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November 18, 2010 | Vol. 2, No. 1

By Louis Weisberg leadership dominates the
Staff writer state’s GOP, and a number of
On Nov. 2, Republicans pro-equality Democrats lost
won the majority over all their seats in the mid-term
three branches of Wisconsin election. This scenario does
government, securing their not auger well for progress
control of the state’s political toward equality in the state.

agenda for at least the next Gov.-elect Scott Walker
two years – and quite pos- promised during his cam-
sibly well beyond. paign to eliminate the state’s
In conjunction with the domestic partner registry as
2010 national census, new well as to end domestic part-
legislative maps will be drawn ner benefits for both straight
next year throughout the
nation to reflect popula-
tion changes. With complete
and gay state workers.
But if Republicans do
choose to pursue an aggres-
control over the process of sive anti-gay agenda, they
redistricting in Wisconsin, run the risk of alienat-
GOP leaders will have lee- ing the independents who
way to configure political switched in large numbers
boundaries that maximize from voting Democratic in
the impact of Republican vot- 2008 to Republican in 2010. GrAPhiC bY
ers and ensure them a strong The majority of these voters J i M l A U t e n b AC h
political advantage for the are neither anti-gay nor par-
coming decade. ticularly interested in LGBT

Cody’s mom: ‘I must

Conservative, anti-gay issues. Even with gerryman-
dering, Republicans cannot
shore up a majority by squan-

This dering their efforts on behalf

finish what he started’

of the fringe right.
issue Nationally, exit polls
on Nov. 2 showed that
inside and online at Republicans benefited from voter frustration over the in the barn on his family’s that was extinguished. These him to commit such a des-
lack of jobs, not from a sud- By Louis Weisberg farm northwest of Appleton, September sons that died, perate act that day?
News den surge in converts to Staff writer adding his name to the list of the world will never know When news of the suicide
WiGWAG ......................2 Christian fundamentalism. Among the questions sur- gay youth who’ve taken their what it lost.” became public, the Shiocton
Wisconsin Gaze............4 “I did more media inter- rounding the suicide of her lives this fall – a list that con- Cody is buried in a cem- School District superinten-
Editorial ....................... 10 views about why LGBT rights son, there’s one that tor- tinues to grow. It was Barker etery just down the road dent quickly issued a blanket
Opinion ....................... 11 were not an issue in this ments Darla Barker the most: who discovered Cody’s body. from the farm. Barker said denial that any bullying had
National Gaze ............ 12 election than about LGBT If she’d come home earlier “Cody was passionate,” she visits his gravesite daily occurred at Cody’s school.
rights themselves,” said Katie on Sept. 13, would Cody still Barker said, her pale-blue and leaves behind a red rose, “Right now every-
Features Belanger, executive director be alive today? irises swimming in tears. “He his favorite flower. body’s looking for some-
WiGOUT .................... 21 of Fair Wisconsin. Cody, 17, was nine days was involved. He could have Another question that one to be the poster child
Art Gaze ..................... 22 At the same time that into his senior year of high been anything, done anything. haunts Barker is: What hap-
Theater ........................ 23 pro-equality legislators lost school when he hung himself He was like a bright light pened to Cody that drove Cody page 14
On the Town .............. 32 their races in swing districts
Community Events.... 35
2 WISCONSINGAZETTE.COM | November 18, 2010

WiGWAG By Lisa Neff & Louis Weisberg

Pope with a “collective to the public as Patient

kiss” in Barcelona on Nov. Zeta, tested positive so
7 to protest the Vatican’s more actors in the indus-
opposition to sexual free- try could be tested. Several
dom, divorce and condom other porn companies fol-
use. “This is a peaceful act lowed suit, but are now
of protest to demonstrate back in business.
that love is the same in
the hearts of everyone,” fOLLOW THE
BACK AT YA Catalonian activist Jordi MONEY
By a margin of 55 per- Petit told The Independent. MSNBC temporar-
cent to 45 percent, voters ily suspended liberal
in El Paso, Texas, passed an ATTACK Of THE commentator Keith
initiative saying, “The city SEx TOY Olbermann after learn-
of El Paso endorses tradi- A Gurnee woman faces ing that its “Countdown”
tional family values by mak- aggravated assault charges host contributed $2,400 to
ing health benefits avail- after allegedly assaulting a Kentucky Senate candidate
able only to city employees police officer with a “a rigid Jack Conway and Arizona
and their legal spouse and feminine pleasure device.” Reps. Raul Grivalva and
dependent children.” As a Police were notified Gabrielle Giffords. NBC
result, the city attorney’s after Carolee Bildsten, 56, News prohibits employees
office announced the city ran out on her tab at Joe’s from working on or donat-
would have to eliminate Crab Shack. Officers found ing to political campaigns
health coverage for chil- her lying drunk on the unless they have a special
dren such as foster kids grass down the street and exception.
who are not dependents approached her, accord- Meanwhile, flipping chan-
under the federal tax code, ing to NBC Chicago. She nels to focus on Fox News,
along with the grandchil- led police to her home conservative host Sean
dren of city employees, to retrieve the money, but Hannity contributed $2,400
retirees and others who pulled a sex toy instead to a John Gomez’ congres-
are currently receiving ben- of cash from her dresser sional campaign in New
efits. The initiative’s backers drawer and tried to knock York and $5,000 to Many
say that’s not what they an officer over the head Individual Conservatives
intended. with it. Bildsten was arrest- Helping Elect Leaders
ed and booked. Everywhere, a PAC asso-
ciated with Minnesota’s
GLAMOUr’S GAL Michele Bachmann.
Constance McMillen, But that’s nickels and
who challenged her dimes compared to the
Mississippi school dis- $1 million Fox poppa
trict over a ban against News Corp gave to the
same-sex dates at her Republican Governor’s
prom, is Glamour maga- Association for the mid-
zine’s 2010 Woman of term election.
the Year. Others to hold Olbermann later apolo-
that title include Fergie, gized for what’s consid-
Julia Roberts, Donatella ered a breach of journal-
Versace and Queen Rania ism ethics.
rEGrETS OvEr of Jordan. The panel that No apologies from
LESBIAN SCENE selected McMillen includ- Hannity or Fox – and we
Actress Natalie Portman ed past honorees Jennifer don’t expect any.
reportedly fears that a les- Lopez and Katie Couric. In
bian sex scene she shares a photo on the Glamour ALL POINTS
with actress Mila Kunis website, McMillen wears a BULLETIN
in Darren Aronofsky’s tux and a tiara. Police in Jackson, Wyo.,
thriller feature film “Black are searching for a lost
Swan” will eclipse the film POrN locked box that contains
as a whole. The Toronto PrODUCTION about an ounce of meth-
Sun also reported that rESUMES amphetamine. How will
Portman’s father, Dr. Avner Action. California’s porn people recognize the box?
Hershlag, is so upset by the industry, which turned off Besides being black, white
explicit lovemaking scene the cameras for a while this lettering on the box says
that it has caused a rift fall, has resumed operations. “METH.” A sergeant was
between the two. He is The temporary and volun- using the locked box to
said to feel that the scene tary suspension of filming train a police dog. At some
exploits her. was prompted by a porn point during the exercise,
actor’s HIV-positive test he left the box on the
POPE vIEWS result. Vivid Entertainment, bumper of his car and then
SMOOCH a major maker of adult drove off. About 100 gay and les-

bian couples greeted the
films, stopped production
after the actor, known only Thank you for reading WiG!
WISCONSINGAZETTE.COM | November 18, 2010 3
4 WISCONSINGAZETTE.COM | November 18, 2010

WisConsin GAze 5
Got news? Tell us manag-
news? Tell us

Green Bay votes to table anti-gay measure

By Louis Weisberg 25. But when the measure was Belanger called the mea- Belanger said. “The outpour- organization said in a state- try will be overturned after
Staff writer brought up for a vote before sure an “act of bullying and ing of opposition to this mea- ment that it would continue Republicans take over state
Green Bay City Council the full council on Nov. 3, alder- retribution.” Her organization sure was overwhelming and to monitor the situation in government in January. That
voted to table a measure that men voted 9 - 2 to postpone rallied equality supporters in we were proud to stand with Green Bay and “continue would make the court case
would have authorized the action on it indefinitely. Green Bay, who packed the so many LGBT and allied resi- opposing further measures ... that the measure sought to
city’s legal department to join The two votes against council chamber with more dents of Green Bay to stop that bully and discriminate join unnecessary.
forces with an anti-gay group postponement came from than 100 citizens on the eve- this attempt to strip basic against LGBT people.” Sortwell was elected to
seeking to overturn the state’s pro-equality aldermen who ning of the vote to show their protections from committed Shae Sortwell, the alder- the council for the first time
domestic partner registry law. wanted to take stronger opposition. “We are pleased same-sex couples.” man who proposed the this year. He also backed an
A council committee action against the measure, that the city council saw fit According to Fair measure, joined the vote to ordinance to exempt Green
approved the measure, the first said Fair Wisconsin executive to postpone this unfortunate Wisconsin, the measure could table it, saying he’s confident Bay from the state’s public
of its kind in the state, on Oct. director Katie Belanger. and ill-advised resolution,” be brought forward again.The the domestic partner regis- smoking ban.

Appleton retains its diversity coordinator

By Louis Weisberg Nov. 10 to consider ways of abreast of the coordina- American, Asian (particularly as urban development and ing communities, such as
Staff writer closing the city’s $2.5-million tor’s activities on behalf of Hmong), Latino and Native- housing. Kimberly Clark in Neenah,
Appleton City Council budget gap. Appleton and neighboring American communities. “I’m thrilled to be con- recruit and retain a diverse
voted 12 - 4 to retain the Although the position was communities. The coordinator builds tinuing this work in the city and top-notch workforce.
city’s diversity coordinator retained, the diversity coor- Advocates contend that bridges among communi- of Appleton,” Flores said. “I’m grateful to the 12
position. dinator will no longer report the program, which began in ties, including the LGBT “Hopefully, we’ll continue to alder-folk who understand
Eliminating the position, to the mayor’s office, as it 1997 under a different name, community, and creates an show how good it is that we the importance of having
which is currently held by did in the past, but rather is more important now than atmosphere of cross-cultur- continue this program.” this program in the City of
Kathy Flores, was one of to the community develop- ever. All of Appleton’s popu- al appreciation. Flores said Flores said the position Appleton, and I look forward
many proposals that alder- ment department. The shift lation growth over the next the shift in reporting might has regional value because to working with all of them
men debated during a seven- in reporting will ensure that 20 years is projected to expand her role to include it helps major employers and hopefully bringing them
hour overnight meeting on council members are kept come from the city’s African- more work in such areas in Appleton and neighbor- all on board,” Flores said.



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WISCONSINGAZETTE.COM | November 18, 2010 5

WisConsin GAze Got news? Tell us

POLICE “UW-Whitewater is a will not be charged because the door after entering the
INvESTIGATE NEW place that values all people,” no one – except a surveil- room, indicates that it was
HATE CrIMES AT he said. “This incident goes lance camera – could see his belief that he was in a
UW-WHITEWATEr against everything that we inside the publicly accessible private room that was not
Police are investigating stand for as a campus.” room. within view of anyone else.”
more hate crimes at the In addition to conducting The report concluded that The incident occurred
University of Wisconsin- an exhaustive investigation, Henkelmann had a reason- when Henkelmann was
Whitewater – this time UW-Whitewater police will able expectation of privacy one of about 200 prosecu-
involving vandalism to the provide an increased pres- when he entered the busi- tors attending a three-day
cars of three black stu- ence on campus, Telfer said. ness lounge, which had only conference at the Osthoff
dents. The university plans meet- one computer station and no Resort in Elkhart Lake
The university said ings to discuss how to stop windows. in November 2009. The
someone slashed the tires such incidents. “Based on all the informa- event was hosted by the P h oto : C o U r t e s Y
of the cars and spray-paint- tion I obtained and reviewed, Department of Justice. John McGivern
ed “KKK” on the doors WOOD COUNTY there is insufficient evidence Amanda Cain, a former
and hoods. The incidents DA MASTUrBATED to support a criminal viola- reservations assistant at the MILWAUKEE’S McGivern in Chicago on
happened between 11 p.m. AT rESOrT tion,” Lt. Jim Risseeuw of the Osthoff, said she was fired JOHN MCGIvErN Nov. 6.
on Nov. 8 and 10 a.m. on A report says a Wisconsin Sheboygan County Sheriff’s for violating “guest confi- WINS EMMY Filmed on location
Nov. 9. prosecutor was caught by Department wrote in the dentiality” after seeing the AWArD throughout Milwaukee, “Early
The reports of vandalism hotel security viewing por- report. “Although the busi- surveillance video and then Out Milwaukee celeb- Stories” recalls McGivern’s
follow closely on the heels nography in the business ness center is open for use reporting it to law authori- rity John McGivern won childhood in a large, Irish-
of a Nov. 7 incident in which center of a resort and then by hotel guests, the room is ties. She said she did not a Midwest Emmy Award Catholic family on Bartlett
a freshman walking on the was “most likely” masturbat- set up for use by only one know Henkelmann’s name or for “Early Stories of John Avenue. The program aired
north side of campus was ing when he returned hours person at a time. … John position until the matter was McGivern,” which was pro- on MPTV in December 2009
approached by two white later. Henkelmann’s reaction and made public a month ago. duced and broadcast by and September 2010 and is
males, one of whom pushed The Sheboygan County statement to the officer that The report says Milwaukee Public Television. now available from MPTV
her into a fence and held her Sheriff’s Department report he was not aware of the Henkelmann refused to The National Academy of Friends.
there. He let her go after says Wood County District surveillance camera, and the answer questions about his Television Arts and Sciences
making a derogatory remark Attorney John Henkelmann fact that John had locked behavior. presented the award to - From WiG and AP reports
about her perceived sexual
In September, a woman
was punched in the face
near campus while wearing
follow us on Twitter

a T-shirt that said “Legalize


The State Journal reported

earlier that police do not

believe the two assaults are
U W- W h i t e w a t e r
Chancellor Richard J. Telfer
issued a statement follow-
ing the second assault saying
that bullying and hate crimes
would not be tolerated on
campus or in the local com-

315 W. Court Street,

Suite 101
Milwaukee, WI 53215
Milwaukee LGBT Community Center
(414) 271-2656 United by Diversity, United in Diversity

The Mission of the Milwaukee LGBT  Wisconsin’s
Community Center is to further develop 
our vibrant lesbian, gay, bisexual and 
transgender community in the greater 
Milwaukee area, thus improving the quality 
of life for all of us.
     Anti-Violence Project
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6 WISCONSINGAZETTE.COM | November 18, 2010

Milwaukee lags in workplace equality

By Louis Weisberg cies, benefits and practices groups and external engage- were announced at a sold- in Milwaukee fared worst of out on the job, 30 percent
Staff writer of companies toward their ment with the LGBT com- out luncheon hosted by all, earning a 47-percent rat- expressed fear that their
Milwaukee’s major employ- LGBT workers. munity. Cream City Foundation’s ing compared with Madison’s sexual orientation could
ers lag behind those in the In the most recent report, Nine of the 16 Wisconsin QShare Business Network 78 percent. limit their careers.
rest of the region when it only two of the 16 Wisconsin employers were found lack- at Manpower Global To test the comfort The report concluded
comes to workplace equal- companies that were rated ing in all areas. The lowest- Headquarters in Milwaukee level of LGBT people in that unless companies in
ity, according to a report achieved perfect scores of ranked companies earned on Oct. 28. Milwaukee at their jobs, the area improve workplace
produced by the Cream City 100 percent – Quarles & ratings of only 15 percent, Wisconsin had an average Cream City Foundation fol- equality, Milwaukee and the
Foundation. Brady LLP and S.C. Johnson including Fiserv Inc., Kohl’s index rating of 51 percent, lowed up on HRC’s report state of Wisconsin will con-
The report was based on & Son Inc. Companies were Corp., Harley-Davidson Inc., far below that of neighboring by conducting focus groups tinue losing the most tal-
The Human Rights Campaign measured on their non-dis- Manpower Inc., Rockwell states. Illinois had a rate of 81 and an online survey. CCF ented and promising LGBT
Foundation’s corporate crimination policies, diversity Automation Inc. and Oshkosh percent, and Minnesota’s rate found that while 85 percent employees to neighboring
equality index, an annual sur- training, domestic partner Corp. was 80 percent. of respondents said they states.
vey that examines the poli- benefits, employee resource Results of the report Employers headquartered were comfortable being

It would be risky for the GOP to lurch into an anti-gay agenda after the election
Setback from 1 beat Democrat Tom Barrett In fact, the term “conser- In recognition of this It would signal to voters that of Wisconsin agree with.
by 5 points. vative” did not even mean political landscape, even state Republicans are not inter- What Scott Walker and the
that went for Walker and Exit polls in Wisconsin this the same thing this year that Sen.-elect Leah Vukmir, the ested in or able to fix the Legislature would be doing
GOP Senate candidate Ron year showed a 10-percent it did during elections in most extreme religious right problems they were elected is saying that gays and lesbi-
Johnson, a number of highly increase in self-identified which the so-called “culture candidate on the ticket in to address. ans shouldn’t be able to visit
vocal supporters of LGBT “conservative” voters since wars” played a role. Adopting Wisconsin, was silent about It would also involve their partners in the hospi-
equality won, Belanger said. the last election. But moder- the mantle of a conservative LGBT issues during the some backtracking. Incoming tal. That’s not something our
ates still accounted for 42 today is more likely to indi- campaign. And Walker’s staff Senate Majority Leader Scott state government needs to
Wisconsin is a moderate percent of the total votes cate support for a small, lim- effectively muzzled his evan- Fitzgerald, R-Juneau, said in be focused on when we are
swing state, and its voters cast in the gubernatorial race. ited government than oppo- gelical running mate Rebecca 2006 that the constitutional in tough economic times.”
have shown a tendency in The increase in conservatives sition to choice or same-sex Kleefisch, refusing to allow amendment banning same- Belanger said Fair
recent years to swing far was more a reflection of civil unions. That’s why nearly her to debate or appear at sex marriage and civil unions Wisconsin plans to focus its
and fast. President Obama who showed up at the polls one-third of gay and lesbian unscripted press events. “would not prohibit the energy in the coming months
beat Sen. John McCain by 14 this year – older voters – voters cast Republican bal- When Kleefisch did speak state Legislature from put- on defending the domestic
points in Wisconsin in 2008, than an actual shift in overall lots in this election cycle (see out about her Christian ting together a package of partner registry in the courts,
while two years later Walker ideology. story page 9). views against gays and lesbi- 50 protections and calling where it faces a legal chal-
ans, it made headlines that it a domestic partnership,” lenge from Wisconsin Family
brought national ridicule to Belanger said. Action, the state’s leading

It all begins
Wisconsin – which is less The domestic partner reg- proponent of the evangelical
than desirable for an admin- istry provides 41 of those Christian agenda.
istration that says it’s focused protections. Key to Fair Wisconsin’s
on getting major businesses “It will be very interest- defense is building the case

with a
to relocate here ing to see how the leader- that the registry plays an
For the GOP to lurch ship will proceed,” Belanger important role in protect-
from a victory that was said. “The domestic partner ing same-sex couples in
clearly a referendum on jobs registry is really just about the state. Toward that end,

into pouring energy into con- allowing couples to take Belanger is urging gay and
troversial and divisive social care of each other. And it’s lesbian couples to register
issues would be risky at best. something that the people under the program.

