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Established 1879 | Columbus, Mississippi

Wednesday | November 13, 2019

LCSD board interviews superintendent candidates

Finalists include LCSD, SOCSD assistant how they would
handle those
come as soon as 5:30 p.m. Mon-
day, when the board plans to
superintendents; NHMS principal sit uat ions ,”
LCSD board
meet again.
The new superintendent will
BY ISABELLE ALTMAN picked panel of 15 stakehold- president Rob- replace Lynn Wright, whose ers Tuesday evening at Cen- ert Barksdale second four-year elected term
tral Office. Christy Maulding, said. will expire Dec. 31. Prior to a
Though the three finalists a deputy superintendent at Each board law passed in 2016, counties
vying for Lowndes County Starkville-Oktibbeha Consol- member se- could choose whether to select
School District superinten- idated School District, is the lected three a superintendent by election
Maulding Johnson Allison
dent were interviewed behind third finalist. members of or board appointment. Under
closed doors Tuesday, their Tommye Henderson, super- executive session, meaning the citizen panel from their re- the new law, which takes ef-
identities are now clear. intendent search consultant non-participants were not al- spective elected districts. fect Jan. 1, all superintendents
Assistant Superintendent with the Mississippi School lowed to observe. Barksdale, who previously must be board-appointed. Ear-
Susan Johnson and New Hope Boards Association, asked in- “(They were questioned said the panel would provide lier this year, the district hired
Middle School Principal Sam terview questions submitted about) just the jobs they would the board feedback from the in- MSBA to assist in the search.
Allison are the two internal by the general public, while be performing as superinten- terviews, told The Dispatch on Wright applied to keep his
candidates who interviewed the board and panel took notes. dent ... some of the situations Tuesday he wasn’t sure when a job, but the board decided last
before the board and a hand- The interviews were held in that we’ve had come up and hire would be decided. It could See LCSD, 8A


shelter in
response to
cold weather
Two stayed at shelter
overnight Tuesday

The city of Columbus
has opened a 24-hour
warming shelter at the
Columbus Police De-
partment this week to
provide heated shelter
from the severely cold
weather to those with-
out one. Jennifer Mosbrucker/Dispatch Staff
Mayor Robert Smith Tony Bailey rakes leaves and takes them to an organic dump area Tuesday afternoon on the Mississippi University for
ordered the shelter’s Women campus. Temperatures in Columbus dropped dramatically from Monday, with a high of 67 degrees, to Tuesday,
opening at 1501 Main with a high of 38 degrees.
St. Tuesday. Initially,
the shelter was to be
open from 3 p.m.-8

Mississippi States’ Thad Cochran

a.m., but city officials Dillon
promised Wednesday
the shelter would stay open continu-

research park aims to keep expanding

ally through Friday for those in need.
City Public Information Officer Joe
Dillon said city officials will monitor
the weather and determine what time
to close the shelter Friday. Multiple disciplines
“It is too cold to send anyone out-
side,” Smith said Wednesday. “... We of research contribute
continue to work on other solutions,
but this shelter will now remain at the to public universities
Columbus Police Department.”
Columbus Community Outreach
across Mississippi
By Tess Vrbin
Director Glenda Richardson said two
people stayed in the shelter Tuesday
night. The land that used to be Mississippi
The city worked with Golden Tri- State University’s 26-acre dairy farm
angle Regional Homeless Coalition now has more industry than university
to open the facility Tuesday after tem- employees — and that is the goal, said
peratures were predicted to drop to Marc McGee, director of the Research
about 20 degrees and stay near freez- and Technology Corporation.
ing each night this week. They plan McGee presented a summary of
to open something more permanent the Thad Cochran Research, Technol-
for this winter. ogy and Economic Development Park,
Area churches and civic organiza- the first and largest research park in
tions are being asked to donate meals Mississippi, to the Columbus Rotary Tess Vrbin/Dispatch Staff
Marc McGee, right, director of the Research and Technology Corporation at
and other items to the center. Club during its Tuesday meeting at Mississippi State University, chats with Walt Starr, a member of the Mississippi
For more information or to donate Lion Hills Golf Club. MSU converted Institutions of Higher Learning Board of Trustees, Tuesday after the Columbus
meals, call Richardson at 662-364- it to a park in 1984 with funding from Rotary Club meeting. McGee presented an overview of the Thad Cochran Re-
1850. See Research Park, 8A search, Technology and Economic Development Park during the meeting.

Weather Five Questions Calendar Local Folks Public

1 What letter begins the fewest words Today meetings
in the English language? Nov. 15:
■ The Orators lecture series: In honor of
2 What animals yield angora wool — Starkville Board
sheep, goats, or rabbits? Veterans Week, author, veteran and filmmak- of Aldermen
3 What university is home to over-the- er G. Mark LaFrancis speaks on “Invisible work session,
top fans called the Cameron Crazies? Heroes–Living Among Us” at 5:30 p.m. at the 1:15 p.m., City
4 What French company hypes its G.V. “Sonny” Montgomery Center for America’s Hall
Gabriel Corrigan all-inclusive resorts with the tagline: Veterans in Nusaz Hall on the Mississippi State
“Where Happiness Means the World”? Nov. 18:
Second grade, Annunciation campus. A reception precedes the presenta- Oktibbeha
5 In what Rocky film does Rocky fight

49 Low 30
Mr. T’s Clubber Lang? tion. Open to the public. For more information, County Board
of Supervisors
High Answers, 8B
contact Donna Clevinger, 662-325-2522.
meeting, 5:30
Clouds increase
p.m., Chancery
Full forecast on
page 3A.
Today through Friday, Nov. 13-15 Courthouse
■ “Moonlight and Magnolias”: Starkville Nov. 19:
Community Theatre presents this play set in Starkville Board
Inside 1939 Hollywood during the making of “Gone of Aldermen
with the Wind” at 7:30 p.m. (except 2 p.m. meeting, 5:30
Classifieds 7B Food 5B Ellen Farr moved to
Sunday) at the Playhouse on Main, 108 E. Main p.m., City Hall
Comics 4B Obituaries 4A Columbus for school so she
Crossword 8B Opinions 6A St., Starkville. Tickets are $15/$10 students can become a pharmacy
Dear Abby 4B NATS 7A (for mature audiences). Visit technician.


2A Wednesday, November 13, 2019 The Dispatch •


Trump, Erdogan to meet as

thorny issues stress relations
‘This is not the time or place to be extending
hospitality and exchanging niceties with a dictator.’
Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, a New Hampshire Democrat
The Associated Press
Kurds. Erdogan sees Kurdish forces
WASHINGTON — in Syria as an extension of a separatist
Turkish President Re- Kurdish group that’s been fighting in-
cep Tayyip Erdogan side Turkey since the 1980s.
and President Donald In the Senate, two Democrats intro-
Trump will meet as re- duced legislation denouncing Turkey’s
lations between the two targeting of journalists, political oppo-
NATO allies are at their nents, dissidents, minorities and oth-
lowest point in decades, ers. They said the Turkish government
with Turkey rebuffing Trump had imprisoned more than 80,000 Turk-
the U.S. and turning to- ish citizens, closed more than 1,500
ward Russia on security non-governmental organizations on ter-
issues and Ankara facing rorism-related grounds and dismissed
a Washington backlash or suspended more than 130,000 civil
over attacks on Kurd- servants from their jobs.
ish civilians during its “This is not the time or place to be
incursion into Syria last extending hospitality and exchang-
month. ing niceties with a dictator,” said Sen.
Erdogan and Trump Erdogan Jeanne Shaheen, a New Hampshire
have a difficult agenda Democrat who sits on the Foreign Rela-
Wednesday that includes Turkey’s tions and Armed Services committees.
decision to buy a Russian air defense In October, Trump moved U.S.
system and its attack on U.S.-allied troops in Syria out of the way of invad-
Kurdish forces in northern Syria. Their ing Turkish troops, a decision that crit-
scheduled afternoon news conference, ics said amounted to abandoning Amer-
however, will give Trump a stage to ica’s Kurdish allies to be attacked.
counter the first public hearings in the Trump administration officials have
House impeachment inquiry. said the president told Turkey not to
Trump says Turkey has been a invade Syria. But when Erdogan insist-
critical U.S. ally for decades, cites the ed, they say Trump decided to move
strong economic upside to the rela- 28 Green Berets operating on the Tur-
tionship and maintains that the two key-Syria border so they wouldn’t be
countries have enough in common to caught in a crossfire between Turk-
overcome their differences. Some in ish-backed forces and the Kurds.
Congress say Erdogan should never A State Department official said
have been invited to the White House Trump is not rewarding Erdogan with
in the first place. a White House visit but is conducting
Last month, the House overwhelm- diplomacy. The official said high-level
ingly passed a bill to sanction senior consultations are needed because of
Turkish officials and its army for the the volatile situation in Syria that has
military incursion into Syria to fight the displaced tens of thousands of people.

Split Supreme Court appears ready room for the arguments, and many people
camped out in front of the court for days for
to allow Trump to end DACA a chance at some of the few seats available.
WASHINGTON — Sharply at odds with The term comes from never-passed pro-
liberal justices, the Supreme Court’s con- posals in Congress called the DREAM Act.
servative majority seemed ready Tuesday The high court arguments did not in-
to allow the Trump administration to abol- volve any discussion of individual DACA
ish protections that permit 660,000 immi- recipients or Trump’s claims.
grants to work in the U.S., free from the Instead the focus was on whether either
threat of deportation. of two administration rationales for ending
That outcome would “destroy lives,” DACA, begun under President Barack
declared Justice Sonia Sotomayor, one the Obama, was enough.
court’s liberals who repeatedly suggested
the administration has not adequately jus-
tified its decision to end the seven-year-old Global stocks sink after Trump
Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals threatens more China tariffs
program. Nor has it taken sufficient ac- BEIJING — Global stocks sank Wednes-
count of the personal, economic and social day after U.S. President Donald Trump
disruption that might result, they said. threatened more tariff hikes on Chinese
But there did not appear to be any sup- imports if talks aimed at ending a trade war
port among the five conservatives for block- fail to produce an interim agreement.
ing the administration. The nine-member Market benchmarks in London, Frank-
court’s decision is expected by June, at the furt, Shanghai and Tokyo declined. Wall
height of the 2020 presidential campaign. Street looked set to slip.
President Donald Trump said on Twit- Trump said Tuesday that an agree-
ter that DACA recipients shouldn’t despair ment on the “Phase 1” deal announced
if the justices side with him, pledging that last month “could happen soon.” But he
“a deal will be made with the Dems for warned he was ready to raise tariffs “very
them to stay!” But Trump’s past promises substantially” if that fails.
to work with Democrats on a legislative The two sides disagree publicly about
solution for these immigrants have led no- whether the U.S. agreed to roll back some
where. punitive tariffs imposed in the fight over
The president also said in his tweet that Beijing’s trade surplus and technology am-
many program participants, brought to bitions. The Chinese government said last
the U.S. as children and now here illegal- week that was settled, but Trump denied
ly, are “far from ‘angels,’” and he claimed that.
that “some are very tough, hardened crim- Trump’s comments “served as a re-
inals.” The program bars anyone with a fel- minder of the challenge that the two sides
ony conviction from participating, and seri- face,” said Jingyi Pan of IG in a report. How-
ous misdemeanors may also bar eligibility. ever, she said, investors saw them as “posi-
Some DACA recipients, commonly tioning statements,” reducing their impact.
known as “Dreamers,” were in the court- SOURCE: AP
The Dispatch • Wednesday, November 13, 2019 3A

Area arrests
The following arrests
were made by Lowndes
County Sheriff’s Office:
n Robert Carver, 24,
was charged with pos-
session of methamphet-
n Shadrick Ware, 24, Carver Ware Scott Pleasant Payne Orr J. Hudson Degraffenreid Bradley Banks
was charged with third of-
fense shoplifting of $250
or more.
n Brandon Scott, 29,
was charged with sex of-
fender address registra-
tion failure.
n Karri Pleasant, 27,
was charged with intent
to defraud with a credit Parks Hoskins Anderson Wilson II Wilborn Weaver Copen P. Hudson Wright Brown
card, violation of parole third offense shoplifting n Rich-
and four counts of failure of $250 or more. ard Wilson
to appear. n Jeffery Banks, 47, II, 19, was
n Kenneth Payne, 45, was charged with four charged
was charged with domes- counts of embezzlement. with bur-
tic violence/aggravated glary of a
assault. The following arrests vehicle and
n Senagar Orr, 42, was were made by the Oktib- malicious
charged with four counts beha County Sheriff’s mischief. Hendrix Watson Balderas Bobo Diaz Perkins Weiss
of possession of a con- Office: n Quon- court order. sion of marijuana with in- sion of cocaine and disor-
trolled substance. n Eddie Parks, 61, was tavious Wilborn, 24, was n Kelly Wright, 38, tent to distribute. derly conduct.
n Jason Hudson, 28, charged with probation charged with a circuit was charged with a circuit n Joseline Balderas, n Tommy Perkins
was charged with pos- violation. court order. court order. 19, was charged with bur- Jr., 42, was charged with
session of methamphet- n Ocie Hoskins, 48, n Lexus Weaver, 23, n Jerome Brown, 30, glary other than a vehicle possession of marijua-
amine. was charged with parole was charged with proba- was charged with credit and holding for another
n Dennis Degraffen- na-more than 30 grams,
violation, public drunk, tion violation. card fraud. agency.
reid Jr., 69, was charged resisting arrest and solic- n Michael Copen, 30, n Cornelius Hendrix, n Maefrances Bobo, speeding and no insur-
with two counts of com- iting without a license. was charged with a circuit 17, was charged with mur- 32, was charged with pro- ance.
mercial burglary. n Derion Anderson, court order. der. bation violation. n Kevin Weiss, 24, was
n Christopher Brad- 23, was charged with bur- n Patrick Hudson, 29, n Marcus Watson, 36, n Veronica Diaz, 19, charged with possession
ley, 23, was charged with glary of a vehicle. was charged with a circuit was charged with posses- was charged with posses- of a controlled substance.

Oktibbeha County shooting Man tried twice for murder

suspect turns himself in has bond set in separate killing
The Associated Press Monday that Tellis was initially held
without bond on a second-degree
DISPATCH STAFF REPORT D r i v e , authorities previously MONROE, La. — A murder charge in the 2015 stabbing
s o u t h - told The Dispatch. Louisiana judge has set
A Columbus man of Ming-Chen Hsiao. Tellis pleaded
west of The victim is in critical a bond for a man facing
suspected of a weekend guilty in 2016 to unauthorized use of
S t a rk v i l le, condition at University of a murder charge in the
shooting in Oktibbeha her debit card, but has pleaded not
at 3:30 p.m. Mississippi Medical Cen- stabbing death of a Tai- guilty to murder.
County turned himself in Sunday. ter in Jackson. wanese woman. The newspaper said the judge set
to the Lowndes County He faces Hayden is in custody Quinton Tellis is the his bond at $300,000 on Oct. 23, and
Sheriff’s Office on Tues- charges of at Oktibbeha County Jail
Hayden same man who was tried Tellis remains in Ouachita Parish cus-
day. aggravat- and his bond has not been
twice for murder but Tellis tody.
Demarcus D. Hayden, ed assault, kidnapping, set, said Lt. Jon Davis of
never convicted in the Tellis was tried in Mississippi
28, is accused of shooting grand larceny and aggra- Oktibbeha County Sher-
Mississippi burning death of 19-year- in 2017 and 2018 on capital murder
an individual on Chisholm vated domestic violence, iff’s Office.
old Jessica Chambers. charges in Chambers’ slaying. Both
The Monroe News Star reported juries deadlocked.

Former Miss. House Speaker Medical Center in Tupelo, where he had

been hospitalized for about two weeks.
Billy McCoy dies at 77 Holland’s funeral home is handling ar-
JACKSON — Former Mississippi rangements for the funeral, which will
House Speaker Billy McCoy, an advo- be Friday.
cate for public education and economic McCoy was a Democrat from the
opportunities for the less fortunate, died north Mississippi town of Rienzi. He had
Tuesday after an extended illness. He worked as a vocational education teach-
was 77. er and spent much of his life as a worm
Rep. Steve Holland of Plantersville farmer.
said McCoy died at North Mississippi SOURCE: The Associated Press

n In the Nov. 6 edition, cluded a decision for the disabled veteran Donald
The Dispatch incorrectly board to provide a spe- Raymond Gore. He is 59.
reported part of a prop- cific list to the property’s We regret the error.
erty discussed in a Nov. 5 owner, Walter Okhuysen,
Starkville board of alder- detailing what needs to be The Commercial
men meeting. The board cleaned on the property. Dispatch strives to report
voted to declare the yard We regret the error. the news accurately. When
on the property at 225 we print an error, we will
Garrard Road “a men- n In the Salute to Vet- correct it. To report an
ace to the public health, erans published Sunday, error, call the newsroom at
safety and welfare of the The Dispatch incorrect- 662-328-2424, or email
community.” The vote in- ly reported the age of

The solunar period indicates
peak-feeding times for fish and game.
Wed. Thurs.
Major 12:30a 1:17a
Minor 6:51p 7:29a
Major 12:53p 1:42p
Minor 7:48a 8:47a
Courtesy of Mississippi Department
of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks

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4A Wednesday, November 13, 2019 The Dispatch •

Area obituaries
COMMERCIAL DISPATCH Thursday; and on Friday by 3 in death by his siblings, hour prior to services made to St. Jude Chil-
OBITUARY POLICY p.m. for Sunday and Monday
Lillie Henry, Albert at the funeral home. dren’s Research Hospi-
Obituaries with basic informa- publication. For more informa-
tion including visitation and tion, call 662-328-2471. Saddler, Bobby Saddler, Welch Funeral Home of tal, P.O. Box 50, Mem-
service times, are provided free Morris Saddler Jr. and Starkville is in charge of phis, TN 38101.
of charge. Extended obituaries Willie T. Saddler. arrangements.
with a photograph, detailed Sammie Saddler He is survived by his Ms. Tollison was Mary Jones
biographical information and COLUMBUS — Sam- children, Mary Saddler, born to the late Summer CALEDONIA —
other details families may wish mie Saddler, 75, died Patricia Saddler and O’Bannon and Ella Reed Mary Ann Jones, 79,
to include, are available for a Nov. 3, 2019, at Aurora Walter Saddler, all of O’Bannon. She was died Nov. 12, 2019, at
fee. Obituaries must be sub- Health and Rehabilita- Columbus; sisters, Mary formerly employed in
mitted through funeral homes Monroe Regional Hospi-
tion. Lee Saddler Williams
unless the deceased’s body has the Comptroller’s Office tal in Aberdeen.
Services will be at 1 of Mansfield, Ohio; four
been donated to science. If the with Mississippi State Arrangements are
p.m. Thursday at Car- grandchildren; and two
deceased’s body was donated University and was a incomplete and will be
to science, the family must ter’s Funeral Service.
great-grandchildren. member of Starkville announced by Memorial
provide official proof of death. Visitation is from 3-5
Please submit all obituaries on p.m. today at the funeral First Baptist Church. Gunter Peel Funeral Mary Ann Jones
the form provided by The Com- home. Carter’s Funeral Helen Tollison In addition to her par- Home and Crematory, Incomplete
College St. Location
mercial Dispatch. Free notices
Service of Columbus is STARKVILLE — Hel- ents, she was preceded College Street location.
must be submitted to the news-
in charge of arrange- en O’Bannon Tollison, in death by her broth-
paper no later than 3 p.m. the
day prior for publication Tuesday ments. 80, died Nov. 11, 2019. ers, Mizell, Morris and Guy Villeneuve
through Friday; no later than 4 Mr. Saddler was born Services will be at 1 Elondrie O’Bannon; and CALEDONIA — Guy
p.m. Saturday for the Sunday Dec. 31, 1943, in Cale- p.m. Friday at Welch Fu- sister, Clannis Turner. Villeneuve, 71, died Nov.
edition; and no later than 7:30 donia, to the late Morris neral Home Chapel, with She is survived by 12, 2019, at his resi-
a.m. for the Monday edition. Saddler Sr. and Julie the Rev. Clifton Curtis her son, Danny Tollison dence.
Incomplete notices must be
Saddler. He was formerly officiating. Burial will of Madison, Alabama; Arrangements are
received no later than 7:30 a.m.
employed as a Medicaid follow at Clear Springs sisters, Edris O’Bannon incomplete and will be
for the Monday through Friday
editions. Paid notices must be transportation provider. Primitive Baptist Church of Ridgeland; and two announced by Lowndes
finalized by 3 p.m. for inclusion In addition to his par- Cemetery in Maben. grandchildren. Funeral Home of Colum-
the next day Monday through ents, he was preceded Visitation will be one Memorials may be bus.


