the clock. “Why don’t we send them home as out punishment?”

Eunbi couldn’t help but laugh at Nako, who was obviously trying to help Chaeyeon get Sakura.

“But we live in the same dorm!” Yujin complained.

“Sure let’s do it!” Eunbi agreed.


“I’ll give you Minju’s number.” Chaeyeon cut Yujin off.

With that, the objection stopped and the partners left for their homes. Being the older one, Eunbi sent Nako home first as she was more likely to be targeted, instead of the girl-crush Eunbi. And the two young ones bickered at each other, still going on about the dance battle and demanding a rematch.

“So…” Chaeyeon started nervously. “Ready to go?”

Sakura grabbed her belongings and locked up the shop, before nodding at Chaeyeon. The girl grabbed the taller’s arm and hooked her own around it, linking them together. Chaeyeon was taken aback by the action but tried to act normal and started walking.

The walk was extremely short as Sakura lived nearby, which disappointed Chaeyeon. She didn’t want their moment together to end and wanted to enjoy it more. They barely even talked through the journey.

“So this is it.” Chaeyeon said as they stood outside Sakura’s apartment. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Sakura leaned in and hugged her, breath tickling Chaeyeon’s ear.

“Why don’t you stay the night?” She whispered. “It’s late already.”

Chaeyeon knew Sakura didn’t mean it that way, but she couldn’t help being hopeful that the older reciprocated her feelings. It was ricky for Chaeyeon to agree. No one knows what is going to happen, but Chaeyeon was sure she wasn’t prepared to stay in Sakura’s house. Nevertheless, she didn’t want to waste this chance, who knows when would Sakura invite her over again?

“I-If I’m not i-intruding…” Chaeyeon trembled as she tried to reply. “Thanks.”

Chapter Five

Chaeyeon didn’t know how she was supposed to act when visiting someone’s house. She was never once invited into someone’s house. Her mother was sure surprised when Chaeyeon called back to inform her about the stayover.

“Jjaeyon?” Sakura giggled. “Please relax and take a seat.”

The younger looked extremely awkward as she stood stiffly in the middle of the room, watching Sakura go about the house, cleaning up the apartment.


“A-Anything from you, Saku-chan.” Chaeyeon smiled.

As Sakura headed into the kitchen to prepare the drinks for her guest, Chaeyeon walked to the short table located in front of the television.

“Japanese don’t seat with their legs crossed right?” The girl thought to herself before settling on a cushion, kneeling and sitting her calves.

“Here you go!” Sakura placed the tray onto the table. “These are senbei, Japanese rice crackers. They are delicious!”

Chaeyeon looked at the foreign objects curiously, before picking one up to try. True to her words, it tasted delicious, but Chaeyeon still preferred Sakura’s cooking.

“Have some too, Saku-chan.”

In response, Sakura laughed and just opened her mouth cutely at Chaeyeon, waiting for her to feed her. The cute image melted Chaeyeon’s heart. She definitely didn’t expect Sakura to do that.

Chaeyeon bravely moved her half-bitten senbeinear Sakura’s mouth, expecting her to pout in response. Instead, the older didn’t seem to mind and just bit on it, her lips brushing against Chaeyeon’s fingers.

Shivers went down the brunette’s spine as soon as they made contact and she gasped. Embarrassed, she retracted her hand and placed them over her face.

Sakura giggled as Chaeyeon cutely peeped between her fingers, trying to monitor Sakura’s reaction. The younger was just so cute, Sakura wanted to pull her into a hug. And she did.

Kawaii.” The shorter whispered into Chaeyeon’s ears, her hot breath hitting against her earlobes.

Chaeyeon tensed up. Did Sakura just called her cute? Not wanting to make things awkward, Chaeyeon lifted her shaking hands and wrapped them around Sakura, hugging back gently.

Nani?” Chaeyeon replied in Japanese.

She learnt Japanese from her classmates, Momo and Sana, and she seemed to be doing an excellent job at it. Sakura was surprised by her reply and released the hug almost immediately.

“Jjaeyon can speak Japanese?”

“A little.” The taller laughed at Sakura’s shocked expression.

The older girl seemed to be relieved to know that Chaeyeon understood Japanese. Maybe the girl could help with her Korean. Sakura could speak the language, but those were only the basics, and she needs to get use to it as well. Since Nako and Hitomi are Japanese, Chaeyeon seemed to be the perfect partner to practice her Korean with.

“Do you want to watch a movie?” Sakura offered. “We can watch it in my room.”


Thinking back, neither of them showered yet. Chaeyeon definitely wanted a shower after a long day at school and at work. There was just one problem.

She didn’t have a change of clothes.


The short girl hummed as she brought the tray into the kitchen and cleared it.

“I don’t want to dirty your bed.” Chaeyeon said nervously, unsure of how to approach the topic. “I had a long day in school and at work…”

“Ah!” The girl chuckled. “You don’t have to worry about that. I can lend you my clothes if you want to take a shower.”

Sakura walked back into the common room and gestured for Chaeyeon to follow her, leading her to her closet in her bedroom.

“Here.” Sakura grabbed a set of sleepwear and handed it to Chaeyeon. “You can use that. I will set things up here.”

Chaeyeon nodded shyly and went ahead into the bathroom connected to Sakura’s room. As expected, the bathroom was clean and organised. Chaeyeon locked the door behind her before taking off her clothes and stepping under the shower head, relaxing her body as the warm droplets rained down.

After the slow relaxing bath, Chaeyeon stepped out of the shower only to realise she didn't get a towel from Sakura.


Chaeyeon started to panic when there was no reply.

“Saku-chan!” Chaeyeon shouted loudly, hoping to catch the older’s attention.

“Jjaeyon!” The brunette could hear Sakura panting outside. “What happen? Are you alright?”

“I’m fine, but…” Chaeyeon trailed off. “I don’t have a towel.”

All Chaeyeon could hear was a hearty laugh and footsteps that seemed to be moving away.

“I will leave it at the door.” Sakura said when she returned. “I’m leaving the room, don’t worry.”

Chaeyeon muttered a ‘thanks’ and waited for the click of the door before opening the bathroom door to collect the piece of fabric. That was sure embarrassing. If Yena ever finds out about it, she will never let her live.

The dancer quickly dried herself off and wore what Sakura lent her, not wanting the older to wait any longer.

“You can come in now.” Chaeyeon opened the door. “Thanks.”

Sakura didn’t manage to hold back her laughter when she saw Chaeyeon in her clothing. The t-shirt was too small for Chaeyeon, it looked like a crop-top. The sweatpants that was perfect for Sakura ended mid-calf for Chaeyeon.

“W-What would you like to watch?”

Chaeyeon nudged Sakura when she didn’t stop laughing.

“Do you like zombies?”

“It’s f-fine…” Sakura flinched a little at the mention of the undead.

“Let’s watch ‘Train to Busan’ then.” The younger snickered and selected the movie.

Sakura was obviously uncomfortable with it and Chaeyeon thought it would be fun to tease the girl. The movie just started and Sakura was already hugging onto Chaeyeon’s arm as they rested on the bed.

Chaeyeon couldn’t focus on the show at all. Not with Sakura hugging her tightly whenever the mob of zombies chased after the main leads. Honestly, Chaeyeon didn’t mind it on bit. She wished the movie lasted longer, for her to watch Sakura cuddle her cutely. Chaeyeon swear she wouldn’t get tired of this.

Unfortunately, the movie ended and Sakura released her grip on Chaeyeon to switch of the television.

“I’m sorry, Jjaeyon…” The older sat down again and faced Chaeyeon. “You didn’t get to watch the show because of me right?”

“Saku-chan.” Chaeyeon smiled. “I enjoyed watching you more than the movie.”

The sudden sentence made Sakura blush and throw a few playful punches at the other. It was clear to Chaeyeon now, that Sakura was very outgoing and doesn’t take any flirting to mind. Chaeyeon doesn’t know if the other didn’t know what flirting was, or she just doesn’t mind it.

“I might even want to watch the sequel.” Chaeyeon continued, grabbing Sakura’s hands to make her stop. “Of Saku-chan sleeping that is.”

The shorter girl whined in protest when Chaeyeon didn’t stop laughing at her red face.

“Jjaeyon…” Sakura called out when the both of them finally calmed down. “Tell me more about yourself.”


It was the first time Chaeyeon was asked to talked about herself. Although, Yena and Minju often asks about her day but Chaeyeon was still surprised that Sakura was interested in knowing more about her.

Sakura nodded slightly as the two of them leaned against the headboard, staring into the space ahead of them. Sensing the anxiety, Sakura place her hand in Chaeyeon’s intertwining them together.

“What do you like?”

“Um, dancing in general?” Chaeyeon finally spoke. “I like to sing too, but I’m better at dancing.”

“Have you ever wanted to become an idol?” Sakura asked. “Like Red Velvet-san.”

The girl was literally glowing when she mentioned her idol. Chaeyeon giggled at the adorable sight and nodded her head.

“I… wanted to.”

“Really? Please help me get Irene-san’s autograph!”

“I will bring you to a fansign.” Chaeyeon laughed at the eager girl who literally had stars in her eyes.

The dancer was starting to be jealous of the idol. If only Sakura was so excited at the mention of Chaeyeon…

“I want your autograph too!” The older added.

“I’m not becoming an idol, Saku-chan.” Chaeyeon replied.

The sentence got Sakura to quiet down and stare into Chaeyeon’s eyes in concern.

“I’m… not pretty like you, Saku-chan.” Chaeyeon mumbled and played with their interlocked fingers. “And there are better singers out there. I can’t be an idol just because I can dance.”


“Saku-chan.” The younger stopped her. “I tried once and even became a trainee. But I couldn’t debut because they said I lacked star qualities.”

Chaeyeon sighed. She was the one who felt like crying but Sakura was the one tearing up. The dancer pulled Sakura into a hug, comforting her.

“I don’t regret. I got to meet you after I gave up on being an idol. And that’s the best thing that happened to me.”

Chaeyeon was literally confessing to Sakura. Whatever she said was implying her deep feelings towards Sakura. Unless Sakura was dense, she would have gotten the hint perfectly.

“Thank you Jjaeyon.” Sakura returned the hug and sniffled on Chaeyeon’s shoulders. “You’re beautiful. Inside out.”

The two rested awhile like this before they broke apart and settled under the covers.

“I’ll go switch the lights off.” Sakura said.

“Wait. Let me use the bathroom.”

Chaeyeon needed some time to herself after the unplanned serious conversation. Locking the door, she stood in front of the mirror and stared at herself. Sakura’s kind words replayed itself in her mind, making her smile.

However, Sakura’s ambiguous response to Chaeyeon’s implied confession had her worried. Was Sakura disgusted but tried to be nice? Did she feel the same way? Or was it that she didn’t get what Chaeyeon meant?

Clearing her mind of all thoughts, Chaeyeon decided it was enough thinking for the day and returned to the bed after switching the lights off.

“Ugh… It’s cold.” The dancer mumbled and felt around for the blanket.

Without a word, Sakura coolly threw the cover over Chaeyeon, warming her up. Chaeyeon’s heart raced at the motion.

Chaeyeon was sure she wouldn’t be able to sleep that night.

Chapter Six

Days have passed since Chaeyeon’s sleepover at Sakura’s apartment and the dancer was getting used to her part-time job at the café. Business was getting better since Chaeyeon joined the crew, and they even had regulars from the University.

On her off-days, Chaeyeon would drag Minju, Yena and Yuri to the café to eat. But Chaeyeon was there to watch Sakura.

Their friendship has been blossoming smoothly and the two seemed to be closer than Yena and Yuri. But it wasn’t progressing according to Chaeyeon’s plan - Sakura treated her as a close friend.

“Jjaeyon!” Sakura walked over to their table. “Great timing!”

Yena smirked and pouted her lips like a duck, trying her best now to laugh at Chaeyeon’s lovestruck expression. It was clear to literally everyone, even most of the regulars of the café, that Chaeyeon liked Sakura. Chaewon, one of the new regulars, even asked Sakura if they were dating. Chaeyeon was heartbroken when Sakura answered a ‘no’ almost immediately.

“Saku-chan.” The dancer smiled in response.

“There will be a small performance here this Saturday.” The café owner said. “I would like you to perform!”

Was Sakura serious? Chaeyeon had performed in front of large crowds many a time, but she wasn’t that sure if she could do it here. Literally everyone knew of her. It would be so embarrassing if she made a mistake.