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WISCONSINGAZETTE.COM | November 18, 2010 7

reGionAl GAze
however. He said Shirvell had to counter out-of-state
Got news? Tell us manag-
news? Tell us

Quinn called it a “good”

AG fIrED fOr shown up at Armstrong’s BrIEfS groups that poured an esti- bill and said Harris was close
STALKING GAY home three times, including mated $1 million into the to having enough support to
STUDENT once at 1:30 a.m., to harass campaign. pass it.
A Michigan assistant attor- him. ee,” Cox said. any senate debate on an “I do think there will be Quinn won re-election as
ney general has been fired Cox said Shirvell’s aggres- Shirvell is one of about amendment despite plans by an effort in coming years governor on Nov. 2 by fewer
for stalking and harassing the sive pattern of seeking out 250 lawyers who serve Republicans to move such a to provide greater support,” than 20,000 votes. His oppo-
gay president of the Michigan and harassing Armstrong in the attorney general’s measure through the House Gronstal said during a tap- nent, right-wing Republican
Student Assembly. amounted to stalking. office. A 2002 alumnus of soon after the legislature ing of the public television Bill Brady, had vowed during
Andrew Shirvell was Shirvell harassed several of the University of Michigan, convenes Jan. 10. program “Iowa Press.” “Some the campaign to veto civil
removed from his position Armstrong’s friends while he is only allowed to visit Gay marriage has been a level of increased political unions legislation if he was
for lying to investigators they were socializing in Ann the Ann Arbor campus if he hot issue in Iowa since the activity on the side of retain- elected governor.
during a disciplinary hear- Arbor and attempted to out does not attempt to make state Supreme Court ruled in ing judges is going to hap- Quinn said allowing civil
ing and for posting attacks him to his non-gay friends. physical or verbal contact 2009 that a ban on same-sex pen.” unions sends companies the
against the student online Shirvell also made numerous with Armstrong or be in marriage violated the rights message that Illinois has laws
during work hours, according calls to U.S. House Speaker the same place at the same of due process and equal ILL. GOv. SAYS that respect the diversity of
to a statement released on Nancy Pelosi’s office while time. protection. After gay mar- CIvIL UNIONS the state.
Nov. 8 by Michigan Attorney Armstrong worked as an riage opponents launched a ArE GOOD fOr Harris, who was still
General Mike Cox. intern there in an apparent DEM. vOWS TO well-financed campaign, vot- ECONOMY counting votes to see if
Shirvell became a national attempt to get the speaker KEEP SAME-SEx ers on Nov. 2 removed three Ill. Gov. Pat Quinn says it enough support was there,
lightning rod after appear- to fire him. MArrIAGE IN justices who joined in the would be good for Illinois’ said Quinn’s win will help.
ing on CNN’s “Anderson At one point, Armstrong IOWA unanimous ruling and were economy if lawmakers, when Lawmakers who may still be
Cooper 360” to defend sought a protective order The top Democrat in the on the ballot for retention they return to work in on the fence can look to the
his attacks against Chris against Shirvell. Iowa Senate said Nov. 12 elections. Springfield, passed legislation victory of Republican U.S.
Armstrong, whom he “The cumulative effects of that he would make sure Last session, Gronstal allowing gay couples to form Senator-elect Mark Kirk, who
referred to as a Nazi and his use of state resources, the legislature does not refused to allow debate on civil unions. also supports civil unions,
Satan’s representative. harassing conduct that is refer a proposed constitu- the issue, and some argued In an Associated Press Harris said.
“I’m a Christian citi- not protected by the First tional amendment to voters that move angered voters interview, the Chicago “People sense there is
zen exercising my First Amendment, and his lies dur- that would ban gay mar- who retaliated against the Democrat said he hopes really movement for this. This
Amendment rights,” Shirvell ing (a) disciplinary confer- riage. justices. Gronstal respond- lawmakers will tackle the is not gay marriage,” Harris
told Cooper. ence all demonstrate ade- Senate Majority Leader ed that the lesson of the civil unions bill proposed by said.
Cox said Shirvell’s offenses quate evidence of conduct Michael Gronstal said he’d election was that support- openly gay state Rep. Greg
went beyond free speech, unbecoming a state employ- stand by his promise to block ers of the justices needed Harris, D-Chicago. – From WiG and AP reports

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BronzeOptical_ad_Gazette_nov10.indd 1 10/27/2010 6:49:56 AM

8 WISCONSINGAZETTE.COM | November 18, 2010

Police say 13 people were arrested on Nov. 15 after handcuffing themselves to the
White House fence to protest the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy banning gays
and lesbians from serving.
Park Police spokesman Sgt. David Schlosser said the demonstrators arrested includ-
ed a number of military veterans. Among them was Milwaukeean Miriam ben Shalom.
The “don’t ask” policy is being challenged in federal court. The policy was tempo-
rarily overturned by a federal judge. Last week the Supreme Court agreed with an
appeal court that the ban should stay in place, however, pending an appeal by the U.S.
Departent of Justice.
President Barack Obama has pledged to push lawmakers to repeal the law in the
lame-duck session before a new Congress is sworn in. But administration lawyers have
in the meantime continued to defend “don’t ask, don’t tell” in court.

P h oto : A P / Pa b l o M a r t i n e z M o n s i va i s
Lt. Dan Choi, center, falls as he is arrested for handcuffing himself to
the fence outside the White House in Washington on Nov. 15 dur-
ing a protest over “don’t ask, don’t tell.” The group demanded that
President Obama keep his promise to repeal the policy.

ACLU files suit over military pay reduction

By Lisa Neff national team and its New separation pay to service- Aubrey Sarvis, executive direc- pushing for a repeal vote generate public enthusiasm
Staff writer Mexico chapter maintain that members involuntarily dis- tor of Servicemembers Legal within the next two months. for repeal to several states,
The American Civil the separation pay policy is charged after completing at Defense Network, a D.C.- On Nov. 3, the command- including Indiana and Ohio,
Liberties Union on Nov. 10 not part of the DADT stat- least six years of service. based organization formed to er in chief called for action: while the Human Rights
filed a class action lawsuit ute and could be revoked In 1991, two years before represent servicemembers “This should not be a parti- Campaign sent its special
challenging the Defense without congressional action. the passage of DADT, the discharged under DADT and san issue. You’ve got a sizable forces to Alaska.
Department’s policy of cut- “By denying servicemen Defense Department adopt- to campaign for the ban’s portion of the American pub- A report from the Defense
ting in half the separation pay and women full separation ed an internal policy that repeal. lic squarely behind the notion Department on how to
of servicemembers honor- pay, the military is needlessly automatically cuts a former The House voted earlier that folks who are willing to implement a repeal of DADT
ably discharged for being gay. compounding the discrimina- servicemember’s separation this year for repeal as part serve on our behalf should is due Dec. 1.
Gay servicemembers can tion perpetuated by ‘don’t pay in half if the servicemem- of a military appropriations be treated fairly and equally.” Earlier this fall, a feder-
be discharged under the ask, don’t tell,’” said ACLU ber is discharged because of bill, but a similar effort stalled Lame-duck lobbying for al district court declared
“don’t ask, don’t tell” policy, attorney Joshua Block. “The “homosexuality.” in the Senate, where Arizona repeal began the day after DADT unconstitutional and
enacted during the earliest Obama administration has Meanwhile, on the legisla- Republican John McCain led the midterm election, with ordered a halt of any dis-
period of the Clinton admin- repeatedly said the ‘don’t ask, tive front, the drive is under the opposition. a focus on Michigan’s Carl charge proceedings. The
istration as a compromise don’t tell’ statute is wrong, way to bring up the repeal McCain continues to Levin, Maine’s Olympia Snowe Justice Department, however,
intended to soften a hard- but that it needs to work of DADT during Congress’ oppose dealing with DADT and Susan Collins, Indiana’s is appealing the judge’s ruling
line ban against gay service- with Congress to repeal the lame-duck session. in the defense spending Richard Lugar, Missouri’s and an appeals court lifted
members. DADT prohibits law. But the separation pay “The Senate should call up bill, but the Democratic Kit Bond and Alaska’s Lisa the stay.
LGB people from serving issue is entirely within the the defense bill reported out of majority in the Senate, the Murkowski. The Supreme Court
openly. administration’s control.” committee and pass it before White House and Defense At the grassroots level, upheld keeping the ban in
However, the ACLU’s Federal law provides for it goes home for the year,” said Secretary Robert Gates are SLDN dispatched activists to place pending appeal.

WISCONSINGAZETTE.COM | November 18, 2010 9

Nearly one-third of gays voted GOP

Republicans captured 31 extremely disappointed,” David Boies, in the legal battle about their party, particularly director of the National
percent of the LGBT vote Richard Socarides, who to overturn California’s Prop. through the high-profile law- Gay and Lesbian Task Force,
in the midterm elections, was President Bill Clinton’s 8, which banned same-sex suit challenging the military’s agreed.
according to national exit adviser on gay rights, told marriage. Olson represented “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy. “There is enormous fear
polls. The number jumped Huffington Post. former President George W. Still, most Republican lead- and frustration among peo-
from 19 percent in 2008. Socarides said LGBT vot- Bush in the Supreme Court ers have strongly opposed ple all across the nation, and
Despite the shift, ers are growing impatient case that handed him the lifting the policy, and U.S. a factor is a rocky, stalled
Republicans have expressed with Obama for failing to keys to the White House. Rep. Charles Djou, Hawaii, economy and high unem-
no interest in adopting pro- put their issues on the front Former Republican who was one of the few ployment rate,” Nipper told
equality positions. burner. National Committee chair Republicans supporting the Huffington Post’s Amanda
“I have been very con- But another factor behind Ken Mehlman made head- repeal of ‘don’t ask,’ lost his Terkel. “When the party in
cerned over these last two the change in voting behavior lines during the summer seat on Nov. 2. power doesn’t seem to be
years that the connection is what looks like growing when he came out and was LCR director R. Clarke making it better, some people
between the gay rights com- acceptance of equality among embraced as a gay man by Cooper said Republicans make their anger known at
munity and the Democratic mainstream Republicans Bush, GOP chairman Michael performed better with LGBT the ballot box. Is that the
Party is in danger of being nationally, although not in Steele and other Republican voters in the mid-term elec- case here? It’s tough to know
broken, because I think Wisconsin. leaders. tion because the focus was for sure without people actu-
expectations were set so For example, conservative The Log Cabin Republicans on the economy rather than ally saying why they voted the
high as a result of the 2008 attorney Ted Olson has been also have also played a role in social issues, and Darlene way they did.” P HOTO : C O U RTES Y
election, and people are a central figure, along with changing LGBT perceptions Nipper, deputy executive - From staff and wire reports Richard Socarides

group impacted election
By Lisa Neff candidates lost at the polls, elections for the retention American Family Association, agenda, we’re going to take week about NOM’s fundrais-
Staff writer yet the organization has of incumbents. NOM spent another anti-gay group that them out,” he said. ing abilities. The organization
The National Organization become what HRC presi- about $600,000 on television spent about $100,000 to The tactic has LGBT civil began just three years ago,
for Marriage waged a nation- dent Joe Solmonese called a ads, phone calls, rallies and a defeat the Iowa justices, rights advocates concerned operating on a $500,000
al campaign against legalizing “political force.” 20-city bus tour in the cam- warned of future campaigns: about judicial intimidation. annual budget. NOM’s annual
same-sex relationships in the “It’s clear they will stop paign to defeat justices on “For those who impose what But civil rights advocates budget now is about $10
midterm election without at nothing, including repeat- Election Day. we perceive as an immoral also expressed concern last million.
placing a single anti-gay mea- edly ignoring state campaign NOM president Brian
sure on a statewide ballot. finance laws, to elect anti- Brown, explaining the orga-
NOM waged its campaign gay candidates and punish nization’s goal in Iowa, said,
with the endorsement of 29 elected pro-equality officials,” “Many people … are looking
anti-gay candidates in Nov. 2 Solmonese said. “And nothing at the Iowa judicial retention
races and with a successful illustrates NOM’s cynicism election (and) actually say-
push to oust three Iowa jus- more than the defeat of the ing this is the most impor- INDEPENDENCE • INDIVIDUALIT Y • DIGNIT Y • CHOICE • PRIVACY
tices who ruled that denying three supreme court justices tant election because it will
same-sex couples marriage in Iowa who were part of send a clear signal to the
rights violated the state’s a unanimous decision that Supreme Court and other
constitution. same-sex couples have a con- judges that they don’t have Let us help you
An analysis of NOM’s polit-
ical activities by the Human
stitutional right to marry. An
independent judiciary is now
the right to make up the law
out of thin air. If the people of with the
Rights Campaign found the threatened, and no organiza- Iowa … remove these judges,
organization invested an esti- tion is more responsible for there will be reverberations
mated $5 million into federal that than NOM.” throughout the country, all
and state campaigns in the Judicial elections, even the way to the United States
2009-10 election cycle. at the state supreme court Supreme Court.”
More than half of NOM’s level, tend to be low-key David Lane, director of the

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10 WISCONSINGAZETTE.COM | November 18, 2010

{ Editorial }
What’s wrong with Milwaukee?
A recent report from the Cream City Foundation showed Wisconsin in
general and Milwaukee in particular lag significantly behind other cities in the
region in workplace equality.
CCF compared the scores that regional corporations earned on the Human
Rights Campaign’s corporate equality index, which assesses the employment
policies, benefits and practices of companies toward their LGBT employees.
Wisconsin’s average score of 51 percent fell below the 81 percent achieved
by employers in Illinois and the 80 percent obtained by Minnesota employers.
Within Wisconsin, Milwaukee-headquartered corporations had an average
rating of 47 percent, compared with Madison’s 78 percent.
Looking deeper, CCF conducted focus groups and an online survey of
LGBT professionals in Milwaukee. These investigations found that 30 percent
of respondents feared their sexual orientation could hurt or damage their
careers. Unfortunately, this fear can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. When
people remain closeted at work, they often hold back, keeping a low profile
that prevents them from getting the attention that’s required for promotion.
Add that to the internalized homophobia operating in the closet and you’ve
got people who are not reaching their potential.
There are probably several factors underlying this inequity, but the relative-
ly low level of involvement among LGBT Milwaukeeans in their community
plays a key role. Except for PrideFest, community events in the city are poorly
attended. LGBT organizations receive little support.

{ Letters }
Political engagement is sparse and activism is rare. For example, rallies sur-
rounding the recent spate of gay teen suicides drew huge crowds in other
areas of the state but not in Milwaukee.
Milwaukee’s LGBT community is not only segregated along lines of race
and gender but is also highly factionalized. Instead of working together, LGBT
groups in the city often function as islands of isolation.
In addition, internalizing the oppression they experience from society at DADT must end Additionally, in my opin- Finally, as the U.S. continues
large, members of marginalized communities often act out against each other this Congress ion, our country’s national to face dangerous enemies
in destructive ways. As CCF’s report shows, this behavior has consequences. As a member of the House security has been hurt by from all corners of the globe,
Cream City Foundation makes several excellent suggestions for improving Appropriations Defense the U.S. Armed Forces having and given the strains on our
Milwaukee’s corporate culture, but there will be no real progress until the Subcommittee, I agree with sent home more than 13,500 already overburdened war
community gets involved in its own future. Defense Secretary Robert qualified, patriotic service fighters, it makes no sense to
Gates’ position that the dis- members since 1994 who turn away from service quali-
criminatory policy known as were willing and fit to serve fied, able and willing volun-
“don’t ask, don’t tell” must this country. In each instance, teers for our nation’s military.
end during this Congress. I there was no conduct unbe- I am proud to stand with
believe strongly that the U.S. coming a member of the Secretary Gates in calling for
The Wisconsin Gazette is published Constitution, specifically the armed service. an end to DADT. I look for-
every other week and distributed 14th Amendment, requires Having paid many millions ward to working with my
throughout the Milwaukee area, Madi- the government to apply our to train these individuals, and colleagues in Congress to
son, Racine, Kenosha, and 40 other laws equally. That is why only then having dismissed them repeal this law in the final
cities statewide. To have WiG delivered negative conduct, not one’s in the absence of bad con- weeks of the 111th session.
CEO/PRINCIpal to your address, contact circulation@ sexual orientation, should be duct, has also wasted many
Leonard Sobczak or call 414-961- grounds for dismissal from millions of precious taxpayer U.S. Rep. Steve Rothman,
3240, ext. 101 the armed services. dollars. D-N.J.
Publisher/ WiG Publishing, LLC. © 2010
Editor in Chief
Louis Weisberg

NATIONAL NEWS Editor Entertainment Editor

Lisa Neff Gregg Shapiro
Send a letter to the editor at
Creative Director contributors Harry Cherkinian
Jim Lautenbach Jr., Jody Hirsh, Rick Karlin, Kerrie
Kennedy, Cory Liebmann, Jamakaya, Emily
Assistant Editor Mills, Mike Muckian, John Quinlan, Jay
Lucky Tomaszek Rath, Dan Wilson, Dan Zaitz

