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Imagine yourself living in a place without any trees or without

nature. It is hard to realize that now a days humans are destroying the
nature they have. Nature has something to offer each one of us and it is
not too late to protect it. We as future engineers, we are going to avoid
the future world in many negative aspects that may we encounter in the
We all know that land development is one of the essential ways for
a certain community's success. In other words, land development is the
process in which we make improvements to a piece of land and it
involves complex processes like evaluation, planning, engineering and
also constructing land development plans for improvement of land use.
The Local Government Unit in Sison, Surigao del Norte is proposing
land development in their hometown and 2 hectares of it will be the
covered area by our propose project design. We are going to propose an
Eco-Park Design as one of their land development projects and it is
located near from their Municipality Hall. We are not just simply
designing an eco-park but we also want to develop their hometown and
aside for that, we also want to protect the relationship of humans with
nature. This Eco-Park will create a big impact to promote the eco-tourism
in Sison.