Chinese, other students flee Hong Kong as violence worsens
The Associated Press a row, protesters widely that they are being target- protesters threw debris
disrupted train service, ed by protesters who have on tracks and vandalized
HONG KONG — Uni- blocked streets and ral- broken into their dormito- train cars. University
versity students from lied in the central busi- ries, spray-painted insults classes remained sus-
mainland China and Tai- ness district. They hun- on walls and banged on pended.
wan are fleeing Hong kered down for possible their doors, the Beijing Hong Kong Baptist
Kong, while those from clashes with police at uni- Evening News reported. University told students
two Scandinavian coun- versity campuses. Many are taking ad- that instruction and ex-
tries have been moved or The Technical Univer- vantage of a program that ams would be conducted
urged to leave as college sity of Denmark urged 36 offers a week of free ac- online for the two remain-
campuses become the students in Hong Kong commodation in one of a ing weeks of the semes-
latest battleground in the ter, with arrangements
to return home, saying dozen hotels and hostels
city’s 5-month-long an- for students who have re-
“some of our students in the neighboring main-
ti-government unrest. turned to the mainland to
have been forced to move land city of Shenzhen,
Marine police used a join in.
from their dormitories Chinese media reported.
boat Wednesday to help The Education Bu-
a group of mainland stu- because they were put on The service was estab-
fire.” lished in 2013 for recent reau suspended classes
dents leave the Chinese at primary and second-
University of Hong Kong, Norwegian student Eli- graduates looking for jobs
na Neverdal Hjoennevaag in the tech hub. ary schools for safety
which remained barricad- reasons. Describing the
ed by demonstrators after told her country’s broad- Taiwan arranged flight
caster NRK that students tickets for 126 of its stu- situation as outrageous,
violent clashes with police the bureau said students
on Tuesday. are being sent to a hotel, dents at Chinese Universi-
adding, “I don’t really ty to fly home Wednesday should stay at home “and
Authorities announced must not participate in
that primary and second- know what is happening. night, public broadcaster
any unlawful activities.”
ary school classes would I must pack.” RTHK reported.
be suspended Thursday Mainland students Many subway and rail
as clashes turn increas- have said in online posts stations were closed after
ingly violent.

Have you checked the

The protests have tak-
en on a strong anti-China Is Estate or
bent, with radical demon-
Long Term Care

strators trashing branch-
es of mainland banks,
China’s official Xinhua
Planning Necessary
News Agency and restau-
rant chains whose owners
to Protect Your
support the Beijing gov-
Family’s Future?
Hong Kong is part of • Do you have a Will, Power of Attorney, and Advanced Health Care
China but has its own le- Directive?
gal system and greater • Are you certain that your assets will be distributed according to your

freedoms than the main- wishes at your death?
land. The protesters say • Are you confused by the ever changing estate and gift tax laws?
those freedoms are under • Are you worried that one day you may not be able to care for yourself
threat from a city govern- or make the necessary decisions to remain independent and in your
ment that is beholden to own home?

Beijing. China says the At Dunn & Hemphill, we can create a plan tailored to fit you
protesters are rioters who and your family’s needs. Contact us at (662) 327-4211 to
want to break away from discuss your estate and long term care planning options.
Chinese rule.
Dunn & Hemphill, P.A.
For the third day in
214 Fifth Street South | Columbus, Mississippi
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Offering Peace of Mind, One Client at a Time.

REal EStatE
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Over 50+ Years Of Combined Experience
Today is Wednesday,
Nov. 13, the 317th day of
2019. There are 48 days

left in the year.

Today’s Highlight
in History:

On Nov. 13, 1956, the
Supreme Court struck
down laws calling for ra-
cial segregation on public


On this date:
In 1789, Benjamin

Franklin wrote in a let-
ter to a friend, Jean-Bap-
tiste Leroy: “In this world
nothing can be said to be
certain, except death and

In 1940, the Walt
Disney film “Fantasia,”
featuring animated seg-
ments set to classical
music, had its world pre-
miere in New York.
In 1942, President
Franklin D. Roosevelt
signed a measure lower-
ing the minimum draft
age from 21 to 18.
The Dispatch • Wednesday, November 13, 2019 5A

Most distant world ever explored

gets new name: Arrokoth
The Associated Press Pluto was nicknamed Ultima Telescope — which discovered
Thule given its vast distance Arrokoth in 2014 — has its sci-
CAPE CANAVER AL, Fla. — from us. ence operations in Baltimore.
The most distant world ever ex- “The name ‘Arrokoth’ reflects The New Horizons team got
plored 4 billion miles away finally the inspiration of looking to the consent for the name from Pow-
has an official name: Arrokoth. skies,” lead scientist Alan Stern hatan Tribal elders and repre-
That means “sky” in the lan- of Southwest Research Institute sentatives, according to NASA.
guage of the Native American said in a statement, “and wonder- The International Astronomical
Powhatan people, NASA said ing about the stars and worlds Union and its Minor Planet Cen-
Tuesday. beyond our own.” ter approved the choice.
NASA’s New Horizons The name was picked because Arrokoth is among countless
spacecraft flew past the snow- of the Powhatan’s ties to the objects in the so-called Kuiper
man-shaped Arrokoth on New Chesapeake Bay region. Belt, or vast Twilight Zone be-
Year’s Day, 3 ½ years after ex- New Horizons is operated yond the orbit of Neptune. New
ploring Pluto. At the time, this from Johns Hopkins University’s Horizons will observe some
small icy world 1 billion miles Applied Physics Lab in Laurel, of these objects from afar as it
(1.6 billion kilometers) beyond Maryland. The Hubble Space makes its way deeper into space.

Group stops search for UFC fighter’s missing stepdaughter
source available” to charged with first-de-
19-year-old, Auburn native, Aniah search for 19 -year-old gree kidnapping. Sur-
Blanchard, was last seen on Oct. 23 Aniah Blanchard in Au-
burn, Alabama.
veillance video puts him
at the gas station at the
The Associated Press weight Walt Harris’ Blanchard was last same time as Blanchard.
missing stepdaughter. seen on Oct. 23 at an He was free on bond in
AUBURN, Ala. — A Destinie Duvall of Auburn gas station. Her an earlier kidnapping
Texas-based nonprofit Texas EquuSearch damaged car was later case at the time.
that works to find miss- tells WRBL -T V the found abandoned. Duvall said the search
ing people across the horse-mounted search Tw e n t y - n i n e - y e a r - is suspended until the
country has called off its group is heading home old Ibraheem Yazeed group is summoned to
search for UFC heavy- after using “every re- has been arrested and follow a new lead.

Court rules against Protection said in a state- covering Northwestern guilt about using basic
ment that while it does not University have faced reporting strategies.
warrantless searches comment on matters in two waves of criticism In the editorial, post-
of phones, laptops litigation, in Fiscal Year over their coverage of ed online Sunday and
BOSTON — A federal 2019, the department pro- protests in response to printed Monday, editors
court in Boston has ruled cessed more than 414 mil- an event featuring for- said they shouldn’t have
that warrantless U.S. gov- lion travelers at U.S. ports mer Attorney General tweeted photos of stu-
ernment searches of the of entry. During that same Jeff Sessions. dent protesters being
phones and laptops of period of time, it conduct- First, student activ- blocked by campus po-
international travelers at ed 40,913 border search- ists criticized them for lice as they tried to get
airports and other U.S. es of electronic devices, publishing photos of pro- inside the Sessions event
ports of entry violate the representing less than .01 testers on the suburban last week.
Fourth Amendment. percent of arriving inter- Chicago campus. Within The photos were lat-
Tuesday’s ruling in national travelers. days, editors at The Dai- er deleted. Editors said
U.S. District Court came ly Northwestern decided they didn’t want students
in a lawsuit filed by the to apologize, but their to be at risk of punish-
American Civil Liberties Northwestern paper’s editorial prompted a sec- ment by the school or on-
Union and the Electron- apology sparks ond round of criticism line harassment.
ic Frontier Foundation journalism debate from journalists around SOURCE: AP
on behalf of 11 travelers CHICAGO — Student the country who said
whose smartphones and editors at the newspaper they shouldn’t feel any
laptops were searched
without individualized
suspicion at U.S. ports of
ACLU attorney Esha
Bhandari said the ruling
strengthens the Fourth
Amendment protections
of international travel-
ers who enter the United
States every year.
The ACLU describes
the searches as “fishing
expeditions.” They say
border officers must now
demonstrate individu-
alized suspicion of con-
traband before they can
search a traveler’s elec-
tronic device.
The government has
vigorously defended the
searches as a critical tool
to protect America.
The number of elec-
tronic device searches at
U.S. ports of entry has in-
creased significantly, the
ACLU said. Last year, the
government conducted
more than 33,000 search-
es, almost four times the
number from just three
years prior.
Documents filed as
part of the lawsuit claim
the scope of the warrant-
less searches has expand-
ed to assist in enforce-
ment of tax, bankruptcy,
environmental and con-
sumer protection laws,
gathering intelligence
and advancing criminal
The court documents
also said agents with
U.S. Customs and Bor-
der Protection and U.S.
Immigration and Cus-
toms Enforcement con-
sider requests from other
government agencies in
determining whether to
search travelers’ electron-
ic devices. They added
that agents are searching
the electronic devices of
not only targeted individ-
uals but their associates,
friends and relatives.
Requests for comment
from Immigration and
Customs Enforcement
and the Department of
Homeland Security were
not immediately returned
Customs and Border
6A Wednesday, November 13, 2019
PETER BIRNEY IMES Editor/Publisher
BIRNEY IMES III Editor/Publisher 1998-2018
BIRNEY IMES JR. Editor/Publisher 1947-2003

BIRNEY IMES SR. Editor/Publisher 1922-1947

ZACK PLAIR, Managing Editor

BETH PROFFITT Advertising Director
MICHAEL FLOYD Circulation/Production Manager

Mississippi Voices
State election season is over
Mississippi’s local are hyperfocused According to the latest a one-party Republican state. As candidates from all parties
and state elections on that equation. Gallup poll, 31 percent of someone who believes that just run against each other in the
are done for another As a result, national Americans consider themselves about everything good comes primary. So do Washington and
four years. The Re- elections have gone Democrats, 29 percent consider from competition, I find this Arizona.
publican Party stays back-and-forth like a themselves Republicans and 40 lamentable. Of course, it would require
in power. seesaw. percent are independent. Another problem with politi- the cooperation of the dominant
Unlike many If one party gets I am one of the indepen- cal parties in Mississippi is race. political party to change to open
elections around the too extreme, it loses dents, although I typically vote We have a white Republican primaries. And since the whole
world, few people power. Since the Republican. I do find it disturb- Party and a black Democratic purpose of a political party is to
questioned the whole point of a ing when one party dominates. Party. That’s a shame. Racism is take over the government, don’t
validity of our state’s political party is to Like George Washington, I am perhaps the most noxious social expect that to happen without
election process. It take power, this be- distrustful of the concentration ailment pervading our society some type of public referendum.
is a great blessing Wyatt Emmerich comes a self-correct- of power. today. Judging a person by the Being a small state with a
to live in a state and ing process. Parties, I believe strongly in the free pigment of their skin is absurd, limited number of politically
country that has a by their very nature, market, which often aligns me un-Christian and demeaning. ambitious individuals, it’s so
legitimate and trusted demo- will run off fringe elements in with Republicans. But I also It’s not all race. Madison much easier for the political
cratic process. order to win. value individual liberties and County, which is 60 percent caste to all join one party and
George Washington in his The nature of a two-party freedoms, which often aligns white, voted 50 percent for not have to compete against one
farewell address warned the system creates strange bedfel- me with Democrats. Hood. So there are some white another. Monopolies are much
nation of the dangers of political lows. Stitching together 50 per- Like a lot of Mississippians, Mississippians who voted Dem- less work.
parties, but the nation didn’t cent of the electorate requires I am virulently opposed to ocratic. Even so, a party can’t stay
listen. Political parties are some creativity, especially in communism, socialism, collec- In Leflore County, which is in power if a majority of voters
fundamental to our electoral our nation of rambunctious, tivism and whatever else you 72 percent black, 75 percent vot- don’t agree. The good news is
process, even though they are high-strung individuals. Ameri- want to call the ideology that ed for Democrat Hood. Hardly that a majority of Mississippians
private organizations with no cans won’t sit by idly if they are killed a hundred million souls any crossover there. are happy with the state of the
constitutional basis. discontent with the status quo. last century and has destroyed Alcorn County, which is 87 state.
The whole idea of a political That’s how we all got here. Venezuela this past decade. percent white, voted 75 percent Historically, the Mississip-
party is kind of disturbing: Republicans, for instance, are The strength of that emo- for Republican Reeves. A little pi Democrats grabbed every
“Let’s form our own private supposed to be more anti-gov- tion probably helped keep the bit of crossover there, but not federal dollar they could get,
organization and take over the ernment, yet Republicans have Republicans entrenched in Mis- much. even if this meant welfare. The
government.” The Constitution embraced a variety of socially sissippi, especially with Trump’s National surveys indicate Republicans are turning away
protects our freedom to form conservative laws that intrude visit. A lot of Mississippians 85 percent of blacks are Demo- federal welfare. As a result low-
whatever private associations on individual liberty. see left-wing kookiness on the crats. I would bet 85 percent of er-income citizens are leaving
we want and that includes Meanwhile, Democrats are national scene and vow never to Mississippi whites are Republi- our state. It remains to be seen
private associations designed to generally pro-government and vote for a Democrat. can. It will be a long time before if this is a wise policy or not. It’s
influence elections. distrustful of the free market, That’s a weird side effect of this unique aspect of our state’s a big change.
Our two-party system has yet the party is more socially the national two-party system. political process disappears. Wyatt Emmerich is the editor
been a source of great nation- liberal and wants the govern- It’s balanced nationally, but An open primary would help and publisher of The Northside
al stability over the years. It ment out of our bedrooms and not so much in the individual foster more political compe- Sun, a weekly newspaper in Jack-
takes 50 percent plus one vote out of our recreational sub- states. California is a one-party tition. Louisiana has an open son. He can be reached by e-mail
to gain power, so both parties stance decisions. Democratic state. Mississippi is primary system in which all at

State of the nation Cartoonist View

New York puts
Trump in rearview
The (mostly) charming family
movie “Mr. Popper’s Penguins” is about
a divorced father living alone in his
posh Manhattan digs. Unexpectedly,
he receives two boxes of penguins,
and chaos ensues. But the 2011 film
has a not-very-subtle subtheme: the
prominence of future President Donald
Trump as the quintessential rich and
heroic New Yorker.
Popper (Jim Carrey) and the pen-
guins go skating at Central Park’s Woll-
man Skating Rink — excuse me, the Froma Harrop
Trump Wollman rink. You see TRUMP
in gigantic letters appearing in almost
every camera angle and no Wollman.
There’s a scene in the landmark Tavern on the Green, where
Popper quips, “You can’t even get a reservation here unless you’re
dating The Donald.” No explanation needed about whom “The
Donald” refers to or his alleged attraction to fabulous women.
“What is up with this Donald Trump as product placement?” a
reviewer for the National Catholic Register asked.
There’s more of that in the backstory. The real-life Tavern had
fallen on hard times and was closed. Trump was talking big to
New York media about plans to spend $20 million to rebuild the
icon and make it “the highest-grossing restaurant on the planet.”
But it was only talk. When the city parks department finally
asked potential operators to submit bids, Trump was nowhere to
be found.
“Bizarrely, the movie seems to pretend that Trump already has
something to do with the place,” the reviewer complained.
This is my roundabout way of noting that Trump can no longer
get away with playing big-hearted tycoon on what was his home
turf. The Trump name is gone from six of his buildings and the
skating facility (again called the Wollman Rink). Their associa-
tion with the president was turning off the public.
Before the 2016 campaign, New Yorkers didn’t detest Trump
as so many do today. They regarded him as a colorful character
who aspired to be in the top tier of the city’s superwealthy. Maybe
he scammed the little people — for example, tricking them to
buy stock in his failing casinos — but hard-hearted sophisticates
thought the investors had it coming. They believed in easy money
and didn’t do their homework on Trump.
Trump recently moved his official permanent residence from
New York to Florida. Saving taxes is the reason often put forward
for the move. But another is the reality that Trump has no path for
returning to Gotham as anything but a loathed figure.
Just last month, he was roundly booed at a World Series game
in Washington. Perhaps assuming he’d receive a warm MAGA
welcome at the Ultimate Fighting Championship, he joined
the crowds at New York’s Madison Square Garden. The jeers
matched the cheers.
After the presidency, he’d be razzed almost everywhere in
the city. Some local magnates might thank him for cutting their
taxes, but the middle-class masses would remain angry that he THE STAFF OF THE DISPATCH
raised theirs by taking away deductions for their high state and
local taxes. EDITOR/PUBLISHER BUSINESS OFFICE Theo Derosa Quaylon Jones
Peter Imes Lindsey Beck Matt Garner Marquisto Miller
Now, life could be palmy at Mar-a-Lago. Trump would find Garrick Hodge Bobby Williams
Debbie Foster
year-round golf, and he’d remain king of his compound. Rich Mary Ann Hardy Jennifer Mosbrucker Timothy Wilson
Palm Beachers might invite him over to add buzz to their parties. PUBLISHER EMERITUS Zach Plair
Birney Imes Eddie Johnson
But the glittering global stage that is Gotham would no longer Lisa Oswalt Ben Portnoy
Slim Smith
be his oyster. Sure, he could visit, but not as a hotshot everyone Franklin Hawkins
wants to please. He’d also have a hard time cultivating the name William Hudson
Amber Dumas CIRCULATION Tess Vrbin
and the image that has been key to The Trump Organization. Jamie Morrison
Kelly Ervin Christopher Dumas Anne Murphy
So-called Trump Country is the last place he’d want to live. He Melissa Johnson Michael Floyd
really likes to surround himself with the superrich. So Florida it MAILROOM Tina Perry
Beth Proffitt Courtney Laury Rodney Shows
Christina Boyd
is — and obscurity his future. There’s no going home for Donald Mary Jane Runnels Deanna Robinson-Pugh
Joseph Ellis
Trump, certainly not if he thinks home is New York. Luther Shields Jeffrey Gore
Froma Harrop, a syndicated columnist, writes for the Providence Evie Vidrine NEWS Katrina Guyton
(Rhode Island) Journal. Her e-mail address is Bridget Walters Isabelle Altman Doris Hill
The Dispatch • Wednesday, November 13, 2019 7A

