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Business Profile

For further information please contact us at:

 +34 91 542 6666 / +34 663 310 617

 /

 Calle San Bernardo, 7. 28013. Madrid. SPAIN


A company
Business Profile

1. Business, Administrative & Contact Information

a. Business name: TRAPSATUR / Naturaleza y Turismo, SL

b. Business type: Sociedad limitada / LTD

c. Company registration number: B81092553

d. Tax reference number: B81092553

e. VAT number: B81092553

f. Tel: +34 91 542 6666 / +34 91 541 6321

g. Fax: +34 91 542 0419

h. E-mail:

i. Cell: +34 663 310 617

j. Physical address: Calle San Bernardo, 7. 28013. Madrid. SPAIN

k. Postal Address: Calle San Bernardo, 7. 28013. Madrid. SPAIN

A company
Business Profile

2. Introduction

a. Company History

Trapsatur was founded in 1972, what makes us the oldest Spanish tour
operator, and since then we have dedicated to run escorted tours throughout
Spain, Portugal, Morocco, and the rest of Europe, being able to visit more
than 10 countries in 3 continents in just one tour.

Today we offer more than 180 options in the whole Europe, and more than
60 only in Spain, with guaranteed departures the whole year, giving service
to about 25.000 passengers per year.

b. What the company does

Our core business are the escorted tours by deluxe coach, with guaranteed
departures during the whole year, in all Europe.

We also are a DMC in Madrid, Spain, and dedicate to FIT´s and private
groups services in the whole Europe.

Last, we also run daily excursions in Madrid and surroundings.

We issue a yearly brochure of the tours in Spain, Portugal and Morocco in

English language, exclusively for our Anglo-speaking clients.

In addition, you can find all this information our web page, in English,
Spanish and Portuguese.

3. Strategy

a. Vision statement

We want to become into the reference of tour operation in Europe, the image
that comes to every tourism agent´s mind when thinking about Spain and the
rest of Europe.

By increasing the presence of the brand in Latin America, create a solid base
to introduce ourselves into new markets, by adapting our services to the
specifications of each one of them.

A company
Business Profile

b. Mission statement

Trapsatur is the most experienced Spanish brand in tour operation, and a

reference in the escorted coach tours in Europe for many agents in many
countries in Latin America. Dedicated to attend wholesalers in all of the
Spanish speaking countries.

Also, one of the big operators of excursions in Madrid and surroundings

during the last 40 years.

c. Values

Efficiency in the operation: after 44 years doing it, we know how to design
our tours so that we can offer more than 180 options in Europe and 60
options in Spain, Portugal and Morocco, with the right amount of resources,
allowing us to adjust our prices, and making of our portfolio the most
affordable option for our clients and their passengers.

Kindest treatment to our clients: our booking department is the guardian

angel of our clients, escorting them during the whole process of quotation
and sale, providing them with the right weapons and arguments to close the
maximum amount of sales. All of this with the biggest smile, never forgetting
all of us are here thanks to the confidence laid on Trapsatur by our clients for
the last 44 years.

Kindest treatment to our passengers: since the very beginning of every

one of our tours, our passengers get covered by the safety coat provided by
our professional guides and tour leaders, that with their experience and
knowledge get in charge of making of our trips an unforgettable experience
for our travellers.

Efficiency in the day by day activity: we know how important time is in our
business, we are very aware of the fact that our collaborators can lose a
client if they don´t give the right answer in the right moment, that´s why we
work hard every day to give them the fastest and most complete reply in
every request.

Professional advice to our clients: when working with us, our clients not
only receive a quotation and a description of our products, but also advice on
destination countries, transportation, activities in every city visited, etc., in
brief, a set of weapons to close the largest amount of sales.

A company
Business Profile

d. Specific Business goals & objectives

Double the database of clients in Latin America.

Introduce the brand in the two main Asian markets.

Deepen in the open relationships in Oceania, North America, and the Middle

e. Business strategy

Organic growth.