“My friend will also be performing!” Sakura said excitedly.

Friend? Who was it? Sakura sounded more like she was bringing her girlfriend to meet her parents. Whoever it was, Chaeyeon was sure jealous of her.

“Sure thing, Kkura-chan!” Minju replied for Chaeyeon, when the latter was in deep thoughts.

Before Chaeyeon could protest, Sakura was already entering the kitchen.


“You were jealous right!” Yena laughed, changing the topic. “Your face was priceless when Sakura mentioned her friend.”

Minju just laughed along with Yena while Yuri patted Chaeyeon’s shoulders, trying to comfort her.

“You better do something that will sweep Sakura off her feet!” Yena exclaimed, a little too loudly.

The whole café had their eyes on Chaeyeon, smirking. Hitomi just stood at the counter and laughed. Chaeyeon was lucky Sakura was in the kitchen cooking, but she can’t be too sure if the older heard Yena.

“Shut up!” Chaeyeon was really red from embarrassment. “And… I think she has a girlfriend already. That ‘friend’ that is going to perform.”

“How sure can you be?” Yuri said. “Let’s ask Hitomi!”

The café staff that happened to pass by their table was stopped by Yena’s strong hold.

“Hi-chan!” Yuri greeted. “Is Kkura-chan dating?”

Chaeyeon wanted to slap the girl for her straightforwardness. Hitomi was definitely surprised by the question, her eyes going wider than tennis balls.


The trio just stared at Hitomi while Chaeyeon was looking for a hole to hide into. Her friends were too passionate in helping her love life.

“She’s not dating.” Hitomi’s sentence made the table cheer loudly, earning a second round of attention from the entire café. “But she likes Hyewon…”


girl was. All she knew was that it hurt as hell to hear that Sakura liked someone other than her.

Was that the name of her friend that will be coming? Chaeyeon didn’t care who this



Minju said and patted the dancer’s shoulders.

“Unnie!” Hitomi hugged her in concern. “I’m pretty sure she likes you… She just can’t get over Hyewon I guess.”

“I hope so…”

“Who is this Hyewon though?” Yena asked on behalf of Chaeyeon.

Hitomi sighed and took a seat. The two of them were already best friends before Hitomi joined, but Sakura had told Nako and her about them after Hyewon left.

“She opened this café together with Sakura…” The Japanese started. “I don’t know about their relationship before I joined, but according to Sakura, she was having a one-sided crush on her.

“But they acted like lovers, despite the fact that they weren’t together. But one day Hyewon left, saying that she was going to study in Singapore. And Sakura didn’t know about it until she was on the plane.”

The girls gasped at Hitomi’s words, not expecting such dramatic history between the two of them.

“She didn’t seemed like the person who would do that, I guess she had her own reasons… Sakura was definitely heartbroken, but as you can see, she still likes her.”

“How do you know that she likes Chaeyeon?” Yena asked.

“It’s complicated…” Hitomi scratched her head. “Well, the thing is, she saw Minju at the mall with Chaeyeon unnie. Kkura-chan mistook Minju as Hyewon at first glance so she followed you guys.”

Yena snickered while Minju grimaced at the thought. Chaeyeon just stared blankly at Hitomi, her facial expressions unreadable.

“After um… stalking, she realised it wasn’t Hyewon. And the funny thing is, she took a liking to Chaeyeon instead. She saw you around the university though, but she wasn’t brave enough to approach you.”

“Was that why she made me a lunch box that day?” Chaeyeon smiled at the sweet memory.

“I told her about the event and she was super excited about it.”

Before they could ask more, Hitomi was called back to work.

“Time for Special Operation: Steal her heart, a.k.a. SOS.” The oldest said proudly and crossed her arms across her chest.

“Unnie, that’s so lame.” Chaeyeon commented, obviously not liking whatever Yena was about to plan.

“Trust me, my little angel.” Yena said in a “charming” tone, causing them to gag.

It was already Saturday and Chaeyeon was still refusing to play along to Yena’s plan. The older girl was extremely frustrated at the refusal and decided to get the other lead to help. Eunbi.


“Is this Kwon Eunbi?” Yena asked over the phone.

She copied Eunbi’s number from Chaeyeon’s phone in a rush and was worried that she made a mistake somewhere somehow.

“Speaking. Who are you?”

The girl was exactly like how Nako described, charisma overflowing, Yena thought.

“I’m Choi Yena, Chaeyeon’s friend.” The girl said and pouted her lips out of habit. “I need your help.”

Yena summarised the story and explained her plan to Eunbi, and the girl agreed, a little too eagerly.

“Yena?” Chaeyeon said as she came out of her room. “Who are you talking to?”

“J-Just a friend.” The duck-like girl hung up the call hurriedly. “Took you long enough to come out.”

Yena had been in Chaeyeon’s apartment for almost an hour, waiting for the younger to finish dressing up. Chaeyeon wanted to look perfect for the occasion. Especially when she will be “competing” with Hyewon.

“Sorry I couldn’t find something I like…” The dancer said and checked herself out in the mirror. “Does this look fine?”

Chaeyeon was wearing a white button up, half tucked into her navy blue jeans and completed with a black tie.

“If I wasn’t already dating Yuri, I would totally ask you out.” Yena complimented playfully.

“Thanks.” Chaeyeon laughed. “I wonder if the rest are there already. We better get going.”

The duo met up with Yuri on the way and arrived at the café fifteen minutes later.

“Jjaeyon!” Sakura called out as soon as they entered the shop.

The older embraced Chaeyeon tightly and jumped slightly, surprising Chaeyeon.

“You look beautiful…” Sakura whispered into her ears, sending shivers down her spine. “I can’t wait to see you perform.”

“T-Thanks.” It took every ounce of Chaeyeon’s remaining strength to reply.

“You two should just date already!”

The group turned to see a familiar face behind them, unhappy to have her way blocked.

“Ah! Chaewon you’re here!” Chaeyeon greeted awkwardly and led her to a table. “These are my friends.”

Yena and Yuri snickered at Chaeyeon’s red face before waving at Chaewon. The couple then took their seats in front of the customer and started chatting.

“You can prepare in the kitchen.” Sakura grabbed the younger’s hand and led her into the room, chairs set up in the corner.

“I’m performing with Eunbi…” Chaeyeon mumbled.

If Yena and Hitomi’s words were right, Sakura has been jealous of Chaeyeon and Eunbi. Chaeyeon wondered what kind of reaction the girl had if she brought up Eunbi. That was the easiest way to prove Hitomi’s theory.

“Oh?” Sakura smiled, a little stiffly but that might been Chaeyeon’s imagination. “That’s great! The two of you are like a match made in heaven.”

Chaeyeon stared at Sakura’s back in disappointment as the girl headed out of the kitchen to attend to customers. The older didn’t seem to be jealous like Hitomi said, and instead it was the opposite.

“Chaeyeon?” Nako walked into the room. “What did you do to our poor boss?”


“She was totally out of it.” Nako laughed. “Kkura-chan made the wrong order and almost spilled hot water on herself!”

Chaeyeon was more concerned than satisfied at the new knowledge. It was her fault that Sakura had endangered herself. All she wanted to do was to get out there and clarify her relationship with Eunbi.

“Good jo-”

“Chaeyeonie~” Eunbi cut Nako off when she entered the kitchen. “Oh damn, you look hot!”

“W-What?!” Chaeyeon was obviously taken aback, unknown to Yena’s backup plan.

Eunbi had her timing perfected. Sakura had entered the kitchen as well, with a girl in tow. Chaeyeon admitted, she was beautiful. Indeed she resembled the dancer’s best friend but it wasn't to the point where she would mistaken them and mix them up.

“Hi guys!” The new face said as she placed her guitar down beside Chaeyeon’s seat. “I’m Kang Hyewon. Nice to meet you!”

Chaeyeon tried to hide her displeasure but it was still obvious, everyone in that room noticed, other than Sakura that is. The latter was busy glaring at Eunbi to even notice how Chaeyeon was reacting to Hyewon.

“I-I’ll go and take orders.” Nako whispered and excused herself out of the extremely tensed situation.

“Do you want to rehearse before the real thing?” Eunbi latched herself onto the other dancer’s arm as she smirked at Sakura. “We can have some private time to ourselves…”

The Japanese bit her lip at Eunbi’s sentence, wanting to kick her out of her café this instance. Instead, she walked over and swatted Eunbi’s hand away, dragging Chaeyeon out of the kitchen.

“WE will have some private time to ourselves instead.” Sakura emphasized.

Chaeyeon just looked at the older in confusion as she dragged her out of the café. Was Sakura really jealous? Did Chaeyeon imagine it? But the pain from Sakura’s tight grip definitely told Chaeyeon it was reality.


“I like you.” The shorter said before embracing Chaeyeon in a tight hug. “I really like you a lot, Lee Jjaeyon.”

Chapter Seven

Eunbi couldn’t help but cough teasingly everytime Sakura and Chaeyeon were within five feets from each other. It was obvious from the awkward tension between the two of them that they were finally together.

The older turned bright red whenever Chaeyeon bumped into her, or even just poking her head into the kitchen and saying the orders.

It was nearing the performance time and everyone that was supposedly here had turned up other than Minju. Chaeyeon was annoyed but worried that something might have happened to her. Minju wasn’t the type to be late.

“Yena could you give Minju a call?” Chaeyeon called out as she passed their table.

It was a really busy despite Nako and Hitomi both being present. Chaeyeon had to help tend the counter while the other two served the food. The customers seem to have heard about the performance and came to support.

“I’m so sorry I’m late guys!”

Chaeyeon looked over to the entrance to see the one and only friend that they were just talking about.

“I had to get a little surprise~” The usually quiet girl seemed to be very much excited, skipping her way to the table of friends.

The dancer rolled her eyes and continued her job. It was already fifteen minutes to the start of the performance and Chaeyeon was literally sweating buckets.

The brunette was more nervous after Sakura confessed and they got together. What if she mess up and Sakura decides to go back to Hyewon?

Speaking about Hyewon, the girl was nowhere to be seen. She left the café saying that she had something to do but will be back in time.

“Jjaeyon, is Hyewon back yet?” Sakura asked as she came out of the kitchen. “Oh and you can go in and prepare now.”

Chaeyeon shook her head before leading Sakura back into the kitchen. Closing the door, the taller embraced Sakura in a firm hug. Sakura could literally feel the girl shaking in her arms. Was Chaeyeon that nervous?

“You’re the best, Jjaeyon-ah.” Sakura whispered and held the younger’s hand in hers, stroking it to calm her down. “I love your dance.”

Before Chaeyeon could reply, the kitchen door burst open with a panting Hyewon staring at the couple. As if it burned, Sakura pushed Chaeyeon away at light’s speed, almost throwing her at Hyewon.

“W-What?” Chaeyeon gasped as she stumbled back.

Turning around to see Hyewon, she rolled her eyes before heading out of the kitchen, not wanting to see the two of them together. Chaeyeon knows she shouldn’t be so jealous but she couldn't help it. The fact that Sakura used to like Hyewon was stuck in her mind and nothing could ease her worries.


The older was stopped by Hyewon on her way out of the kitchen and she even closed the door. Chaeyeon was more annoyed at the fact that Sakura allowed Hyewon to control her like that. Whatever reason she had, it was the best that the two sat down and talk after work.

“Chaeyeon, I’ve been looking for you!” Eunbi shouted in the direction of the kitchen.

The shorter was definitely angry at Sakura for causing a fight right after getting together. Well Chaeyeon might have been too jealous, but Sakura should have known how she felt towards Hyewon.

“Let’s get revenge.” Chaeyeon mumbled, making Yena smirk.

“Are you sure?” Eunbi asked in concern.

Being the oldest, Eunbi knew that revenge wasn’t solution to anything. But seeing Chaeyeon’s firm and determined nod, the girl agreed to play along to their act.

“Guys you are up in 5 mins.” Nako said as she ushered them to the side of the stage. “Double check everything in case anything goes wrong.”

Chaeyeon hummed in response and followed Eunbi to the mini stage. More than nervous, she was determined to give Sakura a taste of her own medicine. But there isn’t any point to that if the Japanese girl wasn’t even around to watch her dance.

“Where’s Kkura-chan?” Eunbi asked Hitomi, who was passing by.

“She will come out later…” The café staff said. “She’s busy… helping Hyewon set up.”

