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Gandhi Fellowship- Unfold, Impact & Enjoy

Today’s India needs young people with fresh ideas who could try and transform themselves to cause
change in the system and stand by it. We, at Gandhi fellowship, believe that from the youth of this country
will emerge the most effective and the finest leadership that will lead India into a new world of success.
Aiming to change 1 million lives in 10 years, Gandhi Fellowship, a unique 2-year full time residential
fellowship, is designed to develop and inspire self-motivated youth across the country to follow the
unconventional path of action-reflection-action to work for improvement in public education system and
lead social transformation through the instrument of self-change.

Founded in 2008, Gandhi Fellowship, running under the aegis of Kaivalya Education Foundation (KEF)
and Piramal Foundation for Education Leadership (PFEL) has been nurturing a bank of committed young
men and women across the country to drive positive transformation at all levels through reforming the
system of public education.

“We started 10 years ago when there was no other fellowship in the country to really get involved in
building self and building the nation. Now a whole bunch of fellowships have come in the country which
provides opportunities for young people to develop themselves. Our aspiration that we set out that time
was to build a network of 10 thousand young people by 2025 across, these would be those people who
have been in this fellowship therefore have very tight bonds, I come from a business culture, so from the
business schools you have very tight bonds and there is quick trust and therefore quick speed of
relationships and we want to build the Gandhi fellowship in a brand like that. It's already becoming as
recruiters want to recruit Gandhi Fellows because they are ethical, grounded, know how to influence
government, know how to get things and know how to lead people. So, that’s the brand we would like to
build for the country - saying that there is a brand and if you want young people who are high in ethics,
grounded, get things done, know how to lead people and do things in the best interest of the nation, then
Gandhi Fellowship is where you should be recruiting from” – The larger vision of Gandhi Fellowship as
succinctly described by Mr. Aditya Natraj, Founder & CEO, Gandhi Fellowship, PFEL & KEF.
Work of Gandhi Fellow
As a Gandhi fellow, they will be assigned to either the School Leadership Development Program, the
District Transformation Program or the State Transformation Program. All our programs follow the same
course, a two-year residency with the primary stakeholders that stand to benefit from the intervention.
The Fellows engage with the students of municipal schools, their teachers and headmasters, their
community; as also the government appointed education system managers at the district and state level.
All our programs are aimed towards creating disruptive improvements in School Learning Outcomes.

What Gandhi Fellowship offers the youth?

Gandhi Fellowship Program is designed in such a manner that the fellow finds his and her own
opportunities and charts his and her own course of leadership.

An opportunity to Build Self

• Self-awareness- Gandhi Fellowship curriculum offers opportunity to follow a cyclical process of

Plan-Act-Reflect-Share-Plan., Socio-emotional-ethical learning and process like Vipassana to
create self -awareness and have a better grip on self and others etc.
• Empathy- Through community/system immersion, where the fellow spends about a month in the
eco-system where s/he is assigned to work during fellowship, they understand the issue first-
hand, identify need and work to find solutions.
• Influence without Authority- While working with a spectrum of internal and external stakeholders,
you will learn to influence, negotiate and work better in a public system.
• Build peer network – They will be a part of remarkable peer set in fellowship from diverse
educational backgrounds, leading colleges and from different geographies across the country. By
living, working and problem solving with peers a Gandhi fellow naturally learns to collaborate.
An opportunity to Build Nation

• Understand problems at grassroots and find solutions- While living within the community where
they work during the process community immersion, Gandhi Fellows understand the issues at
first hand, engage with social issues at grassroots in real manner and devote their energies to
solve the issues.
• Influence society/systems-The processes like Field support, community immersion and public
systems project provides Fellows an opportunity to influence society and systems through their
work and initiatives.
• Create & implement Projects that can cause impact- A process in fellowship, Public systems
Project is the one in which fellows initiates a project which aims to solve a problem at
school/community. This process gives them an understanding of developing an idea into a
solution and then to a business which can create impact.
• Manage Stakeholders- The work of a Gandhi Fellow allows her to meet and collaborate with a
spectrum of stakeholders in Government, CSRs, NGOs etc. They learn to influence, negotiate
and work better in a public system.

We urge the youth of India to participate in this endeavor where we believe that avenues for a more
constructive purpose are waiting for them and if they are the chosen ones, then the promise that they will
deliver will certainly be a significant contribution in our country’s economy.

We firmly believe that through their intervention and leadership, such essential improvements and
landmark changes can be brought about which make them the real leaders! Gandhi Fellowship helps
them match up to these issues, identify the gaps, understand them in their context, and then think
innovatively and uniquely for the best outcome. This is the true role of the change leader, a change leader
who will bring India out of the shackles of a stagnant mindset and lead the country with a continuous
process of visible results.
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