News about town

Quilting Club meets in the
Group counseling for rape recov-
ery is available. For information,
n AARP COLUMBUS activities room adjacent to the call 662-327-6118. The Young Lawyers Division
AARP meets the first Wednes- multi-purpose facility at the n BAPTIST VOLUNTEERS Disaster Legal Services
day of each month at 10 a.m. Starkville Sportsplex Thurs- Baptist Golden Triangle seeks Committee of The Mississippi
in the Community Room of days 10 a.m.-noon. Bring your caring, compassionate volun- Bar, in conjunction with FEMA,
Regions Bank, Main Street, Co- own project to work on. For teers to help in a variety of hos- American Bar Association
lumbus. Programs are geared information, call Lisa Cox, 662- pital settings. For information, Young Lawyers Division, Mis-
to the needs and interests of 323-2294. call Lisa Bowers,662-244-1165. sissippi Emergency Manage-
seniors 50 and up. For more in- n DRUG/ALCOHOL ment Agency and Mississippi
formation, call 662-889-9496.
Narconon offers drug and
Center for Legal Services,
provides free disaster legal
AARP Starkville meets the first
n HEALTHY HOLIDAY EATING alcohol interventions. For free assistance efforts to those
North Mississippi Medical Cen- affected by recent storms in
Thursday of each month at 10 screenings or referrals, call
ter-West Point hosts “Health Clay, Humphreys, Issaquena,
a.m. in the Community Room 1-800-431-1754.
Eating for the Holidays” at Lowndes, Monroe, Sharkey,
of Cadence Bank, West Main n GOLDEN TRIANGLE AA
10:30 a.m. Nov. 20. NMMC- Warren and Yazoo Counties
Street, Starkville. Speaker will Golden Triangle AA meets daily
West Point Director of Wellness from Feb. 22-March 29. Call
be Richard Harkness with MSU for support. If you want to drink,
Grant Vandiver discusses por- 1-877-691-6185 Monday-Fri-
Department of Plant and Soil that is your business. If you
tion sizes and tips for healthy day, 9 a.m.-4 p.m.
Science. For information, call Ei- want to stop drinking, that is
cooking and eating. Free to
leen Carr-Tabb, 662-312-3431.
members. $5 nonmembers. our business. For information, n BOOK SALE
n EAST LIONS CLUB call 662-327-8941. The Friends of the Starkville
The Columbus East Lions For more information, call 662-
Library Book Sale is the first
Club meets every second and 495-9355. n AL-ANON MEETING Monday of each month at the
fourth Monday of the month n LUNCH AND LEARN The Columbus Al-Anon Family
Starkville Public Library, 326
at 65 Airline Road. For more The Great American Smoke Groups meet Mondays and
University Drive.
information, call 662-549-3421 Out 2020, a lunch and learn Thursdays at 5:30 p.m. When
or 662-574-7552. session with Mississippi you don’t know where to turn n ENVIRONMENTAL MEET-
Tobacco Free Coalition Project because someone drinks too ING
n HOST LIONS CLUB much, we can help. For informa- Memphis Town Community
The Columbus Host Lions Club Director Yolanda Pruitt, is
tion, call 888-425-2666 or go Action Group meets fourth
meets every Friday at noon noon-1 p.m. Nov. 21 in the first
to Tuesdays at 6 p.m. to discuss
at EMCC Lion Hills Center for floor classroom, OCH Regional
issues related to the Kerr-Mc-
a buffet lunch and business Medical Center, Starkville.
gathering. Blood pressure screenings,
fitness activities information
class reunions Gee site. For information,
contact Leon Hines, 662-574-
and healthy diet counseling DES CLASS 0F ’81
Possum Town Toastmasters Shepherd’s Care and Share
n FREE MAMMOGRAMS Reach1 Teach1 Ministries’ 50
meet every Friday at 7 a.m. at Ministry Church, 4068 Jess
Baptist Golden Triangle offers Dresses Ministry Program to
the Church of Christ, Columbus. Lyons Road, hosts the Motley/
free mammogram screenings to the Golden Triangle area helps
To become a better communi- West Lowndes Class of 1981
area women 35 or above, have those in need of a dress or
cator and leader, call 662-549- reunion meeting at 4 p.m., Nov.
no insurance coverage, or live suit for a job search. Dona-
3483. 17. Refreshments served. For
in Lowndes, Oktibbeha, Clay, tions accepted. Call Regional
more information, call Rev.
n POSSUM TOWN Monroe or Chickasaw counties. Charlie Carter, president, 662-
Coordinator Cequeila Bigbee,
QUILTERS Walk-ins accepted. To see if you 870-627-2859 or e-mail, 1de-
435-2215 or Rev. Donald R.
Possum Town Quilters meet
qualify or for more information, Gore, vice president, 662-329-
at 9:30 a.m. the second and n ADULT EDUCATION
call 662-244-2979. 8319.
fourth Saturdays of each month CLASSES
at the Rosenzweig Arts Center n FREE PSA SCREENINGS
(lower level), 501 Main St.,
Columbus. Check us out at
Baptist Golden Triangle offers
free prostate PSA screenings
OTHER EVENTS Emerson Family Center, 1504
Louisville St., Starkville, offers
for men over 40. Screenings are n COLUMBUS MIDDLE Adult Education classes from 8
possumtownquilters.blogspot. SCHOOL PLAY
every other month. No screen- a.m.-5 p.m. Oct. 9.
com. Columbus Middle School
ings for November or December. n WALKING GROUP
n LOWNDES REPUBLICAN To make an appointment or for theater students present a pro- J.L. King Center’s Families First
WOMEN duction of “The Princess and
more information, call 662-244- of Oktibbeha County invites the
Lowndes County Republican the Pauper” at 6:30 p.m. Nov.
4673. community to join its Walking
Women meets the second 14-15 in the CMS auditorium.
n CPR CLASSES Group at 6:30 a.m. Monday-Fri-
Tuesday of each month at the Open to the public; tickets $5.
Baptist Golden Triangle offers day at Westside Park, 700 N.
Lion Hills Center, 2331 Military
CPR classes for the community n EASTERN STAR PROGRAM Long St., Starkville.
Road. Buffet line opens at
at 6 p.m. in the Patient Tower. The Zone Four Order of Eastern n EFFECTIVE PARENTING
11:15 a.m., with call to order
Preregistration required. Call Star Program is 8 a.m. Nov. Family Resource Center, Co-
at noon.
the Education Department, 16 at the Tucker Building, 736
lumbus campus, 1575 Second
n GT QUILTERS GUILD 662-244-2498. Lone Oak Drive, West Point.
Ave. N., offers free effective
The Golden Triangle Quilters West Point Police Department
n CHILDBIRTH CLASSES parenting classes, with insight
Guild meets at 5:30 p.m. every presents “Human Traffick-
Baptist Golden Triangle offers on child safety, appropriate dis-
third Thursday at the Starkville ing” and “Bullying.” For more
Childbirth and Breastfeeding cipline, effective communica-
Sportsplex Activities Building. information, call Denise Ingo,
classes each month, 6 p.m., tion and more. For information,
■ BREAKFAST WITH THE 662-323-7792.
in room 6, near the Gift Shop, call 662-368-3603.
MSU alumni, friends are invited
$20. For information or to regis- n ACTIVE PARENTING
ter, call 662-386-5592. GIVING
to Breakfast with the Bulldogs Emerson Family Center,
The Town of Artesia hosts its
on second Thursdays each n CHILDBIRTH CLASSES Starkville, offers Active Parent-
Annual Senior Citizen's Thanks-
month at Starkville Café. Dutch Emerson Family Center in ing classes 10-11 a.m. Oct.
giving Dinner noon-2 p.m. Nov.
treat breakfast 7:30 a.m. Starkville offers Childbirth 9. Free diapers for those who
16 at the Artesia Community
Contact Carol Moss Read at classes from 5:30-7:30 p.m. complete the four class series.
Center, 46 Front St. Door priz- or every Tuesday. For more infor- Free child care provided. Call
es. All senior citizens welcome.
662-312-0637. mation, call 662-320-4907. 662-320-4607.
Friendly City Strummers meet Baptist Cancer Center hosts ES
ber of Commerce Education
twice monthly to practice and a support group for cancer Emerson Family Center,
Committee hosts an Education
teach others to play dulcimers. survivors and their families, Starkville, offers free computer
Town Hall meeting at 5:30 p.m.
Join for $10/year for the whole noon-1 p.m. the third Friday of classes 1-3 p.m. Tuesdays.
Nov. 18 at the Courtyard by
family. Dulcimers available to every month. Lunch provided. Call 662-320-4607.
Marriott, 1995 Sixth St. N.
borrow. Contact David Saum, For information and location, n FREE TUTORING
662-386-6836 or DrSaum@ call 662-244-2923. n AVAILABILITY SESSIONS
Family Resource Center, 1575
Redevelopment Plant Update, or the Switzers, ■ DIABETES SUPPORT Second Ave. N., Columbus,
Availability Sessions for the
662-312-6025. Baptist Golden Triangle hosts offers free tutoring, computer
Kerr-McGee Chemical Corp. Su-
n TOPS day classes for Diabetes use and printing services for
perfund Site are 1-4 p.m. and
Take Off Pounds Sensibly No. Support on third Wednesdays pre-K-eighth grade. Limited
5:30-7 p.m. Nov. 19; and 9-11
288 meets Tuesdays at Com- of each month, 10-11 a.m. slots. Call 662-368-3603.
a.m. Nov. 20 at the Multistate
munity Baptist Church, Yorkville in Patient Tower room 6. For Trust’s Community Resource n PARENT CAFÉ
Road East, Columbus. Weigh-in information, call Lacy Smith, Building, 2300 14th Ave. N., Emerson family Center,
begins at 5:30 p.m. Contact 662-244-1392. Columbus. The public is invited Starkville, offers Parent Café
Pat Harris, 662-386-0249. n CARING FOR THE to provide feedback. Call meetings 11 a.m.-noon every
n TOPS CAREGIVER Lauri Gorton, 414-732-5414, or Monday. For more information,
Take Off Pounds Sensibly No. This support group for caregiv- email call 662-418-5193 or visit
270 meets Thursdays at 4370 ers meets at 11:30 a.m. Nov. n SENIOR CITIZEN THANKS-
Cal-Kolola Road, Caledonia. 21 at First United Methodist GIVING n TENN-TOM WATERWAY
Weigh-in begins at 5-5:30 p.m. Church, 602 Main St., Colum- The Columbus Recreation MUSEUM
Contact Michelle Holliman, bus. A study of the book “No Department, Columbus Police The Tennessee-Tombigbee
662-386-3650. Act of Love is Ever Wasted: The Department and Columbus Waterway Transportation
n SENIOR CRAFTS Spirituality of Caring for Persons Fire Department host the 25th Museum, 318 Seventh St. N.,
Senior Crafts meets at the with Dementia” is underway. Annual Senior Citizen’s Thanks- Columbus, is open for tours
Starkville Sportsplex Tuesdays, n ABUSE RECOVERY giving Program on Nov. 28 at Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-2 p.m.
10-11:30 a.m. Crafts provided GROUP Stokes Beard Magnet School, School field trips, civic clubs,
by the parks department. For A Domestic Abuse Recovery 311 S. Martin Luther King Jr. church groups encouraged.
information, call Lisa Cox, 662- Group meets Thursdays at 6 Dr. For information, call Sherry For group tours, call 662-328-
323-2294. p.m. through Safe Haven Inc. Ellis, 706-992-4499. 8936 or 662-574-5794.
8A Wednesday, November 13, 2019 The Dispatch •

Continued from Page 1A
week not to include him
among the finalists.
The board previously
would not disclose can-
didates’ names on the re-
cord, and each finalist left
Tuesday’s meeting with-
out speaking to media.

Interview process
Henderson told The
Dispatch each candidate
-- all of whom were in the
room during each other’s
interviews -- had 10 min-
utes to introduce them-
selves and talk about
their vision for the school
district before answering
“All stakeholders in
Lowndes County had the Isabelle Altman/Dispatch Staff
opportunity to submit Lowndes County School District superintendent finalists Christy Maulding, Susan
Johnson and Sam Allison speak with current superintendent Lynn Wright before
questions to me during a
interviews during a special-call school board meeting at the district’s central office
two-week period of time, Tuesday night.
and they were all anony-
mous,” Henderson said. her. She will compile the Henderson asked candi- Neither Morris nor
“... I just compiled a list ratings and stakeholders’ dates ranged from poli- Stone wanted to say
of all the questions that comments and send them cies and procedures to which candidate they pre-
were submitted and then to the board. The ratings their approach to district ferred -- Stone said she
I sent them to the board will be one factor in de- finances and what they wasn’t sure she could de-
for their review and they ciding on a superinten- felt their greatest accom- cide right then -- but both
highlighted the ones they dent, she said. plishments were. said they were impressed
thought were most im- Neither Henderson “One question was with their answers.
portant.” nor Barksdale gave The about how would they “I think they’re all
Candidates were also Dispatch a copy of the handle safety or threats,” three very qualified,”
asked to answer three form, but stakeholders she said. Stone said.
questions during their The Dispatch talked to Stakeholder Callie Morris said she was
introduction: How would said they included a scale Stone, the mother of happy to be involved in
they build relationships for grading candidates on three New Hope Elemen- the interview process.
with internal and exter- qualities like communi- tary School students, “It’s a great opportuni-
nal stakeholders?; how cation, leaderships skills said her primary concern ty for us to be able to be
would they improve staff and personal appearance. coming into the inter- involved in this process
morale and trust?; and Adrienne Morris, the views was financial. and to be open to addi-
what made them the right mother of a West Lown- “Just because ... the tional opportunities in
fit for LCSD superinten- des Elementary School district has had so many the future for parents or
dent? student who had been financial struggles re- stakeholders or whomev-
Henderson said stake- asked to be part of the cently,” she said. “So as er in the community to be
holders were asked to committee of stakehold- a parent who is invested able to have access to de-
rate each candidate on a ers by board member and has three kids in the cisions like this,” Morris
25-item grading form and Jacqueline Gray, told The school district, that was a said. “... It’s just import-
submitted the forms to Dispatch the questions big concern of mine.” ant.”

Research Park
Continued from Page 1A
Oktibbeha County and sity is exploring is driv- construction, McGee so we’ll give them the
the city of Starkville, erless vehicles, which said. The Research and opportunity to be able
and it was named after McGee said can be sent Technology Corpora- to go into a company and
U.S. Sen. Thad Cochran into war zones and other tion bought the Cadence get some hands-on, re-
in 2004. places unsafe for peo- Bank building in down- al-life experience,” Mc-
MSU spends $241 ple. MSU is developing town Starkville in May, Gee told The Dispatch.
million per year on re- an off-road testing site and the software compa-
search development and at the research park ny Babel Street occupies
contributes to more than through the Center for the third floor. More
half of the research done Advanced Vehicular Sys- companies will move
at all public universities tems. into the first two floors
in the state. The park includes after Cadence moves
“They’re all public condos and a cafe in ad- into its new building on
universities, everybody dition to labs and offices. Russell Street in a cou-
in this room owns these “We have a concept ple years, McGee said.
universities, so at the of live and work (at the The park has five
end of the day, it’s about research park) and then buildings in Starkville
Mississippi and what we you go across Highway and two on the Gulf
do for the people of Mis- 182 and you play on cam- Coast, including the
sissippi,” McGee said. pus,” McGee said. John C. Stennis Space
Collaboration is key The park is also home Center, which is built to
to producing research of to the fourth-fastest su- withstand a Category 3
this magnitude, said Jim percomputer at an aca- hurricane, McGee said.
Martin, MSU associate demic university in the The Research and
vice president for eco- country, capable of more Technology Corporation
nomic development and than 5 quadrillion calcu- hopes to continue bring-
corporate engagement. lations per second. The ing jobs into the park
“A lot of our research National Oceanic and At- and is already looking
crosses multiple disci- mospheric Administra- as far ahead as 2025, he
plines, so we engage tion has one of its three said.
with corporations and data centers at MSU for “We want to keep stu-
we engage with our cus- this reason, McGee said. dents here when they
tomers to find out what Since 2009, the park graduate, but we also
problems they need help has always had a new want to give students a
solving,” Martin said. building either in the real-world application
One field the univer- planning stages or under while they’re in school,

Woman indicted on child neglect

the children
Brooks arrested after children found had poor
living in ‘deplorable’ conditions dental hy-
giene, were
DISPATCH STAFF REPORT iff’s Office deputies about drinking
a 5-year-old child wan- from “filthy
A woman has been in- dering on the road near bottles” and
dicted on five counts of Brooks’ home with no that they
neglect of a child after au- clothes on at about 2 a.m. Brooks were living
thorities said she was liv- Deputies found an open on a “trash
ing with her four children door at Brooks’ residence heap.”
in “deplorable” conditions and reported a “horrible Also arrested was
earlier this year. stench” coming from in- Brooks’ boyfriend Alejan-
Britney Darnell side the residence. dro Trejo Martinez, 31.
Brooks, 26, of Hughes LCSO Chief Deputy He has not been indicted
Road in Lowndes Coun- Greg Wright called the on any charges at this
ty, was arrested in July conditions the children time.
after neighbors called were living in “deplor- Brooks’ trial has been
Lowndes County Sher- able.” Deputies reported set for Feb. 24, 2020.