Chaeyeon bit her lips and went up to the stage, despite having two minutes to spare before the start of her performance.


“Good evening.” Chaeyeon cut Eunbi off and did a small bow. “I’m Chaeyeon, a part-timer here, as well as Saku-chan’s girlfriend.”

Many applauded and there were some gasps, probably from Sakura’s fanboys. There were even laughters, knowing that Chaeyeon was obviously claiming her property before hand.

Just as planned, Sakura and Hyewon came out of the kitchen, curious about the commotion. Ignoring the older, Chaeyeon shot a straight glare at Hyewon, attempting to warn her to back off.

“This is Eunbi, who will be dancing with me.” Chaeyeon said and interlocked their fingers.

The duo then stood at their assigned positions after Chaeyeon saw Sakura pout a little. The dancer knew this was going to make things worst, but she really wanted to know what the older was really thinking. Did she really like her? Or was she just playing with her?

The audience really enjoyed the dance covers the duo performed, ‘Very Very Very’ a cute song by I.O.I and Sakura’s favourite group, Red Velvet’s ‘Power Up’, which brought the customers into a lively mood.

The two got off stage for a five minutes break before it was Hyewon’s turn to perform.

“You were amazing, unnie!” Chaeyeon said and hugged Eunbi when she saw Sakura approaching them. “We should totally dance together more!”

Eunbi managed a nervous laughter as she awkwardly nodded to Chaeyeon’s sentence. Even though she was back facing Sakura, she could literally feel holes burning through the back of her head.

Sakura cleared her throat loudly, clenching her fists till her knuckles turned white. Eunbi knew she would definitely be dead if she didn’t get out of the situation fast but she wasn’t able to escape Chaeyeon’s tight hug. Excusing herself the moment Chaeyeon released her, Eunbi fled to Wonyoung and Yujin who were at the other corner of the café.

“So…” Sakura started. “What was that all about?”

The girl purposely spoke in Japanese so outsiders wouldn’t be able to understand their conversation.

“Hm?” Chaeyeon feigned innocence. “It was the dance you requested.”

“Well yes that was amazing.” The older stood closer to the other, trying to intimidate her. “You know what I mean.”


Sakura sighed and nodded.

“What about you and… her then?” Chaeyeon gestured in Hyewon’s direction, notably upset.

“Jjaeyon-ah…” The older brought her to an empty table before sitting beside her, wrapping her in a hug. “I really don’t want us to fight. Can we talk about this later?”

Chaeyeon wondered would things really be fine if she left it just like that. To be really honest, she couldn’t take it if Sakura and Hyewon were talking again when they haven’t talk this out.

“I will watch myself around Hyewon. Could you please stop doing that with Eunbi?” Sakura snuggled into Chaeyeon’s neck. “Flirting I mean. I am really jealous even though I don’t show it.”

“ Okay.”

“Good.” Sakura finally smiled. “Thank you.”

Chaeyeon was shock that Sakura gave her a peck on her cheeks before going off. They had never went more than hugging or holding hands so it was a surprise for the younger. Despite that, Chaeyeon was definitely over the moon, and whatever frustration in her were gone in a flash.

Smiling giddly, Chaeyeon watched Hyewon sing while strumming her guitar onstage, unconsciously singing along and even clapping whenever she ends a song. Chaeyeon had to admit that Hyewon did a great job for someone who was self-taught.

Chaeyeon prayed with all her heart that the older would be willing to do it a second time, and perhaps even more. She would totally do anything for Sakura. Chaeyeon was literally whipped.

“Hey! It’s our turn again in five.” Eunbi reminded as she walked over.


“I totally saw what happened, I guess I need to stop now?” Eunbi snickered when Chaeyeon went red.

With her head held low in embarrassment, the taller led Eunbi to the side of the stage and did some stretches for warming up.

The duo decided to blow everyone away with their last stage with the song “Sorry not Sorry”, which Chaeyeon and Eunbi had both choreographed together. ‘Oh’s sounded throughout the café when Chaeyeon decided to throw a kick to the audience in the chorus.

“Jjaeyon-ah!” Sakura shouted in awe and almost drop the plate she was holding.

Chaeyeon smirked at the effect she had on her girlfriend. Maybe she was indeed being too sensitive about Hyewon. She should seriously apologise to Sakura later.

It was around 9 when the performance ended and the customers had left right after that. It was

a relief that Chaeyeon’s friends and even Chaewon decided to stay and help out.

“Jjaeyon help me in the kitchen.” Sakura pulled the taller by her hand. “The rest can clean up here.”

Chaeyeon nodded happily and just followed her into the kitchen like a cute puppy. Everyone, including Hyewon, just laughed at her being whipped.

“Will you stay over tonight?” Sakura asked as she closed the door. “We have yet to talk and it’s getting quite late.”

“It’s fine Saku-chan.” Chaeyeon embraced the shorter in a warm hug. “I’m sorry for being childish like that. I know you like me but it doesn’t feel real for me. Maybe that’s why I’m so insecure, but I don’t want to force you to talk if you don’t want to.”

At this point, Chaeyeon was already ranting and not even giving a chance for Sakura to reply.

The younger was just blaming herself for all of this but Sakura admitted that she also had fault

in this fight.


Chaeyeon was cut off with a soft kiss on her lips.

Sakura was absolutely gently but at the same time, passionately showing how much love she had for the younger, so she wouldn’t doubt herself ever again. In Sakura’s opinion, the only part she wanted Chaeyeon to change was her self-confidence level.

“I can finally speak now.” Sakura giggled as she pulled away, staring at Chaeyeon’s shocked-but-happy face. “ Let’s clean up here so we can talk back at home, Jjaeyon-ah.”

Chapter Eight

“Saku-chan.” Chaeyeon nudged her girlfriend who was lying beside her on the bed.

The both of them had finished Sakura’s homemade dinner, as well as a warm shower, and were ready to talk.

“Can we do it again?”

“Do what?” The older laughed, teasing Chaeyeon. “You have to tell me specifically.”

“Come on, you definitely know what I want.” Chaeyeon whined cutely and swept the hair on Sakura’s face, behind her ear.

“Hm? I don’t.”

Chaeyeon gave up. She had enough of teasing and for once she had to let Sakura experience it as well.

Without warning, Chaeyeon held Sakura’s chin and leaned in slowly, showing Sakura what she wanted. Chaeyeon smirked when the other closed her eyes and started leaning in as well.

Just when their lips were about to connect, Chaeyeon pulled away sneakily, watching Sakura’s innocent expression.

“Meanie!” Sakura slapped Chaeyeon’s arm playfully.

Obviously unsatisfied with the results, the Japanese girl placed her hand on the back of Chaeyeon’s head and pulled her in for a kiss. This time, it lasted a little longer and Sakura was more forceful, a little too needy. Chaeyeon wasn’t the only one who wanted this after all.

“Jjaeyon-ah…” Sakura found the younger’s flustered face cute yet sexy at the same time.

“I… love it when you call me that.” Chaeyeon confessed and pulled the other into a hug.

Sakura giggled. She loved it too, whenever Chaeyeon says her name, no matter ‘Saku-chan’, ‘Kkura-chan’ or just ‘Sakura’. Sakura could feel Chaeyeon’s feelings whenever she called her.

In fact, Sakura had suspected Chaeyeon’s feelings from the start. She was just starting to get confused when the younger was getting closer to Eunbi, and Sakura got jealous even without her knowledge. Sakura didn’t even know when she started falling for the younger.

“Jjaeyon-ah…” Sakura started again, receiving a hum from the other. “About Hyewon…”

Sakura didn’t know how to approach this topic. To be honest, it was a sensitive one for Hyewon because it was really personal. But if Sakura doesn’t explain, it would really be unfair for Chaeyeon and Sakura didn’t was another fight.

“It’s okay, Kkura-chan.” Chaeyeon stroked the older’s head lovingly. “I’ll will begin first.”

The Japanese nodded in gratitude and gave a quick peck to her lips before looking into her eyes, prepare for whatever Chaeyeon was about to reveal.

“Eunbi is just a close friend I promise. We just decided to act flirty around you so that you would get jealous. And to be really honest, I didn’t think it would work so I rejected the idea. But somehow the plan got to Eunbi and she carried on with the plan without me knowing. But I’m glad she did because it worked.”

Sakura nuzzled her face into Chaeyeon’s chest in embarrassment when Chaeyeon started laughing. Sakura being jealous was really a cute scene for Chaeyeon.

“Thank you for telling me this.” Sakura mumbled. “But I hope the plan wouldn’t continue… I kind of feel like Eunbi likes you.”

“Eh?” Chaeyeon mocked Sakura.

The older pouted when she realised Chaeyeon was imitating the sound Japanese make when she is surprised by something.

“I promise she doesn’t. I’m pretty sure her mind is filled with Nako. She always goes “Nako this” and “Nako that”.” Chaeyeon laughed at the memory of Eunbi spazzing over the cute worker when they visited the café one day. “And I’m yours.”

Sakura blushed hard. She didn’t expect Chaeyeon to say that so it really took her by surprise. But she was extremely touched by the sentence, knowing that Chaeyeon really liked her.

“About Hyewon…” Sakura sighed and looked at Chaeyeon who was smiling patiently. “You probably heard from Nako and Hitomi about us.”

Chaeyeon nodded to confirm Sakura’s statement.

“I promise you that I have really gotten over her, and that is all thanks to you, Jjaeyon-ah. It’s just… It’s a really tough period for her now, and I guess as her best friend, I really have to be there for her.”

Sakura smiled when Chaeyeon held her hands and encouraged her, telling her that she would always be listening no matter what.

“She left me a few years back, supposedly saying that she decided to study in Singapore. I

knew that visiting Singapore was something she really wanted. But her decision was so sudden

I was really upset when I found out. And that’s when I met you and forgot about her.

“And when she came back and called me out for a chat, I didn’t want to go. But I knew it had to be important if she was begging for it. Hyewon wasn’t the type to do something without any planning.”

Chaeyeon nodded and brought Sakura’s hand up to her lips, giving it a kiss.

“As expected, she didn’t actually go to Singapore, but instead, America. And it was for her mother. Her mother is really sick and had to get treatment in America. Hyewon was so worried that she left for America immediately, with her mother. And she didn’t want me to be worried so she didn’t mention it and instead lied.”

Sakura paused and played with their interlocked fingers, thinking of how to phrase her next sentence.

“And she passed on during her second surgery, due to her already weakened heart.” The older held back a choke when she finished it.

Chaeyeon knew she wasn’t supposed to know this. At least not from Sakura that is. But she would never understand why Sakura decided to accept Hyewon again if she didn’t explain.

“And I guess that’s why Hyewon has been clingy…” Sakura finished off. “I’m really sorry though.

I will get her to stop.”

“Saku-chan…” Chaeyeon left a kiss on her forehead. “Now that I know, I’m really sorry for being a jerk back there. I guess a few hugs between you and Hyewon is fine, just don’t over do it. Hyewon must have needed it a lot.”

Sakura was overwhelmed by the warmth filled in Chaeyeon’s sentence. The younger was so understanding of it, it made Sakura fall for her over and over again. It was a these sweet little thoughts and actions that made Sakura attracted to Chaeyeon in the first place.

Chaeyeon was literally an angel. Sakura’s own little angel who she promise to protect and never to hurt her.

“Thank you.” Sakura whispered and hugged the younger.

Before she knew it, she fell into a deep slumber. The last thing Sakura could remember was Chaeyeon whispering “I really like you.” before she drifted off to sleep with a smile.

“Good morning!”

Sakura blinked her eyes sleepily and rubbed it. Opening her eyes, she found herself staring into warm brown orbs that were filled with happiness.

“Jjaeyon…?” Sakura mumbled and yawned. “What time is it?”

“Time to wake up, sleepyhead!” Chaeyeon laughed and gave her a good morning kiss. “You are going to make us late!”

Sakura sat up straight at the thought, but immediately regretted it when her head started to spin from the sudden blood rush.

“Woah there!” Chaeyeon lean forward and caught Sakura from falling off the bed with her left arm. “Watch out.”

Sakura stared at Chaeyeon, heart racing at the small motion. She could literally feel her face flush red. Apparently, Chaeyeon stumbled too, using her other hand to press down on the bed, preventing both of them from falling.

