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o How many people were saved

o Name three Israelite kings.

on the ark?
(Saul, David, Solomon)
o Who built the ark?
o Who had a coat made of camel
hair and ate locusts and wild
o Where did Jesus grow up? honey?
(Nazareth) (John the Baptist)
o Who lived in Ur and moved to a o Who said to whom: „A person
country he did not know? sees what is in front of his eyes
(Abraham) but God sees the heart”?
o What happened first? Murder of (God to Samuel)
Abel or the great flood? o What is quoted in John 14,6?
(Murder of Abel) (I am the way, the truth and the
o What was the name of the blind life. No one comes to the father
beggar at the gate of Jericho? except through me).
(Bartimaeus) o Which type of animal did
o Was Goliath a Philistine or an Balaam ride?
Egyptian? (A donkey)
(Philistine) o What type of tree did Zaccariah
o What was Jacob’s brother climb?
called? (Mulberry-fig tree)
o What happened first? The
exodus of Egypt or the „fall of
Medium questions
(Teenager bible
o How many years of famine did quiz)
Joseph prophesise to the
Pharaohs? 1. Who commanded the sun and
(seven) moon to stay still?
o Which books come before and
after the gospel according to 2. For which type of tree was
Luke? Lebanon well known?
(The gospels according to Mark (Cedar)
and John)
3. How did Stephanus die?
o What was Jacob’s youngest son (Stoned to death)
(Benjamin) 4. Where was Jesus taken
o Where do we first hear about a
(Abel, 1. Moses 4,2) 5. Which biblical book tells of
o Who said: „How long will you David and Goliath?
waver between two opinions?” (1. Samuel)
(Elijah on Mount Carmel) 6. Is Horeb the name of a town or
o Which two birds did Noah send a mountain?
out of the ark as messengers? (A mountain)
(Raven and dove)
7. Where did a jailer find his faith?
o Who said: „I myself, and my (Philippi)
house, want to serve the
Lord!”? 8. What were the two sons of
(Joshua) Zebadee (one of the disciples)
o Which commander had
leprosy? (John and Jacob)
(Naemann) 9. Which book reports on the
o Which towns were destroyed by missionary travels of Paul?
fire and brimstone? (The Acts of the Apostles)
(Sodom and Gomorrah)
10. What was Jacob’s eldest son
o Name three of Jesus’ disciples called?
whose names begin with „J”. (Rueben)
(Jacob, John and Judas)
11. Name three prisoners 2. In which book of the bible to we
mentioned in the bible. read about Haman?
(Joseph, Samson, Paul) (Esther)
12. Who prophesised the coming of 3. Which Roman was in charge of
Jesus shortly beforehand? cultivation in Syria at the time of
(John the Baptist) Jesus’ birth?
13. What were the names of the
mother and grandmother of 4. What happened first? Preacher
Jacob? Paul on the Areopagus or the
(Rebecca, Sara) execution of Jacob?
(Execution of Jacob)
14. Name three prophets?
(Elijah, Jeremiah, Jonah) 5. What were the names of
Abraham’s brothers?
15. What happened first? Jesus’
(Nahor, Haran)
christening or the feeding of the
5000? 6. What was the name of a female
(Jesus’ christening) judge and her companion?
(Deborah, Barak)
16. Name three missionaries
named in the bible. 7. What happened first?
(Paul, Silas, Barnabas) Appointment of Matthew as an
apostle or the appearance of
17. What was Ruth’s husband
the Holy Spirit?
(Appointment of Matthew as an
18. Which illness did Mephiboseth
8. What was the goddess in
suffer from?
Ephesus called who was
(He was lame)
worshipped the most?
19. What came first? Elias (Diana)
ascension or Enoch’s rapture?
9. What was Priscilla’s husband
(Enoch’s rapture)
called; which job did he have?
20. Who made the golden calf and (Aquila, tent maker)
the bronze snake?
10. Name three sons of David.
(Aaron, Moses)
(Salomon, Absalom, Nathan)
21. Name three women in the bible
11. Who was Bernice?
whose names begin with „R”.
(The wife of king Agrippa)
(Rebecca, Rachel, Ruth)
12. What happened first? The
22. Which king had a sundial?
beheading of John or the
feeding of the 5000?