Account Executives
Kim Jackdson, Jim Lautenbach,
Distribution Manager
Robert Wright
Our mission
Marypat Wulff
To inform, engage and empower Wisconsin’s LGBT community by providing a
Technical consultant professional, independent print and online source for news and commentar y,
Kevin Rux
as well as coverage of political and cultural issues.
WISCONSINGAZETTE.COM | November 18, 2010 11

The reality of republican rule

So they said these are
As a result of the Nov. 2 group, the Wisconsin Family

¬“We continue to have a sort

election, Wisconsin will soon
be taken over by Republicans.
Council, endorsed many of
the victorious. These winners
of lackadaisical gay political move-
ment that has a relationship with
This change is not going to be
good for multiple constituen-
were not endorsed by that
group because they plan to
conservatives. CORY LIEBMANN
Democrat politicians that doesn’t cies in the state, and certainly be kind to the LGBT com-
serve gay rights: ‘We want to be not for the LGBT community. munity. having a complete Republican and justifiably outraged at
close to you.’ Beautiful! But if we’re The last time the Republicans Despite the delu- takeover of Madison will be the results of the Nov. 2
not getting anything for that, then it’s actually coun- ran the Legislature they sional hopes of some gay drastic cuts to programs that election. Even if the results
terproductive.” brought us the constitutional Republicans, Governor-elect are critical to the community. did not move you, surely the
- Rachel Maddow on LGBT activism in the age amendment to ban mar- Scott Walker has repeatedly Republicans up and down extreme anti-equality agenda
of Obama riage equality. Their agenda said that he would take away the ticket promised major that we will soon see from
would have been even more the rights afforded to LGBT tax breaks to the richest Madison will. Whenever that
“I think it’s weird. It’s not a romantic thing. It’s an damaging without Jim Doyle families through the state’s Wisconsinites and the busi- level of outrage peaks it is
art form and in dancing it doesn’t matter. We are as governor. But now, with domestic partnership regis- ness elite. At a time when critical that we channel it
just so used to seeing a man and woman dancing Republicans preparing to try. He also promised to end the state already faces a into effective and aggressive
together.” control every single lever of the domestic partner ben- multibillion-dollar deficit, action. It will be more impor-
- Ellen DeGeneres speaking with Kelly Osbourne power in state government, efits now available for state these giveaways will intensify tant than ever to get fully
about the prospect of having a same-sex couple dance we should anticipate a major employees. Some of these the defunding of important engaged in the issues. A first
together on TV’s “Dancing with the Stars.” DeGeneres’ push backward on equality regressive and mean-spirited of initiatives and programs. step is getting involved with
wife Portia De Rossi has expressed an interest in and many other key issues plans were further confirmed Does anyone honestly think LGBT advocacy groups, such
becoming the first celebrity to do so on the program. important to the LGBT com- after the election. Although the conservative Republicans as Equality Wisconsin and
munity. most of them campaigned on now in charge will value Fair Wisconsin.
“I didn’t want everyone to hate me. But some- Most of the people elected jobs and the economy, the things like supporting people We are about to wit-
times you got to do what you got to do. The easiest to state office on Nov. 2 soon-to-be Republican lead- living with HIV/AIDS and ness the extreme reality of
way is not always the best way.” were not simply Republicans ers have already listed going HIV-prevention programs? Republican rule in Wisconsin.
- Constance McMillen talking to Glamour after being but extreme conservatives. In back on equality as one of If you are a member or an We need to be fully engaged,
named the magazine’s woman of the year. what is hardly a coincidence, their top priorities. ally of the LGBT community resolute and prepared to
the state’s top gay-hating Yet another outcome of in Wisconsin, you were likely take swift action.
“My son was not gay. He wanted to be married
and have a family and travel all over the world.
And it wouldn’t matter if he was - I have a daugh-
ter who’s gay. She was the most offended by (the
rumors). (The claims imply that) everyone who’s
Giving thanks for ricky Martin
gay commits suicide.”
- Marie Osmond talking to Oprah about rumors
As Thanksgiving approach-
es, I’ve been having a hell of
martin his autobiography and his
upcoming world tour. The
following the suicide of her 18-year-old son Michael
Bryan, who died after jumping out of a window in Los
a time finding something to
be thankful for. Then Ricky
appeared focus of the book and media
interviews has been on his
Vegas in February. Martin stepped back into the modest and new status as an “out” gay JAMAKAYA
limelight. man and father of two boys.
“LGBT bullycide is the most dangerous, the most Little does the dreamy pop thoughtful, Some complain, “Geez A blessing. I love that
important opponent I’ve ever faced, It’s an adver-
sary who’s too big to ignore.”
star know what a godsend
he has been to this jaded old peaceful and Ricky, it’s about time …
what took you so long?” But
expression. I have always felt
blessed by my own lesbi-
- Gay pro wrestler The SpiderBaby in a video for the
It Gets Better Project
It’s been a bad month.
content. none of us can understand
all the personal issues some-
anism. Understanding your
sexuality liberates you and
The depression I’ve felt for one may be dealing with or, makes you whole. It is spiri-
“Our political and religious leaders tell LGBT some time about the disas- in Ricky’s case, the career tual, transformational, benefi-
youth that they have no future. … Our government trous shape of the country the inmates now running the concerns he probably had cial. What a great message to
treats the LGBT community like second class citi- sunk into outright despair asylum. as such a worldwide mega- send out right now!
zens — why shouldn’t they?” after the mid-term elections. An end to “don’t ask, don’t star. The important thing isn’t Ricky appeared at the
- Cindy McCain, the wife of U.S. Sen. John McCain, The results seemed like final tell”? Don’t hold your breath. how long it took him but Latin Grammys on Nov.
in a video message for the NOH8 campaign. Cindy confirmation of President Gay marriage? Probably not that he’s arrived at a point of 11. He had the honor of
McCain, who like her daughter Meghan is solidly pro- Obama’s complete failure for long. acceptance. presenting a special award
gay, condemns “don’t ask, don’t tell,” which is being held to lead over the past two At times like these, lefties In interviews, the energet- to Placido Domingo and
up in Congress by her husband and other pandering to years. It heralded the tri- like me are supposed to heed ic showman appeared mod- sang a delightful duet with
their right-wing base. umph of the Big Lie(s) and the cry of our doomed mar- est and thoughtful, peaceful Natalia Jimenez. He looked
the liars who promote them. tyr Joe Hill: “Don’t mourn and content, especially when fabulous, sounded awesome,
“We are introducing this payment to proactively It showed how easily led a – organize!” But I don’t want talking about his children. danced deliciously and
offset the additional tax. We believe that by offer- frustrated public can be and to mourn or organize right He responded patiently and seemed bursting with pride
ing this, we will further our efforts to promote an how utterly impotent the left now. I’ve put on my head- wisely to the questions about and happiness to be back in
inclusive environment.” seems to be in gaining trac- phones (good Milwaukee- his sexuality, saying that com- his element. He must have
- A spokesman for Barclays Bank, Britain’s third- tion for any progressive ideas. made Koss headphones) and ing out is a process that was been nervous about how
largest bank, announcing plans to reimburse the The biggest losers? The lost myself in music. I am difficult for him, is different he would be received, and
bank’s U.S. employees for federal taxes they’re forced growing army of unemployed further distracting myself for everyone and should not it was with open arms and a
to pay on health benefits provided to their same-sex for whom no relief is in sight with the modern opiate of be coerced. He showed class tumultuous ovation.
domestic partners. Google, Inc., also makes such and our men and women in the people – 24/7 celebrity by being respectful of, and I may be grasping at straws
payments. military service, doomed to culture. circumspect about, his past here, but in the midst of
lose their minds and lives That’s where I kept run- lovers, male and female. And a bleak political landscape,
in unending foreign occupa- ning into Ricky Martin. he repeated the phrasing he Ricky Martin has provided an
tions. The latest insane idea is November has been a big used in his first disclosure example of pride and prog-
to attack Iran, which appar- month for Ricky. He’s on a earlier this year that being ress. That’s something to be
ently makes perfect sense to publicity campaign promoting gay is “a blessing.” grateful for.
12 WISCONSINGAZETTE.COM | November 18, 2010

Cindy McCain
National GAzE
she said, “They can’t serve married in name only for

that Robinson had to wear congregations breaking away

Got news? Tell us manag-
news? Tell us

same percentage of children

shifts stance our country openly.” years. a bulletproof vest to his con- to align themselves with anti- raised by lesbians grow up
on ‘don’t ask’ Surrounding McCain in Cindy McCain developed secration. gay Anglican bishops in South to be gay as in the larger
After appearing in an ad the ad were statements by a an addiction to prescription “The fact is, the last seven America and Africa. population. Although they
for the NOH8 campaign, number of celebrities charac- drugs in the early 1990s years have taken their toll Robinson will be 65 when begin having sex significantly
Cindy McCain has apparently terizing DADT as discrimina- and was accused of obtain- on me, my family and you,” he retires. later than their peers, lesbi-
had a change of heart. tory and harmful to LGBT ing them illegally through the Robinson wrote in a mes- The Episcopal Church ans’ kids are more open to
In the ad, she blasted the youth. American Voluntary Medical sage posted on the diocese is the U.S. branch of the same-sex experimentation as
military’s discriminatory It was not McCain’s first Team, a charity she founded. website on Nov. 6. “Death Church of England’s Anglican adolescents.
“don’t ask, don’t tell” policy, pro-equality appearance. Through a plea bargain she threats, and the now-world- Communion. Although lesbian moms
which bans open gays and In January, she was photo- made with federal authori- wide controversy surround- separate at a higher rate than
lesbians from serving. But graphed with tape over her ties, no charges were filed. ing your election of me as Lesbian families heterosexual couples, they’re
two days later, she tweeted mouth as part of the NOH8 bishop have been a constant have zero rate better divorced parents too,
that she supports her hus- campaign. Gay bishop to strain, not just on me, but on of child abuse researchers said. Lesbian
band, Sen. John McCain, who On Nov. 12, McCain retire due to my beloved husband, Mark, Researchers at the UCLA moms share child custody
backs DADT. tweeted, “I fully support the death threats who has faithfully stood with School of Law’s Williams at greater rates and their
John McCain also once said NOH8 campaign and all it Gene Robinson, the first me every minute of the last Institute reported that a children don’t show signs
he wanted to overturn the stands for and am proud to openly gay U.S. Episcopal seven years.” 24-year study of American of trauma at the same level
ban on gays in the military. be a part of it. But I stand bishop, has announced that The controversy over lesbian families found a zero as the children of straight
But he reversed his position by my husband’s stance on he will retire in 2013 due to Robinson so divided the rate of child abuse. divorced parents.
after being challenged from DADT.” death threats and constant Episcopal Church that in While 26 percent of ado- The researchers conclud-
the right in a political primary The McCains’ daughter harassment. 2006 its General Convention lescents in the U.S. report ed that lesbian parents rep-
earlier this year. Now he’s Meghan McCain has also In 2003, Robinson became called a moratorium on “any parent or caregiver physical resent a kind of paradigm
one of Congress’ strongest been vocal in opposing the the first openly gay priest candidate to the episcopate abuse and 8.3 percent report of family values and create
backers of the policy. Less Republican Party’s opposition of any Christian denomina- whose manner of life pres- sexual abuse, none of the homes that are free of vio-
than a month ago, he vowed to LGBT equality. tion to be elevated to bishop ents a challenge to the wider 78 children of lesbian moms lence. What seems to make
to filibuster any attempt to The conflict between the when he was elected to lead church.” studied reported incidents of these homes safer for chil-
eliminate it. McCains over DADT could the Episcopal Diocese of Then in July 2009, the either. dren, researchers said, is the
In the Nov. 10 ad, Cindy be an indication that prob- New Hampshire. His election church voted to end the Researchers also found absence of straight men, who
McCain said, “Our politi- lems in their marriage are sent shock waves through- moratorium. By then the the children of lesbians are are the main physical and
cal and religious leaders tell heading into the public arena. out Christendom, and the issue had opened a rift within on average more open and sexual abusers of children.
LGBT youth that they have According to Washington anti-gay backlash among the broader Anglican Church, well-adjusted.
no future.” Later in the ad, insiders, the couple has been Christians was so intense with some U.S. Episcopal The study found that the -From staff and wire reports.

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14 WISCONSINGAZETTE.COM | November 18, 2010

‘He was happy, normal Cody at lunch that day’

Cody from 1
‘everyone has ‘Bullied’ doc
for this issue,” Supt. Chris
VanderHeyden told the
Post Crescent. “As soon as
a right to be draws crowd
it was announced that this happy and
young man was gay and that
he killed himself, everyone
no one has a In the wake of the
September suicide of Cody
better things have got-
ten for him in high school
immediately started connect-
ing dots that weren’t there.”
right to judge.’ Barker, 17, of Shiocton, a
showing of the documen-
and how the experience
of being bullied “made me
But Barker contends the tary film “Bullied” drew a much more open-minded
statement was made without large crowd to Appleton and confident.”
any investigation, and she’s “I’m so tired of hearing Public Library on Nov. 9. Maria Peeples, 18, a
convinced that something it’s a choice,” she said. “They About 137 people, friend of Barker, said a few
did indeed happen to him, were born that way. I just including several youth years ago she would have
especially on the afternoon wish the world would accept who knew Barker from a given anything not to be
he died. people for who they are.” Tuesday night LGBT youth gay. But now she’s grateful.
He had come home from Cody also had a support support group at Harmony “You gain a lot of insight,
school that day for lunch, and network outside his home. Café, packed a meeting empathy and strength,” she
he “was happy, normal Cody,” He attended a weekly group room at the library. said, adding, “and I like my
Barker said her husband told for LGBT youth at Harmony Produced by the girlfriend.”
her. Barker was at work. Café in Appleton and was Southern Poverty Law Among those in the
Cody ate some leftover out at Shiocton High School, Center and narrated by audience were Barker’s
pasta, then put his dishes in the where he was trying to start P h oto : F AC e b o o K “Glee” star Jane Lynch, mother Darla Barker, who
sink and told his father, “This a gay-straight alliance group. Cody Barker “Bullied” tells the harrow- helped to introduce the
shit is amazing,” Barker said. A school publication, The ing story of Jamie Nabozny. film, and Appleton School
Besides being upbeat that Chief Gazette, ran a positive here at the school.” that Cody faced challenges at As a high school student District Superintendent
day, Cody was in a good item about Cody’s plans for Cody had a wide range school. Barker witnessed one in Ashland, Wis., Nabozny Lee Allinger, who said
place in life generally. He had the GSA in its June issue. of interests. He was a fan of of them herself over the sum- was tormented and brutal- some parents complained
a supportive family, includ- “Cody Barker is going to Lady Gaga and James Bond. mer. She was sitting with some ized by classmates because when he invited Nabozny
ing both of his parents and a leadership workshop” over He was also a World War II of Cody’s friends at the fire pit of his sexual orienta- to speak at Wilson Middle
his 21-year-old sister. Barker, the summer, the publication aficionado. “He could have outside their home, she said, tion. School administra- School.
who has a beloved openly noted. “He is very excited taught the history class” on when a car stopped in front tors refused to intervene “Schools are reflec-
gay brother, said her family about going to this; the work- WWII, his mother said. of the house and a kid yelled despite his pleas and those tions of our communities,”
accepted Cody’s sexual ori- shop will help him start his But despite the support, “queer” out the window. of his mother. Allinger said. “My hope is
entation very easily. Gay/Straight Alliance group there were troubling signs There were other disturb- After winning an unprec- that we’re being support-
ing signs. Cody told his moth- edented court case filed ive and responsive.”
er that he never went to the on his behalf by Lambda Allinger said he planned


Or just concerned about the appearance of your feet?
bathroom between classes,
presumably out of fear. “How
pathetic is it that a kid has to
Legal, Nabozny received a
$900,000 settlement from
the school district.
to initiate a weeklong anti-
bullying program at the
beginning of each school
worry about something like Following the showing year to let students know
that?” Barker asked. of “Bullied,” four LGBT that tormenting and
Don’t Wait! Call Dr. Deacon, DPM — your trusted, Barker said name-calling youth took the stage to harassing others are not
caring and experienced Podiatrist today! and whispering about Cody answer questions from acceptable behaviors.
were common in the halls the audience and provide In addition to offering
at school. After his death, insight into their lives as a glimpse into their lives,
Barker learned that kids were openly gay and lesbian stu- student panelists also gave
going around behind him at dents. some advice to their sup-
school and tearing down the Mitch Adams, 16, porters.
posters he was putting up remembered how kids “The biggest thing we
announcing the GSA. routinely called him “fag” want to say to our allies
Maria Peeples, 18, told the and “gay” in the locker is you have to be loud,”
Post Crescent that Cody had rooms and hallways of his Peeples said. “Because the
complained to her about the middle school. But he also hatred is loud.”
pushback he received from talked about how much - Louis Weisberg
the school and the commu-
Modern, professional and devoted • Bunions & Calluses
nity over the GSA.
• Flat feet
medical staff offering X-rays, Ultrasound • Heel & Arch Pain “I honestly believe some- Cody,” she said. “I have to fin- bling with emotion and tears
sonography, custom-made orthotics • Diabetic Foot Care thing happened to him that ish what he started.” streaming down her face,
and electronic medical records. • Reconstructive & day,” Barker said. “If there Barker has become Barker helped to introduce
Cosmetic Surgeries was someone who said involved with the GSA her a screening of the documen-
We accept most major insurances and offer • Tendonitis something to him, I hope son was trying to start at tary “Bullied” at the Appleton
flexible payment plans. As a diverse and multi- • Neuromas they’re feeling the guilt over Shiocton High School. It’s Public Library on Nov. 9.
cultural physician, we value patient diversity and • Wound Care what happened. People have moving forward, she said, “My son was an amaz-
specifically cater to patients of all ages, ethnic • Ingrown Toe Nails
and cultural backgrounds. to realize what words can do but Barker is dismayed that ing person,” Barker told the
• Fractures & More
to a person.” it was renamed “Paradigm audience. “He had so much
Don’t live in pain or in shame, call our caring team today! Cody’s death derailed his 21,” instead of the usual “gay- talent. He was a friend to
Visit us at our Mayfair location father, who fell into a depres- straight alliance.” everyone, and he was always
sion so deep that he was “That kind of upset me,” fighting for others who were
2525 N Mayfair Rd, Suite #80 • Wauwatosa, WI 53226 unable to work for nearly she said. “I thought, ‘Why are in the minority or oppressed.
(414) 326-9034 two months. But like Judy you doing that?’” … I feel like I have to be here Shepard, Barker decided to Barker, a petite, quiet to fight for him. Everyone has
turn her grief into activism. woman, also is speaking out a right to be happy, and no “I feel like I have to fight for publicly. Her voice trem- one has a right to judge.”
WISCONSINGAZETTE.COM | November 18, 2010 15