The older gasped and looked to the side when she realised the position that the both of them were in. Chaeyeon had Sakura trapped under her body, causing them to be in a dangerously sensual position.

“I’m so sorry!” Chaeyeon exclaimed and guided Sakura to a safe location of the bed before getting off her. “G-Go and get ready.”

Sakura nodded shyly and got up from the bed to get ready for the day. She had organised a party at the café just for the staffs and the close friends who stayed to help yesterday night, including Chaewon.

At this stage, Chaewon was more like a friend than a regular customer. Sakura recognised her as someone who was part of their ‘family’ and occasionally treated her to the café’s menu.

After washing up, Sakura walked over to her closet to pick out her outfit for the day. Her heart was still thumping hard after the incident moments ago, and Chaeyeon made it worst by watching her do her things.


The said girl just hummed in reply and shot a bright smile.

“Do you want to wear this?” Sakura took out a pair of jeans along with a black long sleeved tee.

Sakura definitely was proud of her choice in outfit. The jeans and shirt were both slim fit, showcasing Chaeyeon’s perfect body line when she puts it on. In fact, it might suit Chaeyeon even more than herself.

“Thank you.” The younger blushed at the thought of wearing Sakura’s clothing as she grabbed it, heading into the washroom to change.

Sakura giggled at the cute girl as she disappeared from her sight. Wanting to have a couple look, she took out a pair of black jeans and blue hoodie. Right when Sakura managed to put on her jeans, Chaeyeon walked out.

“Sorry!” The younger said and turned immediately when she caught sight of a topless Sakura. “I didn’t know…”

Sakura wasn’t exactly confident about her body, but she knew that Chaeyeon wasn’t the type to judge. And plus, the girl was too embarrassed to even get a proper glance.

“It’s fine…” Sakura laughed. “Instead, I should be sorry. I don’t have a nice body like Eunbi… I wish she could give me some.”

Chaeyeon almost choked at Sakura’s sentence. Sakura had been open about this kind of stuff. It was considered normal, in her high school days back in Japan, for girls to change next to each other.

“I-I like it the way y-you are…” Chaeyeon managed to mumble out. “A-Are you done?”

Wanting to tease her girlfriend even more, Sakura walked up to her and hugged her from behind, pressing onto her back. She smirked when the taller gasped. Chaeyeon could obviously feel that Sakura still hasn’t worn her hoodie.

“Stop teasing me!” Chaeyeon whined cutely and pouted. “We are going to be late, really!”

Sakura could only snicker at her cute reaction before returning to put on her hoodie. The shorter gave Chaeyeon’s butt a few playful taps before heading out of the room.

“Let’s go!”

Chapter Nine

The couple strided into the café, hand in hand, in their matching wear, earning coughs and smirks from everyone.

Chaeyeon could feel her cheeks burn and ducked her head, hiding behind Sakura in embarrassment. The older just laughed along and tighten her grip on the other’s hand.

“We’ll get diabetes soon!” Yena whined. “I don’t even want to know why you guys are late.”

Seriously? Chaeyeon thought. Yena should be the last person to be commenting that. If you ever saw how Yena and Yuri are like when they are not in public, it’s going to make you really sick.

“Saku-chan overslept. And you should see yourself with Yuri!” Chaeyeon threw back.

Yuri flushed red while Yena just gave a proud smirk, being comical as usual.

“Eunbi and the kids have yet to arrive.” Nako announced.

Everyone tried holding in their laughter when Nako called the tall Yujin and Wonyoung ‘kids’. It was a strange and funny feeling. If Nako were to stand beside them, she would look like the kid instead.

“I will give Yujin a call!” Minjoo volunteered a little too excitedly.

Chaeyeon snickered as the girl skipped her way out of the café to make the phone call. Who knows what else they would talk about. Chaeyeon definitely wouldn’t want to know, neither did the rest of the café.

“Have you had lunch, Nako-chan?” Eunbi gave the shortest a warm hug as she walked in. “I missed you so much!”

“Yes mom!” Nako giggled excitedly and snuggled further into Eunbi’s arms. “Have you?”

Eunbi gave a hum and rested her chin on the top of Nako’s head. Chaeyeon swore the two of them were closer than any mother and daughter. But it was such a cute sight neither of them minded it.

“Yujin said they wouldn’t be coming…” Minjoo said dejectedly as she walked back in. “Hello, Eunbi unnie.”

“Hi there Minjoo.” Eunbi chuckled. “I see you are whipped for Yujin!”

“I am not!” Minjoo denied strongly which was obviously a lie.

Everyone knew how Minjoo could be a tsunderewhen it comes to love. And especially when there is a An Yujin involved. Chaeyeon still questions her bestfriend’s taste in girls and wonders what she saw in Yujin that made her head over heels for her. Perhaps it was the cheesiness that spilled out whenever Yujin opened her mouth to speak.

“Let’s get started, shall we?” Sakura said as she pat Minjoo on her back.

The girls cheered in unison at the thought of pizza and chicken. Eunbi did the honor of ordering chicken and Sakura called for pizza earlier that morning.

“Chaewon and Hitomi, could you guys move the tables to the center and set it up? Thanks.”

Sakura instructed. “Yena and Yuri can set up their games and… the rest of you find something

to do, especially the two of you.”

They laughed when Sakura pointed at the inseparable Eunbi and Nako who were still stuck in a hug. Nako pouted cutely while Eunbi tried to do aegyo but failed.

“Unnie, you look like you lost a child.” Hyewon commented straightforwardly. “And Kkura-chan, I’m picking up Minami.”

Before anyone could even ask who was that, Hyewon was already out of the door. Chaeyeon looked at Sakura if she knew but the older just shrugged her shoulders.

“We will be in the kitchen~” Sakura sang and clung onto Chaeyeon’s arm, leading her away from the rest. “Don’t disturb us.”

Yena coughed exaggerating and faked a gag at the couple before walking over to Yuri to help. They didn’t prepare much, other than alcohol that were supposed to serve as the penalties for the games.

Sakura closed and locked the door behind them, giving Chaeyeon a random peck before heading to the cabinets to take out the ingredients. They planned to make Kkura-bread just in case there wasn’t enough pizza and chicken for everyone.

A kiss between the two was normal for the couple but Chaeyeon can’t help and blush whenever

Sakura does it. The older just had an effect on whipped Chaeyeon.

“Jjaeyon-ah!” Sakura called out. “Pass me the eggs.”

Feeling a little too playful today, Chaeyeon walked up straight to Sakura and shaped her fluffy cheeks with her fingers into two circles.

“Here you go!”

Sakura giggled at the cute girl before pinching the other’s cheeks. It was rare for Chaeyeon to do aegyo randomly, and it really made Sakura’s heart flutter at the sight.

“Please pay up!” Chaeyeon exclaimed as she brought back the carton of eggs.

Sakura blushed when she realised the other’s face was an inch away. Giggling at her silliness, the older leaned forward a little more, connecting their lips together.

“I like you~” Sakura mused and giggled when Chaeyeon hid her red face behind her hands. “I really really like you!”

“ ”

Chaeyeon whined a little before giving in. “I like you too.”

Chaeyeon was always teased by Sakura, and whenever she tried to do it back, it just backfires. But it’s not that she disliked it, she loved it and really wouldn’t get tired of it.

The sweet couple smiled warmly at each other before working together to prepare the dozen plates of Kkura bread. Of course it got a little dirty when Sakura started being playful, especially when Chaeyeon got some crumbs on her face and Sakura licked it off for her.


The two of them broke out of their trance and turned to the door immediately. Sakura stood and stared blankly at the incessant knocking on the door, not budging anytime soon. Chaeyeon could only smile and head over to the door to open it.

“Happy birthday to you~” The group of girls outside began to sing.

Shocked, Chaeyeon stumbled backwards into the kitchen, right into the inviting arms of her girlfriend. As Sakura wrapped her arms around Chaeyeon’s slightly larger frame, the latter buried her face into her hands, trying to stop the few drops of tears that were escaping.

The girls giggled when they saw Chaeyeon smilingly really widely. The older clasped her hands together and made a wish before blowing the candle out.

I wish we will all stay together forever… All 12 of us.

“What did you wish for?” Yujin asked loudly, causing Wonyoung, who was right beside her, to flinch in shock. “Sakura unnie must be involved!”

Chaeyeon shook her head and laughed. Sakura just pouted in disappointment. She was really anticipating cheesy lines from Chaeyeon, wishing that the two of them were together forever.

“Everyone is involved.” Chaeyeon revealed, being quite obvious with her hint. “But a wish is not to be said out loud or it wouldn’t come true.”

The girls groaned and rolled their eyes at Chaeyeon’s childishness.

“Let’s go out!” Yena chanted. “It’s so stuffy here.”

The girls spread themselves around the table that was already laid out and set the cake in the middle. It was at this time when Hyewon returned to the café with her friend.

“Yujin?” Hyewon was definitely confused about what was happening. “Minjoo said you weren’t coming.”

“It’s Chaeyeon unnie’s birthday!” Wonyoung replied for her friend instead. “And we prepared a surprise for her.”

Hyewon looked like she wanted to say more but she stopped as soon as her eyes landed on the cake. She left her mouth agape as she walked in, leaving her friend unattended.

“Hi… You must be Nanami right?” Chaeyeon tried to strike a conversation as she led the tiny girl in.

“It’s Minami.” Hyewon snapped and glared at Chaeyeon for a second before going back to the cake.

The group of girls, including Minami, laughed when Chaeyeon formed a ‘o’ with her mouth, making a really funny expression. The older apologised for her mistakes before taking her place beside Sakura.

“Nice to meet you, M-Minami.” Chaeyeon started nervously. “I’m Miyawaki Chaeyeon.”

The dancer’s playful action earned her a slap from Sakura. Chaeyeon giggled in satisfaction when Sakura blushed and looked the other way.

It sounded as if Chaeyeon and Sakura were married and the thought made Chaeyeon blush as well, after thinking about it.

There was a moment of silence as everyone contemplated on how to resolve the strange atmosphere in the room. The couples was just blushing by themselves while everyone else was trying not to cringe but failed miserably.

“Can we not eat the cake and just stare?” Yena randomly said.


The response was immediate and Hyewon was already tearing the plastic sheet that was wrapped around the side of the cake.

The girls laughed before proceeding to scoop some of the cake with their spoons. Chaeyeon was just glad she decided to visit this café that fateful day, even though Minjoo had ditched her.

“Jjaeyon?” Sakura called out. “Are you not going to eat?”

Chaeyeon just nodded and smiled before gesturing Sakura to eat more. The younger just wanted the moment of happiness to seep in and remain as a precious memory forever.

The dancer probably never had this many friends, let alone have them celebrate it for her. Chaeyeon couldn’t believe that the friends that she met, probably one month ago were closer to her than her sisters.

“Jjaeyon-ah, open up.” Sakura instructed and held a spoon of cake in front of her. “Try some of it.”

Chaeyeon opened her mouth and took a bite, purposely licking her girlfriend’s finger as she did.

“Hey!” Sakura pulled the spoon out of her mouth and leaned forward, giving her a quick peck. “Hungry, aren’t you?”

Chaeyeon just giggled but gasped when Sakura started to tickle her. The two were in their own world and hadn’t realised that their friends were watching them, some cringing and some squealing.

Chaeyeon was just too happy to care. It was the best birthday she could ever get, being together with all her precious friends, especially her lover. Unknowingly, tears made their way down her cheeks at the thought.

“Jjaeyon?” Sakura’s smile was replaced with a concerned look. “Why are you crying? I’m sorry if I overdid it.”

“Hm?” Chaeyeon brought her hands up to her cheeks in confusion.

Just as Sakura said, they were tainted with tears slowly streaming down her face. Chaeyeon hurriedly wiped them away, flustered as to how she was going to explain.

“Oh…” She giggled, assuring her friends that she was fine. “I’m just very happy and touched at this moment. And I just wanted to say thank you to all of you for being part of my life.”

Chaeyeon’s sentence made everyone laugh. She sounded like she was about to leave them for good and never coming back.

Chaeyeon was never good in expressing her own feelings and it was actually the first time she did it vocally. The girl would usually bottle her emotions up, sometimes to the point where she burst into tears alone from the overwhelming feelings.

“We love you too, mom!” The two younger Japanese girls ran up to Chaeyeon and gave her a hug.

As Chaeyeon reciprocated it, Sakura pouted a little before joining in.

“The complete ‘Lee Miyawaki Family’.” Yena commented.