23. Which disciple found a coin in (John was beheaded)
the mouth of a fish?
13. Who was Ahasveros?
(A Persian king, Xerxes 1.)
24. What was Harn’s father called?
14. Where in the bible are apples
What were his brothers called?
mentioned for the first time?
(Noah, Shem, Japheth)
(Proverbs 25,11)
25. What is written in 1. Timothy
15. Who said: „See, I have not
heard the half of it. You have
(God wants all people to be
more knowledge and goodness
saved and come to recognise
than me, this is rumour I have
the truth.)
(The queen of Saba to
Difficult questions
16. What was the great-grandson of
(youth bible quiz) Boa called?
1. Name three soldiers mentioned
in the bible. 17. Who said: „It won’t take much
(Joab, Naemann, Cornelius) more for you to convince to
become a Christian”? 7. What did Jacob call the place
(Agrippa to Paul) where he fought with God?
(Pniel/1. Moses 32,30)
18. Who was Zippora?
(Moses’ wife) 8. How many chapters does the
book Jeremiah have? How
19. How old did Enoch become?
many verses does the letter of
(365 years old)
Judas have?
20. Who said: „Philistines rule over (52, 25)
9. What is written in Romans
(Delilah to Samson)
21. What was Timotheus (For since the creation of the
grandmother called? world God’s invisible qualities,
(Lois) his eternal power and divine
22. Consider what a great forest is nature, have been clearly seen,
set on fire by a small spark. being understood from what
(The tongue/James 3,5) has been made, so that men
are without excuse. For
23. Which names were Daniel and although they knew God they
his three friends given in neither glorified him as God nor
Babylon? gave thanks to him.)
(Belshazzar, Sadrach, Mesach,
Abednego) 10. Who is Peter’s first letter
addressed to?
24. What is written in 2. Corinthians (The dispersed strangers)
(We are therefore Christ’s 11. Where is “Satan’s throne”?
ambassadors as though God (In purgatory/Revelations
were making his appeal through 2,12.13)
us; We implore you on God’s 12. These promote controversies
behalf: Be reconciled with God!) rather than God’s work – which
is by faith (1Timothy 1,4).
(Tales, gender register)
Very difficult 13. What happened with the
questions | Expert animals which were killed as a
bible quiz (They were burned outside of
the camp /3 Mo 4,1-12)
1. What does Jahwe-Schammah
mean? 14. What was shown on the high
(God himself/Ezekiel 48,35) priest’s head band?
( Holiness of Jahwe/2. Mo
2. How much bread and fish was 39,30)
available to feed the 5000?
How many baskets were left 15. What was Job’s mother called?
over? (Zeruja/2 Samuel 2,13)
(7 x bread and several small 16. How many wonders did God
fish, 7 baskets/Matthew 15,3) perform?
3. What is the name of the storm (They cannot be counted/Job
winds which can hit Crete? 5,8.9)
(Euroklydon/Acts. 27,14) 17. Which job/position in Israelite
4. How many wonders did Elijah society did Ezra have?
and Elisa perform? (Land cultivator/Ezra 7,1; priest,
(Elisa performed exactly twice scribe/Ezra 7,11)
as many as Elijah. Deliverance 18. What were the two columns
2. Kings 2,9) called on the temple built by
5. When was Passover Solomon?
celebrated? Day and month. (Jakin, Boas/l kings 7,21)
(14th day of the 1st month) 19. Which books come before and
6. What was the name of the first after Daniel?
tool maker in the bible? (Ezekiel, Hosea)
(Tubalkain/1. Moses 4,22)
20. Who said: „His blood comes
over us and our children”?
(The people of Israel at the
release of Barrabas)
21. Which spirit was in the
possessed girl in Philippi?
(A python spirit/Acts 16,16)
22. Which thing were the only
things to be taken over from the
Old Testament during the
council of Apostles in
(Instead we should write to
them, telling them to abstain
from food polluted by idols, from
sexual immorality, from the
meat of strangled animals and
from blood / Acts 15,20)
23. What did Epaphroditus do?
(He brought Paul a gift from the
Philippians 2,25-27; 4,18)
24. Where did Paul leave his coat?
(In Troas, Carpus)
25. How many years went by
before Paul moved back to
(14 years/Galatians 2,1)