Note says bullying

drove teen to suicide
A high-school freshman in
Pennsylvania who killed him-
‘He was “He was the most won-
derful child anyone could ask
self by running into the path
of a tractor-trailer in the
the most for,” she said.
In his note, Bitner cited an
early morning hours of Nov. wonderful encounter with another stu-
6 left behind a note that said dent in the school cafeteria
he wanted to draw attention child anyone several days before his death
to the problem of bullying, his as “the straw that broke the
mother said. could ask for.’ camel’s back,” Simpson said.
F o u r t e e n - y e a r- o l d Wesley Knapp, the Midd-
Brandon Bitner was the 14th West School District super-
gay youth to commit suicide funeral in the rural central intendent, said the suicide
in the U.S. since the sum- Pennsylvania community. “I’m prompted him to re-evalu-
mer, according to multiple sure he felt that, if somebody ate the safeguards that the
sources. said something, (the teasing) school district has set up to
Bitner had complained would get even worse.” prevent bullying.
about teasing and name-call- Simpson described her “When you lose one of
ing when he was in middle only son as a soft-spoken your students, it’s painful,”
school, but after he entered youth who aspired to be he said. “We all ask ourselves
Midd-West High School a classical violinist and had what could we have done
in Middleburg this year, he many female friends. His note perhaps to have prevented
began concealing his pain said he was tired of being it.”
from school officials and his called names like “faggot” But students at the high
family, his mother said. and “sissy,” according to The school told The Daily Item
“He didn’t want to burden Patriot-News in Harrisburg. that bullying is rampant at
other people with his prob- Simpson said her son the school and that school
lems,” Tammy Simpson said “never told us” what his sex- officials refuse to address it.
in a telephone interview as ual orientation was but that
the family prepared for his she didn’t care. - Staff and wire reports

Gruber Law Offices, LLC

Over 25 years experience handling
accident and personal injury cases

“One Call ... That’s All”

16 WISCONSINGAZETTE.COM | November 18, 2010

InterNational GAzE
of jail, families and friends president of the Argentine

dominant Roman Catholic the pope and watch as he for-

Briefs often reject them. They are Lesbians, Gay, Bi, and Church remains opposed. mally inaugurated Barcelona’s
denied education, jobs, even Transgender Federation. newest basilica, an architec-
a place to live. Their lives are The gay marriage law has Spanish gays tural marvel still unfinished
Same-sex Their 62-page report ruined.” been a boon for tourism, said confront pope after more than 100 years of
relations bring “Criminalizing Identities: Pablo De Luca, founder of the with kiss-in construction.
attacks in Rights Abuses in Cameroon Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Pope Benedict XVI, Benedict has focused
Cameroon Based on Sexual Orientation Commerce in Buenos Aires. in Barcelona earlier this much of his pontificate on
Cameroonians are and Gender Identity” details He estimates that 100,000 month, directly attacked trying to fight secular trends
attacked by police, politicians, how the government uses an more gays and lesbians have Spanish laws that allow gay in the West such as the
the media and even their article of the penal code to visited Argentina as a result marriage, fast-track divorce legal recognition of same-
own communities if they are deny basic rights to people of the law. and easier access to abor- sex unions. He has visited
suspected of having sexual perceived to be LGBT. The “It’s the same kind of tions as he dedicated the Spain twice and has a third
relations with a person of report describes arrests, increase that happened in city’s iconic basilica, the trip planned next year, an
the same sex, four human beatings by the police, abuses South Africa, Canada and Sagrada Familia. indication he sees this once
rights organizations said in a in prison and a homophobic gay marriage Madrid after they legalized It was the second time in staunchly Roman Catholic
joint report released earlier atmosphere that encour- is boon for gay marriage,” De Luca said. as many days that Benedict country as a battleground
this month. ages shunning and abuse in Argentine “We want to travel to a criticized the policies of for the future of the faithful
The government should the community. The conse- tourism country where we don’t feel Spain’s Socialist govern- in Europe.
take urgent action to quence is that people are Thousands marched in like we have to hide our ment and called for Europe During his homily, he railed
decriminalize such consen- not punished for a specific Argentina’s Gay Pride parade sexuality.” as a whole to rediscover against same-sex marriage
sual conduct and to ensure outlawed practice but for Nov. 6, celebrating the coun- Gay and lesbian couples Christian teachings and apply and divorce, saying families
the full human rights of all a homosexual identity, the try’s status as the first in Latin still face discrimination – them to everyday life. are built on the “indissoluble
Cameroonians, regardless of groups said. America to legalize same- some civil servants have been As he headed to the basil- love of a man and a woman.”
sexual orientation or gender “The poor and the young, sex marriage and vowing to unwilling to sign their mar- ica Nov. 7, about 200 gays He criticized policies allow-
identity, said Alternatives- who often have no way to campaign for new rights for riage licenses, and the judicial and lesbians staged a kiss- ing for abortions, saying “the
Cameroun, l’Association get legal assistance, suffer transgender people. system has been slow to in to protest his visit and life of children (must) be
pour la défense des droits des the most from Cameroon’s More than 500 same-sex approve adoptions by same- church policies that consider defended as sacred and invi-
homosexuels, Human Rights abusive atmosphere,” said couples have been married sex couples even though the homosexual acts “intrinsically olable from the moment of
Watch, and the International Steave Nemande, president since President Cristina law now grants them all the disordered.” their conception.”
Gay and Lesbian Human of Alternatives-Cameroun. Fernandez signed the law on rights heterosexual married In contrast, some 250,000
Rights Commission. “Even after they get out July 21, said Esteban Paulo, couples enjoy. Argentina’s people came out to cheer – From WiG and AP reports

Employment Opportunity — HIV Prevention Research

The Center for AIDS Intervention Research (CAIR) in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine at the Medical College
of Wisconsin announces openings for two positions in a new National Institutes of Health-funded research project that will develop,
implement, and evaluate the effectiveness of community HIV prevention programs for African American men who have sex with men
(MSM). The project’s objective is to determine if friend-to-friend HIV prevention approaches that work through natural social networks of African American
MSM in the community can reduce sexual risk behavior, sexually transmitted diseases, and HIV infection. Both Research Associate positions require
extensive experience, knowledge, and understanding of Milwaukee’s African American MSM community including settings, ways, and places where
African American MSM at high risk for HIV can be reached. For both positions, relevant community experience and involvement with organizations that
serve African American MSM are more essential than prior formal research experience. Positions will require frequent field work on evenings, nights,
weekends, and during nontraditional hours.
Research Associates will perform activities related to the identification of community settings in Milwaukee for reaching African American MSM and
for carrying out community outreach to recruit, interview, and conduct HIV prevention activities with social networks of Black gay or bisexual men. The
Research Associates will also be responsible for outreach-based recruitment of friendship groups of African American MSM in community settings, for
interviewing participants, and for seeking to engage friends of already recruited men to also enroll in the research. Strong interpersonal communication
skills and comfort in community settings where the target population meet are important position requirements. Relevant community
experience may substitute for some educational requirements.
Both positions offer competitive salaries and excellent fringe benefits. In addition to a resume or completed job application,
we welcome applicants to provide an accompanying letter that describes any additional formal or informal community
experience, volunteer work, or involvement with community organizations that serve the targeted population if those
experiences are relevant to these positions.
The Medical College is an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer.
If interested in applying for the role, please visit and search for position number 326.31322.
WISCONSINGAZETTE.COM | November 18, 2010 17

the readers have voted and the critics
have spoken.the results are in. For the best
of the best of lGbt Wisconsin, read on.
BEST fINE- BEST LOCAL Fifth St., Milwaukee, is their slice. In Madison readers (Bayview), the extensive and Brewed Awakenings,
DINING rESTAUrANT favorite place to get it. chose Ian’s, 115 State St. beer selections and the gay- 1208 E. Brady St. Madison’s
rESTAUrANT Milwaukee’s Centro friendly ambience. Espresso Royale, 650 State
Readers made a lot of Café, 800 E. Center St., has MOST rOMANTIC BEST HEALTH St., takes honors in the
selections in this hard- placed high on “best of” rESTAUrANT fOOD BEST COffEE capitol city.
fought category, but lists everywhere this year, The lights are low, the rESTAUrANT SHOP
Milwaukee’s Crazy Water, and WiG readers agree. décor is classic and The Beans & Barley, 1901 E. With multiple loca- BEST BrUNCH
839 S. Second St., emerged Monty’s Blue Plate Diner, Capital Grille, 310 W. North Ave. tions but a distinctly inde- Readers’ choice is
the winner. Not far 2089 Atwood Ave., is the Wisconsin Ave., is where pendent flair, Alterra is The Wicked Hop, 345 N.
behind were Bartolotta’s favorite of Madisonites. WiG readers book their BEST OUTDOOr the hands-down choice Broadway, Milwaukee. But
Lake Park Bistro, 3133 reservations when they’re DINING among Milwaukee read- not far behind in second
E. Newberry Blvd., and BEST ETHNIC in the mood for romance. Milwaukee’s Café ers. Single-location coffee place, it’s a tie between The
Mason Street Grille, 435 rESTAUrANT Centraal, 2306 S. shops that scored impres- Pfister, 424 E. Wisconsin
E. Mason St. In Madison, Mexican appears to be BEST PIZZA Kinnickinnic Ave., is the sive tallies were Fuel Café, Ave., and The Ambassador,
L’Etoile, 1 S. Pinckney St., is WiG readers’ favorite fla- In Milwaukee Zaffiro’s, best for many reasons, 818 E. Center St., Cranky 2308 W. Wisconsin Ave.,
our choice. vor, and Botanos, 816 S. 1724 N. Farwell Ave., is top including the neighborhood Al’s, 6903 W. North Ave., also in Milwaukee.

BEST PLACE TO PEOPLE WATCH — readers said Milwaukee’s Bradford Beach is good for the gaze.
P h oto : FA r z A D D i b A
18 WISCONSINGAZETTE.COM | November 18, 2010


P h oto s : C o U r t e s Y
★★★★★★★ P h oto s : C o U r t e s Y
Josie Lynn and Leo Long take the honors. LGBT PErSONALITY — WMYx’s Kidd O’Shay
(with singer Pink) and Dear ruthie.

BEST BAKErY slopes this winter, head first hard for equality in our state, played at the theater listed
Simma’s Ovens Bakery, 817 to Laacke & Joy’s, 1433 N. and WiG’s readers obviously above.
N. 68th St., Milwaukee Water St., Milwaukee, or to appreciate the effort.
the company’s locations in BEST Tv SErIES
BEST PLACE TO Brookfield or Mequon. BEST LGBT ALLY Sexy, campy and playfully
PEOPLE WATCH Where were WiG’s voters gruesome, is it any wonder
Offering spectacular views BEST HOME on Election Day? State Sen. that HBO’s “True Blood”
of Lake Michigan, as well as INTErIOrS STOrE Jim Sullivan, D-Wauwatosa, won this category? AMC’s
the bodies that crowd its Whether you’re looking won our poll but unfor- “Mad Men” and Fox’s “Glee”
shores on hot summer days, for just the right lamp or a tunately lost at the ballot were strong runners-up.
Bradford Beach is a people complete redesign, Peabody’s box to anti-gay zealot Leah
watchers’ paradise – at least Interiors, 8655 N. Deerwood Vukmir. Tom Barrett took BEST BOOK
for three months each year. Dr., Brown Deer, offers qual- second place with readers Readers chose “Shadow
ity at competitive pricing. but lost his race for governor Tag,” by Louise Erdrich. The
BEST LIQUOr & as well. novel chronicles the collapse
WINE STOrE BEST LGBT of a family with thriller-like
A comprehensive selec- POLITICIAN BEST LGBT momentum.
tion and knowledgeable staff U.S. Rep. Tammy Baldwin, COMMUNITY
make Ray’s Liquor, 8930 W. D-Wis., is an iconic leader and GrOUP BEST LGBT P h oto : C o U r t e s Y
North Ave., Wauwatosa, and an inspirational role model From its gay neighbors WEBSITE BEST MOvIE THEATrE — Milwaukee’s Oriental
Star Liquor, 1209 Williamson to LGBT people everywhere. campaign to its Q-Share Thanks to readers for vot- Theatre frequently features LGBT films.
St, Madison, the best places Baldwin received the most business group, Cream City ing the
to go for stocking the bar reader votes of any entry in any Foundation promotes posi- winner in this category. Flattery O’Shay, part of the morning Madison: Overture Center
and the wine cellar. category in WiG’s “best of” poll. tive social change for LGBT will get you everywhere. show on 99.1 FM WMYX. for the Arts
people in Wisconsin.
If you’re headed to the Fair Wisconsin battles PUBLICATION WiG’s readers say the fast- Milwaukee: Milwaukee Bayview in Milwaukee
Milwaukee Magazine est place to find Mr. Right Now Repertory Theater
is Just bring your Madison: Forward Theater BEST LGBT EvENT
BEST Tv STATION own condom and don’t expect Company PrideFest
WISN-12 to see him again offline. Outstate: American Players
Theater BEST
First place: WUWM PErSONALITY ArTS vENUE Hospital, 2500 E. Capitol
Second place: 88.9 Readers picked Kidd Milwaukee: The Pabst Dr.

WiG’s readers chose well
in this category. Part of the
Landmark Theatre chain
and a Milwaukee architec-
tural treasure, the Oriental
Theatre, 2230 N. Farwell
Ave., showcases the best
indie flicks, including LGBT
titles. The theater also is a
venue for the Milwaukee
LGBT Film/Video Festival.

“The Kids are All Right,”
starring Annette Bening and
P h oto : C o U r t e s Y Julianne Moore as a lesbian
BEST fEMALE PErfOrMEr — readers are couple, was directed by out P h oto : C e n t r o C A F e
goo-goo for Gaga. lesbian Lisa Cholodenko. BEST LOCAL rESTAUrANT — Centro Café is WiG readers’ top pick.
Perhaps not coincidentally, it
WISCONSINGAZETTE.COM | November 18, 2010 19


P h oto : A lt e r r A C o F F e e
★★★★★★★ P h oto s : C o U r t e s Y
throughout Milwaukee. NITY LEADEr — U.S. rep Tammy Baldwin and
Joseph Pabst

As picturesque and charm- BOOKSTOrE BAr, MILWAUKEE Lady Gaga do, from sports and card In only its first year, the
ing as the New England Milwaukee: Boswell Book This Is It, 418 E. Wells St. nights to trips and dinner Milwaukee Gay Volleyball
coastline, Door County Company, 2559 N. Downer BEST LGBT SOCIAL events. A full slate of events League is popular among
offers all the amenities of the Ave. BEST GAY BAr GrOUP is posted regularly on the players and spectators alike.
best resort areas and is gay- Madison: A Room of One’s TO MEET MEN, Since 1978, GAMMA in group’s website at In Madison the Madison Gay
welcoming to boot. Own, 307 W. Johnson St. MILWAUKEE Milwaukee has provided Hockey Association is a hit.
Kruz, 354 E. National Ave.
AIDS Resource Center of The war of the roses STATE’S MOST
Wisconsin’s Make a Promise ended in a tie between ATTrACTIvE GAY
Dinner Milwaukee’s Bella Fiori, BAr
931 E. Ogden Ave., and Plan B, 924 Williamson St.,
BEST CLOTHING Wauwatosa’s Alfa Flower Madison
STOrE Shop, 7001 W. North Ave.
Aala Reed Men’s Clothier, BEST GAY BAr
1320 E. Brady St., and Harley’s BEST GArDEN IN NON-METrO
for Men, 4009 N. Oakland CENTEr SOUTHErN
Ave., were separated by only Bayside Garden Center, WISCONSIN
one vote in this category. 400 E. Brown Deer Road, Club Icon, 6305 120th
Bayside Ave., Kenosha
Michael at Halo Hair Spa, BEST rEALTOr BEST GAY BAr
1221 E. Brady St., Milwaukee There are plenty of gay IN NOrTHErN
realtors in Wisconsin, WISCONSIN
BEST PLACE TO but none came close to PJs, 1601 Oregon St.,
WOrK OUT Shorewest Realtors’ Jim Oshkosh
Wisconsin Athletic Club Schleif who was top pick
when readers’ votes were BEST BAr TO
DISTrICT Walker’s Pint, 818 S.
Brady Street just edged BEST GAY Second St.
out Bayshore Town Center ENTErTAINMENT
in Milwaukee. State Street is BAr, MILWAUKEE BEST BArTENDEr P h oto : D o o r C o U n t Y. C o M / D o o r C o U n t Y v i s i to r b U r e A U
the top spot to drop a lot in LaCage NiteClub, 801 S. Colin from Club Charlies BEST WEEKEND GETAWAY — readers love a Door County road trip.
Madison. Second St.
Josie Lynn


Leo Long


Wisconsin Gov.-elect Scott Dear Ruthie
Walker, who’s threatened to
roll back all the legislative gains BEST COMMUNITY
made by the state’s LGBT LEADEr
community, handily won in this Joseph Pabst
ignominious category.
Wisconsin Family Action has been behind every Ellen DeGeneres
major piece of anti-LGBT legislation in the state in
recent years. BEST MALE
PErfOrMEr P h oto : C o U r t e s Y
Elton John BEST LGBT EvENT — readers look forward to Pridefest each June.
20 WISCONSINGAZETTE.COM | November 18, 2010