The girls broke off and each of them were off to carry out their own activities. Chaeyeon decided to join Yena’s games after a few bites of chicken and pizza, aiming to win Yena at her own game.

“Chaeyeonie~” Yena smirked as the girl approached her. “Would you like to challenge me?”

Chapter Ten

Sakura wonder why in her right mind had she allowed Chaeyeon to challenge Yena. The latter was obviously a Satan’s spawn and nothing from her is good.

Chaeyeon was currently drunk and a little out of control. Sakura liked how Chaeyeon was cuter than usual when drunk, but it wasn’t easy to support her weight when the younger was literally made out of muscles.


“Sure?” Chaeyeon raised her eyebrows. “What will it be tho?”

“To who is the better kisser.”

A grunt could be heard from the other side of the room. Sakura swore she must have heard it wrong. What was Yena thinking?

“No one is allowed to kiss Jjaeyon!” The Japanese girl claimed.

The other girls just at their food while they watched the on going drama. It wasn’t the first time Sakura had shown her jealousy in public, but it was definitely the loudest.

“Of course not.” Yena burst out laughing at the older. “I wouldn’t even want to kiss her.”

Chaeyeon grunts and rolled her eyes.

“Such a kid.” Yena commented with a smirk. “Basically, us couples will kiss and the rest would judge. Loser to chug a cup.”

“I’ll make you regret, Choi Yena.” Chaeyeon muttered.

With confidence, Chaeyeon held the older’s chin and connected their lips together. The kiss was more hurried than their usual ones but Sakura still enjoyed it nevertheless.

Sakura was very turned on by the fact that the usual shy Chaeyeon had became dominant and leading their kiss with all the passion she had. Unfortunately, they had to pull away when they needed to breathe.

The rest of the girls were blushing and some were laughing at the two girls who were red and still panting.

“Watch and learn, Chaeyeonie~” Yena commented before leaning to Yuri and kissed her.

To Sakura, it didn’t seem any different from their own, other than the fact that Yena seemed to be more experienced and went at a slower pace.

As the other pair pulled away, everyone was blushing other than Minami, whose eyes were covered by Hyewon.

“So?” Chaeyeon asked and quirked an eyebrow upwards. “It’s me right?”

To Sakura’s disappointment, only Eunbi, Nako and Hitomi voted for Chaeyeon while the rest went with Yena.

“Take that!” Yena poured a huge cup of soju excitedly and handed it to the dancer.

Groaning, Chaeyeon took it and chugged it down in one shot, almost tumbling forward when she finished.

End of flashback

“Are you alright?” Sakura went to help her girlfriend stand. “Let’s take a seat.”


The couple sat in silence as she watched Yena challenge the rest to other games. All of the girls seem to lose the Yena in arm wrestling, and had to drink. Of course the underaged ones got other to drink for them, and in Nako’s and Hitomi’s case, they got their ‘mom’ Chaeyeon to drink it for them.

Sakura was worried for the girl and tried to drink it instead, but the younger was too persistent and insisted that she could handle it.

“I’ll avenge you, Chaeyeon.” Eunbi said as she took her place in front of Yena.

Everyone was cheering for Eunbi, including Yuri, which made Yena pout. True to her words, Eunbi easily toyed with her opponent before pushing her hands to the other side.

“Now drink up.” Eunbi winked at Yena.

After handing Yena her cup, Eunbi strided over to the other side of Chaeyeon and patted her back a few times, asking if she was fine.

Sakura felt that it was a little redundant since she was already around to take care of her girlfriend but she left her be. Maybe Eunbi was just being a motherly figure like always.

“Eunbi?” Chaeyeon slurred and clung her other arm over the older’s shoulders. “That was awesome! I love you!”

Sakura was really jealous at what Chaeyeon said to Eunbi. She knew it wasn’t in that manner but her emotions couldn’t control themselves and allowed the green monster to show. Chaeyeon had never even told her she loved her.

Eunbi laughed nervously as she tried to ignore the death stares from Sakura as the youngest clung herself all over her body.

“Y-You can have her back.” Eunbi stuttered as she pushed Chaeyeon over to Sakura.

At this point, the younger was clearly drunk, flinging her hands around and giggling to herself when she saw Sakura’s face. Her kid-like behaviour made Sakura smile, easing away her jealousness.

“Wontchu… kiss?” The dancer slurred and pouted her lips out as an invitation for Sakura.

Sakura couldn’t possibly say no to such a cute action and gave Chaeyeon her desired kiss.

Sakura only pulled away when Eunbi faked a cough, but Chaeyeon greedily pulled her back into

a more passionate kiss, leaving Eunbi with her mouth hanging.

“That’s enough for now, Jjaeyon-ah.” Sakura cooed and pinched her cheeks at her silliness. “I’ll give you more later.”

The Japanese smiled warmly as Chaeyeon nodded obediently and nestled her head on her girlfriend’s shoulder, drifting off to sleep.

“So what’s up?” Sakura mused as she played with Chaeyeon’s fingers.

“Um…” Eunbi was very nervous, shifting her sight from Sakura to the rest of the girls constantly. “Don’t get me wrong but…”

Sakura gave her a nod and a warm smile to encourage her to carry on.

“I used to like-”

“Chaeyeon?” Sakura cut her off before she could continue.

“Chill, I meant you.” Eunbi looked to the side. “It was the reason why I got close to Chaeyeon.”

Sakura was definitely surprised by the new knowledge she was absorbing. Never in her life did she imagine Eunbi liking her. And it didn’t even seem possible when Eunbi was flirting with Chaeyeon, helping her to make Sakura jealous.

“But after watching the two of you together, I decided to give up.” Eunbi smiled genuinely. “You seemed like the happiest person on earth whenever Chaeyeon is around. And I guess I didn’t have a chance anymore.”

Sakura unconsciously smiled at the mention of her girlfriend. Eunbi was such a kind and understanding person. It touched Sakura’s heart to hear her speech.

“Thank you.” Sakura gave her a little pat on her shoulders.

“Anyways, I told you that to clear any misunderstandings.” Eunbi continued. “And I might need your help. Like the two of you.”

“What is it?” Sakura mused, very curious of what the almighty Eunbi needed help with.

“Well I have someone I like, and I need your help to make her like me too.”

“And she is?” Sakura asked impatiently.

“Well… She-”

Before Eunbi could even reveal her crush, Nako showed up right in front of her. Sakura didn’t have to asked anymore as soon as she saw red tinting the older’s cheeks.

“Eunbi unnie!” Nako pouted which made Eunbi’s cheeks turn even redder. “Help me drink this!”

It turns out that Nako lost a round to Yena and had to finish a cup. Eunbi didn’t need to be asked twice to grab the drink from the small girl and gulped it down all at once.

Whipped.Sakura thought. Eunbi looked like she was ready to die for the younger.

As Nako left, Eunbi blushed at Sakura’s knowing smirk, understanding that she didn’t need to voice out who. She had been obvious with her attempts at Nako, Wonyoung had once asked her about it.

“Let’s see if you are worthy of my child.” Sakura teased in a motherly voice.

Eunbi gulped and laughed nervously, not knowing if Sakura was for real or just pulling her leg. Nako seemed to look up to the younger a lot and Eunbi didn’t want to make any bad impressions.

“I’m joking, Eunbi… unnie?” Sakura was tilted her her cutely, not knowing if she got the pronunciation right.

The two continued to chat leisurely, with occasional teasings from Sakura whenever Nako was near. The was even once where Sakura ‘challenged’ Eunbi to a strength match and made Eunbi carry Nako bridal style. Being oblivious, Nako just enjoyed it and thanked the blushing Eunbi afterwards.

Soon, the party ended and the girls all helped to clean up so that Sakura could go to work peacefully the next day. Chaeyeon was still sleeping and Sakura forbade anyone to wake her up. Her reasoning was: Jjaeyonie looks extremely cute when she’s asleep.

With Eunbi’s help, Sakura managed to get Chaeyeon into the backseat of the cab that she called for, few minutes ago.

“Thanks.” Sakura said as she sat in the cab herself. “Please escort my child back home safely.”

Eunbi grunted. Sakura didn’t seem like she will drop this matter any time soon. It was obvious that Eunbi was going to ensure that Nako was safe till her very doorstep even without Sakura's instructions.

Just as the cab drove off, Sakura felt a new weight on her lap. The Japanese girl giggled when she saw her girlfriend cuddling her thin waist, nuzzling her nose against her tummy.

“It’s ticklish, Jjaeyon-ah.” Sakura stroke the girl’s head while running her fingers through her hair. “What’s the matter?”

“Someone’s popular…” Chaeyeon looked up at Sakura with a cute pout.

Sakura wasn’t sure if the younger was still drunk but she was definitely embarrassed that Chaeyeon had heard her conversation with Eunbi.

“Someone’s jealous…?” Sakura played along. “Don’t worry Jjaeyon. My heart is always with you.”

Sakura’s last sentence threw Chaeyeon into a giggling mess but Sakura could see how happy Chaeyeon was, to hear it. Truth to be said, Sakura had always wanted to tell the younger that she loved her, but she didn’t want to rush her.

“So who does Eunbi-unnie like?”

“Take a guess?”

“Nako-chan?” Chaeyeon said before yawning. “She is literally caring for Nako-chan 24/7.”

“What a clever girl.” Sakura mused and pinched Chaeyeon’s nose. “Go to sleep. I’ll wake you when we reach.”

The girl hummed in acknowledgement and fell asleep afterwards. Sakura wished that this happiness that was overwhelming her wouldn’t end anytime soon. She was just glad to have Chaeyeon around.

If someone told Sakura to imagine life without Chaeyeon, she couldn’t.

Slightly dozing off, Sakura was woken up when the cab stopped in front of a familiar building. That definitely wasn’t her apartment.

But she recognised it as her parents’.

Chapter Eleven

“Sir?” Sakura hissed. “Why are we here?”

“You should know well, young master.” The man said an turned around.

“Saku-chan?” Chaeyeon stirred awake. “Where are we?”

“We are at my parent’s place.” Sakura spoke gently before her tone changed. “Daehwi. How could you do this to me?”

“I’m sorry young master. I was instructed by your mother to bring you and your… girlfriend here.”

“Should have known…” Sakura muttered. “Nothing can get pass her.”

Chaeyeon was very confused. All she remembered was that they were on their way home, happily. And now, they were suddenly at Sakura’s parents’ house. On top of that, the younger still wasn’t completely sober.

“Saku-chan?” Chaeyeon looked to her lover in concern. “Is everything fine?”

The Korean knew nothing was fine. Sakura was acting calm. She could feel it. Sakura’s hands were clenched and she was shaking. It’s a mystery for Chaeyeon: Why was Sakura having such a big reaction?

Definitely Chaeyeon wasn’t ready to meet her parents, especially when she is drunk, and she knew Sakura thought the same. But somehow, she knew that Sakura’s internal panic wasn’t due to that.

“Jjaeyon?” Sakura finally let out a shaky breath. “Will you promise me?”

The older paused and looked at Chaeyeon for confirmation. Chaeyeon just nodded. The younger was willing to do anything for her.

Chaeyeon was whipped.

“No matter what happens later, I want you to just stay quiet and not do anything.” Sakura revealed. “That’s all I’m asking. Leave it to me.”

Before Chaeyeon could react, Sakura had already led her out of the cab and in front of the huge gate.

Scanning the whole house, Chaeyeon’s legs almost gave way at the size of it. She had always thought that the apartment Sakura was living alone in was big, but she was wrong. It couldn’t even be compared to their house. It was literally ten times bigger.

“Saku-chan.” Chaeyeon said, barely above a whisper. “Am I missing something?”

It didn’t take long for Chaeyeon to put two and two together. If Sakura had a huge apartment for herself, a butler and her parents owned an enormous building as their house, and it was even out of their country, that could only mean that Sakura was filthy rich.

Why have Chaeyeon never thought about it? Was it even possible for her to own such a huge apartment just with her earnings from the small café itself?

“I…” Sakura sighed. “This wasn’t how I was planning to tell you. I promise, I will explain everything later.”

Chaeyeon just nodded and slid her hand into Sakura’s, trying to calm her down.

Daehwi led the two of them into the building and invited them to settle down on the couch, before her left to get Sakura’s mother.

Even if Chaeyeon was extremely confused at this point on time, she knew that Sakura was more anxious than anything. And all she should do now was to obey her, as well as to try and comfort her.