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THE DISPATCH n CDISPATCH.COM n Wednesday, November 13, 2019

‘I’m young, and I’m learning’

How Aliyah Matharu is thriving in a new but familiar position for MSU
BY BEN PORTNOY on me as much … Now it’s hard because it’s my
time, and I have to tell ev-
STARKVILLE — As erybody where to go.”
freshman guard Aliyah “She’s trying to play
Matharu walked across a position where she’s
the court following Mon- been the off guard in high
day’s 82-46 win over Uni- school,” Schaefer said
versity of Tennessee Mar- last week. “But I’ve seen
tin, coach Vic Schaefer her handle the ball and
walked alongside her. run a team, so I really
Draping his arm believe if she’ll just listen
around the minute point and buy in a little bit she
guard, Schaefer and can play some minutes for
Matharu traded laughs us at point guard.”
as a gaggle of MSU staff- Flashing an impressive
ers joined the pair in the ability to “let the game
jaunt across the playing come to her,” as Schaefer
surface at a nearly empty calls it, Matharu finished
Humphrey Coliseum. her Monday night’s win 6
“Thank y’all,” Schaefer of 8 from the field and 3 of
said toward a few leftover 5 from 3-point range.
reporters sitting at their “On dribble-drive,
baseline seats, laptops in which (Schaefer) likes
front of them. us to run, he likes us to
On a night that MSU attack the gaps (in the
received another poor defense),” she explained.
offensive display from “Sometimes when you
freshman phenom Rickea attack the gaps they sag
Jackson and a middling off a little bit. And I know
effort from starting point he’s comfortable with me
guard Myah Taylor, it was shooting the ball, and
Matharu’s prowess that I’m comfortable with my
shined brightest. jump shot, so when I see
“I’m young, and I’m an open shot sometimes
learning,” she said post- I shoot — and I was just
game. “But my team- feeling it tonight.”
mates don’t get on me Beyond the offensive
when I mess up, and I feel display, Matharu has also
like that’s really helping shown a propensity for
me. When I make a mis- gritty defense — a trade-
take they take their time mark of Schaefer-coached
with me, they’re patient, guards.
they tell me what I’m Standing with her feet
supposed to do, and they at shoulder width and her
guide me.” torso square to Southern
Rated the No. 28 play- Miss’ Alarie Mayze last
er in ESPN HoopGurlz’s Friday, she crashed to the
class of 2019 rankings, floor as the Golden Eagle
Matharu was named the Jim Lytle/Special to The Dispatch guard sent her shoulder
group’s top stock riser Mississippi State’s Aliyah Matharu shoots over UT Martin’s Anna Pierce during the fourth quarter Monday. into Matharu’s upper
after shifting from unher- body.
alded to a five-star rating notching 26.1 points and Ole Miss and North Car- she has taken kindly to “Phew, it’s hard,” she Popping up from the
at season’s end. 7.5 rebounds for her A AU olina State, respectively her position. Through conceded through a smile deck, Matharu let out an
A dynamic scorer and team — New World Bas- — at Bishop McNamara, two games this year, of playing point guard at excited yell as the gener-
energetic defender, she ketball Academy — in Matharu was forced into Matharu is averaging the collegiate level. “Be- ally stone-faced Schaefer
averaged 17.7 points and 2018. more of a utility role rath- 12.5 points, 2.5 rebounds cause in high school I just cracked a smile along
3.5 steals per game as Playing alongside er than her natural posi- and 1.5 assists per game filled in wherever I was the MSU bench. She had
a senior at Bishop Mc- fellow five-star recruits tion at point guard. — including a 15-point needed — I could score, earned her first career
Namara in Forestville, Madison Scott and Jakia Now back at point outburst Monday against sometimes I could run charge.
Maryland, while also Brown-Turner — now at guard with the Bulldogs, UT Martin. the offense, but it wasn’t See MATHARU, 3B


Starkville boys outmaneuver Columbus in rivalry contest

By Theo DeRosa offense, confining them to the halfcourt. All told,
Starkville imposed its
One possession during will for a 62-45 road win
the second half of Tues- in front of a boisterous
day night’s rivalry match- Columbus crowd.
up between Columbus Starkville coach Greg
and Starkville showed
Carter summed up the
Jackets’ offensive output
The Yellow Jackets un-
simply: “We made the
corked a deep pass from
extra pass and got open
the backcourt to advance
the ball, and an overzeal-
On defense, the plan
ous — and late — Colum-
was a little more compli-
bus defender skidded by
cated, Starkville senior
in vain.
Starkville worked the Trey Jackson said.
ball inside to big man “The whole plan was
Jacob Reese, who drew to stop transition baskets
multiple Falcons toward and let them really try to
him at the foul line. score in a halfcourt set-
Reese, practically sur- ting,” he said.
rounded by white jerseys, The strategy worked
kicked the ball out to the to perfection against
left corner for an open a Columbus team that
3-pointer. Swish. does its best work in
It was that unselfish- transition. Head coach
ness — not just the abil- Phillip Morris could only
ity but the willingness watch as players dribbled
to make the extra pass around the perimeter
— that Starkville had and alone rather than work in
Columbus longed for. The concert.
Yellow Jackets moved the “At the end of the day,
ball expertly, finding big you’ve just gotta share
Jennifer Mosbrucker/Dispatch Staff
shots when they needed that ball,” Morris said. Starkville High School’s Forte Prater looks for an open teammate to pass the ball to as Columbus High School’s
to, and limited the Fal- “That’s the way you get Gabe Williams attempts to block him during a game Tuesday night at Columbus. The Jackets defeated the Fal-
cons’ potent transition See BOYS, 3B cons 62-45.
2B Wednesday, November 13, 2019 The Dispatch •


College Basketball
Buffen helps Ole Miss beat Norfolk State
OXFORD — KJ Buffen scored a career-high 23
Mattix leads New Hope boys to victory
points as Ole Miss defeated Norfolk State 68-55 in the By Theo DeRosa points, four rebounds Smith had six steals, girls game will start win Tuesday. But West
first meeting between the schools on Tuesday night. and an assist, and and Gabe Dickerson at 6 p.m., and the boys Point won the girls
Breein Tyree added 21 points for the Rebels.
Duane “D.J.” Hughes had four steals to go game will start at 7:30 game Tuesday, 54-33.
The Spartans came into the game averaging 96.5 RL Mattix had 15
points per game through their first two games. The Reb- had 11 points and five along with his seven p.m. No stats were available
els limited Arkansas State to just 43 point in their season
points, four rebounds rebounds for the Tro- points.
and two assists to lead a from either matchup.
jans. The Trojans girls
opener, their fewest points allowed in five seasons and
fifth lowest over the last two decades. steal-happy New Hope Freshman LJ Hack- team suffered a 52-46
Caledonia boys beat The Green Wave
Devontae Shuler had 12 points for Ole Miss (2-0) boys basketball team to man led the team with a loss Tuesday to North- West Point; girls fall will host Starkville on
as they handed Norfolk State its first loss after opening
a 67-47 home win Tues- whopping seven steals east Lauderdale. The Caledonia boys Thursday for their next
the season with wins over Greensboro College and
Penn State Wilkes-Barre. day over Northeast Lau- in addition to scoring New Hope will host team beat West Point game. The Confeder-
Devante Carter had 12 points for the Spartans derdale. eight points and grab- Lamar County next for the second time ates will host Hamilton
(2-1). Joe Bryant Jr. added 11 points. Jermaine Bishop Jaylen Smith had 12 bing six rebounds. Tuesday, Nov. 19. The this season with a 47-40 on Friday.
had 11 points.
Ole Miss faces Western Michigan at home on
Friday. Norfolk State plays The Apprentice School at
MUW men, women fall at Blue Mountain
Autumn Taylor scored a career-high 24 points, but it
wasn’t enough for the Mississippi University for Women
women’s basketball team in Tuesday’s 84-68 loss at
MLB checking into report ’17 Astros stole signs, broke rules
Blue Mountain College in Blue Mountain. The Associated Press pitches by banging a run of success, which tain batters. He added to do certain things.
Taylor shot 9 of 17 from the field, made six free trash can to signal off- includes the team’s first that the “Astros went to And when you do, I
throws and added eight rebounds for the Owls. Senior SCO T T SDA L E , speed pitches. World Series title in extreme measures, un- think people are going
MyNeka Frazier had 12 rebounds to lead the team. Ariz. — Major League “I just want the game 2017 and an AL pennant doubtedly still do, and
A 13-4 run late in the first quarter gave Blue Moun- to find out about it.”
Baseball has expanded to be cleaned up a lit- this season. it’s paid off for them.”
tain the impetus to pull away, and the Toppers took a MLB already is in-
its investigation into tle bit because there “Teams are compet- MLB strengthened
15-point lead into halftime.
the Houston Astros af- vestigating the Astros.
“We started off really aggressive with good energy, are guys who are los- ing with one another its rules against sign
ter The Athletic web- Assistant general man-
but we just couldn’t maintain it,” MUW head coach Drew ing their jobs because and everybody’s trying stealing before the 2019
Johnson said in a news release from the school. “I saw site reported the team ager Brandon Taubman
they’re going in there to find an edge,” Luh- season, instituting pro-
immediate improvements over last game in rebounding, stole signs during home not knowing,” Fiers told now said. “But we all cedures attempting to was fired for directing
shot selection, and defensive pressure, but we still need inappropriate com-
games in 2017 by using the website. have to follow the rules ensure teams did not
to work on a number of things, most notably ball control
and communication. These are things that get better a camera positioned in The Astros said in and the rules are set by use video to steal signs. ments at female report-
the longer a group practices and plays together, and center field. a statement the team Major League Baseball. “After we review this ers during a clubhouse
I’m confident that we will improve as long as we stay The report Tuesday “has begun an investi- We all agree to follow new information we will celebration after the
together.” quoted pitcher Mike gation in cooperation them and if you don’t determine any neces- team beat the New York
The MUW men’s team also lost to Blue Mountain Fiers, who played for
on Tuesday. with Major League there’s ramifications to sary next steps,” MLB Yankees to win the AL
The Owls fell to the Toppers 70-66. No stats were the Astros that season, Baseball” and declined that. We want to follow said in a statement. pennant on Oct. 19. The
available from the contest. and three other uniden- additional comment. the rules and we want Los Angeles Dodg- team issued and then
The women’s team will play in the Sewanee Classic tified people with the Houston general to compete and win. ers president of base- retracted a statement
over the weekend, facing Johnson College and Belhav- club. The Astros won manager Jeff Luhnow That’s what every other ball operations An-
en University in Sewanee, Tennessee. The men’s team accusing a Sports Il-
the World Series that declined to talk about club does, as well.” drew Friedman said
will play in the Talladega Tournament beginning Friday.
year — two sources told lustrated reporter of
specifics. Danny Farquhar, Wednesday there was
The Athletic that Hous- “We take the allega- who pitched for the Chi- “scuttlebutt” that the trying to “fabricate a
College Football ton used the system tion seriously and we’re cago White Sox twice Astros were stealing story.” Taubman was
Seven EMCC players named all-conference into the playoffs while going to look into it. If at Minute Maid Park signs during the 2017 fired by the Astros on
East Mississippi Community College wide receiver another source said the you’re not following the in September 2017, told World Series, but “we Oct. 24.
Jason Brownlee led a group of seven Lions named to system ended before Luhnow said he
the MACJC all-conference teams Tuesday.
rules, it’s a serious mat- The Athletic of ‘”a bang- certainly did not know
Brownlee, the National Junior College Athletic the postseason. ter,” he said Tuesday at ing from the dugout, al- anything definitive at didn’t think the Taub-
Association leader in receptions and receiving yards, The website said the the annual GM meet- most like a bat hitting the time.” The Dodgers man situation and the
was named the most valuable player among offensive process was started by ings. “I’m not going to the bat rack every time lost to the Astros in sev- sign stealing allega-
backs in the North division of the Mississippi Associa- a struggling hitter and a get into exactly what I a changeup signal got en games. tions are related.
tion of Community & Junior Colleges. Offensive lineman coach, neither of whom knew or anybody knew put down.” He said af- “There are things “I don’t think they’re
Baylee Trusty and kicker Josh Smith joined Brownlee
on the North Division offense first team. On defense,
was identified. The at this point. So I’m just ter Chicago changed to that have kind of exist- tied together, but they
linebacker Fred Hervey and sophomore defensive end camera at Minute Maid going to have to wait more complex signals ed since the beginning
obviously have come
Terence Cherry earned first-team honors. Park was connected and see. But I’m sure “the banging stopped.” of time. And then there
to a television monitor one after another it
Offensive lineman Nick Jones and cornerback there will be an appro- Former Boston Red are other things that
Shavoke’ Herrington were named to the second team. in the tunnel between priate time to answer Sox pitcher Carson are even more egre- seems like the last few
the Astros’ dugout and that question directly.” Smith added to the sign gious and clearly across weeks,” Luhnow said.
Prep Soccer clubhouse, The Athletic Luhnow said he stealing allegations on the line,” he said. “And I “It’s disappointing. If
New Hope soccer sweeps MSMS said, and team employ- hoped the allegations Twitter, saying that the think there are enough there is an issue that we
The New Hope boys and girls soccer teams both ees or players would wouldn’t put a damper Astros bullpen catcher people involved in it, it need to address, we’ll
posted big numbers on the scoreboard and shut out communicate expected on Houston’s recent would send signs to cer- would be pretty brazen address it.”
the Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science
on Tuesday.
The Trojans girls team opened things with a 5-0
Pro Basketball
E. Kentucky 129, Ohio University Chillcothe 43 L.A. Chargers 4 6 0 .400 207 194 5. Alabama (8-1) of baseball operations and general manager,
victory, and the boys team followed with a 7-0 win. Evansville 67, Kentucky 64 Denver 3 6 0 .333 149 170 6. Oregon (8-1) Josh Paul quality control coach, Chris McDonald
Furman 91, Charleston Southern 47 NATIONAL CONFERENCE 7. Utah (8-1) assistant trainer, Matt Rosenhamer assistant
The Blue Waves’ next match is Friday against NBA Glance Georgia 95, The Citadel 86 East 8. Minnesota (9-0) strength and conditioning coordinator, Kan Ikeda
St. Andrew’s at the Columbus Soccer Complex. The EASTERN CONFERENCE Hampton 95, The Apprentice School 63 W L T Pct PF PA 9. Penn State (8-1) advance scouting coordinator and international
Atlantic Division Dallas 5 4 0 .556 251 170 pro scout for Asia, Kyle Lanczki advance scouting
Trojans will host Itawamba Agricultural on Friday. W L Pct GB
Jacksonville St. 125, Brescia 55
Philadelphia 5 4 0 .556 224 213
10. Oklahoma (8-1)
assistant, Austin Tripp video coordinator, Kenny
Liberty 65, SC State 39 11. Florida (8-2)
Boston 8 1 .889 — N.Y. Giants 2 8 0 .200 203 289 Graham director of player development, Dr.
Longwood 85, Md.-Eastern Shore 55 12. Auburn (7-2)
SOURCE: From Special Reports Philadelphia 7 3 .700 1½ Washington 1 8 0 .111 108 219 Georgia Giblin director of performance science,
Louisiana Tech 98, Wiley 52 South 13. Baylor (9-0)
Toronto 7 3 .700 1½ Dan Hubbs director of pitching development and
Miami 79, UCF 70 W L T Pct PF PA 14. Wisconsin (7-2) strategies, Dave Owen minor league field coor-
Brooklyn 4 6 .400 4½
Mississippi 68, Norfolk St. 55 15. Michigan (7-2)
CALENDAR New York 2 9 .182 7 New Orleans 7 2 0 .778 204 182 dinator, Jordan Wergiles coordinator of player
Southeast Division N. Kentucky 69, Coastal Carolina 68 Carolina 5 4 0 .556 225 228 16. Notre Dame (7-2) development analytics, Brayan Peña manager
W L Pct GB Oregon 82, Memphis 74 Tampa Bay 3 6 0 .333 260 279 17. Cincinnati (8-1) and John Murrian hitting coach of West Michigan
Radford 91, Bridgewater 40 Atlanta 2 7 0 .222 191 259 18. Memphis (8-1) (MWL), Bill Springman hitting coach of Lakeland
Thursday Miami
7 3 .700 —
4 6 .400 3
4 6 .400 3
Rice 80, Northwestern St. 74
Tennessee 82, Murray St. 63
19. Texas (6-3)
20. Iowa (6-3)
(FSL), James Orr national crosschecker, Taylor
Black East regional coordinator, Darold Brown
Prep Girls Soccer Orlando 3 7 .300 4 Tennessee St. 79, Lipscomb 78 Green Bay 8 2 0 .800 250 205 21. Boise State (8-1) area scout for northern Nevada and northern Cal-
Washington 2 6 .250 4 Tulane 88, Jackson St. 79 Minnesota 7 3 0 .700 262 182 22. Oklahoma State (6-3) ifornia, Bryce Mosier area scout for south Texas,
Philadelphia at Columbus, 5:30 p.m. Central Division UNC-Wilmington 81, Campbell 76, OT Chicago 4 5 0 .444 162 157 23. Navy (7-1) Gabe Ho analyst, Charlie Adams data engineer
Detroit 3 5 1 .389 217 237
Prep Boys Soccer W L Pct GB W. Carolina 90, NC A&T 64
24. Kansas State (6-3) and Elora Strom software developer.
Milwaukee 7 3 .700 — William & Mary 80, Wofford 79 25. Appalachian State (8-1)
Philadelphia at Columbus, 7 p.m. Indiana 7 4 .636 ½ Wright St. 85, Tennessee Tech 80, OT
W L T Pct PF PA Russa as senior adviser for baseball operations.
Cleveland 4 6 .400 3 San Francisco 8 1 0 .889 259 122 National League
Prep Girls Basketball MIDWEST

Columbus at Pontotoc, 6 p.m.