A catalyst for social change on behalf of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT)
communities in Southeastern Wisconsin since 1982 CREAM CITY
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Rik Akey, Griselda Aldrete, Alliance School, Always Happy
Hour, Inc., F Thomas Ament and Darla Hium, Michelle and
Derek Anderson-Lamb, Susan L Andrews, Anonymous, Penny
Anstey, Marion Araujo, Jody Armata, John Arneson, Bettina
Thank you for voting us the Best
Arnold, Anne Arroyo, Astraea Foundation, Aurora Health
Care, The Bartolotta Charitable Fund, Alton J Basak, Bel
LGBT Community Group! Let’s continue
Canto Chorus, Melanie Beres, Berg Underberg Household, to be bold and daring in our goal to end homophobia and
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Borowitz, Sara Bowen, Joseph T Brehm, Warren E Breitlow, gender identity discrimination! – The Board and Staff of Cream City Foundation
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WiG O U Wisconsin Gazette entertainment

Still sparkling
an interview with Patty Duke
Inter view
ness is cruel.” in my mind, I sing like a with her, to giggle with her,
Patty Duke: I couldn’t make lark. Somehow that does not to wish that she could be
a blanket statement like that. translate to the CDs. what was expected of her.
Show business is what an GS: Did it bother you that She just couldn’t be at that
Gregg Shapiro intelligent and caring person your songs in “Valley of the point. Even though I had not
makes of it. I’m not so sure Dolls” were dubbed? yet been diagnosed with my
Academy Award-winning that we don’t have to have PD: It bothered me and mental illness (bipolar disor-
movie star and TV sitcom a certain amount of defense I’ll tell you why. I didn’t feel der), somehow I instinctively
legend Patty (a.k.a. Anna) mechanisms going, but I have that the character needed got it; I understood that she
Duke has been a working had awfully good experiences to be a Judy Garland type of was doing the best she could.
actress for more than 50 in these 56 years. I tell young singer, except in dynamics. Also, and this is one of the
years. In fact, my interview people who come to my …I understand why they did few negatives I’ll give you:
with her had to be resched- class at University of Idaho, “I it, but I was disappointed. The director (Mark Robison)
uled because she was on don’t want you to be cynical; GS:The role of Helen Lawson was a very cold man, at least
location for a movie. But it I just want you to be careful.” went originally to Judy Garland. to us. He didn’t say hi to her
was worth the wait. Funny GS: At the time “Valley of the Did you meet her before and welcome her. Judy was
and down-to-earth, Duke is a Dolls” was being made, you also she was replaced by Susan from an era when that was
natural storyteller. had a singing career… Hayward? just commonplace and that
Gregg Shapiro: Early in the PD: Okay! I have always PD: I do. Even though she played to her insecurity.
film “Valley of the Dolls,” the been more than slightly was struggling terribly at GS: For more than 40 years
character Anne Wells (Barbara embarrassed by my inabil- the time, for me it was a since its release “Valley of the Patty Duke appears at the Camp Midnight/
Parkins) says that “show busi- ity to sing. In my heart and trip to Oz. To spend time Dolls” has gained a celebrated Queer Film Society-sponsored screening of “Val-
status as a camp/cult classic. ley of the Dolls” at 1 p.m. on Nov. 20 at The
PD: I was mortified by the Music Box Theater, 3733 N. Southport in Chi-
movie when I first saw it. I cago. Go to
thought I overacted. Most of
the performers in the show PD: Sharon Tate’s inner should this man – and this
thought that we were telling beauty superseded her outer is a personal suffering you’re
a serious story. The group beauty, if you can imagine. hearing – not only should he
got duped! In the last 25 The loss of Sharon has been be in prison, but he should
years, the gay community has significantly painful for 42 rot. The part of me that truly
taught me to enjoy it … and years. We became buddies. believes in forgiveness, which
cherish that it brings me so Once in a while, she’d catch is what has allowed me to
close to them. me staring at her in awe. … live this long, stops short
GS:That’s interesting because Sharon had rented my house when it comes to Manson
at the time that it was made, and was having her pregnancy and his people.
in the mid-1960s, the movie there, loving every minute of GS: In 1982, when most
depicts the homophobia of it. She and Roman (Polanski) actors would have avoided
the period – for example, Ted were talking about buying it. such a project, you appeared
Casablanca is referred to as I had no idea, because the in the lesbian-themed movie
queer, a fag, a faggot. men took care of the deal- “By Design.”
PD: And I’m not so sure ings. I don’t know what the PD: If there’s one thing I
that there still isn’t (a lot) of hell happened, but the deal can say about me, it’s I’ve been
that in our country. I think fell apart. willing to try, at least once, all
we have made progress. … That’s when they moved kinds of things. At the age of
But, oh my God, we have to Cielo Drive (where Tate almost 64 I am recognizing
such a long way to go! … was murdered). We shared that I was a little adven-
I really have hope that our a housekeeper. It was my turous. I’ve always thought
grandchildren will experience housekeeper, poor Winnie, I was fairly boring. That is
only a modicum of this kind who found her. … (Winnie) not to ignore the fact that I
of hate. really suffered. I thought had some self-consciousness
GS: The cast of “Valley of you might touch on this this about it. Sara Botsford, that
the Dolls” was made up of morning and I was think- beautiful actress, her comfort
young actresses, including the ing about Manson and his level with everything really
late Sharon Tate. Do you have people. If I could be at his encouraged me and helped
P HOTO : C O U RTES Y any memories of Sharon that parole hearings, I would make me to become comfortable
Sharon Tate, Barbara Parkins and Patty Duke in “Valley of the Dolls.” you’d like to share? a scene. Because not only myself.
22 WISCONSINGAZETTE.COM | November 18, 2010

Art Gaze 5
Got news? Tell us manag-
news? Tell us

An affection for abstraction

By Kat Murrell varying in bright intensity, is
Staff writer like the after-effects of fire-
Abstract art is a phenom- works or a long-exposed
enon of the 20th century image of the cosmos. Other
that began with the vibrant works take on an opposite
explorations of the Russian motif. Patterns are made
Wassily Kandinsky and through the massing of innu-
Franco-Spanish crackups of merable small dots, coagulat-
the human figure in cub- ing like seeds or bubbles of
ism, courtesy of Monsieur primordial ooze. They writhe
Georges Braque and Señor like a biological microcosm
Pablo Picasso. Life on the cut- enlarged to monumental
ting edge of art in pre-World scale.
War I Europe meant chuck- This all sounds very grand,
ing out centuries of conven- but these works aren’t
tion with daring and bravado. burdened by weighty self-
But here in the heart of the importance. They operate on
Midwest? Not so much. It a big scale, as large as 6-by-
took a few decades. 10 feet, but retain an easy,
This is evident in the lyrical quality in their matte
“Wisconsin Moderns” show surfaces. And that “something
at Dean Jensen Gallery, strangely familiar” feeling? In
759 N. Water St., on view their pre-art existence, these
through Nov. 27. Proprietor shapes were pasta and lentils,
Dean Jensen summarizes but scattered on a canvas,
the state of things in his their negative spaces suggest
catalog essay, noting that in far more than simple foods.
the 1940s, abstract art was At first glance, these paint-
basically absent from the ings by Reeder, a professor at
Badger State. As he put it, P h oto : C o u r t e s y G r e e n G a l l e r y the School of the Art Institute
“the state’s art schools might New work by Scott Reeder springs from quirky origins to lyrical results. of Chicago, may seem aligned
just as well have posted signs with the muscular efforts of
declaring ‘Modernism not Art History, it hovers over the world exists only through ity. Further introducing her of progressive art today, The abstract expressionism. But,
spoken here.’” Abstract art a descending stairwell, part a watery curtain. The dissolu- work in different mediums, Green Gallery is one of the the underlying impulses bet-
just wasn’t done. of the show but distant, as tion of form goes beyond any a 1950s sculpture of a bird foremost venues in the city. ter recall the humor and sur-
But new ideas are pow- though looking on to other impressionist. In pieces such seems to follow Constantin John Riepenhoff, a practicing prise of Dadaist and surreal-
erful forces. Progressive works that followed in its as “Nocturnal” (1995), the Brancusi’s 1923 “Bird in Space” artist in his own right, over- ist statements. Rayograms by
approaches to art making, path. Other Holty paint- whispers of figures - horses (the Brancusi piece was noto- sees two gallery spaces, titled the American surrealist Man
richly expressive of the feel- ings, such as “Cove” (1944), and riders, perhaps reindeer, riously taxed in 1927 when as east and west in reference Ray, pictures made by laying
ings, fears and aspirations plunge into the borderland maybe a sea anemone? – brought into the U.S. because to their locations. The Green objects on photo-sensitive
of an unprecedented world, between representation and cultivate mysterious and customs officials refused it the Gallery East, 1500 N. Farwell paper and exposing them to
eventually broke through. abstraction. Authoritative curious auras before sinking duty-free designation of “art”). Ave., hosts “Scott Reeder: light, are ancestrally related
Jensen revives the names and black lines suggest a port and back into the depths of dark Jensen notes that Stern was New Work” though Dec. 5, to this meeting of pasta and
reputations of some of these sails, an effect like a modern- pigment. an active voice in Milwaukee featuring pieces of deceptive paint.
early practitioners. ist stained glass window. Yet, Lucia Stern (1895-1987) during her life, writing and complexity. Regardless of these prec-
A big, cubist sort of paint- the tracery of paint denies is represented with buoyant, speaking on behalf of all that There’s something strange- edents and underpinnings, on
ing with a powerful run- description of figures in favor geometric compositions that was daring and progressive in ly familiar, but otherworldly, their own they are luminous
ning figure by Carl Holty of flat design. foreshadow 1960s pop col- the visual world. as pale lines streak across a and subtle. Forms and col-
(1900-1976) was an early Fred Berman (b. 1926) ors. In her untitled piece of dark gray background, enliv- ors pulse, fluctuating in space,
touchstone. On loan from works the surface of canvas- 1960, a mask-like face created then and now ened by breathy trails of blue blurring their humble origins,
the University of Wisconsin- es with weighty texture. They out of delicately layered mesh, Fast forward to the 21st and magenta. The rhythmic and transforming into some-
Milwaukee Department of densely shimmer as though there’s a darker, totemic qual- century. If you’re in search play of lines in the surface, thing beyond themselves.

Ar twatch
Despite the cumbersome J. Shimon & J. Lindemann, Oct. 30. The show runs we have accelerated into with engraved faces for $15.
title, the exhibition was a UW-Stevens Point’s dean through Feb. 13, 2011. Believe the holiday shopping season. Other knockouts include
large-scale, ambitious col- Jeffrey Morin and Milwaukee’s it or not, this is the FIRST The beloved Art Bar, 722 Elsie Berget’s nature paint-
laboration with the college’s Julia Taylor. For a small mid- major museum show – ever E. Burleigh, beckons with its ings, Stuart Shank’s cut paper
Debra Brehmer LGBTQ organization to western university, this was – to focus on images of same- annual Mini Show, which runs collages and Marie Myler’s
survey primarily Wisconsin- a courageous undertaking. sex love. And who would through Jan. 3. In its fifth cows.
The University of made art about gay issues. Bravo. have thought that the seem- year, hundreds of very small- Arts vs. Craft, the DIY fair,
Wisconsin-Whitewater Some of the artists includ- On a larger scale, the ingly conservative National scale works by 80 artists line is from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on
recently staged an exhibition ed Madison’s Paul Baker National Portrait Gallery in Portrait Gallery would have the walls and are priced at Sat., Nov. 27, at the Scottish
called “Question: Identity – Prindle, Whitewater’s Max Washington, D.C., opened been the trendsetter. Flights under $70. Michael Kasun’s Rite Masonic Center, 790 N.
Fences: Wrong Answer.” The White and Tabitha Dankert, its exhibition, “Hide/Seek: are inexpensive to D.C. This bird paintings are always a Van Buren St. Admission is
show ended Nov. 13, but is Lawrence University profes- Difference and Desire in is a must-see. seasonal favorite. Joshua Ard $3.
certainly worth noting here. sors Benjamin Rinehart and American Portraiture” on Back on the home front, is selling small wood blocks
WISCONSINGAZETTE.COM | November 18, 2010 23

bride on her wedding day, a “Chicago.”
widow and an American sing- O’Connor’s film credits “Bombshells” runs
er. If that sounds challenging, include “Moulin Rouge,” Baz Nov. 22 to Dec. 19 in
all the better. O’Connor has Luhrmann’s surreal take on The Rep’s Quadracci
HARRY CHERKINIAN lived her life welcoming chal- the Verdi opera “La Traviata,” Powerhouse Theater
lenges. as well as “De-Lovely,” the located in the Patty & Jay
Caroline O’Connor is O’Connor’s first love was feature based on the life of Baker Theater Complex.
“on stage” even when she’s ballet, which she studied at Cole Porter. She played Ethel For more information,
offstage. Performing courses London’s Royal Ballet School. Merman in that one. call 414-224-9490 or
through her veins like life- But her training started long Ironically, Merman played visit www.milwaukeerep.
blood as she breaks into a before that. By the age of five a key role in O’Connor’s com.
phrase of a song or a char- she was learning and per- youth. Like the shy girl in
acter she plays. My 45-min- forming Irish dance. the movie “Little Voice,”
ute interview with her is At 15, upon finishing bal- O’Connor would wait until into singing, and her imita-
really more of a preview of let school, “I asked my mum, she was alone to put on tion of Merman’s quavering
“Bombshells,” the upcoming ‘Am I pretty?’” O’Connor her parents’ records and sing powerhouse vocals is dead-
one-woman show written recalls. “She replied, ‘You’re along with Ethel Merman and on and quite startling, given
specifically for her that opens unusual.’” Edith Piaf. She even tack- O’Connor’s tiny, waif-like
Nov. 22 at the Milwaukee So, O’Connor reassessed led male tenor Mario Lanza’s frame).
Repertory Theater’s her chances and opportuni- “Donkey Serenade.” But not But today the show is all
Quadracci Powerhouse stage. ties to make a go of it in Judy Garland. about O’Connor and her
O’Connor talks pas- dancing. “I was always going “She was too good,” ability to play so many differ-
sionately about her art as to be the third swan from the O’Connor says. ent characters.
part of her life’s journey. “I left,” she says. “I realized I’m But as an adult, O’Connor’s “When I read (‘Bombshell’),
am a gypsy,” she says mat- much more of a character voice finally crossed paths I said, ‘This woman (play-
ter of factly, although she actress.” with Garland’s when she wright Joanna Murray-Smith),
is 100-percent Irish, born And so began a new direc- played her in “End of the knows me,’” O’Connor says.
in England and raised in tion for the creative gypsy. Rainbow.” She subsequent- “It’s like saying, ‘Yes! We
Australia. “Most people think O’Connor found an entirely ly recorded “A Tribute to believe in you as an actor.’”
gypsies don’t exist anymore. I new kind of performance – Garland.” But for O’Connor, even
kind of go where the work is. and accolades. She won an O’Connor also played Piaf though the show was tailor-
I love my job.” Olivier Award nomination in Australia. made for her, it’s ultimately
Her current job, at 48, is for her work in “Mack and Seven years ago, about the audience.
playing six women of vari- Mabel” on London’s West O’Connor’s mother found “Everything I do is about
ous ages and backgrounds: End. Broadway beckoned and tapes that O’Connor had (them),” she says emphati-
a mother who talks about a she debuted on the Great made at ages 11 and 12 cally. “It’s about their peace, P h oto : C o U r t e s Y
day in her life, an abandoned White Way in 2003, stepping while singing along to her their enjoyment. It’s a love Caroline O’Connor
wife, a Catholic school girl, a into the role of Velma Kelly in parents’ records. (She breaks affair.”

“I’m a lot sharper

than you think.”

this weekend only!

N ov 1 8 –2 1
Explore more than 200 quintessential contemporary objects
(including, furniture, ceramics, and product design) that, through A four-day tribute to art and installation design
thoughtful design, have the power to inspire, please, and confound. Explore the unique, nontraditional tabletop installations
These are not just objects. of twenty-two area artists, shops, and designers in the
Sponsored by Museum’s galleries throughout this premiere event.
Media Sponsors: Time Warner Cable and Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Maarten Baas, Your Best Kitchen Mate! knife block, 2004. Photo courtesy Ivan Terestchenko for Contrast Gallery.
Free with Museum admission; children 12 & under always free.
24 WISCONSINGAZETTE.COM | November 18, 2010

Music Chicago sounds good

GREGG SHAPIRO test song “Grooverider Free” sizzling tunes, including “You bi singer recently married
approaches epic status while Will Know,” “I’ll Get Down” a man!), Edie Carey contin-
HEY CHAMP “Whoop” whips dancers into and “Before I Know Your ues to be one of the most
In addition to Dot Dot a funky frenzy. Name.” Even when she awe-inspiring talents on the
Dot (featuring out lead gui- drifts dangerously close to folk-pop circuit. “Love,” the
tarist Rose) and Kid Sister, TOrTOISE Mariah Carey territory, as opening track on her “Bring
Hey Champ is among the Post-rock godfathers she does on “I Could Really The Sea” (
acts at the forefront of the Tortoise come out of Hold On,” she is never less CD, is startling in its naked-
electronic dance music scene their shell on “Beacons of than compelling. ness. Yet her honest insights
in Chicago. A trio of serious Ancestorship” (Thrill Jockey). give the song a comforting
musicians, Hey Champ kicks From the sprawling “High LEE DEWYZE bluish glow. And Accidental
things off on the full-length Class Slim Came Floating In” Before he was crowned Poet is the right name for The right Now performs on Nov. 19 in Milwau-
disc “Star” (Townie) with the to rhythmic quickies such American Idol champ, Carey’s publishing company, kee at Club Garibaldi, 2501 S. Superior, and on
aptly titled “Shake,” which is as “Northern Something” Chicago-suburb native sing- especially when you hear the Nov. 20 in Madison at The frequency, 121 W.
sure to set booties in motion. and “Penumbra,” Tortoise er/songwriter Lee DeWyze lyrics to songs such as “Red Main.
Trademark track “Cold Dust reminds us of the power had a pair of indie discs to Shoes,” “Come Inside” and
Girl” illustrates why they of pace. “Yinxianghechengqi” his name. Released in early “Lovely.”
caught Lupe Fiasco’s atten- restores the rock, whereas 2010, the suitably named
tion and why they deserve “The Fall of Seven Diamonds “Slumberland” (WuLi), is a CANASTA
yours as well. Plus One” is as seductive bit of a snooze. DeWyze’s Out musician Ian Wilson
as they come. Tortoise also suburban growl creates plays a variety of keyboards
MAHJONGG proves to be dance-floor enough friction to warm on “The Fakeout, The Tease
Mahjongg practically ready with the hypnotic bump if not entirely melt hearts, and The Breather” (canasta-
dares listeners to dance to and grind of “Monument Six but the acoustic blues set-, the latest disc
“Gooble,” the opening cut One Thousand.” tings (“Annabelle”) are tir- by Canasta. Led by Matt
on “The Long Shadow of the ing. A few exceptions are Priest, Canasta sounds like
Paper Tiger” (K). It sounds THE rIGHT NOW “Princess,” “Flower Child” Chicago’s answer to Death
like an homage to early On their debut album and “Another Sleep.” No Cab For Cutie, with sophisti-
Chicago electro pioneers “Carry Me Home” (theright- doubt all eyes will be on cated song-craft and dazzling
Ministry. The track “Miami, The Right Now DeWyze’s forthcoming, post- musicianship. Standout cuts
Knights” has a similar effect tosses its fedora into the AI major-label debut disc. on this altogether excellent
on the physical being, chal- retro-soul revival ring. First- disc include “Becoming You,”
lenging you to both dance rate belter Stefanie Berecz EDIE CArEY “Mexico City” and “Plan Your Canasta performs on Dec. 16 in Madison at The
and sit still. Propulsive pro- is a wonder to behold on A Chicago transplant (the Escape.” frequency, 121 W. Main.