Gently, Chaeyeon drew circles with her thumb, on the back of Sakura’s hand, soothing her until she relaxed a little.



Chaeyeon thought. Was that how mothers called their children? Ever since she was born, every word from her mother was filled with love and warmth. Chaeyeon didn’t want to imagine how Sakura grew up.

“Mother.” Sakura’s tone wasn’t any different.

“You should know why I’ve summoned you here.” The lady said.

Sakura remained silent. It was the first time Chaeyeon witness Sakura with such fierce expression. But no matter how strong Sakura looked, Chaeyeon knew that she was afraid. It was clearly reflected in her eyes.

“I granted you freedom and is this how you repay it?” Mrs Miyawaki spoke. “Finding an ugly gold digger as a partner and even, a girl a that.”

Chaeyeon gulped. It really hurt her a lot. Her words rang throughout Chaeyeon’s mind incessantly, torturing her.

Sakura seemed to notice Chaeyeon suffering and gave their interlocked hands a firm squeeze.

“Jjaeyon is the most beautiful being I have ever met, inside out. Take back your words.” Sakura demanded, surprising Chaeyeon. “And she doesn’t know that I am rich. Neither did she take a single cent from me. It is me who have been taking from her.”

Mrs Miyawaki rolled her eyes at her daughters words. She couldn’t believe that her pure and diligent daughter had just rebelled against her.

“Lee Chaeyeon, was it?” The tall lady looked at Daehwi, who nodded in confirmation. “State how much you want. I’ll give it to you so stop bothering my daughter.”

As much as Chaeyeon wanted to stand up for herself, she kept her promise with Sakura and remained mum.

“Jjaeyon don’t need your money!” Sakura stood up, challenging her parent. “Please leave her alone.”

The lady glared at Sakura as she walked down the flight of stairs. Chaeyeon definitely didn’t want to be at the receiving end of that glare. She could literally pierce a hole through whoever she was glaring at.

“Shut up!” Mrs Miyawaki let out and send her hand across Sakura’s face, slapping her. “I didn’t not raise you to be a disgusting lesbian.”

That was the last straw.

Chaeyeon could take it anymore. Sakura was being abused, vocally and physically, and all she was doing was to sit around and listen. The dancer didn’t care if she had to break her promise with Sakura. This wasn’t something that she could just spectate.

“Ma’am apologise to Sakura.” Chaeyeon snapped. “I am not guilty of whatever you claimed that I am. And Sakura is allowed to love who she love. Just because she likes people of the same gender doesn’t make her any less your daughter. She is still Sakura and she has human rights.”

“How dare you lecture me.” The woman gritted her teeth. “Come on, just tell me the price.”

Chaeyeon flung her arm upwards and swung it down, giving Sakura’s mother a loud slap on her face. Perhaps it was the alcohol from earlier, but Chaeyeon didn’t know where she got the guts to do that.

“I love Sakura, so try to stop me.”

Chaeyeon didn’t even realise what she said until she saw Sakura’s face. Her feelings were voiced out unconsciously, without her knowledge.

The dancer let out a sigh of relief when she saw the surprised expression on Sakura’s face, morph into a huge lovestruck face.

“We are done talking her mother.” Sakura said. “I don’t even care if you disown me. All I ever asked was love from you and you gave me none.”

“Don’t regret your words Sakura.” The lady said before she retreated into her room, ordering one of the maids to aide her.

Chaeyeon watched the receding figure as she thought about what just happened. Did she just cause her girlfriend to be disowned by her family? Chaeyeon was at a lost. She felt happy yet

worried for Sakura. Even if her mother hasn’t treated her well, losing her family like that was still

a huge change to Sakura’s life.

“Let’s go, Jjaeyon-ah.” Sakura led Chaeyeon out of the house.

“Saku-chan?” Chaeyeon asked when they were settled in the cab.

Daehwi decided to give them a ride back to the café after learning that Sakura was kicked out of the house. He was feeling guilty even though he wasn’t at fault, and wanted to help in any way he could.

“What are you going to do now?” Chaeyeon asked as Daehwi started the car and drove off. “I’m pretty sure she is not going to house you anymore.”

Sakura just chuckled at her girlfriend and pinched her nose.

“Don’t worry, Jjaeyon-ah.” The older gave Chaeyeon a warm hug. “The café is mine. And I could just stay there.”

“No way man!” Chaeyeon pulled away and stared into Sakura’s eyes. “You are going to stay with me. Daehwi-ssi, please drive us back to my house.”

Before Sakura could even oppose, Chaeyeon had already told the man her address. No matter how Sakura tried to get Daehwi to drive to the café, he seemed to agree with Chaeyeon.

In a blink of an eye, they were already outside Chaeyeon’s house. The couple thanked the kind man before getting out of the vehicle.

No matter how Chaeyeon tried to stay calm, she couldn’t. She just met Sakura’s parents and created a havoc. Now Sakura was going to meet hers. What would she do if her mother wouldn’t accept them?

Chaeyeon decided to introduce Sakura as her best friend who came over to do a long-term project. It was the best way Chaeyeon could think of to explain Sakura staying over.

Taking a deep breath, Chaeyeon took out her keys and unlocked the door. It was already close to midnight, so Chaeyeon expected everyone to be asleep.

“I love you too, Jjaeyonie.” Sakura whispered as she placed her hand over Chaeyeon’s trembling one.

Giving her a little peck on the lips, Chaeyeon pushed the huge door open.

“Happy birthday, my dear daughter!”

Chaeyeon got a shock of her life, almost tumbling backwards. Never did she expect anyone to be awake. And heck, she forgot herself that it was still her birthday. Imagine if she didn’t come home and went to Sakura’s instead. Her family would definitely be disappointed.

“T-Thanks.” Chaeyeon cried out with tears in her eyes.

Chaeryeong grabbed both Chaeyeon and Sakura’s wrists and dragged them in, inviting them to sit on the comfortable sofa.

“Um, so this is Miyawaki Sakura, my be-”

“I’m pretty sure you meant your girlfriend!” Chaeyoon teased.

“We totally saw everything that happened outside.” Chaemin added.

Chaeyeon widen her eyes at the revelation. How careless was she, to kiss Sakura right outside her house. She looked towards her mother and all she got was a laugh and a warm hug.

“Thank you guys.” Chaeyeon muttered in her mother’s embrace.

As they split the cake, Chaeyeon explained Sakura’s situation to her mother and the lady gladly accepted to help. She even called Sakura her daughter-in-law, dusting red onto the couple’s cheeks.

After receiving her presents from her family, Chaeyeon happily led Sakura up, into her room.

“Sorry it’s a little messy.” Chaeyeon said sheepishly and scratched the back of her neck. “I’ll get some clothes for you.”

Sakura nodded and sat down on the edge of the bed, using the time to take in Chaeyeon’s room. Posters were stuck onto the walls, and there were quite a few for Red Velvet’s Seulgi. Chaeyeon was just like Sakura, both ReVeluv.

“I’m sorry, it has been a hectic day even though it is your birthday.” Sakura said and back hugged her girlfriend. “It was totally a roller coaster ride. But I’m glad you are still here with me.”

“Saku-chan…” Chaeyeon refused to breakdown.

Despite all the unhappiness today, it still ended on a good note. And what was more important was that Sakura was still hers. She was willing to fight for their love. And so was Chaeyeon.

“I promise you, I won’t leave you no matter what happens.” Chaeyeon brought Sakura’s hands up and gave it a kiss. “Come on. Let’s head to bed.”

Sakura nodded and headed to the bathroom to change while Chaeyeon just grabbed a pair of black tee and leopard pants to change into.

“Come here my love!” Sakura said as she hopped onto the bed, spreading her arms wide open. “Let’s cuddle.”

Chaeyeon immediately flushed red when Sakura called her “my love”. She was always afraid that everything was going too fast for the two of them. But never had she thought that Sakura felt the same way.

The dancer whined as she plopped herself between Sakura’s legs. Feeling extremely tired after the busy day, the two of the wrapped themselves around each other and threw the blanket over them.

It didn’t take long for the both of them to fall asleep. And the last thing Chaeyeon could remember was Sakura whispering “I love you”.

Chapter Twelve


Almost unable to breathe, Chaeyeon fluttered her eyes open to see an excited Sakura sitting on her abdomen. It was such a cute sight for Sakura to smile giddly while her hair was disheveled.

“Rise and shine, my love!” Sakura shouted as she sat Chaeyeon up. “Go wash up while I make some breakfast for your family. It’s the best I could do for them after being treated well yesterday.”

“Thanks Saku-chan.” Chaeyeon smiled as the Japanese made her way out of the room.

Chaeyeon wished that she would always wake up to Sakura’s smiling face every morning. Sakura’s happiness was what made her the happiest. Nothing matters more to her than Sakura.

Chaeyeon changed into a plain white tee accompanied with skinny jeans that ended above her ankles after washing up, and made her way down to the kitchen.

“Good morning Yeon-ah.” Her mother said, happily indulging in what Chaeyeon recognised as ‘Kkura Bread’. “My daughter-in-law is such a good cook!”

Chaeyeon’s eyes met Sakura’s the moment Chaeyeon’s mother stopped talking and red dusted both their cheeks, causing them to look away at the same time.

“Get a room guys!” Chaeryeong said as she walked into the kitchen. “I’m about to get diabetes!”

“Wait till you get a partner!” Chaeyeon shot back, not losing to her sister.

“Even if I get one, we won’t be like you.” Chaeryeong rolled her eyes and sat down across her mother.

Before Chaeyeon could retort back, her mother cleared her throat, signaling both of them to stop before she punishes them. Chaeyeon had always gotten along well with her sisters. She just couldn’t hold back today since her girlfriend was around.

“Jjaeyon-ah, hurry up and eat before you are late for your school.” Sakura said and pulled out the chair for her. “I won’t be opening the café for awhile, so I can walk you to school.”

Chaeyeon nodded excitedly as she munched on her breakfast. The thought of Sakura sending her to school made her heart skip a beat. They totally sounded like newlyweds.

Finishing her food in a flash, Chaeyeon rushed up to her room to grab her bag before coming down again to put on her shoes.

“Such a kid.” Chaeryeong hissed as she walked out of the kitchen. “Your ass is definitely whipped, sis!”

“You’re just jealous.” Chaeyeon replied, receiving a click of the tongue from the younger one.

“Sakura-san, hit me up anytime if you get tired of my sister.” Chaeryeong smirked before heading back to her room to prepare for school.

While Sakura giggled at the sibling’s banter, Chaeyeon smiled to herself at her silly sister. She wasn’t confident that she could win her sister in looks, but she was confident that Sakura’s love for her wasn’t that weak. Even gravity wouldn’t be able to separate the two of them. That was how strong their love was.

“Let’s go!” Chaeyeon said as she finished wearing her black shoes.

“See you later, m-mother.” Sakura stuttered.

The lady had insisted for Sakura to address her as ‘mother’, just like Chaeyeon. Although it was still a little awkward, Chaeyeon was glad that her family was so accepting, unlike Sakura’s. Her blood boils just at the thought of her mother. How could someone be so cold and cruel to their own child?

“I’ll show you Chaeyeon’s baby pictures when you come back!” Chaeyeon’s mother called out snapping Chaeyeon out of her thoughts.

“Jjaeyon?” Sakura held her hand. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah… I’m just glad.” Chaeyeon said as she locked the door behind her.

The couple exchange glances and smiled, a little sadly. They knew what the other was thinking with just a look. Chaeyeon had never doubted that Sakura was her soulmate. Even if it was her first time dating, there was just something about Sakura that made her so sure about their love.

Silently, the two of them strolled to Chaeyeon’s school, enjoying being in each other’s presence. Despite knowing that Sakura promised not to leave her, Chaeyeon wondered how long she

would be able to remain so peacefully with Sakura. Not that she was cursing for a breakup, but who knows what Sakura’s mother would do. Chaeyeon was sure that she wasn’t going to leave it like that. Sakura was her only daughter. And besides, she is rich.


Chaeyeon almost knocked into Minjoo who was standing in front of her, outside the school gate.

“Are you really alright?” Sakura asked in concern. “You look pale.”

“Do you want to go home?” Minjoo added. “I can inform the teacher for you.”

“It’s fine.” Chaeyeon forced herself to smile. “See you at home, Saku-chan.”

