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case study

India brewery selects ZeeWeed* for water

treatment & T-MBR for recycling effluent
challenge results
A brewery in western India was facing a dual The footprint of the system is less than that
challenge: to upgrade its existing water treatment of conventional treatment. T-MBR has a recovery
plant (WTP) and to recycle the effluent waste from its rate of 90-95% and the RO system has a
existing wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) 250 recovery rate of 75-80%.
m /day of wastewater is supplied for treatment, but

With the use of T-MBR technology, the COD, BOD &

that water has biochemical oxygen demand (BOD),
TDS values of the effluent treatment plant (ETP)
chemical oxygen demand (COD), & total dissolved
water were considerably reduced and the product
solids (TDS) that are quite high for a reuse application.
was reused as process water. SUEZ is a pioneer in
the use of hollow fiber membranes for water
solution treatment, with more than 100 drinking water, and
220 wastewater installations globally.
For the WTP, SUEZ’s ZeeWeed 1500 ultrafiltration (UF)
Table 1: Project Summary
membranes were installed, followed by an activated
carbon filter (ACF), and reverse osmosis (RO). This UF End User: Brewery
system achieves 95% recovery with permeate capacity
of 75 m /hr. The product water after this treatment has
Location: Aurangabad, Maharashtra, IN
a silt density index (SDI) of <3 and turbidity of <1. The
Commissioned 2016
total flow rate for the WTP system is 1200 m /day. 3

After assessment of the customer’s input, it was Application WTP upgrade; ETP recycling
assumed that a majority of the organics were
Feed water Source: Raw Water; ETP wastewater
in soluble form and hence could be removed by
tertiary membrane bioreactor (T-MBR) technology Feed water quality: BOD -30 mg/L; COD <250 mg/L;
to meet RO feed quality of COD <20 mg/L. SUEZ TDS < 2100 ppm (ETP)
proposed a T-MBR, RO and dissolved gas system to
achieve the required treated water quality, and T-MBR Product Quality: TDS <250 ppm (fit for recycling)
with RO to achieve phosphate reduction. T-MBR
features ZeeWeed 500 and can accommodate total Flow rate: 1200 m /day (WTP); 250 m /day
3 3

suspended solids (TSS) of 100 mg/l, most of which
comes from clarifier overflow. Technology: ZeeWeed 1500;
T-MBR ZeeWeed 500

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