TECHTERIORS Intelligent Environments™

Home Entertainment Systems have never been
so high-quality, easy-to-use or affordable!
For the best selection and value this holiday season, come to
TECHTERIORS and give a gift you’d like to receive yourself!

Delafield ✔ DESIGN Mequon

3700 Hillside Drive ✔ SALES 12308 Corporate Pkwy. Suite 600
(262) 646–5222 (262) 243–9800
Hours: Mon. thru Fri. 10-6, Sat 10 - 4 ✔ INSTALL Hours: By Appointment Only
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ALLAN SHErMAN The Superions and release

One thing you can say “Destination…Christmas!”
for the Jewish people: They (Fanatic). Even without Kate
have maintained their sense Pierson or Cindy Wilson,
of humor. The late Allan “Destination…Christmas!”
Sherman, a purveyor of great sounds like it could be
musical comedy, released a lost B-52s record – in
a series of albums during spirit, at least. The 11 new
the 1960s that still induce songs, with titles such as
LOLs today. “My Son, the “Christmas Conga (Jungle
Folk Singer,” “My Son, the Bells), “Crummy Christmas
Celebrity” and “My Son, the Tree” and “Christmas Tears,”
Nut” have all been reissued INDIGO GIrLS Nielsen Chapman’s “There’s Christmas Is You” and two known selections, including have the kind of kooky lyr-
on Collectors’ Choice Music. Amy Ray and Emily Saliers Still My Joy,” are glorious. The co-written by out songwriter “The First Noel” and “Silent ics we’ve come to expect
Sherman’s gift for parody lyr- of Indigo Girls wrap up a inclusion of Woody Guthrie’s Marc (“Hairspray”) Shaiman Night,” to less-familiar from Schneider. There are
ics has rarely been equaled. dozen songs on their first “Happy Joyous Hanukah” is – “Christmas Time Is In the fare, such as “See Amid the also plenty of opportuni-
Just try not to crack a smile holiday disc “Holly Happy a delight. Air Again” and “One Child” Winter’s Snow” and “Angels ties for dancing on “Santa’s
when Sherman transforms Days” (IG Recordings/ – the whole affair seems less From the Realms of Glory.” Disco,” “Santa Je T’aime” and
“The Battle Hymn of the Vanguard). Originals such as MArIAH CArEY festive than it does forced, Lennox closes the disc with the Cerrone-like “Teddy and
Republic” into “The Ballad the bouncy banjo number What a difference 16 years a prettily wrapped package the original composition Betty Yeti.”
of Harry Lewis,” a tribute to “The Wonder Song” and makes. Further embracing that lacks warmth and feels “Universal Child,” a powerful
a mensch of the cloth (read: the inclusive “Your Holiday her urban identity on “Merry as frosty as spray-on snow. number with a message that THE WAILING
rag trade); revises the Harry Song” are welcome addi- Christmas II You” (Island), extends beyond the holiday WALL
Belafonte hit “Matilda” into tions to the Christmas music Mariah Carey’s sequel to ANNIE LENNOx season. As mystical as modern
“My Zelda”; or sings his big- songbook. Their distinctive her 1994 holiday disc, the One listen to the beautiful Jewish music gets (listen to
gest hit, the letter-from-camp interpretations of such stan- 40-year-old diva continues and abundant “A Christmas THE SUPErIONS the sitar on “Bones Become
song “Hello Muddah, Hello dards as “I’ll Be Home For to embrace her sex-kitten Cornucopia” (Decca) and The B-52s never put out Rainbows”), “The Low
Faddah, based on “Dance Christmas” and “Angels We image while trimming the you will wonder why Annie a holiday record and that’s a Hanging Fruit” (JDub) by
of the Hours” by Ponchielli Have Heard On High,” as tree. A mixture of carol med- Lennox (who was born on shame. But fear not, out B-52s The Wailing Wall (a.k.a. Jesse
from “La Gioconda.” If this well as out singer/songwriter leys and originals, including an Dec. 25) hasn’t recorded an front man Fred Schneider has Rifkin) makes it safe for vegan
isn’t Hanukkah party music, Chely Wright’s “It Really Is A “extra festive” rerecording of album like this before. The teamed up with Noah Brodie hipsters and their contempo-
what is? Wonderful Night” and Beth her Xmas hit “All I Want For dozen songs range from well- and Dan Marshall to form raries everywhere.
26 WISCONSINGAZETTE.COM | November 18, 2010

(Rachel McAdams) is laid off from

Film her job as producer of “Good

Morning, New Jersey,” in spite
of expecting a big promotion.
Gregg Shapiro After an exhaustive job search,
she lands a dreaded gig at net-
‘Due Date’ work IBS (named for Irritable
(Warner Brothers) Bowel Syndrome, perhaps)
An uglier and meaner 21st- where Jerry (Jeff Goldblum) hires
century version of “Planes, Trains her to resuscitate his fourth-
and Automobiles,” Todd Phillips’ (and last-) placed morning show,
latest road movie “Due Date” “Daybreak.”
works the series-of-unfortunate- Becky has her work cut out for
events premise to the bone, her dealing with the show’s hosts,
exhausting every idea as well as foot-fetishist Paul (Ty Burrell of
the patience of the audience. P HOTO : C O U RTES Y “Modern Family”) and seen-it-all
When short-fused archi- Unfortunate antics: Zach Galifianakis and Robert defeatist Colleen (Diane Keaton).
tect Peter (Robert Downey Jr.) Downey Jr. in “Due Date.” But after cleaning house (good-
crosses paths in Atlanta with bye, Paul), Becky recruits the
Hollywood-bound actor Ethan father’s ashes in a French Market sight gags and a bong-load of drug network’s lauded newsman Mike
(Zach Galifianakis), a swishy griz- coffee can, Ethan offers Peter humor, “Due Date” plays like a (unapologetic scenery muncher
zly bear in a china shop, his life a ride in his rented Subaru. So stop-gap measure, as if director/ Harrison Ford) for the co-host-
will never be the same. Peter is begins the nightmare. co-writer Phillips worried about ing gig via a loophole in his con-
anxious to get home to L.A. and Luckily, Peter’s friend Darryl losing the attention of his follow- tract. Lots of head-butting ensues,
his pregnant wife Sarah (Michelle (Jamie Foxx) is nearby in Dallas ing while they waited for him to along with kooky comedic bits.
Monaghan) for the birth of his and comes to the rescue, despite finish making “The Hangover 2.” Thankfully, we (and Becky) have
first child. Ethan, who wears ill- having serious challenges of his Galifianakis, who showed such tasty snack Adam (the smoking
fitting, acid-washed jeans and own. But the celebration is short- restraint playing a psych ward Patrick Wilson) to look at for
white Capezios, has a personal- lived when Peter, egged on by patient in “It’s Kind of a Funny distraction, as the seeds of a
ity disorder somewhere on the Ethan, becomes suspicious of Story,” is at his Jack Black-est potential relationship are sown.
autism scale. He managed to get Darryl’s relationship with Sarah. here, giving his frat boy fans what But Becky’s work ethic, driven
himself and Peter thrown off an On the road again, the traveling they want from him. by her attachment to/depen-
airplane and added to the no-fly companions alternate between dence on her Blackberry, inter-
list. Naturally, Peter’s wallet is in camaraderie and enmity, with the ‘Morning Glory’ feres in a big way. Never fear,
his suitcase, leaving him without conflict reaching its peak, aptly (Paramount) however. There’s a happy ending
an ID and currency. enough, at the Grand Canyon, via This relatively harmless rom- and a clever twist just around the
by Frank D. Gilroy Traveling with his masturbating a string of revelations. com is set in the world of morn- corner, parting the clouds just in
French bulldog Sunny and his late Propelled by more than a few ing television. Early-riser Becky time for the sun to rise.
Nov. 18 - Dec. 12
A humorous and poignant
memoir about a son THANKS to the
returning from WWII Wisconsin Gazette
Winner of the Tony Award for naming Our saucy ship’s
and the Pulitzer Prize centrocafe a beauty.
Directed by C. Michael Wright “Best Local Restaurant” November 19-
Featuring Nicholas Harazin, December19
James Tasse & Tami Workentin

Sponsored by
Michael & Shirley Mosesson and
The Dental Offices of Dr. David Paris

808 E Center St.


Broadway Theatre Center

158 N. Broadway
Milwaukee’s Historic Third Ward
Win a pair of tickets to H.M.S. Pinafore!
414.291.7800 Click “Free Stuff” at
Box office 414-291-7800
WISCONSINGAZETTE.COM | November 18, 2010 27

The People Behind The Product - Since 1989

Local service,
Experienced technicians
• Service any brand PC,
Desktop or Laptop
• Custom built computers
• Computer parts / HDMI & DVI
Hometown Pride!
Food traditions help make this city special.
video cabling
And since 1970, Outpost has been offering shoppers
delicious natural and organic foods that are unsurpassed.
BRING THIS COUPON IN FOR We invite you to take a fresh look at Outpost and
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2334 N. Farwell Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53211

10 AM –- 6 PM M-F 10 AM –- 4 PM Sat O p e n 7 D a y s a W e e k w w w . o u t p o s t . c o o p
28 WISCONSINGAZETTE.COM | November 18, 2010

‘Historian’ goes under the covers of pre-Stonewall life

artist Amund Dietzel and

life experiences covered by “He didn’t know if he was
this detailed and compelling going to get killed or have Also on the left his position as a DePaul
chronicle of one of the most the orgasm of his life,” Spring shelf University professor to
fascinating and, until now, said of Steward’s rough-trade An Obscene Diary: The establish a tattoo parlor on
Louis Weisberg forgotten lives of the 20th experiences, which grew Visual World of Sam Chicago’s South State Street,
century. more brutal as the hun- Steward (Elysium Press/ one of the city’s most crime-
“Do I contradict myself?” Steward, who lived from ger for novelty drove him Antinous Press, 2010). ridden areas in those days.
poet Walt Whitman asked in 1909 to 1993, lost his mother to ever-greater extremes. This high-end, limited- Steward gained a national
“Song of Myself.” and was abandoned by his Among his stable of regular edition collector’s item reputation as a tattoo art-
“Very well, then I contra- father at a young age. Reared S/M partners was Chicago contains some of Sam ist and ultimately wound up
dict myself,” he answered. “I by two single aunts who leather icon Chuck Renslow, Steward’s best drawings in Oakland, Calif., where he
am large, I contain multi- owned a boarding house in who as a young man treated as well as entries from was the official tattooist for
tudes.” small-town Ohio, Steward the smitten Steward rather his “Stud File,” the sex- the Hell’s Angels. As with all
Those words proved pro- turned to literature and sex shabbily. ual diary that helped to of his experiences, this one
phetic for Sam Steward, who for solace – for, as Spring Fortunately, Steward inform Alfred Kinsey’s too had paradoxical dimen-
was inspired by Whitman explained during a recent kept a meticulous and witty research. sions: Inserting his tattoo
from an early age, both as a visit to Milwaukee, “Sam real- record of his encounters in needle into hardened crimi-
literary figure and a gay role ized his sexuality early and Justin Spring reads at 4 the “Stud File,” as he called it, nals who’d committed hei-
model. Steward, the subject often.” p.m. Nov. 30 at The Pyle which provides a deeply per- homophobic world. “It was nous offenses was an act of
of Justin Spring’s absorbing Although both interests Center (Room 313) on sonal history of pre-Stone- not happy, fulfilling, emotion- intimacy that both horrified
biography “Secret Historian” defined his life, the latter the UWM campus, 702 wall gay male subculture in all ally connecting sex, but it was and titillated Steward.
(Farrar, Straus and Giroux), would eventually overwhelm Langdon St., in Madison. of its determination, creativ- exuberant,” Spring said. But Steward didn’t toss
a 2010 National Book Award the former. ity and peril. A diary written Steward’s obsession with out his typewriter complete-
finalist, contained many selves Steward began adulthood with the insight and craft of sex ultimately derailed his lit- ly. In yet another example of
– and some of them contra- as a brilliant academic and an accomplished novelist, the erary aspirations by exhaust- joining together his divergent
dicted others with dangerous promising novelist, with aspi- ity was not only a career- Stud File became an essential ing his time as well as his sub-personalities, Steward
force. rations of living a literary life killer but also a prosecutable part of the sex research of creative energy. Spring, who turned to penning pornog-
Spring hints at the breadth in Paris. He developed close offense. But he was hardly a Steward’s close friend Alfred believes Steward had the raphy under the name Phil
of Steward’s personae in the friendships with some of the gay rights champion. In fact, Kinsey. It also was an out- makings of an important nov- Andros.
book’s subtitle: “The life and most prominent writers of his self-loathing, as well as his let for Steward to validate elist, has mixed feelings about Spring, who spent nine
times of Samuel Steward, his day, including Thornton disdain for other gay men, led his sexuality and revel in his this outcome. On the one years writing “Secret
professor, tattoo artist and Wilder and Gertrude Stein. Steward down a psychic rab- conquests, particularly those hand, he laments the loss of Historian,” said the book’s
sexual renegade.” But not Steward lived with at least bit hole into a wonderland of of heterosexual males – Steward’s talent. But, “if he success has vindicated
even that lengthy descriptor one foot out of the closet at masochism so violent that it’s instances of “conquering the had been the literary suc- Steward’s life by bringing
does service to the range of a time when homosexual- a miracle he survived it. bullies” in Steward’s mind, cess that he wanted to be, I mainstream acceptance to
Spring said. wouldn’t have had a book to his life’s story and the atten-
“The Stud File is kind of a write,” Spring said. tion of the literati to his
ARCW Medical Center trophy case, a way of gloat-
ing,” Spring said. “Sam got
In middle age, Steward left
the literary world behind
work as a writer. The book is
already in its second printing.
more tail in his lifetime than for good after developing “Sam made his life entirely
“Never in the history of AIDS any other man he knew and a desire to learn tattooing, transparent on my behalf,
that made him quite pleased.” which combined his skill in although he didn’t know,
has there been so much For Steward, sex was drawing with his obsession of course, who it was for,”
promise for helping patients largely a way of venting anger for the sailors and thugs who Spring said. “But the narcissist
succeed with HIV treatment. over the abandonment of wore tattoos in the 1950s. in him hoped that someone
his father and the fate of He learned the craft from would come along and dis-
being homosexual in a deeply Milwaukee master tattoo cover his story.”
Our goal is to fulfill this
promise for all our patients
so they can live long
and healthy lives.”
John Fangman, MD
Medical Director
Don’t just smile – Sparkle!
David A. Paris, DDS, SC
Medical Care Mental Health & Wellness Dental Care
Last year 251 new HIV patients chose the ARCW Medical Center
for their care joining more than 1,000 HIV patients at Cosmetic &
Wisconsin’s largest provider of HIV health care. General Dentistry
Downtown Milwaukee
Excellence in HIV Health Care 601 N. Broadway
(corner of Broadway & Michigan)
Call for an appointment: (414) 223-6800 or 800-359-8272 extension 6800
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“A No-Holds-Barred Smash Hit!”

The New Yorker

Sublime silliness still reigns!”
The New York Observer

SPAM is a registered trademark of Hormel Foods, LLC, used with permission here.