Before Sakura could question further, Chaeyeon gave her a quick peck on her lips before pulling Minjoo into the campus with her.

“Hey.” Minjoo whispered. “Are you sure you should be leaving her like that? She will be worried.”

“Let’s go before we are late.” Chaeyeon ignored her and fastened her pace.

It was their private matters and even if Minjoo was her best friend, Chaeyeon wasn’t sure if she could share it with her. It was Sakura’s family matter and it was really personal.

“Unnie!” Chaeyeon called out to Eunbi who was walking by. “Will there be practice later?”

“Of course!” The older one said. “Did you spend too much time with Sakura that you forgot about the competition next week?”

“Oh right…” Chaeyeon knocked her head a few times. “I’m so sorry I forgot about it.”

“It’s fine, Chaeyeon-ah.” Eunbi gave her a light pat on her shoulders. “I got to go now. See you later at the usual place!”

Chaeyeon waved at the figure walking away, mentally berating herself for forgetting such an important event. Definitely she was going to invite Sakura to watch, confident that her team would win it.

The dancer took a deep breathe a collected herself together. She couldn’t let the negative thoughts in her mind win her. Doing a subtle fist pump into the air, Chaeyeon encouraged herself to enjoy life instead of worrying too much. Seeing her brighten up, Minjoo sent a text discreetly to a certain Japanese, ensuring that her girlfriend was doing fine.

The rest of the day went smoothly like usual, and before she knew it, it was time for the dance practice with Eunbi and her team. Saying bye to Minjoo, Chaeyeon took out her phone to look at Eunbi’s message. Eunbi had sent a text earlier, informing her of the members of her group, and Chaeyeon was surprised at the names.

Hyewon and Chaewon would be performing with them.

Hyewon had transferred into the university and surprisingly, into dance major as well. Chaewon was in the vocal major but decided to double major and took up dance. Chaeyeon didn’t know

what sort of miracle it was, but it seemed like her birthday wish was half completed. Her group

of friends, including Hyewon, was slowly forming into a well-knitted group.

Unconsciously, Chaeyeon’s feet brought her to the familiar place. Peeping into the dance room, Chaeyeon saw her group members all present, including Hyewon and Chaewon. Surprisingly, they could follow the dance, even though Hyewon still need to work on her moves more.

“Chaeyeon unnie!” Hitomi called out. “We are all waiting for you!”

Chaeyeon couldn’t even step foot into the room as the girls crowd in front of her.

“It’s been long.” Chaewon joked.

It was funny how they acted like Chaeyeon had just returned from overseas after a long time,

but they literally just saw her yesterday. But Chaeyeon wouldn’t deny the fact that she missed them as well.

“Thanks for the warm and dramatic welcome, guys.” Chaeyeon laughed and ushered them back into the room. “What song are we dancing to?”

“Check it out!” Yujin shouted excitedly as jumped around the room.

“It’s a new song!” Wonyoung followed her best friend as they spread their energy through the room. “Ms Bae brought it over awhile ago, as well as the dance demo.”

A new song? That’s definitely something new for Chaeyeon. All they had been doing was to

dance covers to popular songs. Now that they had their own new song, Chaeyeon was more confident that they could win it.

“Let’s have a listen.” Chaeyeon said as Hitomi went over to play the music.

Gokigen sayonara rarararara, namida nanka kakaka, nagase nanana nai heiki.

‘I’ll smile and say goodbye’? Was that even possible?

Chaeyeon was surprised. It was a Japanese song. A breakup song that sounded like a cheerful song if you didn’t understand the lyrics. A flood of negative emotions overwhelmed the dancer as the song came to an end. If ever, Sakura had to leave her, would she be able to stand strong like how the lyrics said?’

“Chaeyeon?” Eunbi asked as she approached the younger who had tears welling in her eyes.

The rest of the girls looked up in concern as well, while Hitomi went up to embrace the younger. As the only Japanese, she was able to understand the lyrics well. Perhaps Sakura had informed her about the situation. Chaeyeon’s guess were that Nako and Hitomi knew about it.

“Are you sure you are fine?” As the oldest, Eunbi had to be responsible for all of them. “Minjoo told me to check on you…”

Unable to hold it anymore, Chaeyeon embraced Eunbi in a hug as she sobbed on the shorter’s shoulders. Knowing it all, Hitomi joined in the hug from behind and soothed the other girl, running her hand down her back gently, calming her down.

“Chaeyeon unnie, it’ll be fine.” Hitomi said. “Sakura’s not that weak.”

“Hi-chan…” Chaeyeon hiccuped. “B-But…”

Eunbi hushed the girl, trying to stop her from thinking too much. Sometimes Chaeyeon could be so much of a worrywart, she just ends up scaring herself. As a good friend of hers, Eunbi’s job was to make sure she doesn’t do it.

“Let’s get you back home, okay?” Eunbi said. “The rest of you can carry on with practice. Hi-chan, will you look over Hyewon’s moves for me? Thanks.”

Hitomi smiled and nodded confidently as she patted on Chaeyeon’s back for the last time before leaving the two alone.

“Let’s go wash up before we head home alright?” The older said softly. “You don’t want Sakura nor your mother to see you in this state.”

Chaeyeon meekly nodded and hid her face within her palms, feeling completely embarrassed take she just broke down in front of everyone. Thankfully, no one was around in the campus at that time, granting Chaeyeon a peaceful journey to the ladies.

“Do you want to talk about it?” Eunbi asked when she got Chaeyeon settled down against the sink. “It didn’t seemed like something you could tell Sakura…”

Chaeyeon’s mind was clouded. She couldn’t think straight anymore. It involved Sakura, but it was her that was the problem. She couldn’t possibility tell Sakura how insecure she was. It just meant that she didn’t trust her, and that was not the case. Chaeyeon just had a habit of thoughts running wild in her mind.

Eunbi was definitely right.

She should talk to someone about it. And if she couldn’t discuss it with Sakura, Chaeyeon should talk to Eunbi. Afterall, the older was the one who helped them get together, as well as someone who used to like Sakura.

“T-Thanks, unnie…” Chaeyeon muttered when she finally calmed down.

The taller pushed the tap and splashed water onto her face, washing away all negativity along with it, clearing her mind.

After awhile of silence, Chaeyeon narrated everything to Eunbi, from how she overheard her confession, to this morning where she woke up happily to a smiling Sakura. Everything was working out until she allowed her thoughts to run wild.

“I know Sakura promised that she wouldn’t leave me, but…” Chaeyeon rambled. “She is from a

powerful family. Who knows what that lady would do? She could totally destroy our lives with a snap of her fingers. Or she could even threaten Sakura. Knowing Sakura, I am sure that she will be willing to do anything in order for me to stay peaceful.”

“Shh…” Eunbi cooed. “That’s too much.”

Chaeyeon laid her head on Eunbi’s shoulders, trying to get as much comfort as possible. Eunbi, knowing what she was thinking, brought her arm over the younger’s shoulders, embracing her in

a side hug.

“Instead of thinking about it, shouldn’t you be enjoying your life with her?” Eunbi said and stroked Chaeyeon’s hair. “What if her mother really doesn’t do anything? Won’t you be living in fear everyday, suffering instead of living a happy life with Kkura-chan?”

Chaeyeon nodded. Why hadn’t she thought of that?

“And even if she does everything to separate the two of you, you still love Kkura-chan right?” Chaeyeon nodded again. “Will you just let her take Kkura-chan away? Is your love that fickle?”

Eunbi was damn right. Why did Chaeyeon not think of that?

Maybe it was because Chaeyeon never had confidence in anything, other than dancing. Maybe it was because she felt more and more insecure as she grew up. People around her praising Chaeryeong instead of her. People comparing her to Chaeryeong. Maybe that’s why she was never satisfied with herself.

“Time to wake up, Chaeyeon-ah.” Eunbi brought bothe Chaeyeon’s hand into her own, squeezing them as a form of encouragement.

“Time to be strong, Lee Chaeyeon.” Chaeyeon said to herself. “Thank you so much unnie!”

Eunbi smiled as she saw the usual silly Chaeyeon return.

I’m sorry Saku-chan.Chaeyeon thought.

Let’s be together forever.

Chapter Thirteen [FINAL]

It’s been a week since Chaeyeon’s breakdown and everything was going well. Sakura knew about it but didn’t question her. All she did was to shower Chaeyeon with more love, using actions to convey her love.

“Today is the day huh.” Sakura said as she pecked Chaeyeon’s lips when she was woken up. “Good morning my love.”

Chaeyeon giggle like a little girl before returning the kiss. It was how she start her mornings, with a kiss from the other and cuddling for a little while on the bed before they got up. Chaeyeon would never get tired of it.

“Saaaakuuuu-chan!” Chaeyeon squealed as she pounced on the older, flipping the both of them. “I love you!”

Sakura laughed and rubbed her nose against Chaeyeon’s, doing an eskimo kiss. Having Sakura’s warmth wrap around her made Chaeyeon not want to get up. All she wanted to do for the rest of the day was to stay in bed with Sakura holding her.

“I love you too, Jjaeyonie!”

Unfortunately for Chaeyeon, she couldn’t laze around anymore as she would be late for her dance practice. The competition was at night but her group was excused from class for them to practice.

“Time to get up, sleepyhead.” Sakura said as she sat up first.

Chaeyeon whined as she rolled herself onto Sakura’s lap, refusing to get up. Her friends have always called her the ‘mom’ of the group, but at times like this, all she wanted was to be spoiled by Sakura.

“I don’t want to!”

“Jjaeyon-ah.” Sakura chuckled at the kid-like girl. “If you win the competition, I’ll give u a special reward.”

“ ”

Chaeyeon pretended to think, placing her finger on her chin playfully. “What is it?”

“It’s a secret!” Sakura teased.

Sakura gave the younger a final peck on the lips before heading down to make breakfast. Chaeyeon randomly grabbed a set of training wear wand went to wash up before joining her girlfriend in the kitchen.

“What are you making?” The dancer asked as she poured Chaeri’s food into the bowl and placed it on the ground.

“A power up meal.” Sakura smiled before serving the breakfast. “Eat up!”

It didn’t take long for Chaeyeon to finish her meal and soon she was out of the door, heading for school. Chaeyeon met up with Eunbi and Chaewon at the gate before heading in, walking to the office to get the key to their practice room.

“So, how is it going with your girl?” Chaeyeon nudged Eunbi with her elbow.

“What girl?” Chaewon asked, obviously interested.

After 18 years of being a third wheel, the poor girl had always dreamed of getting a girlfriend herself. It wasn’t that she was ugly of had a bad personality. Chaewon herself doesn’t know why. And up till this moment of her life, she has never dated, just like their Japanese dancer, Hitomi.

“Shut up…” Eunbi blushed and glared at Chaeyeon, making the younger laugh.

“Unnie here likes a certain Japanese girl.” Chaeyeon said.

Even though they hadn’t know Chaewon for long, Chaeyeon trusted her enough to share Eunbi’s secret with her. Afterall, it seemed like the two of them were finally getting closer after many years of being in the same class.

“Nako?” Chaewon smirked before rolling her eyes. “That was totally obvious, I just needed the confirmation.”

“W-What?” The oldest was panicking at this point. “Was I really that obvious?”

“Of course.”

“Ugh.” Eunbi grunted. “Anyways, I couldn’t get to see her because your dear girlfriend decided not to open her shop for days. Especially after agreeing to help me.”

Chaeyeon and Chaewon just laughed at laughed at their lovesick unnie, not even trying to cheer her up.

“Ah Nako’s taken. Maybe I should go after Hitomi instead.” Chaewon teased. “Before someone murders me.”

“That wasn’t funny at all.” Eunbi deadpanned. “No jams.”

Chaewon clicked her tongue at the older as they reached the practice room. Chaeyeon, who was laughing at her two friends, immediately fell silent when she saw their dance teacher, Bae Yoonjeong, squating in front of the mirror.

Everyone was silent, observing the superior as she watched the choreography of the dance on her iPad. No one dared to make a sound, not wanting to disrupt her concentration and be punished.

What was the problem? Chaeyeon was confused herself. It was already the day of the competition and if there were any parts that Ms Bae wasn’t satisfied with, there wasn’t much they could do about it. They could do minor changes, but she wasn’t sure if Hyewon could master them in time, she was still a beginner.


The seven girls jumped at the sudden voice.

