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From the Daily Telegraph, Sat 19 October, 1946, page 1


Mobs Kill Women, Children
From Michael Brown and A.A.P.
BOMBAY, Friday.
— More than 100,000 Hindu refugees are jamming
all road leading from Eastern Bengal.
[Note: East Bengal - a state in British India - was about to
become East Pakistan, which together with West
Pakistan, 1000 miles away, would constitute the new
nation of Pakistan, carved out of greater India, solely on
religion. In 1971, East Pakistan would become
Mobs of armed, fanatical Moslems have driven them
from their villages.
Most of the refugees are heading for the towns of
Chandpur, Comilla, and Ramganj, 200 miles was of
[Note: Those 3 towns are in Chittagong, next to Arakan.
The same kind of supremacist-minded massacres were
happening on both sides of the border.]
Hindu leaders report that the Moslems have already
killed many thousands of men, women, and children.
They are calling on the Central Government to stop
the massacre.
The Moslems are trying to convert, to kill, or to drive
out all Hindus in the eastern districts of Noakhali and
Hindus in eastern Bengal represent about 15 percent
of the population.
Moslem riots, aimed at the forcible conversion or
extinction of the Hindu population, began in eastern
Bengal eight days ago.

Bengal’s Moslem Government kept the outbreak
quiet for five days, after which it announced that
disturbances had occurred, and that troops and
police were on their way east.
Area Cut Off
Although Government officials are still trying to
minimize the Moslem excesses in Noakhali, reports
from Hindu Congress workers and refugees show
the riots to be as severe at least as those in Calcutta
recently. Two thousand were killed and 4291 injured
in four days during the Calcutta riots.
The Moslems have cut off communication to
Noakhali and Tippera, and have successfully
cordoned off the huge area to prevent persecuted
Hindus from escaping.
The terrorists have gained control of more than 200
square miles of the fertile Meghna River delta, and
have destroyed all villages in the area.
[Note: It is a sober reality that the aggressors were called
‘terrorists’ 73 years ago]
Refugees who escaped in the first few days tell of
forced mass conversion of whole villages to
Mohammedanism. They estimate that at least 10,000
women have been kidnapped, converted, and
forcibly married to Moslems.
[Note: Why can’t they respect the fact that other people
are happy and content to follow, or not follow, a great
variety of faiths?]
Villages Burned
Landlords, mostly Hindus, have suffered heavily. Moslem rioters burnt their houses and
kidnapped their families. The rioters set fire to many prosperous villages. They locked Hindu
villagers into the houses before setting them alight. Elsewhere, rioters forced Hindus to
slaughter cattle and to eat beef = both sins in the Hindu religion. Congress quarters say that
Moslem rioters killed at least 5000 Hindus in the Tippera and Noakhali districts alone, and
destroyed the property of at least another 50,000.

by Rick Heizman, June 29, 2019

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