A holiday comedy for the entire family! ON
Mother Superior takes a look at how
Santa took over the Christmas
holiday, and she has some great
ideas on how to get it back! December 10 & 11
Milwaukee Theatre
VOGEL HALL • MARCUS CENTER Tickets at the Milwaukee Theatre Box Office (M–F 10am–6pm) and all Ticketmaster
Retail Locations, by phone at 1-800-745-3000 or online at
Tickets $36 • 414.273.7206 Convenience fees apply. Info: •
DISCOUNT FOR GROUPS OF 10+ CALL 414.273.7121 Ext.210
30 WISCONSINGAZETTE.COM | November 18, 2010

Rick Karlin
Thanksgiving gobble guide
Has the Thanksgiving holi-
Andrew’s in the $39.95. Call 262-245-5756.
Delafield Hotel, 415 Genesee
day crept up on you, leaving Weissgerber’s
St., Delafield, serves a four-
you no time to shop for, Gasthaus, 2720 N.
course turkey breast dinner
much less prepare, a holiday Grandview Blvd., Waukesha,
from 5 to 9 p.m. for $38. Call
meal? Whether you just pre- presents turkey and the trim-
(262) 646-1620.
fer not to undertake cook- mings family style from noon
ing such an elaborate mealMcCormick & to 6 p.m. Adults $22.95, chil-
or wouldn’t know how toSchmick’s Seafood, 2550 dren $12.95. Turkey dinner is
N. Mayfair Rd., Wauwatosa,
roast a turkey if it walked also available for take-out for
has a traditional three-course
up to you with a recipe in $14.95 per person. Call 262-
Thanksgiving dinner with all
its beak, you can give thanks 544-4460.
the trimmings for $22.95.
for the fact that many area Crown Plaza hotel’s
Call 414-475-0700.
restaurants offer sumptu- Innovation, 10499
ous holiday meals for yourMeyer’s Restaurant, Innovation Drive,Wauwatosa,
4260 S. 76th St., Greenfield,
enjoyment. Reservations are offers a choice of turkey,
serves an all-you-can-eat
recommended for all listings. prime rib or roasted salmon,
family-style turkey dinner served with market salad bar
Traditional from from 11:30 a.m. to 3:30 and dessert for $22.95 from
Thanksgiving p.m. Adults $13.95, children noon to 5 p.m. Call 414-259-
dinner $7.95. Call 414-321-4400. 0793. P h oto : J i n a L e e
The Pfister Hotel, Port Washington’s Port
424 E. Wisconsin Ave., pres- Hotel, 101 E. Main St., pres- Thanksgiving
ents a buffet brunch with all ents turkey and the trim- with ethnic Karl Ratzsch’s, 320 Bavarian Inn, 700 W. a.m. to 4 p.m. Adults $24.95,
the trimmings at The Rouge mings on the holiday buffet inspired fare E. Mason St., celebrates Lexington Blvd., Glendale, has children $11.95. From 4 to 6
from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Adults from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Adults Polonez, 4016 Packard Thanksgiving with sauerbra- a full buffet of turkey, trim- p.m., they present a dinner
r Dental Needs
$39.95, Under
children $19.95. One
Call $20.95, Roof”
children $7.50. Call Ave., St. Francis, serves up a ten, weiner schnitzel and mings and traditional German buffet with a schnitzel sta-
877-704-5340. The hotel’s 262-284-9473. buffet featuring turkey with dumplings. A traditional din- dishes from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. tion. Adults $27.95, children
Mason Street Grill will fea- Kirsch’s Country Inn, Polish-style stuffing and tradi- ner entrée is also available. Adults $21.95, children $9.95. $11.95. Call 414-271-3377.
ture a three-course turkey W4190 West End Road, Lake tional Polish dishes. Seatings Prices range from $25 to Call 414-964-0300. Old Town Serbian
dinner for $35 and also serve Geneva, has a four-course at 1 and 3:30 p.m. Adults $30 for adults. Kids’ prices Mader’s, 1041 N. Old Gourmet Restaurant,
its regular menu from 1 to 7 menu with choice of entrée $17.95, children $8.95. Call are about $10 less. Call 414- World 3rd St., offers a tradi- 522 W. Lincoln Ave., serves a
p.m., 414-298-3131. from noon to 6 p.m. for 414-482-0080. 276-2720. tional brunch buffet from 11 family style meal for groups of
six or more. Dinner includes
a whole turkey, carved table
side, and traditional Serbian
side dishes for $24.95 a per-
son. Reservations must be
AFTER Dr. Wegner has been made by Nov. 16. Call 414-
recognized by The 672-0206.
journal/Sentinel Il Mito Enoteca, 6913
& Milwaukee Magazine as
W. North Ave., allows you to
AFTER celebrate at home without
one of the area's leading
the need to cook. Pick up
sedation & cosmetic dentists. a pre-seasoned 10-12-pound
turkey, stuffing, gravy, creamy
AFTER “All Your Dental Needs Under One Roof” spinach and pumpkin pie for
$89.95. The package serves
al photos show how AS SEEN ON T.V.
Dr. Kory Wegner
8-10 people. If you just want
Dr. Suzanne Roever
y damaged teeth VISIT US AT the bird, that’ll be $49.95.
nged to a beautiful, Under Health Call 414-443-1414.
fident smile Connections


s Cosmetic Family/General
istry Dentistry Dentistry
“All Your Dental• All
Needs Under One Roof”
Early detection is KEY!
• Veneers Phases Of Complete Dentistry
• Teeth Whitening • White Fillings (No Toxins Or Metals) Every hour someone dies from oral cancer.
ory Of • Free Cosmetic • One Visit Root Canals Oral cancer strikes 30,000
BEFORE people every year,
The high mortality rate associated with oral
Dr. Wegner has been
cancer is due to late stage diagnosis. When
Consultation • Implants • Crowns / Bridges only half will be alive in 5 years. Oral cancer caught early, oral cancer patients
recognized by Thea
• Children Welcome is on the rise, increasing by 11% since 2007. 90% survival rate verses late stage diagnosis
• Laser Technology where 50% will die or become severely

RISK FACTORS: deformed. & Milwaukee Magazine as

e& Call For A FREE Cosmetic Consultation

Evening Appointments Available • Compromised immune system one of the area's leading
ncing • Human Papillomavirus (HPV-16) • Painless
414-292-9760 AFTER Dr. Wegner has been
• Smoking • Discreet
sedation & cosmetic dentists.

• Frequent/excessiveBEFORE
alcohol consumption • Simple AFTER
recognized by The
105 West Silver Spring Dr. • Whitefish Bay, WI 53217
Visit us @ & Milwaukee Magazine as • Family history of cancer • Takes less than 3 minutes
These actual photos show how AS SEEN ON T.V. Dr. Kory Wegner
one of the area's leading

“All Your Dental Needswere

Under One Roof ”
Dr. Suzanne Roever
sedation & cosmetic dentists. severely damaged teeth VISIT US AT
at 23:38:51 EDT
BEFORE AFTER changed to a beautiful, Under Health
confident smile Connections
These actual photos show how AS SEEN ON T.V.
Dr. Kory Wegner
Dr. Suzanne Roever
severely damaged teeth VISIT US AT
WISCONSINGAZETTE.COM | November 18, 2010 31

phone repairman Mike (Carl much more.
Parker), who she proceeds to
screw in front of the befud- “Orlando”
dled Betsy. (Sony Pictures Classics)
Gregg Shapiro Later that evening, din- Based on the novel
ner at Elvira and Jack’s with by Virginia Woolf, Sally
“Score” Eddie and Betsy gets off to a Potter’s film adaptation of
(Cult Epics) good start when the couples “Orlando” stars Oscar win-
Pretty and practical Elvira get high and then raid Elvira ner Tilda Swinton in the
(Claire Wilbur) lives in the and Jack’s trunk of costumes title role. Gender-bending
peaceful city of Leisure, near for dress-up time and some Lord Orlando wasn’t seeking
the Erogenous Zone, in dancing. Of course there’s privilege, but company. After
Radley Metzger’s surprisingly more in store. Elvira pro- being chosen as the favorite
open-minded 1974 softcore ceeds to have her way with of Queen Elizabeth I (deftly
porno classic “Score.” Elvira Betsy, while Jack and Eddie portrayed by Quentin Crisp),
(who would sit in a café get better acquainted watch- Orlando inherits a palace on
wearing nothing but a trench ing gay porn. the condition that he doesn’t
coat) is married to fashion The sex scenes are treated “wither, fade or grow old.”
photographer Jack (Gerald with respect and play with a Some people will do anything
Grant), who’d “just as soon high level of eroticism. The to hold onto a piece of prop-
climb aboard a man as a scenes between Eddie and erty, and true to his word,
woman.” The two have what Jack are unexpectedly graph- Orlando remains ageless.
is described as a “busy social ic. Of course, given the time Beginning in 1600 and Tilda Swinton and Billy Zane in “Orlando.”
life.” period, the next morning, spanning some 400 years,
Elvira has her eye on Eddie claims to have a bad we watch as Orlando learns and learns that as a woman, meets with a London pub-
Catholic good-girl Betsy case of the “morning-afters,” about the treachery of both she is at risk of losing her lisher regarding her story. The Milwaukee LGBT
(Lynn Lowry), the innocent while Betsy is far more at men and women, endures the property. A chance encoun- Many people will relate to Film/Video Festival
young wife of Eddie (pret- ease with the discovery of insults of a poet, discovers ter with an American named “Orlando”’s message that life screens “Orlando” at 7
ty Calvin Culver, a.k.a. gay this other side of herself. brotherly love and the manly Shelmerdine (Billy Zane) pro- begins once the past is let p.m. on Thurs., Dec. 2,
pornstar Casey Donovan). The combination of bad virtues, becomes a casualty vides Orlando with not only go. Whether Orlando’s own at UWM Union Theatre.
Elvira sets her seduction acting and bad writing equals of love and one day awakes sexual discovery but a possi- experiences and journey Admission is only $5.
plan, “Operation Music Box,” good camp, plain and simple, as a woman. ble escape from her circum- strike a chord is another Go to
in motion after Jack leaves and “Score” scores in that Essentially the “same per- stances. But when the winds story. lgbtfilm.
“to earn some daily bread.” respect. DVD special features son, no difference at all, just change, Shelmerdine leaves a Swinton, at her most exot-
Involving a Polaroid camera include a revealing new inter- a different sex,” Orlando pregnant Orlando behind. ic, is the compelling force
and a groovy soundtrack, view with Lowry, audio com- returns to England in 1750 In the present day, hardly here, giving the story its pale with writer/director Potter,
Elvira’s plot is interrupt- mentary by Metzger and film after a 10-year ambassa- aged a bit with her young flesh and blood. DVD special as well as select scene com-
ed by the arrival of tele- historian Michael Bowen, and dorship in the Middle East daughter in tow, Orlando features include an interview mentary and more.

• modern/vintage
• new/recycled
• fashion &
LISTEN: NOV. 15-19
VISIT WUWM.COM/projectmilwaukee


NOV. 19 from 6 to 11 AM
414.263.1690 MORNING EDITION with Bob Bach 6 - 9 am LAKE EFFECT 10 - 11 am
2943 north humboldt 1st floor of the CHASE TOWER at Water & Wisconsin RESERVE YOUR SEAT TODAY.
buy · sell · trade 89.7 FM / HD-1: IN-DEPTH NEWS WUWM2 / HD-2: MUSIC 24/7 WUWM.COM

WIG 10_WUWM_ProjMke-Food.indd 1 11/1/2010 11:37:38 AM

32 WISCONSINGAZETTE.COM | November 18, 2010


WiGoUt Edo de Waart conducts the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra
& Chorus in Vaughan Williams’ monumental Symphony No.

1, with poetry by Walt Whitman, with Tchaikovsky’s Violin
Concerto at 8 p.m. tonight and tomorrow night in Uihlein Hall at
NOV. 18, THURSDAY the Marcus Center For the Performing Arts. Call 414-273-2787.
Inspired by the 2002 movie, DRUMline Live brings the time-
Theatre Gigante reinvents “King Lear” with a fresh look at
aging parents, duty and selfishness in “The Lears,” tonight
through Nov. 21 at Kenilworth Square East, Studio 508, 1925 E.
Kenilworth Place. Call 414-229-4308.
“Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde,” presented by Strollers Theatre,
honored tradition of black marching bands to the stage at the
Milwaukee Theatre, 500 W. Kilbourn, at 7:30 p.m. Call 414-566-1375.

runs through Nov. 20 at the Bartell Theatre, 113 E. Mifflin in

Madison. NOV. 27,
Milwaukee Chamber Theatre presents “The Subject Was
Roses” by Frank D. Gilroy tonight through Dec. 12 at Broadway SATURDAY
Theatre Center, 158 N. Broadway. Call 414-291-7800.
Jerry Grillo Band
performs at 10 p.m. at
Transfer Pizzeria, 101 W.
Mitchell. Call 414-763-
Milwaukee Gay Arts Center, 703 S. Second St., presents the


first public reading of “Verbal Acumen,” a new play by Ray
Proctor at 7:30 p.m. on Nov. 19 - 20, with a discussion to follow.
Call 414-383-3727.
“Liberace!,” written and directed by Brent Hazelton, has its Boswell Book Company, 2559 N. Downer Ave., welcomes
world premiere at Milwaukee Repertory Theater, 108 E. Wells, Kelly Peloza, author of “Vegan Cookie Connoisseur” at
through Jan. 16 in the Stackner Cabaret. Call 414-224-9490. 2p.m. Call 414-332-1181.
The Skylight Opera Theatre of Milwaukee presents Gilbert
& Sullivan’s classic operetta “H. M. S. Pinafore” through Dec.
19 in the Cabot Theatre at the Broadway Theatre Center, 158 N.
Broadway. Call 414-291-7800.


Milwaukee Theatre, 500 W. Kilbourn, presents Cirque
Dreams Holidaze, a holiday show featuring acrobats, dancing
and winter fun tonight and tomorrow night. Call 414-566-1375.
Edo de Waart conducts the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra Frankly Music presents Schumann and Chopin at 7 p.m.
performing Bartók’s “The Miraculous Mandarin,” plus Amy Sedaris tonight and tomorrow night in the Wisconsin Conservatory of
Samuel Barber’s Violin Concerto tonight and tomorrow night at on Nov. 24 Music Bader Recital Hall, 1584 N. Prospect. Call 414-940-8770.
8 p.m. in Uihlein Hall at the Marcus Center For the Performing
Arts. Call 414-273-2787.


Milwaukee Repertory Theater, 108 E. Wells, presents the DEC. 1, WEDNESDAY
NOV. 20, SATURDAY American premiere of “Bombshells” by Joanna Murray-Smith
in the Quadracci Powerhouse through Dec. 19. Call 414-224-9490. John McGivern returns with “Home For The Holidays,”
through Jan. 2 in the Stiemke Theatre at Milwaukee Repertory
The Miltown Kings’ sci-fi show, Theater, 108 E. Wells. Call 414-224-9490.
“Double Feature, Miltown Marcus Center For the Performing Arts, at the corner of
Show,” begins at 9 p.m. at Water and State, presents The Magnificent Mazowsze at 8
the Miramar Theater, 2844 N.
p.m. Call 414-273-2787.
Oakland Ave. Save a buck on
admission by wearing a sci-fi
themed costume. Robert Tanzilo, author of “The Milwaukee Police
Sharon Lynne Wilson Bomb of 1917,” is at Boswell Book Company, 2559 N. Downer,
Center for the Arts, 19805
W. Capitol Dr. in Brookfield,
presents Raul Malo at 8 p.m.
at 7 p.m. Call 414-332-1181.
Barrymore Theatre, 2090 Atwood in Madison, presents DEC. 2, THURSDAY
Joshua Radin with special guests Good Old War and Kelly
Call 262-781-9520. James at 7:30 p.m. Call 608-241-2345. Gay playwright Craig Lucas’s “The Dying Gaul” is
presented by StageQ through Dec. 18 at the Bartell Theatre,
113 E. Mifflin in Madison.
Carte Blanche Studios Theatre, 1024 S. Fifth St., presents “The
Hostage” by Brendan Behan through Dec. 19. Call 262-716-4689.
NOV. 21, SUNDAY NOV. 24, WEDNESDAY Batusis, featuring Sylvain Sylvain of the New York Dolls and
Cheetah Chrome of Rocket From The Tombs and Dead Boys,
The irrepressible Amy Sedaris, sis of David, is at Turner perform at 8 p.m. at Shank Hall, 1434 N. Farwell. Call 414-276-7288.
Hall Ballroom, 103 N. Fourth St., at 7:30 p.m. Evan Smith’s comedy “The Savannah Disputation” runs Boswell Book Company, 2559 N. Downer, welcomes Ann
Club 5 Bar, 5 Applegate Court in Madison, presents a live through Jan. 9 at the Boulevard Theatre, 2252 S. Kinnickinnic. Wertz Garvin, author of “On Maggie’s Watch,” at 7 p.m.
female impersonator show at 10 p.m. Call 608-277-9700. Call 414-744-5747 or visit Call 414-332-1181.
WISCONSINGAZETTE.COM | November 18, 2010 33

oUt & AboUt Got a listing to add? Tell us

stAteWiDe b Ar AnD entertAinMent venUe listinGs


Club ICON, 6305 120th St. (off I-94), Kenosha, 262-857- Cardinal Bar, 418 W. Wilson St., 608-257-2473 rascals Bar & Grill, 702 E. Wisconsin, Appleton,
3240 Club 5, 5 Applegate Court, 608-277-9700 920-954-9262
fierte, 5722 Third Ave., Kenosha, 262-764-9713 Plan B, 924 Williamson St., 608-257-5262 ravens, 215 E. College Ave., Appleton, 920-364-9599
JoDee’s, 2139 Racine St., Racine, 262-634-9804 Shamrock, 117 W. Main St., 608-255-5029 Napalese, 1351 Cedar St., Green Bay, 920-432-9646
WOOf’S, 114 King St., 608-204-6222 SASS, 840 S. Broadway, Green Bay, 920-437-7277
MILWAUKEE The Shelter, 730 N. Quincy St., Green Bay, 920-432-
Art Bar, 722 Burleigh, 414-372-7880 BELOIT/JANESvILLE 2662
Ballgame, 196 S. Second St., 414-273-7474 Impulse, 132 W. Grand Ave., Beloit, 608-361- xS Niteclub, 1106 Main St., Green Bay, 920-
Boom & The room, 625 S. Second St., 414-277-5040 0000 430-1301
Boot Camp, 209 E. National Ave., 414-643-6900 Debs Spare Time, 1303 Harrison St.,
fluid, 819 S. Second St., 414-643-5843 LACrOSSE Oshkosh, 920-235-6577
Harbor room, 117 E. Greenfield, 414-672-7988 My Place, 3201 South Ave., 608- PJS, 1601 Oregon St., Oshkosh
Hybrid, 707 E. Brady St., 414-810-1809 788-9073
JACK, 200 E. Washington St., 414-389-3596 Players, 300 Fourth St., 608-784- NOrTHErN
Kruz, 354 E. National Ave., 414-272-KRUZ 4200 Scooters, 411 Galloway Street, Eau
LaCage, 801 S. Second St., 414-383-8330 Chances r, 417 Jay St., 608-782- Claire, 715-835-9959
Mona’s, 1407 S. First St., 414-643-0377 5105 JT’s Bar and Grill, 1506 N. Third
Nut Hut, 1500 W. Scott, 414-647-2673 St., Superior, 715--394-2580
Pump, (Sundays at Decibel), 1905 E. North Ave., WISCONSIN DELLS The flame, 1612 Tower Ave., Superior,
414-272-3337 Captain Dix rainbow valley 715-395-0101
This Is It, 418 E. Wells St., 414-278-9192 resort, 4124 River Road, 866-553-1818 The Main 1217 Tower Ave., Superior,
Triangle, 135 E. National Ave., 414-383-9412 715-392-1756
Tropical Niteclub, 626 S. Fifth St., 414-460-6277 SHEBOYGAN OZ, 320 Washington St., Wausau, 715-842-3225
Walker’s Pint, 818 S. Second St., 414-643-7468
D.I.x., 739 S. 1st St., 414-231-9085 Blue Lite, 1029 N. Eighth St., 920-457-1636 Don’t see your favorite LGBT hangout?
Woody’s, 1579 S. Second St., 414-672-0806 To get considered for a listing on Out & About, e-mail

CoUrtesY oF the WisConsin hUMAne soCietY

Delgado is a sweet
At no cost to you, we provide: canine available for adop-
tion at the Wisconsin
• STD testing and treatment Humane Society. He is a
for men. 10-month-old Doberman
Pinscher with a handsome
• Hepatitis A & B Vaccinations tan and black coat. Delgado
for gay or bisexual men. is a fun-loving dog who
enjoys playing with tennis
• Hepatitis B Vaccinations for balls and going for walks
straight men and women. with the shelter volun-
• Anonymous or name teers. Meet Delgado today
at the Wisconsin Humane
associated HIV testing Society, located at 45th
and counseling. and Wisconsin Avenue in
Hours: Mondays & Tuesdays Tango’s Tip: The
Wisconsin Humane Society
6:00pm - 8:30pm currently has many adopt-
able senior companion ani-
mals looking for homes.
Think a sweet senior ani-
mal might be the perfect
companion for you? Check
out all of the animals avail-
able for adoption at www.