“It’s perfect.” Ms Bae complimented with a smirk on her face. “You guys did better than I expected. Hyewon, you’re doing a great job.”

Chaeyeon sighed in relief as she slumped onto the floor. She didn’t even notice how tensed she got when the whole room was silent.

“But.” She spoke again. “We might have to change this part. Eunbi, Hitomi and Chaeyeon, do you mind?”

The three girls stood beside the teacher and observed the part that Ms bae pointed out. It was true, Chaeyeon had always thought that part was lacking a little something but never mentioned it.

“Anyone would like to suggest any changes?” Ms Bae stared straight at Chaeyeon, expecting her to come up with a move after watching the video.

“Um…” Chaeyeon started. “I’ve always thought about it.”

Ms Bae nodded for her to go on and Eunbi gave her a warm smile, encouraging her to go on.

“Well, I thought that doing this would suit the song more.” Chaeyeon finished and demonstrated her hand choreography that she made a few days ago.

Ms Bae huffed, making Chaeyeon freese on the spot and lower her head, preparing to take any harsh comments thrown her way.

“That was perfect.” Ms Bae said. “Keep up with the good work, girls. See you later, on stage.”

The girls said their thanks and bowed as the teacher made her way out of the room, only to all crumble onto the floor after she left. There was just this certain aura around her that made the girls fear her, but at the same time respect her.

“That was…” Eunbi didn’t even finish her sentence as she lied on the ground.

“I thought we wouldn’t be able to compete today.” Yujin said and rolled around on the ground, like a kid.

After everyone collected themselves, Chaeyeon demonstrated her dance to the rest of them, giving tips on each of their dance. The group practiced for another three hours, with occasional breaks, before they were interrupted by a knock on the door.


Chaeyeon swore she saw Eunbi heat up at that high-pitched voice.

“Nako-chan.” Chaeyeon greeted. “And Minju?”

The dancer was surprised to see her best friend at the door. She wasn’t informed that Minju would be visiting them before their competition,

“There you are, my girlfriend!”

Chaeyeon turned to see a suddenly energised Yujin running in her direction.

“Wait.” Chaeyeon stuck her hand between the two of them. “Girlfriend? Since when?”

Yujin just laughed while her… girlfriend stood there, red fully dusting her cheeks.

“Nako-chan!” Eunbi joined in and lifted Nako up. “I missed you.”

Chaeyeon didn’t know if Eunbi knew what she was saying, but it definitely made Nako blush and smile like a love struck puppy.

“Let’s go, Chaeyeon.” Chaewon said as she hung her hand over the other’s shoulders. “Life of couples…”

“Sorry, Chaewon. I have Sakura.” Chaeyeon laughed as they left the room.

“Ugh. You had to remind me.” Chaewon rolled her eyes and slightly pushed Chaeyeon. “Speaking of Sakura, where is she anyways?”

“She said she would meet me at the venue straight.” Chaeyeon sighed. “Sakura should have arrived already.”

Despite having woken up by Sakura and spending her morning together, Chaeyeon still missed her. She was literally hoping that Sakura wanted to surprise her, and would pop out of nowhere later. But that was just her own imagination.


Chaeyeon saw her sister waiting for her near the backstage entrance of the event. Chaeryeong was impatiently tapping her foot. Was there any problem?

“Chaeryeong?” The older Lee ran over. “What happened? Is mom alright?”

“Unnie…” Chaeryeong brought the older into a hug. “Mom is fine.”

Chaeyeon was extremely worried. What made Chaeryeong panic like that if it wasn’t their mother? Was it Sakura?

“Saku-chan?” Chaeyeon grabbed her sister’s shoulders anxiously.

Chaeryeong was be silent. And of all the times Chaeyeon wanted Chaeryeong to shut up, this was the first time she wanted Chaeryeong to open her mouth and speak up.

“Sakura-unnie…” Chaeryeong hesitated. “Some man in suit came over and brought Sakura-unnie away. She…”

“What?” The older exclaimed.

Everyone around them didn’t know what to do at the sudden news. All they could do was to stand and watch.

“Did she say anything?”

“Yes…” Chaeryeong breathed in deeply. “All she said was, ‘I’m sorry, don’t look for me. Goodbye.’ before she followed them out. We didn’t even have time to convince her to stay. Sakura-unnie didn’t mention what was the problem either.”

Chaeyeon just stood there with her jaw hanging, not willing to believe whatever she just heard. Sakura wouldn’t do that to her right? She made a promise. Sakura promised her that she would never leave her. What was she doing now?

“Here.” Chaeryeong whispered. “She asked me to pass this to you.”

Chaeyeon took the pink piece of paper into her hands and opened it up, reading it immediately.

Chaeyeon-ah, thank you for the time we spent together. I know I promised you, but I really can’t disobey my mother after all. It was a blessing to have you in my life, always taking care of us. Always taking care of me. Thank you and I’m sorry.


As Chaeyeon read through the short letter, tears unconsciously rolled down her cheeks. Was it really goodbye for them? Sakura didn’t even explain herself? The older must have a reason for her actions. But Chaeyeon thought, no matter what it was, they could face it together instead of handling it alone.

The Avengersyou are up next!” The competition staff shouted. “Please be on standby.”

“Chaeyeon, take a rest.” Eunbi said. “We will take care of this.”

“No.” Chaeyeon smiled bitterly and swiped her tears away from her face. “I can do this.”

Eunbi didn’t question any further and just nodded with an encouraging smile, before leading her to the tiny stairs by the stage.

Chaeyeon took a deep breathe as she stood on stage, preparing to start dancing as soon as the song started.

No matter how much we love each other Suddenly suddenly our relationship ends

No matter how much Chaeyeon didn’t want to think about it, their song, Gokigen Sayonara,fits her situation perfectly. It happened so suddenly it didn’t seem real. Sakura just left without saying anything.

It's not about possibilities, but mistakes of the heart mistakes in fate But it was a truly wonderful love

Nevertheless, Chaeyeon never regretted meeting Sakura. Sakura was still the best thing that happened in her life. Loving her wasn’t a mistake.

A happy goodbye

Can't shed no tears I'm feeling fine Because I still love you and that doesn't change Goodbye with a smile

Chaeyeon forced herself not to cry. At least not when she is still on stage. It’s Sakura’s choice, if leaving was the best, and she wanted to be supportive. For the sake for the performance, Chaeyeon put on a smile.

A happy goodbye

Despite how optimistic she was, Chaeyeon knew it wasn’t possible.

A happygoodbye wasn’t possible.

Chapter Fourteen [Epilogue]

“Chaeryeong-ah, two hot chocolate please.” Chaeyeon said to her sister behind the counter before heading to the fridge to get two slices of cake.

It has been 2 years and 6 month since Chaeyeon met Sakura. And it has been 2 years since she disappeared. Chaeyeon didn’t move on at all.

She still loves Sakura, and will always love her. Chaeyeon never forgot how happy she was by her side. She wasn’t even that happy around all of her friends.

The 11 of them were closer now, after 2 years.

Yena and Yuri broke up once because Yena was too flirty, but then patched up again one day later with Yena bringing Yuri on a date at the theme park.

Minju and Yujin were always in their own world ignoring everyone and showing PDA everywhere.

Wonyoung was being the hyper kid as usual, and recently her popularity in school spiked up, causing her to have a lot of admirers.

Hyewon was doing well in dance major class, and she brings Minami out for dates whenever she visited Korea.

Eunbi finally confessed to Nako, and she eventually went out with her after a few weeks of wooing. Nako didn’t even realise her own feelings that one time where Eunbi went to Paris for a vacation. The tiny girl literally whined in Chaeyeon’s ears every second.

Unfortunately for Chaewon, she was always stuck between either of the couples, being a third wheel.

Luckily for her, Hitomi was being an angel and hanging out with her from time to time so she doesn’t feel lonely.

As for Chaeyeon, she graduated from her university with dance major, and started a dance school which was a huge success. In fact, her mother took over Sakura’s café and Chaeyeon bought the studio above it the moment she heard it was for sale.

The dancer knew that one day, Sakura would come back. And when that day comes, she will need a place to meet her. A place filled with memories of the two. With more promotion, Mrs Lee managed to get the café’s popularity up. It was so busy everyday, even Chaeyeon had to help out in the café.

“Still waiting?” Eunbi said as Chaeyeon place her orders on the table. “It’s been two years, Chaeyeon-ah.”

Chaeyeon just returned a smile while Nako looked at her understandingly.

“Thanks unnie.” Chaeyeon said. “But… I love her.”

“Unnie.” Nako said.

Chaeyeon waited for her to continue but the younger just stared blankly at the door of the café. Eunbi froze up as well, when she saw whatever Nako was seeing.

“Nako-chan? Eunbi-unnie?”

“Sa-” Before Eunbi could finish her sentence, Chaeyeon had cut her off.

“Saku-chan?” The dancer said as she whipped her head around, expecting to see the brunette she missed over the 2 years.

“That was a joke!” Nako giggled and high-fived Eunbi.

Chaeyeon just grunted and went back to the counter, mumbling to herself, ways to murder the both of them.

“Um, excuse me.” A familiar voice spoke.

“Ah sorry. What can I get you?” Chaeyeon said before she looked up.

The girl couldn’t believe her eyes. There Sakura was, standing in front of her. Chaeyeon just froze up entirely, not moving one bit.

“Uh… Saku-chan’s special order?” The japanese said softly, not knowing how Chaeyeon would react. “And your number…”

Without warning, Chaeyeon grabbed the front of Sakura’s collar and roughly pulled her in for a kiss over the counter.

This was it. Chaeyeon missed this feeling. The feeling of Sakura in her arms. The feeling of Sakura’s warmth. How many times did Chaeyeon thought about kissing Sakura over the 2 years? She didn’t even want to think about it. All she wanted to do was to enjoy Sakura’s return.

“Took you long enough.” Chaeyeon panted when they pulled away.

“Jjaeyon-ah.” Sakura called out.

“Wait, let’s go to my office.” Chaeyeon looked at her mother for her permission. “It’s upstairs.”

Sakura just admired the interior of the studio as Chaeyeon brought her around. After many years of working at the café, she didn’t know that such a place existed right above.

“Coffee?” Chaeyeon offered.

“Water is fine.”

Both of them were silent as Chaeyeon went to fill two cups of water and placed it on the table. Sakura just stared at her ex-girlfriend, contemplating on how to approach the topic.

“I missed you.” Chaeyeon let out as she sat beside the older, holding her hands.

Sakura gently removed her hands from the others, looking down at her toes.

“Jjaeyon-ah…” The Japanese sounded like she was sobbing. “I’m so sorry. I left without a word then.”

“Saku-chan.” Chaeyeon took her by her chin and made her face her. “Look at me. What matters now

is that you are back.”

Sakura flinched at the intensity of love reflected in Chaeyeon’s eyes. Guilt reflected on her own. What did she ever do to deserve such an angel? After getting hurt by Sakura, Chaeyeon still chose to love her.

“Jjaeyon. Let me explain myself.” Sakura turned away forcefully, unable to handle the passion from Chaeyeon. “My mother… She threaten to fire your mother and wanted to cause trouble for your family so you guys wouldn’t be living comfortably.

“So I agreed to go back to her side, in exchange for your peace. Turns out, she wanted me to marry

a well-off man, and take over her company.”

“Wait.” Chaeyeon whipped her head in Sakura’s direction. “You are married now?”

“No of course not!” Sakura said before whispering the last sentence. “I would only marry you.”

Chaeyeon blushed at the confession. She wasn’t the only one who held on to their love for the 2 years. Sakura still loved her.

“Anyways, I’ve managed to prove that I am able to continue the business and in fact I have taken over my mother.” Sakura said. “And I’m back to claim you as mine.”

Chaeyeon flushed even redder at Sakura’s daring words. The Japanese didn’t need to claim her back. Chaeyeon was always hers to begin with.

“I’m sorry for abandoning you, Jjaeyon-ah.” Sakura said.

The dancer stared at her ex-girlfriend as she took a deep breath and stood up, positioning herself in front of Chaeyeon before kneeling on one knee.

“Lee Jjaeyon, will you do me the honor and marry me?” Sakura proposed nervously.

Chaeyeon couldn’t help but tease the other girl, remaining silent and not answering her question. She watched as panic filled Sakura’s eyes.

“Silly.” Chaeyeon said as she led Sakura to stand up. “Of course I would.”

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