4 7 .364 3½
4 8 .333 4
Butler 64, Minnesota 56
Coppin St. 76, Loyola of Chicago 72
L.A. Rams
8 2 0 .800 275 254
5 4 0 .556 226 191
3 6 1 .350 222 281
Hockey ST. LOUIS CARDINALS — Agreed to terms with
RHP Adam Wainwright on a one-year contract.
Starkville at West Point, 6 p.m. Southwest Division E. Illinois 98, Chicago St. 34 Thursday’s Games NHL Glance Nix outright to El Paso (PCL).
W L Pct GB E. Michigan 101, Goshen College 49 Oakland 26, L.A. Chargers 24 EASTERN CONFERENCE SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS — Named Gabe
Heritage Academy at Jackson Academy, Houston 7 3 .700 — Indiana 91, North Alabama 65 Sunday’s Games Atlantic Division Kapler manager. Sent OF Mike Gerber outright to
Dallas 6 4 .600 1 Iowa St. 70, N. Illinois 52 Baltimore 49, Cincinnati 13 GP W L OT Pts GF GA Sacramento (PCL) and he elected free agency.
6 p.m. San Antonio 5 5 .500 2 Michigan 79, Creighton 69 Chicago 20, Detroit 13 Boston 18 11 3 4 26 64 48 Announced RHP Ricardo Pinto cleared uncondi-
Memphis 3 7 .300 4 Milwaukee 103, Wisconsin Lutheran 53 Montreal 18 10 5 3 23 64 56 tional release waivers.
Starkville Academy at Oak Hill Acade- New Orleans 2 8 .200 5 Missouri St. 73, Cleveland St. 53
Atlanta 26, New Orleans 9
Florida 18 9 4 5 23 67 67 Frontier League
Tennessee 35, Kansas City 32 Toronto 19 9 6 4 22 64 62
my, 6 p.m. Northwest Division Notre Dame 79, Howard 50 N.Y. Jets 34, N.Y. Giants 27 Buffalo 17 9 6 2 20 50 48
W L Pct GB Valparaiso 89, SIU-Edwardsville 76 Cleveland 19, Buffalo 16 contract of manager Kevin Baez.
Hebron Christian at French Camp Acad- Utah 8 3 .727 — W. Michigan 91, MVSU 81 Tampa Bay 30, Arizona 27
Tampa Bay 15 8 5 2 18 52 52 WASHINGTON WILD THINGS — Signed OF Ra-
Denver 7 3 .700 ½ Detroit 20 7 12 1 15 46 75 shad Brown. Declined the 2020 contract options
emy, 6 p.m. Minnesota 6 4 .600 1½
Xavier 63, Missouri 58, OT Miami 16, Indianapolis 12 Ottawa 17 6 10 1 13 47 59 on INF Ryan Cox, catcher Drew Bene, INF Chase
SOUTHWEST Green Bay 24, Carolina 16 Metropolitan Division
Prep Boys Basketball Portland
Oklahoma City 4 7
4 7 .364 4
.364 4
Arkansas 66, North Texas 43 Pittsburgh 17, L.A. Rams 12 GP W L OT Pts GF GA
Suddeth, OF Jose Medina, INF Nathaniel Maggio,
catcher Kyle Pollock, and INF Brett Marr
Houston 84, Alabama St. 56 Washington 19 13 2 4 30 77 59
Columbus at Pontotoc, 7:30 p.m. Pacific Division
Incarnate Word 86, Texas Lutheran 60
Minnesota 28, Dallas 24
N.Y. Islanders 16 12 3 1 25 49 35
W L Pct GB Open: Washington, Jacksonville, New England, National Basketball Association
Starkville at West Point, 7:30 p.m. L.A. Lakers 8 2 .800 — SMU 77, New Orleans 64 Denver, Philadelphia, Houston Philadelphia 17 10 5 2 22 56 52 INDIANA PACERS — Assigned G Victor Oladipo
L.A. Clippers 7 3 .700 1 TCU 98, Louisiana-Lafayette 65 Monday’s Games Pittsburgh 18 10 6 2 22 60 47 to Fort Wayne (NBAGL).
Heritage Academy at Jackson Academy, Phoenix 6 4 .600 2 Texas 67, California Baptist 54 Seattle 27, San Francisco 24 (OT) Carolina 18 10 7 1 21 61 52 FOOTBALL
Texas State 75, Prairie View 48 N.Y. Rangers 16 8 6 2 18 54 53
7:30 p.m. Sacramento 4 6 .400 4
Golden State 2 9 .182 6½ Tulsa 74, Oral Roberts 67
Columbus 18 6 8 4 16 42 61
National Football League
Pittsburgh at Cleveland, 7:20 p.m. CAROLINA PANTHERS — Waived KR Greg
Starkville Academy at Oak Hill Acade- Monday’s Games UTEP 65, New Mexico St. 50 Sunday
New Jersey 16 5 7 4 14 42 61
Dortch. Claimed RB Mike Davis off waivers from
Minnesota 120, Detroit 114 FAR WEST Dallas at Detroit, Noon Chicago. Signed DB Corn Elder off the N.Y.
my, 7:30 p.m. Boston 116, Dallas 106 Gonzaga 97, North Dakota 66 N.Y. Jets at Washington, Noon
Central Division Giants practice squad.
GP W L OT Pts GF GA CHICAGO BEARS — Signed OL Dino Boyd to the
Hebron Christian at French Camp Acad- Memphis 113, San Antonio 109 Hawaii 72, Pacific 67 New Orleans at Tampa Bay, Noon St. Louis 19 12 3 4 28 59 54 practice squad.
Houston 122, New Orleans 116 N. Colorado 104, Colorado College 38 Denver at Minnesota, Noon Colorado 18 11 5 2 24 66 49
emy, 7:30 p.m. L.A. Clippers 98, Toronto 88 Nevada 80, Texas-Arlington 73 Houston at Baltimore, Noon Nashville 18 9 6 3 21 68 59
DETROIT LIONS — Placed DT Kevin Strong on
Utah 122, Golden State 108 Pepperdine 94, CS Northridge 82 IR. Announced they were awarded T Dan Skipper
Women’s College Basketball Tuesday’s Games San Diego 72, Fresno St. 66, OT
Buffalo at Miami, Noon
Jacksonville at Indianapolis, Noon
Winnipeg 19 10 8 1 21 51 58
Dallas 18 8 8 2 18 43 45
via waivers from the Houston Texans.
HOUSTON TEXANS — Waived OT Dan Skipper.
East Central Community College at East Indiana 111, Oklahoma City 85 Santa Clara 70, Washington St. 62 Atlanta at Carolina, Noon Chicago 17 6 7 4 16 45 53 Signed DE Joel Heath.
Philadelphia 98, Cleveland 97 Seattle 115, Pacific (OR) 81 Arizona at San Francisco, 3:05 p.m. Minnesota 18 6 11 1 13 47 63
Mississippi Community College, 5:30 Miami 117, Detroit 108 Southern Cal 84, S. Dakota St. 66 New England at Philadelphia, 3:25 p.m. Pacific Division
and DT Kyle Peko to the practice squad.
Stanford 86, Long Beach St. 58 GP W L OT Pts GF GA
p.m. Chicago 120, New York 102
UC Irvine 98, Life Pacific College 52
Cincinnati at Oakland, 3:25 p.m.
Edmonton 20 12 6 2 26 61 54
Atlanta 125, Denver 121 Chicago at L.A. Rams, 7:20 p.m. Rankin on IR. Signed OT Jackson Barton.
Men’s College Basketball L.A. Lakers 123, Phoenix 115 Utah St. 97, Denver 56 Open: N.Y. Giants, Seattle, Tennessee, Green Arizona 19 11 6 2 24 56 46
Vancouver 19 10 6 3 23 63 50
Utah 119, Brooklyn 114 Utah Valley 101, Ottawa 70 Bay NEW YORK GIANTS — Waived C Evan Brown.
ULM at Mississippi State, 6 p.m. Sacramento 107, Portland 99 Washington 56, Mount St. Mary’s 46 Monday, Nov. 18
Calgary 20 10 7 3 23 59 58 Released DE Freedom Akinmoladun and WR
Vegas 19 9 7 3 21 56 56
East Central Community College at East Today’s Games Kansas City vs L.A. Chargers at Mexico City, Anaheim 19 9 8 2 20 50 53
Reggie White from the practice squad. Signed
TE Scott Simonson. Signed WR Alex Bachman,
Mississippi Community College, 7:30
Memphis at Charlotte, 6 p.m.
Philadelphia at Orlando, 6 p.m.
Ole Miss 68, Norfolk St. 55 MEX, 7:15 p.m. San Jose 19 8 10 1 17 54 67
TE Garrett Dickerson and LS Colin Holba to the
NORFOLK ST. (2-1) Los Angeles 18 6 11 1 13 46 67
practice squad.
p.m. L.A. Clippers at Houston, 6:30 p.m.
Washington at Boston, 6:30 p.m.
San Antonio at Minnesota, 7 p.m.
Bishop 2-11 5-6 11, Whitley 3-11 2-5 8, Bryant 2-8
6-6 11, Ricks 2-7 0-0 6, Sidibe 2-3 0-0 4, Cham- College Football NOTE: Two points for a win, one point for
overtime loss. Top three teams in each division
and two wild cards per conference advance to
NEW YORK JETS— Placed TE Chris Herndon
and G Brian Winters on the IR. Signed LB B.J.
bers 0-0 0-1 0, Ford 1-1 1-1 3, Chavis 0-2 0-0 0,
SEC Glance
on the air
Bello. Promoted CB Kyron Brown from the
Golden State at L.A. Lakers, 9 p.m. Carter 5-8 2-2 12, Hicks 0-1 0-0 0. Totals 17-52 playoffs.
East practice squad.
Toronto at Portland, 9 p.m. 16-21 55. Monday’s Games
Conference All Games PITTSBURGH STEELERS — Released RB
Thursday’s Games OLE MISS (2-0) Carolina 8, Ottawa 2
W L PF PA W L PF PA Darrin Hall from the practice squad. Re-signed LB
Arizona 4, Washington 3, SO
Today Miami at Cleveland, 5 p.m.
Chicago at Milwaukee, 7 p.m.
Sy 1-3 0-0 2, Buffen 9-13 5-6 23, Shuler 5-10 0-2
12, Tyree 8-18 3-3 21, Rodriguez 2-2 1-4 5, Hunter Georgia
5 1 162
5 2 226
57 8 1 303
8 2 333
Tuesday’s Games
Sutton Smith to the practice squad.
SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS — Waived CB Dontae
0-2 2-2 2, Curry 0-0 0-0 0, Collum 0-0 0-0 0, Miller Florida 5, Boston 4, SO
COLLEGE BASKETBALL (MEN’S) Dallas at New York, 7 p.m.
0-0 0-0 0, Williams 0-1 0-0 0, Crowley 1-2 0-0 3.
Tennessee 3 3 108 156
5 5 239
230 Montreal 3, Columbus 2, SO Johnson. Activated TE Garrett Celek from the
L.A. Clippers at New Orleans, 7 p.m. South Carolina 3 4 153 191
4 6 260
245 PUP list.
5 p.m. — LSU at VCU, ESPN2 Atlanta at Phoenix, 8 p.m. Totals 26-51 11-17 68.
Missouri 2 3 93 118 5 4 254
N.Y. Rangers 3, Pittsburgh 2, OT
Colorado 4, Winnipeg 0 TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS — Waived CB
Brooklyn at Denver, 9:30 p.m. Halftime_Mississippi 40-35. 3-Point Goals_Nor- Vernon Hargreaves and C Nate Trewyn. Claimed
6 p.m. — McNeese State at Wisconsin, Friday’s Games folk St. 5-21 (Ricks 2-5, Bishop 2-6, Bryant 1-4,
2 5 107
1 5 78 221
4 5 183
2 7 136
Arizona 3, St. Louis 2, SO
G Aaron Stinnie off waivers from Tennessee.
Chavis 0-1, Hicks 0-1, Carter 0-1, Whitley 0-3), Detroit 4, Anaheim 3, OT
BTN Detroit at Charlotte, 6 p.m.
Mississippi 5-15 (Shuler 2-4, Tyree 2-8, Crowley
West Vancouver 5, Nashville 3 TENNESSEE TITANS — Waived RB Rod Smith.
San Antonio at Orlando, 6 p.m. Conference All Games Los Angeles 3, Minnesota 1 Signed OL Daniel Munyer to their practice squad.
6 p.m. — St. Joseph’s at Connecticut, Indiana at Houston, 7 p.m.
1-2, Buffen 0-1). Fouled Out_Sidibe. Rebounds_
Norfolk St. 31 (Whitley 8), Mississippi 32 (Buffen
W L PF PA W L PF PA San Jose 6, Edmonton 3 HOCKEY
LSU 5 0 213 140
9 0 420
201 National Hockey League
CBSSN Philadelphia at Oklahoma City, 7 p.m. 9). Assists_Norfolk St. 8 (Hicks, Carter 2), Missis-
Alabama 5 1 277 148
8 1 430
Today’s Games
Utah at Memphis, 7 p.m. sippi 14 (Shuler 5). Total Fouls_Norfolk St. 21, Mis- Ottawa at New Jersey, 6 p.m.
6 p.m. — Villanova at Ohio State, FS1 Washington at Minnesota, 7 p.m. sissippi 17. Technicals_Mississippi coach Kermit
Auburn 4 2 188 114
7 2 294
157 Toronto vs. N.Y. Islanders at Nassau Veterans Luostarinen to Charlotte (AHL).
LOS ANGELES KINGS — Recalled F Matt Luff
Boston at Golden State, 9:30 p.m. Texas A&M 3 2 152 149
6 3 310
197 Memorial Coliseum, 6 p.m.
8 p.m. — Providence at Northwestern, Sacramento at L.A. Lakers, 9:30 p.m.
Davis. A_6,412 (9,500).
Mississippi St 2 4 158 198
4 5 258
272 Washington at Philadelphia, 6:30 p.m. from Ontario (AHL).
Ole Miss 2 4 151 164
4 6 262
BTN Dallas at Calgary, 8:30 p.m.
Major League Soccer
8 p.m. — Oklahoma State at College of College Basketball Pro Football Arkansas 0 6 105 239
Saturday’s Games
Florida 56, Vanderbilt 0
2 8 223
362 Chicago at Vegas, 9 p.m.
Thursday’s Games
Winnipeg at Florida, 6 p.m.
NASHVILLE — Signed M Dax McCarty from
Chicago in exchange for a 2021 second-round
Charleston, CBSSN Tuesday’s Scores NFL Glance W. Kentucky 45, Arkansas 19 N.Y. Rangers at Tampa Bay, 6 p.m. draft pick, general allocation money and targeted
AMERICAN CONFERENCE LSU 46, Alabama 41 Carolina at Buffalo, 6 p.m. allocation money. Signed D Dave Romney from
8 p.m. — Purdue at Marquette, FS1 EAST East Ole Miss 41, New Mexico St. 3 Arizona at Minnesota, 7 p.m. the LA Galaxy in exchange for general allocation
Air Force 69, Army 57 W L T Pct PF PA money.
COLLEGE FOOTBALL American U. 67, George Washington 65 New England 8 1 0 .889 270 98
Georgia 27, Missouri 0 Colorado at Edmonton, 8 p.m.
Appalachian St. 20, South Carolina 15 San Jose at Anaheim, 9 p.m.
7 p.m. — Northern Illinois at Toledo, Duquesne 66, Lamar 56 Buffalo 6 3 0 .667 174 150 homegrown rights to G Drake Callender to Inter
Tennessee 17, Kentucky 13 Dallas at Vancouver, 9 p.m.
Fairfield 68, Holy Cross 63, OT Miami 2 7 0 .222 119 268 Detroit at Los Angeles, 9:30 p.m. Miami for a 2020 second-round draft pick and
ESPN2 Hartford 62, Marist 51 N.Y. Jets 2 7 0 .222 130 238 Saturday, Nov. 16
Friday’s Games general allocation money.
Lehigh 80, Cairn 43 South Florida at Missouri, 11 a.m. United Soccer League
7 p.m. — Bowling Green at Miami Manhattan 85, Delaware St. 74 W L T Pct PF PA Alabama at Mississippi St., 11 a.m.
Pittsburgh at New Jersey, 6 p.m.
Boston at Toronto, 6 p.m. CHAMPIONSHIP — Awarded a franchise to
Georgia at Auburn, 2:30 p.m.
(Ohio), ESPNU Mass.-Lowell 88, Massachusetts-Boston 45 Houston 6 3 0 .667 238 191
Indianapolis 5 4 0 .556 194 193 Kentucky at Vanderbilt, 2:30 p.m.
St. Louis at Columbus, 6 p.m. Queens, N.Y. to begin play in the 2021 season
and be known as Queensboro FC.
Pittsburgh 71, Robert Morris 57 Montreal at Washington, 6 p.m.
MLB BASEBALL Siena 78, St. Bonaventure 65 Tennessee 5 5 0 .500 203 197 LSU at Ole Miss, 6 p.m. Philadelphia at Ottawa, 6:30 p.m. LEAGUE TWO — Awarded a franchise to
St. John’s 74, New Hampshire 61 Jacksonville 4 5 0 .444 176 189 South Carolina at Texas A&M, 6:30 p.m. Philadelphia to begin play in the 2020 season and
5 p.m. — BBWAA MLB Awards, MLB UMass 80, Northeastern 71 North be known as Philadelphia Lone Star FC.
6:30 p.m. — LA Clippers at Houston,
Wagner 97, Wesley (DE) 67

7 2 0 .778 300 189
5 4 0 .556 193 181
College Football Playoff Transactions Tuesday’s moves
USA Volleyball

USVA — Announced the board of directors

Alcorn St. 111, Paul Quinn College 59 Cleveland 3 6 0 .333 171 221 rankings BASEBALL extended the contract of chief executive officer
ESPN Appalachian St. 68, East Carolina 62 Cincinnati 0 9 0 .000 137 259 Tuesday American League Jamie Davis through 2024.
Auburn 70, South Alabama 69 West 1. LSU (9-0) CHICAGO WHITE SOX — Named Scott Cool- COLLEGE
9 p.m. — Golden State at LA Lakers, Charlotte 71, Davidson 58 W L T Pct PF PA 2. Ohio State (9-0) baugh assistant hitting coach. CHOWAN — Named Mark Hall football coach.
ESPN Chattanooga 74, Troy 68 Kansas City 6 4 0 .600 284 239 3. Clemson (10-0) DETROIT TIGERS — Named Lance Parrish EVANGEL — Named Mirko Bjelica men’s and
Duke 105, Cent. Arkansas 54 Oakland 5 4 0 .556 208 240 4. Georgia (8-1) special assistant to the executive vice president women’s tennis coach.
The Dispatch • Wednesday, November 13, 2019 3B


