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Road Clearing of Illegal Structures and Constr

Pursuant to DILG MEMORANDUM CIRCULAR 2019-121 d
As of AUGUST 14, 2019

Ordinance Related to Road Clearing and Banning Road Inventory within LGU
Illegal Construction Jurisdiction
Name of LGU (Please indicate Ordinance No.)
(per City/Municipality)
(1) (2)

BGY. 16 DILG MEMORANDUM CIRCULAR 2019-121 Sketch of Delpan Road

ZONE 2 City Ordinance-8354 Series of 2014

DISTRICT I, MANILA Prohibiting all forms of obstruction to all

roads within the area of jurisdiction

Executive Order No. 24 Series of 2019

Dismantling and removal of all

permanently installed along public streets

which caused obstruction to the free flow

of pedestrians and vehicles.

City Ordinance – 8336 Series of 2018

Article 1 Sec. 2 Revised Traffic Code City

of Manila. The ordinance provides for the

traffic rules and regulations on all roads

in the city, whether nation or local in

classifications ; pedestrian rules and

regulations; the use of sidewalks and

alleys; roads use by all motor vehicles

including motorized tricycles and pedicabs

Prepared by:

Estrella C. Guanzon
Barangay Secretary
of Illegal Structures and Constructions
ANDUM CIRCULAR 2019-121 dated July 29, 2019
As of AUGUST 14, 2019

Road Clearing Operations Displacement Strategies Rehabilitation/Street Remarks

Beautification Efforts
(State Street Name,
Meters/Action Taken)
(3) (4) (5) (6)

Clearing of Sto. Niño Street

Illegal parked motorcycles Transferred to their Maintain cleanliness and Ongoing weekly

Where forced to vacate respective houses street free clearing obstruction operation

specially the sidewalk from obstruction for ease of right

of way

Noted by:


Punong Barangay