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Masen Thompson

Reflection on Connecting to Personal Life

My document that I have included for my professional use of the language is one that

perfectly meets the criteria for this section and also shows off what I have learned in the Spanish

major and ways that it can be applied professionally. By creating a résumé in Spanish, which can

replace or be included along side my English résumé, I can show current or potential employers

the way that my use and study of the language can be helpful for whatever workplace I find

myself in or applying for. The résumé also includes specific information about the Spanish major

and other Spanish accomplishments that I have, like my advanced scores for my different

Spanish proficiency tests and being a member of the Sigma Delta Pi. Having a résumé in Spanish

also is a necessary part of my professional life I ever have the desire or need to work for a

company in a foreign Spanish speaking country, which I would love to be able to do one day. I

do plan on working in the finance world going forward, and the part of the résumé that includes

all that I have done and learned in my current job in finance, with the vocabulary included,

shows how I am accomplished in my understanding of the finance world and the terms that go

along with it, which will show to a future employer that I am worthwhile to employee.

I had multiple choices when choosing the artifact for my personal use of the language. I

had weekly reports for an entire semester on news readings, sports viewing and podcast listening

for each week, but decided that the inclusion of the lesson plan for a 100 level Spanish class was

more specific and better met the criteria for this section. This lesson plan has specific goals and

objectives, and an exact schedule during the class for activities and teaching. The lesson plan,

which focuses on ser/estar, includes parts of the lesson that are better catered to different types of

learning styles of different students, to best fit the needs of every student in the hypothetical
class. I find this artifact to be very applicable to my personal life use of my Spanish because I

would like nothing else than to be able to teach Spanish classes, be them 100 level classes or

more advanced classes, on the side, apart from my actual profession. To teach different Spanish

classes almost as a personal hobby, but with extra benefit This lesson plan shows that I have a

grasp of how to plan a lesson about a specific topic, with a specific schedule to follow in the 50-

minute class (or longer if needs be), and am able to use it. Also using my advanced levels in my

proficiency tests, I have all of the basic required skills to go forward with this plan to continue to

use Spanish in my personal life, with all of the Spanish that I am using in my personal life