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Week 4 EDMU 520 Phonics Lesson Observation

For this assignment you need to observe a phonics lesson in a K-3 classroom. Be sure the focus of the lesson you are observing is phonics,
phonemic awareness and/or word study. You can observe a whole-group lesson, a small group lesson within the classroom or a small group
intervention lesson with a specialist.

Name of teacher observed: ​Ms. Yang

Grade level: ​1st grade

Standard(s) addressed during lesson:

Parts of the Lesson For each part of the lesson what did you For each part of the lesson reflect on how
observe? well the teacher’s approach worked.

How did the teacher introduce the lesson to She began with asking the students “Do you The students seemed a little shy at first but
students? remember_____”. She the assessed how once she gave them visuals they began to
well the students remembered the remember and respond better.
information and how much she needed to

What instructional strategies did the teacher She had students start by reading a book Students seemed heavily engaged and
use to build student understanding? together and then reading independently interested in her lesson. They also seemed
with minimal support. She also had them motivated to work harder as they were trying
read words that she wrote on a whiteboard to earn stickers for their charts to gain access
to practice fluency and letter recognition. to the reading treasure box filled with prizes
for students.

What activities were students involved in? She used SIIPS books as well as white boards Students seemed heavily engaged and
to have students practice writing and interested in her lesson. They also seemed
reading. motivated to work harder as they were trying
to earn stickers for their charts to gain access
to the reading treasure box filled with prizes
for students. I also liked that each student
had a specific chair bag that contained each
students items so that each student was able
to work and transition quickly.

How did the teacher monitor student She listened to students as they were Students seem to respond well and try to
progress throughout the lesson? reading and had them reread pages or model desired behavior. They also seemed to
words if she heard them make a mistake. improve when given the one on one support
She also used positive reinforcement by if the teacher heard a mistake.
saying things like “Wow, I really like how
“student name” is doing “insert task”.

How were students grouped during the The room was sectioned by three large I mainly observed the main teacher’s group
lesson? How was the room arranged? tables throughout the room where one but it seemed like the teaching aids were
group had the teacher and the other two doing the same instructions as the teacher
groups had a teaching aid. There was just at different speed levels. By this
roughly 4-5 students in each group. observation I infer that the groups have
already been assessed and students have
been arranged in groups based on their
reading levels.

What did you notice about the sequencing She seemed to work in 15 minute The 15 minute timing of lessons seemed
and timing of the lesson? increments and set a timer to keep her on appropriate by the speed and ability of her
track. group.

What materials, technology, and/or resources She used: These materials proved to be very helpful and
did the teacher use to make the subject wise as shown by the students successful
-a timer
matter comprehensible to students? implementation of their work.

-SIIP Books
Respond to the following questions about the lesson you observed:

Overall, how well do you think the lesson went?

1. What aspects of the lesson went well and what aspects might you change and why?
a. The lesson seemed to work really well. I really liked how she started by addressing the group as a whole and then had them work
independently while she continued to listen, observe, and support them. I would probably try to use more visuals to help with
English Learners as well as special needs students.
2. How did the teacher keep students engaged and participating in the lesson?
a. She picked books that the students were interested in, used stickers and prizes to motivate students as well as positive
3. What strategies did you observe the teacher use in the lesson that would support English Learner? A student with special needs? If no
strategies were used, what strategies could the teacher have incorporated into the lesson?
a. I didn’t see very much for these students other than perhaps her speed would slow from time to time. I think something that I
would do for this is provide students with more visuals to help support them.
4. What have you learned from this observation that will help you with your own teaching?
a. I feel like I learned how useful SIIP books can be as well as more techniques that I can use whiteboards with students.