Saddler helps Columbus girls rally to take down Starkville

By Theo DeRosa work,” Hairston said. The performance by
Saddler and the Falcons
The Columbus girls was unsurprising to Wil-
basketball team just need- liams, who was almost
ed to slow it down. waiting for a Columbus
It was the main prob- run after an uncharacter-
lem the Falcons diag-
istic first half.
nosed at halftime of Tues-
“I knew Columbus was
day’s home rivalry game
not going to take that first
against Starkville. In
half lightly,” Williams
the first half, Columbus
said. “They were gonna
rushed through its offen-
come out and give us their
sive sets, failed to take
best, and that’s what they
the ball to the rim and
did, and unfortunately, we
totaled just 11 points. The
couldn’t match their in-
Falcons trailed the Yel-
low Jackets by four points tensity.”
when the halftime buzzer Starkville gave it a good
sounded. shot with a strong scoring
“We had to calm down effort in the fourth quar-
and get everything set- ter, pulling within seven
tled, realize what they points with under a min-
were doing,” Columbus ute to go. Then Saddler
senior Aniya Saddler said. hit a baseline jumper as
The Falcons traded she was falling out of
their man-to-man defense bounds — plus the foul.
for a 2-3 zone. They made She made the free throw,
their rotations on defense pushing the lead back to
and got the ball inside on double digits, and the Yel-
offense. And Saddler, sim- low Jackets managed just
ply put, caught fire. Jennifer Mosbrucker/Dispatch Staff two late scores to cut the
She scored 20 of her 24 Starkville’s Amaya Ford clings to the ball as and Columbus’ Jakirah Smith tries to steal it during Tuesday night’s deficit.
points in the second half game at Columbus High School. The Falcons defeated the Jackets 45-39. When the final buzz-
— 10 in each quarter — er sounded, the large
and Columbus rallied for the season and with a ri- defensive potential, and team, you’re gonna come a layup on the next pos- Starkville faction was qui-
a 45-39 win over the rival valry win already in their she saw it in full force in a out on top regardless of session. She split a pair of et, and the Falcons’ faith-
Yellow Jackets. pocket. third quarter in which the anything else.” free throws, then got an- ful cheered their resilient
“They just came back “It feels great,” Saddler Jackets were outscored A 10-0 Columbus run other pair and made both. team. It was the perfect
out and got motivated to said. “It feels really great 20-6. that was pure Saddler Saddler capped the whole ambience for such a
do what we needed to do,” to beat somebody that ev- “They came out with truly flipped the script on thing off with a 3-point- comeback, Hairston said.
Columbus coach Yvonne erybody’s been wanting a lot more intensity in Tuesday’s game. er from the right wing, “The atmosphere was
Hairston said. to see.” the second half, and they She put back an offen- turning a 19-15 Starkville set for us to be where we
The win puts the Fal- Starkville coach Kris- wanted it more,” Williams sive rebound to cut the advantage into a 25-19 Co- were, and we were able
cons at 2-0 amid a tough tie Williams knows the said. “And when you want Starkville lead to two, lumbus lead. to pull it out tonight,” she
four-game stretch to open Falcons’ offensive and it more than the other then tied the score with “She just really went to said.


New Hope senior golfer Pannell signs to MUW

By Theo DeRosa playing at the next level. among his family in his him be able to play at the son. day doing something to He hardly considered the athletic achievements. next level.” “Obviously, it’d be try and improve.”
possibility until last year, ‘I’m the first person in Pannell tied for fifth great if we could win the Elm Lake was the site
New Hope High School he said. That’s when it my family to play college individually in this year’s team state, too, but I think of the Class 4A champi-
senior Logan Pannell nev-
became real, and things sports,” he said, “and that Class 4A championship, he has an opportunity to onships in the past two
er thought he would end
moved quickly. really made me want to and McBrayer expects win the individual for sure years, and New Hope is
up playing college golf.
“This summer, I was play.” him to win the state title if he plays his best game,” applying to host the Class
He’s been involved in
the sport since seventh like, ‘Yeah, I want to play Pannell became the even after a move up to McBrayer said. 5A event this year, too,
grade, when he started for the W,’” Pannell said. third New Hope golfer to Class 5A. Pannell honed his giving Pannell one last
playing for fun, and he’s Pannell said he decid- sign to play in college in “That’s my goal, and I game with plenty of prac- chance to play at his home
been a member of the ed two months ago he coach Albert McBrayer’s hope he’s got that same tice at Elm Lake, where course during his high
New Hope golf team since wanted to stick around three-plus years at the goal set for himself,” Mc- he’s had a job for the past school career.”
his freshman year. town and join coach Ben- helm. Brayer said. two years — first as a cart But when college rolls
But when the Missis- ji Williams’ program. He “It’s a good feeling In 2018, the Trojans boy, then in the pro shop, around, he won’t be far
sippi University for Wom- signed Tuesday in the to me,” McBrayer said. finished second as a team he said. away.
en started recruiting him New Hope multipurpose “He’s a great kid, and I in Class 4A, and McBray- “It gives him an oppor- “I love Columbus, and
during his sophomore room in front of class- don’t have any doubt he’ll er knows Pannell’s talent tunity to practice some,” I want to stay here as
year, Pannell said, he still mates, coaches and rel- be successful in the fu- gives them a chance to coach Albert McBrayer long as I can with all my
didn’t have high hopes of atives, breaking ground ture. I’m excited to see compete again this sea- said. “He’s there every friends,” he said.

Continued from Page 1B
an open shot.” “I thought our defensive “We normally shoot “It can be up and son said is “a game we could tell the hype his
The easy buckets that effort was pretty good.” it like that,” Carter said. down,” he said. “When always look forward to.” players were caught up
the Falcons found in wins So was the Jackets’ of- “We didn’t shoot it like it’s on, it’s really on, and “I think it’s really im- in isn’t there anymore.
against Philadelphia and fensive display, led by 16 that the last game; we it always helps.” portant for us to be able And that’s a good thing,
Greenwood were no lon- points apiece from Forte got beat. It’s good to see Thanks to strong foul to bounce back,” he said. he said.
ger there against the Prater and Coltie Young. those shots go in and get shooting in the fourth “We learned a lot from
“It’s a tough loss, but I
state’s top-ranked team Starkville hit six 3s Tues- us back on track.” quarter, Starkville kept the Meridian game. It
— just as the Jackets day, a return to normal Jackson knows the pressure on the Fal- was a real eye-opener.” kind of like it because it
planned it. after Saturday’s 55-51 Starkville’s shooting can cons and held onto the Columbus’ eyes, cer- humbled us a little bit,”
“I thought for the loss at Meridian where sometimes be streaky, lead it had all game. It let tainly, are wide open Morris said. “We’re gon-
most part we defended the Jackets could hardly so a solid game Tuesday the Jackets breathe easy after the Falcons’ first na go back to the draw-
pretty well,” Carter said. buy a bucket. was a welcome sight. in a rivalry contest Jack- defeat. Morris said he ing board.”

Continued from Page 1B

Positive play aside, simply a part of the pro- teammates up,” she said or where they’re comfort- turquoise Crocs squeak- ture may hold in the MSU
Matharu is the first to ad- cess in indoctrinating after a zero-turnover able to do what they do ing into the tunnel and backcourt.
mit her game needs work. Matharu into the college performance against the best.” out of earshot, Matharu’s “It’s hard — yeah, it’s
Following the Southern game. Skyhawks. “And I just fo- Walking off the floor night concluded. hard,” Matharu added
Miss game, Schaefer was “I’m really excited cused on that tonight — with Schaefer on Monday Though still relatively of playing point guard in
less than thrilled with because sometimes I trying not to make wild night, she offered a wave reserved as just a fresh- Schaefer’s system. “But
her seven turnovers. But struggle with making the passes as I did the game toward the remaining re- man, the 5-foot-7 guard I’m getting through it be-
speaking with the media best passes and I know before — and setting (my porters on the baseline, has already offered a cause my teammates are
Monday, both conceded here on this team that’s teammates) up to get the thanking them for their glimpse of what dyna- very supportive and they
the growing pains are a big part of setting my ball in a position to score coverage. With her bright mism the present and fu- help me a lot.”

Contacting the Sports Department

If you need to report game scores or statistics, you can call us at 662-327-2424 ext. 126. If you need to reach sports
editor Garrick Hodge, email him at If you need to reach sports writer Ben Portnoy, email him
at or sports writer Theo DeRosa, email him at

Game Coverage / Results

High school football coaches who don’t speak to a reporter from The Dispatch are asked to email information to the
sports department from their games. The Dispatch will include its prep football coverage in Sunday’s edition, so we
will contact coaches Friday night or Saturday to get details. Coaches, please let us know what is the best time for us to
contact you.
4B Wednesday, November 13, 2019 The Dispatch •


Unranked Evansville stuns No. 1 Kentucky at Rupp Arena

THE ASSOCIATED PRESS come true,” Evansville points as the Purple Aces an AP-ranked team. slowly walked off. tant at Louisville under
sophomore forward De- — coached by Walter “Walter and their team Cunliffe, a redshirt Rick Pitino and in the
LEXINGTON, Ky. — Andre Williams said. “We McCarty, who won a na- deserved to win,” Ken- junior guard who played NBA before returning to
Evansville showed no fear took advantage and we tional title with Kentucky tucky coach John Calipari at Arizona State and his hometown to coach
either of Kentucky or ven- made history.” in 1996 — pulled off the said. “If we would have Kansas, did most of his the Purple Aces.
erable Rupp Arena, where Sam Cunliffe scored 17 biggest upset in program somehow pulled it out, it damage with 15 first-half Evansville made nine
the Wildcats had been points, including two free history with their first would have been, kind of points off the bench. of 30 3-point attempts
perfect at ruining visitors’ throws with 6.8 seconds win over a No. 1 team in wouldn’t even have been “It’s amazing. You while shooting 38% from
dreams of pulling off the remaining to silence Ken- three tries. fair because they fought come to a school like this the field to Kentucky’s
seemingly impossible. tucky (2-1) and a crowd of Evansville led much of us the whole game and and you talk about doing 37%. The Aces also outre-
Until Tuesday night. 19,101 — most of whom the game and answered they were the tougher things like this and mak- bounded the Wildcats 38-
Not only did the Purple had expected a routine each Kentucky rally with team.” ing history and playing 35 and were edged by just
Aces deal No. 1 Kentucky nonconference win from clutch baskets to grab the Tyrese Maxey’s layup in front of these bright two in points in the paint.
a stunning 67-64 upset, the Wildcats, who were lead and then maintain it with 8 seconds remaining lights,” Cuncliffe said. “We started off saying,
they beat the bigger, 25-point favorites and had for the season’s biggest got Kentucky within 65- “We prepared the right OK, we’re going to punch
stronger Wildcats at their earned the top ranking a upset. 64, but Cunliffe stepped to way. We had our mind set them in the mouth and
own game. When it was day earlier. Kentucky had been the line and calmly made in the right spot that we not let them punch us in
over, players, coaches and Those expectations 39-0 at home against un- both ends of the 1-and-1 could actually do it. It is the mouth first,” Williams
their fans whooped it up never materialized as ranked, nonconference as his teammates locked surreal.” said. “Once we started
in a corner of the famed Evansville (2-0) con- opponents when ranked arms on the bench. The Evansville won just getting stops, they start-
court, making sure they trolled the younger Wild- No. 1 in The Associat- Purple Aces raised their 11 games last season, its ed turning the ball over,
savored every bit of a mo- cats on both ends of the ed Press poll. Evans- hands and ran around a si- first under McCarty, who things like that. We saw
mentous victory. floor. ville, meanwhile, got its lent Rupp Arena after the played in the NBA for 10 that, and we took advan-
“To be here is a dream K.J. Riley added 18 first-ever road win over final horn as the Wildcats years and was an assis- tage.”

Comics & Puzzles

Dear Abby
EAR ABBY: they have been they went to another bar, after
I have my wanting? Write it which he eventually paid a
granddaugh- down and use it $200 taxi ride for her to go to
ters write thank- for inspiration. her parents’ house where she
you notes to ev- My booklet is was spending the weekend.
eryone who gave helpful for people Now they text after work hours
them presents of all ages who (presumably while he is home
for Christmas, put off writing be- with his wife and kids), and
birthdays and cause they don’t he has invited her out to lunch
special events. know what to and drinks, which she has
They are 7 and say. It can be or- rebuffed.
8 years old now. dered by sending I asked her what their goal
ZITS They have fun
drawing pictures
your name and
mailing address,
was for this “relationship”
— do they want an affair?
and mailing the plus check or Something more? She says
letters, and the money order for they are just friends, and she’s
recipients enjoy $8 (U.S. funds), mad at me for even question-
receiving their
Dear Abby to Dear Abby ing it. She just broke up with
notes. I would like Letters Booklet, her longtime boyfriend, and I
to order your Letters Booklet P.O. Box 447, Mount Morris, don’t want her to get hurt by
because it contains sam- IL 61054-0447. Shipping and getting involved with this man
ples of many other types of handling are included in the from her office. Any advice?
correspondence. — LINDA IN price. Inside you will find many — WORRIED FRIEND IN NEW
CENTERVILLE, TEXAS samples that can be used as YORK
DEAR LINDA: You are giving patterns from which to write DEAR WORRIED FRIEND:
your granddaughters an early your own. For anyone who has You asked your friend an
lesson in good manners, and ever wondered where to begin intelligent question. Now it’s
GARFIELD your idea of having them draw
pictures on their thank-you
when writing a note of thanks,
congratulations, condolences,
time to step back out of the
line of fire. This will not end
notes is clever. Because most composing a love letter or the well, and somebody is going to
children like to draw, some opposite — announcing a bro- be unhappy as this unfolds. Do
parents have their children do ken engagement or a decision not let it be you.
this before they learn to write. to divorce — “How to Write
As your granddaughters Letters” is a handy guide for Dear Abby is written by
grow older, suggest that they putting words down on paper. Abigail Van Buren, also known
keep a notebook handy when DEAR ABBY: A close friend as Jeanne Phillips, and was
they open their gifts and jot of mine recently confided that founded by her mother, Pauline
down the first thing that comes at a recent office happy hour, Phillips. Contact Dear Abby
to mind when they see the after most of her co-workers at or P.O.
gift. Do they like the color? went home, she made out with Box 69440, Los Angeles, CA
The style? Is it something a married manager. After that, 90069.

TODAY’S BIRTHDAY (Nov. not a necessity. nancial line but with the whole
13). Your gifts are like a bag of TAURUS (April 20-May 20). impact of a cycle of meaningful,
cookies. Once you open up and Everything you say and do has purposeful contribution.
present them, you’ll have many influence. It’s easy to note the LEO (July 23-Aug. 22).
takers. Excellent mentorship first few ripples caused by an You’ll share what you do and
aids you in business and action. That’s all most people who you are in a way that gets
financial management and flow. take note of. But keep watching, people talking. While they are
You’ll cross great distances for because today’s ripples are free to have their own impres-
rewards of the heart. Keeping extremely far-reaching. sions, you’re also pretty clever
excellent records now will GEMINI (May 21-June 21). at presenting things in a light
contribute to your future legacy. Instead of hoping for the best, that leans most to your desired
Cancer and Gemini adore you. take more control of the situ- response.
BABY BLUES Your lucky numbers are: 1, 18, ation. How could it go wrong? VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22).
24, 28 and 31. This is where pessimism is an There are things to start up and
ARIES (March 21-April 19). asset. And here’s how it will go things to shut down. The time
You’re not sure how a thing is right: You’ll anticipate, prevent has come to start looking at
going to come together, and and succeed. the entire picture and deciding
that’s half the fun. You can CANCER (June 22-July 22). which is which. Your mind is
trust yourself — you really can. You’ll do the work of a passion- clear, and your heart is true.
Having people close by who ate individual, one who is not LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23).
believe in you will help, but it’s consumed with the bottom fi- When you enter a room full of
people, what do you see? Excit-
ing potential and unique oppor-
tunity? An obstacle course to
navigate? A political minefield?
Get your mindset aligned with
the outcome you’re hoping for.
The very nature of a support
system is that the help is not all
coming from one source. That
would just be a support pillar.
Consider your system. Couldn’t
you use a few more beams and
pressure absorbers?
21). Curiosity elevates life from
ordinary to extraordinary. The
trouble comes when curiosity
strays from the situation at
hand, thus developing into dis-
traction. Keep bringing attention
MALLARD FILLMORE back to the current moment.
CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan.
19). You’ll be dealing with
a thing that requires your
constant attention. It will feel
as though you are riding this --
steering it with all parts of your
being, every inch of the way.
Well, that’s what it takes to get
AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb.
18). If you like how you feel
around a person, you’ll want to
be with that person. This simple
principle of attraction will be at
FAMILY CIRCUS the root of the day’s surprising
PISCES (Feb. 19-March
20). Every relationship brings
a lesson. The theme of today’s
tutorial is fear. You’ll think about
what you might be afraid of,
overcoming that, and how you
might comfort and allay the
fears of others.