Diversification of portfolio.

f. Economic intent

Re-investment in own growth

4. Business concept

a. Business concept

Our business is providing Tour Operators, Wholesalers and Travel Agencies

with tourism products and services in Spain, Portugal and Morocco, and the
rest of Europe, such as the ones related below.

We are a B2B supplier.

b. Products

 Escorted tours by coach in Spain, Portugal and Morocco, and the

rest of Europe: more than 180 options in Europe, and more that 60
only in Spain, with GUARANTEED DEPARTURES the whole year.
We are the only Spanish Tour Operator with almost 100 guaranteed
departures in tour conducted in English only –not bilingual.

 Excursions in Madrid and surroundings: tours and activities in

Madrid and the most important cities nearby, like Toledo, El Escorial,
Avila and Segovia.

A company
Business Profile

 FIT´s: every year we issue a Confidential Tariff with hotels, transfers

and tours in the most important cities of Spain.

 SPECIAL GROUPS: for MICE and Leisure tourism. We set up any

package requested by our clients in the whole Europe.

 DMC IN MADRID: greeting services in Madrid, such as transfers,

hospitalities, tours and activities, etc.

c. Business competitiveness

 Guaranteed departures every year

 The lowest prices in the market, at the same service level
 The best hotel offer in Spain regular tours
 Very dynamic operation system
 24/7 traveller assistance
 Only Spanish Tour Operator with guaranteed departures in tours
conducted in ENGLISH ONLY –not bilingual
 Exclusive mini site for each one of our clients in our webpage, in
English language

d. Service pledge

Our pledge is giving our clients not only the most accurate advice on the best
offer for their clients, in the most efficient way, but also doing it with a big
smile, so that the day by day work can be easier for all of us.

e. Business model

Our business model is B2B, we work for Tour operators, Wholesalers and
Travel Agencies in the whole world.

A company
Business Profile

f. Value chain

The value chain we are inlaid is as follows:



We provide counselling service to Tour Operators, Wholesalers and Travel

Agencies, as well as travelling services and products to passengers.

5. Management & Ownership

a. Management structure:

Endika Ormaeche

Miguel de la Cruz


Alberto Calvo Miguel de la Cruz Damián Barrio

Latin America: Head of dept.: Head of dept.: Head of dept.: Head of dept.: ACC. MANAGER
Carlos Braña Virginia Delgado Aida Jiménez Olga Prieto Jaime Navas Cecilio Caniego
Anglo: Anglo market Assistant:
Rodrigo Gragera Ainhoa Alberdi

A company
Business Profile

b. Ownership Structure: Trapsatur belongs to Gowaii Corp, a conglomerate

focused in the tourism market, with tour operators with destinations in the
whole world –Trapsatur, Gowaii Partners in Travel and Mundicolor-, DMC´s
in Madrid –Trapsatur-, Balearic Islands –Gowaii-, Canary Islands –Gowaii-
and Caribbean area –Gowaii-, a traditional bedbank –Gowaii-, online
agencies – and, a B2B ticket sale online
agency –Ociotour- and a hotel chain -Weare. The structure of the group is as

A company
Business Profile

6. Current customers

Trapsatur works with about 1.500 tour operators and wholesalers in Latin America,
and about 150 in the rest of the world, mostly located in Australia, North America
and Middle East.

7. Projects

 Travel Compositor: we are working on a powerful tool, with what our clients
will be able to set their own dynamic packages by combining hotel nights,
transfers, tours and activities, and even transportation between cities.

 Oh Travel: by an agreement with the most important LGBT associations in

the world, we are preparing a portfolio of exclusive products and services
focused on the LGBT collective.

8. Attachments and supporting Documentation (available on request)

a. Brochure of regular tours in Spain, Portugal and Morocco

b. Brochure of excursions in Madrid and Surroundings
c. Confidential tariff: with hotel rates, transfers and tours in the main Spanish
d. Maps showing location.

Thank you for taking the time to go through this business profile.
If there are any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us.


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