1240 East Brady St • Milw., • 414-272-2144 •
34 WISCONSINGAZETTE.COM | November 18, 2010

CoMMUnitY GroUPs Applegate Court, Madison, 53713, 608-277-
MILWAUKEE Washington Heights Rainbow Association, 414- 9700,

217-1571, on Facebook.

Wauwatosa Rainbow Association, tosarainbow@
Cream City Chorus, 252 E. Highland Blvd., 53202, Front Runners/Front Walkers, 414-443-0379,
414-276-8787,, Wisconsin Rainbow Alliance of the Deaf, P.O. Box, thbolt@milwpc. OutReach, 600 Williamson St., Suite P1, Madison, 353, Hartland, 53029, com. 53703, 608-255-8582,,
Cream City Squares, 414-445-8080, www.iagsdc. Wisconsin Rainbow Families, 252 E. Highland Metro Milwaukee Tennis Club, 3957 81st St.,
org/creamcity. Blvd., 53202,, 53222, 414-616-3716, PFLAG-Madison, 4221 Venetian Ln., Madison
Milwaukee Gay Arts Center, 703 S. Second Milwaukee Gay Soccer League, 1012 E. 53718, 608-848-2333, pflagmadison@yahoo.
St., 53204, 414-383-3727, www. Clark St., 53212, 414-405-5878, www. com.

HEALTH Gay / Bi Fathers Support Group, c/o Outreach,
Milwaukee/LGBT Film/Video Festival, www4. Milwaukee Gay Volleyball League, www. 600 Williamson St., Madison, 53703, AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin, P.O. Box
Queer Zine Archive Project, 2935 N. Fratney St., 510498, 53202, 414-273-1991,, Saturday Softball Beer League, 2333 N. 56th St.,

53202, 53210,
Shoreline Country Dancers, 2809 E. Oklahoma Brady East STD (BESTD) Clinic, 1240 E. Brady St,

Ave., 53207,, info@ 53202, 414-272-2144,, bestd@ Fair Wisconsin, 122 State St., Suite 500, Madison, 53703, 608-441-0143, www.
Women’s Voices Milwaukee, Galano Club, 315 Court St., Suite 201, 53213, Alliance School, 850 W. Walnut St., 53205, 414-,
630-890-5984,, 414-276-6936,, mail@ 267-5400,

SPORTS Alliance for LGBTQ Youth, 1212 S. 70th St.,
Health Institute of Milwaukee, 1817 N. Martin 53214, 414-453-1400,

Luther King Drive, Suite 3, 53212, 414-263- Gay Youth Milwaukee, P.O. Box 090441, 53209, Madison Gay Hockey Association, www.
9999. 414-265-8500, http://gayyouthmilwaukee.
Bay View Gays, 414-482-3796, Milwaukee Women’s Center, 611 N. Broadway, Madison Gay Volleyball, 608-347-8907, www.
Brew City Bears, P.O. Box 1035, 53201, 414-331- Suite 230, 53202, Marquette Gay/Straight Alliance, 1442 W.
3744, Pathfinders, 1614 E. Kane Pl., 53202, 414-271- Wisconsin Ave., 53233.

BWMT, 414-463-5359, 1560,, Marquette U G/L Alumni, P.O. Box 92722, 53202.
milwaukee. STD Specialties, Inc., 3251 N. Holton St., 53212, Project Q, 315 W. Court St., 53212, 414-223-3220.
Castaways, P.O. Box 1697, 53202, castawaysmc@ 414-264-8800, UWM LGBT Resource Center, UWM Union WG GSA for Safe Schools, 301 S. Bedford St., 89, P.O. Box 413, 53201, 414-229-4116, www. Madison, 53703, 608-661-4141, www.

CONNEXUS, 2439 N. Holton St., 53212, 414-390-
Cream City Foundation, 759 N. Milwaukee, Center Advocates, 252 E. Highland Blvd., 53202,
Suite 212, 53202, 414-225-0244, www. 414-271-2656, FOX VALLEY RACINE/KENOSHA
COMMUNITY COMMUNITY Equality Wisconsin, 2717 E. Hampshire Ave.,
Diverse and Resilient, 2439 N. Holton St., 53212, 53211, 414-431-1306,
414-390-0444, Human Rights League, 252 E. Highland Blvd., Harmony Café, 233 E. College Ave., Appleton, LGBT Center of SE Wisconsin, 1456 Junction
Firebirds, P.O. Box 159, 53201. 53202, 414-445-5292,, 54911, 920-734-2233,, Ave., Racine, 53403, 262-664-4100, info@
FORGE, P.O. Box 1272, 53201, 414-559-2123, PFLAG-Appleton/Fox Cities, 740 Kensington Road, PFLAG-Racine/Kenosha, P.O. Box 580058,

GAMMA Milwaukee, P.O. Box 1900, 53201, 414- Neenah, 54956, 920-722-7145. Rainbow Over Pleasant Prairie, 53158, 262-694-2729,
530-1886, Wisconsin, 702 E. Wisconsin Ave., Appleton,
Gemini Gender Group, P.O. Box 44211, 53214, Central United Methodist Church, 639 N. 25th St., WI 54911,

414-297-9328, 53233, 414-344-1600, www.centralumcmilw.
Lesbian Alliance, 252 E. Highland Ave., 53202, org.
414-272-9442, Congregation Shir Hadash, 414-297-9159, www. GREEN BAY Bradford Community Church-Unitarian

Lesbian Fund of the Women’s Fund of Milwaukee, Universalist, 5810 8th Ave., 53140, 262-656-
414-290-7350, Cross Lutheran Church, 1821 N. 16th St., 53205, 0544,
who_we_are/lesbian_fund. 414-344-1746, www.crosslutheranmilwaukee. Argonauts of Wisconsin, P.O. Box 22096, Green

Milwaukee LGBT Community Center, 252 E. org. Bay, 54305,, info@
Highland Blvd., 53202, 414-271-2656, www. Divine Word Lutheran Church, 5505 Lloyd St., 53208, 414-476-3189, Bear Club 4 Men, P.O. Box 13463, Green Bay, Wisconsin Warriors, P.O. Box 334, Somers, 53171,
Milwaukee LGBT History Project, 414-224-0517, First Unitarian Society of Milwaukee, 1342 54307, 414-759-8823,, wiwarriors@ N. Astor St., 53202, 414-273-5257, www. Harmony Café, 1660 W. Mason St., Green Bay,
Milwaukee Pride Parade, P.O. Box 070177, 53207, 54303, 920-569-1593,

YOUTH/EDUCATION Lake Park Lutheran Church, 2647 N. Stowell Ave., Positive Voice, P.O. Box 1381, Green Bay, 54305,
PFLAG-Milwaukee, 252 E. Highland Ave., 53202, 53211, 414-962-9190, 920-435-4404,,
414-299-9198, Metropolitan Community Church, 1239 W. Pride Alive, 920-471-3260,, Rainbow Alliance, UW-Parkside, Student Center,
PrideFest, 414-272-3378, Mineral St., 53204, 414-383-1100, www. L108D, 262-595-2685,
Queer Program, P.O. Box 090441, 53209, 414-265- clubs/clubtemp.cfm?clubID=38.

8500, Milwaukee Friends Meeting (Quakers), 3224
SAGE Milwaukee, 1845 N. Farwell, Suite 220, N. Gordon Pl., 53212, 414-263-2111, www. OTHER
53202, 414-224-0517, www.sagemilwaukee. Angels of Hope MCC, P.O. Box 672, Green Bay, LGBT Community Center of the Chippewa Valley,
org. Plymouth Church, 2717 E. Hampshire Ave., 53211, 54305, 920-983-7452,, 1305 Woodland Ave., Eau Claire, 54701,
Sapphic Adventures MKE, 414-628-1049, www. 414-964-1513, 715-552-LGBT,, St. James Episcopal Church, 833 W. Wisconsin LGBT Community Resource Center Seven Rivers, Ave., 53233, 414-964-1513, www. MADISON P.O. Box 3313, 303 Pearl St., LaCrosse,

SHEBA/Sisters Helping Each other Battle AIDS, 54602, 608-784-0452, www.7riverslgbt.
2349 N Holton St., 53212, 414-390-0444. Unitarian Church North, 13800 N. Port org,
WanderWomyn Outdoors Group, debydoo2@ Washington Road, 53097, 262-375-3890, Dairyland Cowboys and Cowgirls, Club 5, 5
WISCONSINGAZETTE.COM | November 18, 2010 35

CoMMUnitY events
ONGOING frIDAY Milwaukee Run Walk, starting at Milwaukee, Martin Luther Church, Valley, LGBT Community Center of
SAGE Office drop-in hours, 1-5 p.m. 1 p.m., Art Experience, SAGE the Water Tower at the East end 9235 W. Bluemound Road, the Chippewa Valley, Eau Claire.*
Monday and Thursday, Milwaukee.* Milwaukee.* of North Avenue, Milwaukee, 262- Wauwatosa. 7 p.m., second Tuesday, lesbian reading
LGBT Center of SE Wisconsin drop-in 4-7 p.m., fourth Friday, Happy Hour 285-7645. 7 p.m., second Sundays, Gay and group at Outwords Books, 2710 N.
hours, 4-8 p.m. Wednesday and with Planned Parenthood Advocates 9 a.m., Frontrunners/Frontwalkers Straight in Christ, Good Shepherd Murray Ave., 53211, 414-963-9089,
Thursday, 2-6 p.m. Friday, 10 a.m.-1 of Wisconsin, rotating location in Madison, Wingra Park off Monroe Catholic Church, N88 W17658
p.m. Saturday, Racine.* Milwaukee/Madison, www.ppawi. St., Madison, 608-469-4882. Christman Road, Menomonee Falls, 7 p.m., last Tuesday, Canasta night,
org. 3 p.m., second and fourth Saturdays, 262-502-0437. SAGE Milwaukee.*
THUrSDAY 5:30 p.m., second and fourth Fridays, Women4Women, OutReach, 7 p.m., Spectrum GLBT and Allied

2:30 p.m., first and third Thursdays,

Pozitive Lite HIV/AIDS group,
OutReach, Madison.*
6 p.m., Rotating Activity Night each
MONDAY social group for adults, Harmony
Cafe, Appleton.*
LGBT senior adults discussion, 6 p.m., second Fridays, Lesbian Alliance week, LGBT Community Center of 7 p.m., second Monday, Outwords 7 p.m., Women’s Voice Milwaukee
Madison Senior Center, 330 W. game night and potluck, LGBT the Chippewa Valley, Eau Claire.* men’s book club, 2710 N. Murray rehearsal, 630-890-5984.
Mifflin St., Madison, ferington@ Community Center, Milwaukee.* 7-8:30 p.m., third Saturdays, BWMT Ave., 53211, 414-963-9089, www.
6 p.m., third Thursdays, same-
6:30 p.m., Open Mic night, Harmony
Cafe, Green Bay.*
(Black and White Men Together),
general meeting.*
7 p.m., Spectrum-Social and
sex partners group, OutReach, 7 p.m., AA, The Galano Club, networking LGBT group, Harmony 6 p.m., first Wednesday, LGBT cancer
6 p.m., Qgrads, UW Memorial Union
7 p.m., Gay Narcotics Anonymous, The
SUNDAY Cafe, Appleton.*
7:30 p.m., AA Came to Believe, The
networking group, Gilda’s Club, 7907
UW Health Court, Middleton, 608-
Rathskeller, 800 Langdon St., Galano Club, Milwaukee.* 10:30 a.m., Al-Anon, The Galano Club, Galano Club, Milwaukee.* 828-8880, www.gildasclubmadison.
Madison. 7 p.m., Drop-in night, LGBT Community Milwaukee.* org
7 p.m., third Thursdays, Lesbian
Alliance movie night, LGBT
Center of the Chippewa Valley, Eau
10:30 a.m., AA Step/Topic meeting,
The Galano Club, Milwaukee.*
TUESDAY 6:30 p.m., third Wednesday,
Wauwatosa Rainbow Association
Community Center, Milwaukee.* 8:30 p.m., second and fourth Fridays, 1 p.m., Cream City Squares dances, 12:30 p.m., third Tuesday, Retired Old/ monthly meeting, tosarainbow@
7 p.m., Q2-LGBTQ Youth Group, LGBT Shoreline Milwaukee line dancing Lake Park Lutheran Church, 2647 N. Older Lesbians (ROLLers), Madison.
Community Center of the Chippewa and lessons, Hot Water, 818 S. Stowell, Milwaukee. Info: 608-219-7751. 7 p.m., AA 12 Steps and 12 Traditions,
Valley, Eau Claire.* Water St., Milwaukee, 414-383- 7 p.m., AA The Big Book meeting, The 5:30 p.m., AA Over and Under 40; 7 The Galano Club, Milwaukee.*
7:30 p.m., Four Lakes Bears, 7593. Galano Club, Milwaukee.* p.m. AA The Blue Group, The Galano 7 p.m., first Wednesday, Bear Club 4
Michelangelo’s Coffee Shop, 114 5 p.m., OutThere LGBT youth group Club, Milwaukee.* Men monthly meeting, Napalese
State St., Madison, 608-251-5299. SATUrDAY meeting, OutReach, Madison.* 6 p.m., third Tuesday, Fair Wisconsin Lounge, 1351 Cedar St., Green Bay,
9 a.m., Frontrunners/Walkers 5 p.m., third Sundays, PFLAG Action Network of the Chippewa Info:

* See Community Groups for address and contact information.


The Milwaukee LGBT Community Center has two upcoming events. Pride Night
with the Milwaukee Admirals, Dec. 3, is a fundraiser for the center and its tenants. It
THUrSDAY SATUrDAY features with a 5 p.m. party at the center, 252 E. Highland Ave., and a hockey game
with a post-game Village People concert at the Bradley Center, 1001 N. Fourth St.
Nov. 18 Nov. 20 Call 414-271-2656. On Dec. 11, the center holds its annual Home for the Holidays
7 p.m., lesbian movie night with WanderWomen 6 p.m., Christmas Over the Rainbow, a fundraiser
celebration at the Deco Caffe in the Ambassador Hotel, 2308 W. Wisconsin Ave.
Lesbian Social Group, for LGBT Center of SE Wisconsin, Uncorkt, 240
R.S.V.P.s are due to Patrick Price by Dec. 2. Contact 414-292-3065 or pprice@
Main St., Racine, 53403, 262-664-4100, infor@
8 p.m., John F. Kennedy Commerative: A night of
Nov. 19 bardic elegy and protest, The Coffee House,
5 - 8 p.m., TGIF party with Rainbow Arts and
Cultural Connection, Ginger Tapas Bar, 235 S.
631 N. 19 St., 53233, 414-546-3251, www.the-
WEDNESDAY Avenue, Racine, 53403, 262-664-4100, info@
Second St., 53204, 9 p.m., Double Feature SciFi Show with the Nov. 24 10 p.m. Brew City Bombshells Broke A**
5 p.m. - midnight, MAM After Dark presents Miltown Kings, Miramar Theater, 2844 N. 6:30 p.m., Simply Talk listening group with Burlesque Show, Stonefly Brewery, 735 E.
Under the Table, Milwaukee Art Museum, 700 Oakland Ave., 53211, FORGE, Milwaukee LGBT Community Center, Center St., 53212, brewcitybombshells@gmail.
N. Art Museum Drive, 53202, 252 E. Highland Ave., 53202, www.forge- com.
afterdark. SUNDAY,
5:30 p.m., Woodland Pattern Book Center 30th SATUrDAY
Anniversary Celebration, Harley-Davidson
Museum, 400 W. Canal St., 53201, 414-263-
Nov. 21
1 p.m., visit the Eisner Museum with SAGE
THUrSDAY Nov. 27
5001, Milwaukee, meet at the museum, 208 N. Nov. 25 4:30 p.m., Ninth Annual Rainbow Community
6 p.m., Fish Fry with SAGE, MONAs Out N About, Water St., 53202, 414-224-0517. HAPPY THANKSGIVING Thanksgiving Potluck, Plymouth UCC, 2717 E.
1407 S. First St., 53204, Required R.S.V.P. to 6 p.m., Transgender Day of Remembrance vigil Hampshire Ave., 53211.
414-224-0517. and potluck dinner with FORGE, Milwaukee frIDAY
7 p.m., screening of “Transamerica” at
Transgender Day of Remembrance and Movie
Community Church, 1239 W. Mineral St.,
53204, Nov. 26
Night, LGBT Center of SE Wisconsin, 1456 7 p.m. “Discussing Our Favorite Vacation Areas” November 29
Junction Avenue, Racine, 53403, 262-664- with WanderWomyn Lesbian Social Group, 6:30 p.m., Milwaukee LGBT Community Center
4100, Annual Membership Meeting, 252 E. Highland
7:30 - 10 p.m., Game On: game night at the Avenue, 53203,
LGBT Center of SE Wisconsin, 1456 Junction
36 WISCONSINGAZETTE.COM | November 18, 2010

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