Sleeping bag
Jan Swoope: 328-2471

Cassie’s cakes

Jennifer Mosbrucker/Dispatch Staff

Cassie Black puts finishing touches on a Thanksgiving-themed cake Saturday at her home in the New Hope area. Cassie’s Cakes designs can be seen at face- Several of Black’s cakes are pictured below.


ave you ever wondered how cake
makers turn out those intricately
decorated creations? Have you
pondered whether you could learn to
do it yourself? Cassie Black in the New
Hope community believes there is every
chance you can. As Cassie’s Cakes, Black
has been taking orders for cakes, cup-
cakes and cookies for all occasions since
2006, but she also offers to teach cake
decorating to anyone interested. It’s a
craft she’s been interested in ever since
a high school job with Baskin Robbins in
Columbus in the mid-’90s taught her how
to make roses out of icing.
“It was about 11 years later that I saw
in the newspaper about someone giving
cake decorating classes in Starkville,”
the mother of four recalled. Her curiosity
had her signing up; she completed the
Wilton cake decorating courses 1, 2 and
3. Wilton is a premier supplier of cake
baking and decorating products. Black is
a certified instructor in the Wilton Meth-
od of Cake Decorating and is a former
cake decorating instructor at Michael’s in
On Saturday, she put finishing touches
on a cake to take to a luncheon the follow-
ing day at Immanuel Baptist Church, her
church home.
See Cakes, 6B Courtesy photos

Ice box cupcakes make a cool treat A perfect sauce

to pair with roast
ven in winter,
cool treats can FAMILY FEATURES
be part of a

holiday celebration reating a crowd-pleasing holiday
— or make a sweet centerpiece starts with choosing a
addition to supper. flavorful, tender cut of meat. This
Save time on desserts year, you can make a holiday roast to
with make-ahead remember paired with this red pepper
recipes like these cranberry sauce to elicit rave reviews
ice box cupcakes. By from guests. Find more recipes and tips
using kid-friendly to create a holiday dinner to remember at
treats that add nutri-
tion and flavor, solve
busy evenings or serve HOLIDAY ROAST WITH RED PEPPER
up a party treat by
just reaching into the
Prep time: 5 minutes
fridge. Cook time: 25 minutes
Look for other Yield: 2 cups
recipes that are part of For the roast:
Dole’s healthy-living Butcher’s twine
alliance with Disney’s 1 Omaha Steaks chateaubriand roast (2 pounds)
“Frozen 2,” at dole. 2 tablespoons, plus 2 teaspoons, canola oil,
com/Disney. Omaha Steaks Private Reserve Rub
See Cupcakes, 6B Bananas and strawberries go into these sweet ice box cupcakes. See Roast, 6B
6B Wednesday, November 13, 2019 The Dispatch •

Continued from Page 5B
“I just figured out on my own offers plenty, on everything
how to do it,” she remarked as from how to use specific icing
she demonstrated making tiny tips to how to make a mermaid
pumpkins to top of her Thanks- tail cake. Additionally, local arts
giving-themed dessert. After and crafts stores like Michael’s
rolling a clump of orange-col- and Hobby Lobby are handy for
ored fondant icing into a ball, quick decorating necessities;
she used a decorating tool to they can also inspire some
put indentations in it to resem- ideas.
ble the “ribs” on a pumpkin’s For Black and other bakers
surface. That finished, she used who take orders for custom
a bag of ocher-tinted icing to goodies, the oft-busiest time of
add a delicate, miniature stem. year is soon upon them — the
Black enjoys working one- holidays. It’s a time to celebrate
on-one with others who want with festive seasonal designs,
to learn or improve their skills whether for cookies or a
with buttercream frosting and three-tier cake. And for aspiring
fondant. Fondant, a thick paste decorators, maybe it’s the time
made from sugar, water, gelatin, to check into honing new skills.
vegetable fat or shortening and “It’s pretty easy once you
glycerol, lends itself to decora- learn it,” Black said. “I’m still
tive sculpting. not perfect and try to practice
“Fondant is stiffer to eat, but more all the time.” The best
a lot of people like it,” said Black reward is often the reaction.
while working with a selection “I like making people happy
of bags filled with frostings in with the cakes I make, to be
autumn colors. She likes work- able to surprise them with
ing on a variety of designs that them,” she said. “Sometimes I
reflect a theme or the recipient’s even surprise myself.”
favorite things — whether they Editor’s note: See more of
be sharks, baseballs, cameras Cassie Black’s cakes at facebook.
or airplanes. com/cassie.cakes2006/. Reach
“I enjoy watching cake her by email at cassiemblack@
decorating videos on YouTube,”, or by phone at 662-352- Jan Swoope/Dispatch Staff
Black said, noting that Wilton 1926. Cassie Black adds a tiny stem to a pumpkin Saturday that will top her Thanksgiving-themed cake.

Roast Cupcakes
Continued from Page 5B Continued from Page 5B
For the red pepper cranberry sauce:
1 tablespoon olive oil KRISTOFF ICE BOX
2 medium red bell peppers, finely diced
1 cup red wine CUPCAKES
1/4 cup red wine vinegar Prep time: 20 minutes,
1/3 cup white sugar plus chill time
2 teaspoons yellow mustard seeds Serves: 12
6 tablespoons dried cranberries
6 tablespoons dried currants 3 ripe Dole bananas
1/4 teaspoon salt 1 container (8 ounces)
fat-free whipped topping,
n To make roast: Heat oven to 250 F. thawed
n Using butcher’s twine, tie roast to main- 7 low-fat honey graham
tain shape. Coat all sides with 2 tablespoons crackers, coarsely crushed
canola oil and season with rub. 1 pound Dole strawberries,
n In medium skillet, heat remaining oil. Sear hulled and quartered
all sides of roast 2 minutes each.
n Place roast in roasting pan and bake 1 n Line 12-cup muffin tin
hour, 30 minutes. with cupcake liners. In
n To make sauce: Heat medium skillet on large bowl, mash bananas;
medium-high heat. Add olive oil and diced red fold in whipped topping.
pepper; sauté 3-5 minutes. n Fill muffin cups halfway
n Add red wine, red wine vinegar, sugar, with graham cracker piec-
mustard seeds, cranberries, currants and es, banana mixture and
salt. Bring mixture to boil then turn tempera- strawberries; repeat layers
ture to low and simmer 20 minutes, or until with remaining ingredients.
liquid is mostly evaporated and thickened. n Refrigerate cupcakes 4 Top each serving of roast with red pepper hours; serve in cupcake
Gather ingredients and in about half an hour, you can have this red pepper cranberry sauce to cranberry sauce. liners.
elevate a holiday roast. (Source: (Source:
hand deliver a written re-

sponse to the Complaint filed
against you in this action to
Ads appear in The Commercial Dispatch,
Kimberly D. Putnam, Attorney
for Plaintiff, whose address is
1820 Avenue of America, Mon-
roe, Louisiana, 71201.
The Starkville Dispatch and Online
LATER THAN THIRTY DAYS To place ads starting at only $12,
NOVEMBER, 2019 WHICH IS call 662-328-2424 or visit
Legal Notices Legal Notices RELIEF DEMANDED IN THE
Legal Notices Apts For Rent: North


You must also file the original
of your Response with the
Employment Rentals PEAR ORCHARD
Clerk of this Court within a 2BR starting @ $620
Call us: 662-328-2424 STATE OF MISSISSIPPI
STATE OF MISSISSIPPI reasonable time afterward. Call us: 662-328-2424 Ads starting at $25 3BR starting @ $680
COUNTY OF Lowndes W/D incl. Great location.
Legal Notices WHEREAS, default has oc- LOWNDES COUNTY General Help Wanted Apts For Rent: North $200 processing fee &
curred in the performance of WHEREAS, on the 20th day of CHANCERY COURT CLERK
$50 application fee.
IN THE CHANCERY COURT OF the covenants, terms and con- July, 2018, Jamie Ball II and COLUMBUS, MS. EMPLOYMENT AT GARDEN FOX RUN APARTMENTS On−site Management.
LOWNDES COUNTY, MISSIS- ditions of a Deed of Trust Jazmin Ball, Husband and Wife, CENTER. Basic knowledge 1 & 2 BR near hospital. Onsite Security.
SIPPI dated December 2, 1998, ex- executed and delivered a cer- (SEAL) 662−328−9471 or
ecuted by DENNIS R TEDFORD, tain Deed of Trust unto Allan B of plants, mowing equip- $595−$645 monthly.
ment & tractor operation Military discount, pet area, 662−889−7565.
IN THE MATTER OF THE ADOP- conveying certain real property Polunsky, Trustee for Mort- BY: Tina Fisher, D.C.
TION OF THE HEREINAFTER therein described to ROWAN H. gage Electronic Registration needed. Sales experience pet friendly, and furnished
NAMED MINOR TAYLOR, JR., as Trustee, for Systems, Inc. as nominee for Date 10/17/2019 a plus. Must be willing to corporate apts.
CENDANT MORTGAGE CORPOR- Primelending, A Plainscapital work. Submit qualifications, 24−HOUR PROFESSIONAL
KIMBERLY DAVIS SANDLIN ATION, Original Beneficiary, to Company, Beneficiary, to se- PUBLISH: 11/6, 11/13 & work experience & 3 refer- GYM. ON SITE SECURITY.
AND JONATHAN SANDLIN, PETI- secure the indebtedness cure an indebtedness therein 11/20/2019 ences to Blind Box 672 c/o ON SITE MAINTENANCE.
TIONERS therein described, as same ap- described, which Deed of Trust
The Commercial Dispatch ON SITE MANAGEMENT. Have a rental property?
pears of record in the office of is recorded in the office of the
CAUSE NO.: 2019-0007 the Chancery Clerk of Lowndes Chancery Clerk of Lowndes SUBSTITUTED TRUSTEE’S NO- PO Box 511 24−HOUR CAMERA List it here for fast results.
County, Mississippi filed and County, Mississippi in MORT TICE OF SALE Columbus, MS 39703 SURVEILLANCE. Benji &
recorded December 9, 1998, in Book 2018 at Page 15456; Ashleigh, 662−386−4446.
Deed Book 1260, Page 621 ; and STATE OF MISSISSIPPI
WHEREAS, Jamie Ball II and
Dispatch is seeking a
mechanically-minded Government
TO: Unknown WHEREAS, the beneficial in- Jazmin Ball, Husband and Wife WHEREAS, on the 19th day of
terest of said Deed of Trust August, 2014, Ralph S Carter
is also known as Jamie O. Ball, individual to work in its
You have been made a Defend- was transferred and assigned II per the land records of and Christi D Carter Husband pressroom. Applicants
ant in the suit filed in this to U.S. Bank National Associ- Lowndes County, Mississippi; and Wife, executed and de- must be comfortable work-
Court by Kimberly Davis Sand- ation, not in its individual capa- and livered a certain Deed of Trust ing around heavy ma-
lin and Jonathan Sandlin, Peti- city but solely as Trustee of unto Timothy L Gowan, Trustee
for Mortgage Electronic Regis- chinery, adhering to tight
tioner(s), seeking the Adoption NRZ Pass-Through Trust X; and WHEREAS, on the 28th day of
of JWE. You are summoned to August, 2019, Mortgage Elec- tration Systems, Inc. as nomin- deadlines and must have
appear and defend against WHEREAS, the undersigned, tronic Registration Systems, ee for BankFirst Financial Ser- an eye for detail & quality.
said Complaint or Petition at Rubin Lublin, LLC has been ap- Inc. as nominee for Primelend- vices, Beneficiary, to secure an Flexible hours are a must.
9:00 o’clock a.m., on pointed as Substitute Trustee; ing, A Plainscapital Company, indebtedness therein de- Must pass drug test. Email
Thursday, the 16th day of Janu- and assigned said Deed of Trust scribed, which Deed of Trust is resume to
ary, 2020, in the Chancery unto PrimeLending, A Plain- recorded in the office of the or
courtroom of the Lowndes NOW, THEREFORE, the holder sCapital Company, by instru- Chancery Clerk of Lowndes
County, Mississippi in Mort drop resumes off at 516
County Courthouse in Colum- of said Deed of Trust, having ment recorded in the office of
requested the undersigned so the aforesaid Chancery Clerk in Book 2014 at Page 17742;
Main St,
bus, Mississippi, and in case Columbus, MS 39701.
of your failure to appear and to do, as Substitute Trustee or MORT Book 2019 at Page and
defend, a judgment will be his duly appointed agent, by vir- 18260; and No phone calls please.
entered against you for the tue of the power, duty and au- WHEREAS, on the 15th day of
money or other things deman- thority vested and imposed WHEREAS, on the 20th day of June, 2015, Mortgage Electron-
ic Registration Systems, Inc.
ded in the Complaint or Peti- upon said Substitute Trustee September, 2019 the Holder of PATCH seeks a motivated,
tion. shall, on December 11, 2019 said Deed of Trust substituted as nominee for BankFirst Finan-
within the lawful hours of sale and appointed Dean Morris, contracted carrier for the
cial Services, assigned said
You are not required to file an between 11:00AM and 4:00PM LLC as Substitute Trustee by Brooksville & Macon area.
Deed of Trust unto U.S. Bank
Answer or other pleading, but at the southeast front door of instrument recorded in the of- Excellent opportunity to
National Association, by instru-
you may do so if you desire. Courthouse proceed to sell at fice of the aforesaid Chancery ment recorded in the office of
earn money for college.
public outcry to the highest and Clerk in Mort Book 2019 at the aforesaid Chancery Clerk in
Must have good transporta-
Issued under my hand and seal best bidder for cash or certi- Page 20213; and Mort Book 2015 at Page
13055; and tion, valid driver's license
of said Court, this the 11th day fied funds ONLY, the following & insurance. Delivers on
of October, 2019. described property situated in WHEREAS, default having been
Lowndes County, Mississippi, made in the payments of the WHEREAS, on the 10th day of Sunday morning and Mon.-
Chancery Clerk of Lowndes to wit: indebtedness secured by the June, 2019 the Holder of said Fri. afternoons. Apply at
County, Mississippi said Deed of Trust, and the Deed of Trust substituted and The Commercial Dispatch,
Lisa Younger Neese ALL THE FOLLOWING DE- holder of said Deed of Trust, appointed Dean Morris, LLC as 516 Main Street in Colum-
SCRIBED PROPERTY, LYING having requested the under- Substitute Trustee by instru- bus. No phone calls
By: Tina Fisher AND BEING SITUATED IN signed so to do, on the 27th ment recorded in the office of
the aforesaid Chancery Clerk in please.
Deputy Clerk LOWNDES COUNTY, MISSIS- day of November, 2019, I will
SIPPI, AND BEING MORE PAR- during the lawful hours of Mort Book 2019 at Page
PUBLISH: 11/6, 11/13 & TICULARLY DESCRIBED AS between 11:00 a.m. and 4:00 11255; and
11/20/19 FOLLOWS, TO-WIT: p.m., at public outcry, offer for
WHEREAS, on the 27th day of
sale and will sell, at the south
east front door of Lowndes January, 2016, a Scrivener's One call will bring
SQUARE 22 OF C.L. WOOD`S County Courthouse, 505 2nd Affidavit was recorded via in- you results.
SUBSTITUTE TRUSTEE'S NO- SURVEY OF SAID CITY OF Ave. North at Columbus, Mis- strument appearing in the
TICE OF SALE COLUMBUS DESIGNATED AS sissippi, for cash to the aforesaid land records to cor- 662-328-2424
rect an error in the legal de-
WHEREAS, on the March 23,
highest bidder, the following
described land and property scription in the subject deed of or place your ad
2017, William T Ray, Sr and OF RECORD IN THE LAND RE- situated in Lowndes County, trust; this Affidavit appears in online at
Martha D Ray, executed a CORDS OF LOWNDES COUNTY, Mississippi, to-wit: Deed Book 2016 at Page 433;
Deed of Trust to J. Douglas MISSISSIPPI, AND BEING and
Dalrymple, Trustee for the use MORE PARTICULARLY DE- Lot Two (2) of Autumn Trail
and benefit of Mortgage Elec- SCRIBED AS: Subdivision, a subdivision of WHEREAS, default having been
tronic Registration Systems, Lowndes County, Mississippi, made in the payments of the
Inc., as beneficiary, as nomin- BEGINNING AT THE SOUTH- as found in Plat Book 4 at indebtedness secured by the
ee for American Southwest EAST CORNER OF SAID Page 43 in the office of the said Deed of Trust, and the
Mortgage Corp., its suc- holder of said Deed of Trust, Medical / Dental
SQUARE 22, RUNNING THENCE Chancery Clerk of Lowndes
cessors and assigns, which NORTH ALONG THE EAST County, Mississippi. Subject, having requested the under-
Deed of Trust is on file and of BOUNDARY LINE OF SAID however, to those restrictive signed so to do, on the 27th
record in the office of the Chan- SQUARE 22, A DISTANCE OF covenants and conditions day of November, 2019, I will
cery Clerk of Lowndes County, 140 FEET; RUNNING THENCE dated December 21, 1984 and during the lawful hours of
Mississippi, in Deed of Trust WEST PARALLEL WITH THE recorded in Deed Book 740 at between 11:00 a.m. and 4:00
March 24, 2017, in Book No. SOUTH BOUNDARY OF SAID Pages 497-498, inclusive, in p.m., at public outcry, offer for
2017, at Page 6495 thereof; SQUARE 22 FOR A DISTANCE the office of the Chancery Clerk sale and will sell, at the south
OF 104 FEET; RUNNING of Lowndes County, Missis- east front door of Lowndes
WHEREAS, said Deed of Trust THENCE SOUTH PARALLEL sippi. County Courthouse, 505 2nd
was ultimately assigned to WITH THE EAST BOUNDARY OF Ave. North at Columbus, Mis-
Freedom Mortgage Corporation SQUARE 22 FOR A DISTANCE I will only convey such title as sissippi, for cash to the
by assignment on file and of re- OF 140 FEET TO A POINT ON is vested in me as Substitute highest bidder, the following
cord in the office of the Chan- THE SOUTH BOUNDARY LINE Trustee. described land and property
cery Clerk of Lowndes County, OF SAID SQUARE 22; RUN- situated in Lowndes County,
Mississippi, on October 10, NING THENCE EAST ALONG WITNESS MY SIGNATURE, this Mississippi, to-wit:
2018, in Book No. 2018, at THE SOUTH BOUNDARY LINE 1st day of November, 2019.
Page 21570 and Correction As- OF SAID SQUARE 22 FOR A Beginning at the Northeast
signment on October 28, 2019 DISTANCE OF 104 FEET TO Dean Morris, LLC corner of the Northwest Quarter
in Book No. 2019 at Page THE POINT OF BEGINNING. Substitute Trustee of the Southwest Quarter of
22845 thereof; and 855 S Pear Orchard Rd., Ste. Section 12 Township 16 South,
PROPERTY ADDRESS: The 404, Bldg. 400 Range 17 West, Lowndes
WHEREAS, the legal holder of street address of the property Ridgeland, MS 39157 County, Mississippi; thence
the said Deed of Trust and the is believed to be 2021 COL- (318) 330-9020 North 89 degrees 06 minutes
note secured thereby, substi- LEGE ST, COLUMBUS, MS West along an existing fence
tuted Wilson & Associates, 39701. In the event of any dis- adp/F19-0569 line a distance of 413.70 feet
PLLC, as Trustee therein, as crepancy between this street to an iron pipe; thence South
authorized by the terms there- address and the legal descrip- PUBLISH: 11/6/2019, 02 degrees 9 minutes West a
of, by instrument recorded in tion of the property, the legal 11/13/2019 & 11/20/2019 distance of 1285.81 feet to a
the office of the aforesaid description shall control. nail in thence centerline of a
Chancery Clerk on October 23, paved county road known as
2018, in Book No. 2018, at IN THE CHANCERY COURT OF Duncan Road; thence South 79
Title to the above described LOWNDES COUNTY, MISSIS-
Page 22456 thereof; and property is believed to be good, SIPPI degrees 36 minutes East along
but I will convey only such title the said centerline, a distance
WHEREAS, default having been as is vested in me as Substi- of 100.0 feet; thence South 81
made in the performance of the tute Trustee. PENNYMAC LOAN SERVICES, degrees 44 minutes East along
conditions and stipulations as LLC PLAINTIFF the said centerline, a distance
set forth by said Deed of Trust, THIS LAW FIRM IS ATTEMPT- of 100.0 feet; thence South 82
and having been requested by VS. degrees 41 minutes East along
the legal holder of the in- INFORMATION OBTAINED WILL WAYNE DAVIS, SR. a/k/a the said centerline a distance
debtedness secured and de- BE USED FOR THAT PURPOSE. WAYNE VINCENT DAVIS, SR.; of 216.58 feet to a railroad
scribed by said Deed of Trust spike; thence North 02 de-
so to do, notice is hereby giv- SHARON A. DAVIS a/k/a SHAR- grees 09 minutes East a dis-
428 North Lamar Blvd, Suite ON ANN DAVIS; MARK SPEARS;
en that Wilson & Associates, 107 tance of 1339.32 feet to the
PLLC f/k/a Adams & Edens, AMANDA D. SPEARS; MASTER Point of Beginning, and contain-
P.A., Substitute Trustee, by vir- ing 12.5 acres, more or less.
tue of the authority conferred solely in its capacity as Substi-
Tel: (877) 813-0992 tute Trustee; AND ANY AND
upon me in said Deed of Trust, Fax: (404) 601-5846 LESS AND EXCEPT that portion
will offer for sale and will sell ALL PERSONS HAVING AN IN- reserved for road right of way
at public sale and outcry to the PUBLISH: 11/13/2019, TEREST IN THE SUBJECT PROP- purposed and all being located
highest and best bidder for cer- 11/20/2019, 11/27/2019, ERTY BEARING THE ADDRESS and situated in the Northwest
tified funds paid at the conclu- 12/04/2019 OF 129 CAIDE COVE, COLUM- Quarter of the Southwest
sion of the sale, or credit bid BUS, MS 39705 DEFENDANTS Quarter of Section 12, Town-
from a bank or other lending ship 16 South, Range 17 West,
entity pre-approved by the suc- PUBLIC MEETING CAUSE NO. 2019-0530-DE Lowndes County, Mississippi.
cessor trustee, during the leg-
al hours (between the hours of Columbus Air Force Base Tech- SUMMONS BY PUBLICATION
nical Review Committee. The I will only convey such title as
11 o'clock a.m. and 4 o'clock is vested in me as Substitute
p.m.) at the southeast front Columbus Air Force Base Tech- THE STATE OF MISSSISSIPPI
door of Courthouse, on Decem- nical Review Committee is a
ber 4, 2019, the following de- joint Air Force and Community TO: Master Financial, whose
forum that meets to discuss WITNESS MY SIGNATURE, this
scribed land and property be- current post office address and 31st day of October, 2019.
ing the same land and prop- environmental restoration activ- street address are unknown to
erty described in said Deed of ities at Columbus AFB, Missis- the Plaintiff after diligent
sippi. Members of the public Dean Morris, LLC
Trust, situated in Lowndes search and inquiry to ascertain Substitute Trustee
County, State of Mississippi, are invited to attend TRC meet- same.
ings. Columbus AFB values the 855 S Pear Orchard Rd., Ste.
to-wit: 404, Bldg. 400
importance of community input The Complaint against you
in developing actions to en- Ridgeland, MS 39157
Lot No. 16 of Block 2 of which is on file at the Lowndes (318) 330-9020
Malone Subdivision Extension, sure continued protection of County Chancery Court, Colum-
a subdivision of Lowndes human health and the environ- bus, Mississippi, in the above adp/F03-0912
County, Mississippi, according ment. The next TRC meeting is numbered cause, is important
to the map or plat of said sub- scheduled for Thursday Novem- and you must take immediate PUBLISH: 11/6/2019,
division now on file in the of- ber 14, 2019, from 5 p.m. to 6 action to protect your rights.
p.m. at the Columbus-Lowndes 11/13/2019, 11/20/2019
fice of the Chancery Clerk of
said county and recorded in Public Library meeting room, You are required to mail or
located at 314 North 7th hand deliver a written re-
Plat Book No. 2 at Page 29.
SUBJECT, HOWEVER, to the Street; Columbus, Mississippi. sponse to the Complaint filed Shop
If you would like more informa- against you in this action to
covenants and restrictions set
forth in that certain agreement tion about the TRC, please con- Kimberly D. Putnam, Attorney
between Robert C. Malone and tact the Columbus AFB Public for Plaintiff, whose address is
Thomas McCrary dated Novem- Affairs Officer, Ms. Rita Felton, 1820 Avenue of America, Mon-

