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May 31 2016

Waste to Wonderful

In a time when national and internationals leaders and various government agencies
worry and hark about the problems of global warming, waste management and
unmitigated garbage disposal, some groups aim to actually delay warming and sustain
a planet for human life as they round up communities, schools, and organizations
wishing to learn and act.

One such group called Bituen conducts a series of forum and workshop called
Sustainability & 3Rs that not only teach participants why they need to keep their
surroundings green but also teach them how. They tie-up with various individuals and
agencies to bring the workshop in various parts of the country.

They invite local and national advocates like Bert Guevarra of the National Solid
Waste Coalition, Nino Tablada of the I-Save, and Margaret Cruz, recycling artisan
and author of the book 3Rs of Fun in Waste to share their expertise about the

Students in Obando are taught how to reduce river waste disposal, and plant, in a workshop headed by Blacksmith
In all of the forum-workshops, participants are taught how to plant and garden, create
useful items like desk organizers, coin banks, bags, accessories, and event decor using
waste paper, board, plastic, can, kitchen, and most household waste.

Container garden, a must in the city, use thrown seeds, kitchen waste, milk or juice cans, sawdust, ash, paper and

In addition, participants also share their problems and insights about environment
problems and waste. “Big consumer companies should share in the burden by
shouldering in part costs of disposal or recycling,” one Department of Education
(DepEd) teacher suggested as they observe how plastic packaging of snacks dominate
school waste bins during a forum-workshop in the Department of Environment and
Natural Resources (DENR)’s compound.
DepEd teachers create desk organizers and bags using waste paper and plastic in a forum-workshop at the DENR

Coin bank made from Pringles can, desk organizers from Piknik and C2, gift / trinket box from a cosmetics pack, and
bracelets from beaded Avon catalog.
Teachers and members of NGO recycle scrap and scavenged fabrics in a DTI-sponsored workshop.

Topiary from scrap fabrics for the room, or wedding/debut centerpiece.

Sustainability & 3Rs live up to its name as participants are also given insight on how to
market their recycled products for income generation, mainly online, because, as one
participant observed, “Our neighbors can hardly afford to buy decent meal or send their
children to school daily.” In many of the forums, DENR extends help not only by hosting
but also by distributing for free the book 3Rs of Fun in Waste to encourage continuous
practice, provide inspiration, as well as guide dedicated participants on how to have an
income out of recycled wastes.

The Asian Development Bank reported that thousand tons of garbage are disposed
daily in Metro Manila alone, and many end up improperly in bodies of water multiplying
its dangers. It leads to polluted and poisoned air, land, water, and hazard to metro

For workshop requests, interested parties may call (63-2) 9941372 and for public school
or NGO book requests, call the Environmental Management Bureau of the DENR at
(63-2) 9202252.



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