Service Directory
ber 9, 1957, and recorded in at (662) 434-7067 or by email roe, Louisiana, 71201.
Deed Book 271 at Page 325 in at If you
the office of the Chancery Clerk are unable to attend the TRC YOUR RESPONSE MUST BE
of Lowndes County, Missis- meeting but would like an op- MAILED OR DELIVERED NOT
sippi. portunity to provide some feed- LATER THAN THIRTY DAYS
back about the Environmental AFTER THE 6TH DAY OF
Title to the above described Restoration Program at Colum- NOVEMBER, 2019 WHICH IS
bus AFB, please take our sur- THE DATE OF THE FIRST PUB-
property is believed to be good,
but I will convey only such title vey, which is being conducted LICATION OF THIS SUMMONS. Promote your small business starting at only $25
as is vested in the aforemen- through Survey Monkey online IF YOUR RESPONSE IS NOT SO
tioned Substitute Trustee. at the following link: MAILED OR DELIVERED, A General Services General Services Lawn Care / Landscaping Sitting With The Sick / Elderly JUDGMENT BY DEFAULT WILL
the 4th day of November, Bucket truck & stump Licensed & Bonded− PROPERTY BEAUTIFUL w/ elderly person in home,
11/13/2019 COMPLAINT. removal. Free est. carpentry, painting, & FOR THE HOLIDAYS! hospital or nursing home.
Sincerely, Serving Columbus demolition. Landscaping, Commercial Bush−Hogging. Light housekeeping
/s/ Jillian Wilson, You must also file the original since 1987. Senior gutters cleaned, bush We level parking areas & included. Ask for Mary,
WILSON & ASSOCIATES, PLLC, of your Response with the citizen disc. Call Alvin @ hogging, clean−up work, driveways. Free estimates. 662−356−6578.
Substitute Trustee Looking
Clerk of this Court within a
reasonable time afterward.
"We’ll go out on a limb for
pressure washing, moving
help & furniture repair.
Quote: per job, not acre.
Owner operated. Licensed
Wilson & Associates, PLLC LISA YOUNG NEESE for your you!" 662−242−3608. & Insured. 21 years exp.
LOWNDES COUNTY 662−242−8809.
400 West Capitol Avenue
Lawn Care / Landscaping
Suite 1400
Little Rock, AR 72201
job? DUMP TRUCK HAULING. JESSE & BEVERLY’S Painting & Papering

File # 332125
Check Slag − $350
Clay Gravel − $250
Mowing, cleanup, SULLIVAN’S PAINT
Grow your business
BY: Tina Fisher, D.C.
PUBLISH: 11/13, 11/20 & here first! Driveway & Trailer Park
Grating. Columbus. Call
landscaping, sodding,
& tree cutting.
SERVICE. Special Prices.
Interior and Exterior with the classified
11/27/2019 Date 10/17/2019 Walter, 662−251−8664. 662−356−6525 Painting. 662−435−6528 service directory.
PUBLISH: 11/6, 11/13 &
8B WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 2019 The Dispatch •
Apts For Rent: West Houses For Rent: North Lots & Acreage Travel & Entertainment

2 & 3 bedroom w/ 2−3 On Sobley Rd. Part in cut ON THE WEB
bath townhouses. $625 to over. Part in timber.
$675. 662−549−9555. Excellent hunting tract.
before you lose it". Visit
Ask for Glenn or text. $1475/acre. For more info,
Apartments & Houses call 205−799−9846 or
That’s how the saying
goes and it applies all for a printable copy of
1 Bedrooms
COLUMBUS. 75 Big Tom Riverfront Property For Sale
the more for Christian
musicians and singers these puzzles.
2 Bedroooms Rd. 4BR/2BA. $1350/mo. who have a God−given
No pets. Call 662−574− GREAT RENTAL OR COZY talent but are ignoring
3 Bedrooms 8090 for appointment. COTTAGE ON RIVER FOR
SALE. 199 Riverchase Dr.
their calling and content
to click a tv remote
Furnished & Unfurnished Houses For Rent: Caledonia in West Point. 2BR/1.5BA, instead of getting out
1.5 lot, fenced in, 50 ft. and "turning on"folks to
1, 2, & 3 Baths 3BR/1.5BA 1600 sqft. enclosed steel slip, 40 ft. Jesus!
Lease, Deposit Nice sun room. Caledonia dock with hook up & new Hey, I am an older
School District. No dogs. a/c. Available Dec./Jan. Christian drummer with
& Credit Check $765/mo + $765 dep. $165,000. 662−574− many years experience
8155 Hwy. 12 near Old 1209. Leave message. who LOVES to play Southern Gospel,
Country Store. 662−245−
1191 or 662−549−9298. Country Gospel,

Garage Sales
traditional Christian,
Houses For Rent: Other Bluegrass Gospel and
Apts For Rent: Other etc. and am looking for
other talented
1ST MONTH − Rent Free! LONG & LONG Two free signs musicians willing to
1BR Apt − $350−$385 REAL ESTATE step up and step out to
2BR Apt − $395−$495 662−328−0770 Estate Sales proclaim the Good
2BR TwnHome − $625 News in music and
Lease, Dep & Credit Check. LEASE/PURCHASE: ESTATE SALE song. I have the time,
Coleman Realty 3BR/1BA, Just (Ongoing thru Nov. 30) practice space,
662−329−2323. renovated. Like new, 548 Hwy. 45 N. resources and some
brick house with Central Frontage Rd. contacts to make it
H&A, No Pets. 662−435−0641 happen for a dynamic
group willing to just
3BR/1BA, clean and step out boldly in joy

move−in ready, Central and Faith.
I am looking specifically
Sudoku Yesterday’s answer
H&A, $600/mo. No Sudoku is a number-
Pets. 107 King Street. for guitar, keys, bass
and a dynamic, placing puzzle based on
DOWNTOWN: 2BR/1BA Ads starting at $12 outgoing lead singer Sudoku
a 9x9 gridis a several
with num- 9 1 6 2 5 3 8 4 7
and back−up singers
apartment, Central ber-placing
given numbers.puzzle
The object 5 7 4 6 1 8 9 2 3

2019 Conceptis Puzzles, Dist. by King Features Syndicate, Inc.

who are not afraid to
H&A. Walk to MUW,
church, shops. $675/
Antiques make it happen in based onthe
is to place a 9x9
numbers 3 2 8 9 7 4 6 5 1
mo. No Pets, No HUD. CHRISTMAS OPEN HOUSE public. Young, old, grid
1 to 9with
in theseveral
empty spaces 7 3 9 8 4 2 1 6 5
Magnolia Antique Mall male,female, white, given
so thatnumbers.
each row, eachThe 6 4 2 5 3 1 7 8 9
black or green does not
WEST POINT: 1BR/1BA Sat., Nov. 23, 2019
matter as long as you object
column is andtoeach
3x3 the
box 1 8 5 7 6 9 4 3 2
spacious apartment. 10AM−5PM
have the talent and numbers
contains the1sameto 9 number
the empty spaces so 2 6 7 1 8 5 3 9 4
Appliances and water 302 Alabama St.
heart for the job. Think
furnished. $375/mo. only once. The difficulty 4 9 1 3 2 6 5 7 8
No Pets, No HUD. about doing it mainly for that each row, each
the sheer enjoyment level increases from
column and each
Maw Maw’s Treasures
8 5 3 4 9 7 2 1 6
STARKVILLE: 2BR/1.5 Christmas Open House but also we could take Monday
3x3 boxtocontains
Sunday. Difficulty Level 11/12

BA, Central H&A, new Sat, Nov 16, 10a−5p it to churches,

appliances. $550/mo. Storewide Sales! reunions, the pavilion in the same number only once. The difficulty level
No Pets. 104 Womack. 25993 West Main, downtown Columbus on
a nice day, etc., etc. as
increases from Monday to Sunday.
West Point
DOWNTOWN 1BR 662−494−0731 we desire. Practice
This large 1 bedroom Mobile Homes for Rent once a week and work
on selections in
apartment has been Firewood / Fuel between on your own.
recently renovated. It 3BR/2BA MOBILE HOME −
features great natural light, ARTESIA. WEST LOWNDES FIREWOOD FOR SALE. Now is the right time to
hardwood floors, tall SCHOOL DIST. NO PETS. Various lengths. USE your talent before
ceilings and access to a CREDIT CHECK REQ. $300 662−295−2274. it is gone and you might
shared laundry room. DEPOSIT. RENT $475.00 have to answer to the
$750 rent and $750 662−251−8590. Furniture "Bandleader up
deposit. Utilities included. there"as to why you let
No pets please. Call Peter, LIVING ROOM SET it go to waste! If
662−574−1561. RENT A CAMPER! Loveseat & chaise for sale. interested send me a
CHEAPER THAN A MOTEL! NEW!!! $290. 662−242− text at (706) 575−9399
Utilities & cable included, 2884. Leave a message. and I will get back with
DOWNTOWN: 2BR/1BA from $145/wk − $535/ you and collect names
CH&A, 1 story, W/D, month. Columbus & County General Merchandise until we have enough
historic district, 1 block School locations. 662−242 folks to get started. I
from downtown. −7653 or 601−940−1397. Starkville Habitat ReStore KNOW there must be
$575/mo. + $575 dep. Don’t forget our new lots of local talent for
NO PETS. 662−574−8789. Office Spaces For Rent holiday hours. We are now this, so...? 706−575−
Peaceful & Quiet area. open Thursday 1−6, Friday 9399
9−6, and Saturday 9−4.
GREAT, CONVENIENT Come see us for holiday
LOCATION! Office space for bargains! 206 South Pets
lease at 822 2nd Ave. N. Jackson Street in
RENTALS 662−574−3970. 662−570 Starkville. 662−324−7008 GERMAN SHEPHERD
WANTED FREON R12. 12 weeks old. Blk & cream,
1 BEDROOM OFFICE SPACE FOR We pay CA$H. blk & brown. First shots
2 BEDROOMS LEASE. 1112 Main St., R12 R500 R11.
given & wormed, family
friendly and guard dog
Ste. 5. 3700 sq. ft. Plenty
3 BEDROOMS of private parking. 662− Certified professionals. stock. Mother onsite.
327−9559. 662−251−7940.
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DEPOSIT Storage & Garages Sporting Goods
Four convenient self 9−5: Tues−Fri & It’s a classified
662-329-2323 storage locations in the
Columbus & New Hope
areas for household &
9−12: Sat.
Over 50 years experience! rule-of-thumb:
Repairs, cleaning,
2411 HWY 45 N commercial storage. refinishing, scopes We tell readers
Rent online at
COLUMBUS, MS mounted & zeroed,
what they need
or call 662−327−4236. handmade knives.
Commercial Property For Rent
Located: Hwy 45 Alt, North
of West Point, turn right on to know to buy
Yokahama Blvd, 8mi & turn
left on Darracott Rd, see
what they need.
Real Estate
DOWNTOWN. 3,000 sq. ft. sign, 2.5mi ahead, shop on
truck terminal, 9,500 sq. left. 662−494−6218.
ft. shop & 3,200 sq. ft.
office/shop. Buildings can
Ads starting at $25
be rented together or ACROSS
separately. All w/ excellent
1 Green stone
access & Hwy. 82 visibility.
Houses For Sale: Southside
Need a new 5 Zany

Ads starting at $12
companion? 11 Plow pullers
12 Baltimore
AVAILABLE. 1200 sq. ft. Autos For Sale player
$1100/mo. Serious 13 Shade pro-
inquiries only. 662−328− 1986 CHEVROLET
8655 or 662−574−7879. CORVETTE. Low mileage viders
(107k), lots of documen− 14 Grace, e.g.
Houses For Rent: North tation/receipts since 15 Summer sign
1992. Lots of recent high 16 Peat or
dollar repairs completed.
this totally renovated 3BR/ This is a must see!! propane
RD. $900/mo. No pets.
No HUD. 662−549−2302. 1BA brick home. Builder/ $7,500. Clear MS title in 17 Field covers
Leave message. Trade, Good Credit a Must. hand. 662−329−1252. 19 Grass coating
Call Long & Long @ 662−
328−0770 to ask about 2015 TOYOTA CAMRY X SE
22 Wet, in a way
3BR/2BA CH/A, Hwy 45 N. total payments/apx. $525 Dealer maintained, runs 24 Letter before
Caledonia Schools. No per month. Broker/Owner great, loaded w/ options. iota
pets. $800/mo. $800 dep. Just 130k miles. Only 26 In a frenzy
1 yr lease. Weathers
When looking
Lots & Acreage $12,500. Call 501−545− 27 Stratford’s 3 Military punish- 23 Writer Oz
Rentals, 662−574−0345. 7750. Local!
Open Mon−Fri, 8a−4p. FALL SPECIAL. 1.75 acre
river ments 25 Visibility
28 Singer Nick 4 Print units lessener
lots. Good/bad credit. 10%
3BR/2BA. Fresh paint, new down, as low as $299/mo.
carpet, fenced yard & appl Eaton Land. Community for a new pet, 30 Thinning layer
31 Cart puller
5 Remove, as
a spill
29 Knight’s
furn. 662−251−9696.

Houses For Sale: Other

Ads starting at $12 adoption is 32 Librarian’s
6 Haul in
7 Tuning knob
30 Gusher’s
34 Tedious
Good Things To Eat always a 35 Little devil
8 Coquettish
9 Saloon order
33 Peptic
38 Tiled art 10 Apiece 34 Speaker’s
good option. 41 Sow’s mate
42 Whole
16 Make tem-
36 Airspeed ratio
43 In the past 18 “Lonely Boy” 37 Hunted
44 Yellowstone singer animal
sight 19 Religious 38 Ryan of “Top
45 Pale observances Gun”
Five Questions: DOWN 20 School near 39 Early hour
1 Singer Billy Windsor 40 Sow’s place
2 Wheel con- 21 Diminish 41 Huge snake
1X nector 22 Indian prince

2 Rabbits

3 Duke

4 Club Med

5 Rocky
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