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Advatage and Value Added Innovation:

1. Lempok durian and its packaging

Durian fruit production during the main harvest season is abundant and some of
them can not be absorbed by consumers because of its garden location where is far
from the market. Therefore, communities in this area want to improve the storability
of durian through processing the durian become "lempok". Lempok is a semi-moist
snack that made from durian fruit with or without the addition of sugar. It is then
cooked for approximately six hours so that its form look like “dodol”. Lempok which
will be marketed is packaged using plastic material (Murung Raya and Barito Utara)
or leaf of “tantowu” (Katingan). The shape and form look like cylinder with 0.25 to
0.50 kg weight. Consumers prefer to the production of lempok from Murung raya
and Barito Utara rather than Katingan..

This assessment identifies lempok processing technology that exist in the three
location. Furthermore, lempok made based on a formula that was tested with various
levels of liking of the product. The preferred Lempok is made from raw materials
durian flesh: glutinous rice flour (9: 1) by adding 20% sugar and 14% coconut milk
from the main raw material weight. The financial analysis shows the R / C ratio of

For packaging, packaging made of paper bags and boxes of secondary packaging.
From the results of study show that consumers prefer a paper bag than a box

2. Proccessing of Durian Seed

The a part of durian fruit that is consumed is fruit only, while for seed, it is not
exploited. One alternative treatment for the durian seed is and process them into flour
and chips. The processing of durian seeds become flour can increase the storability
and usage. Durian seed flour can be used as a flour substitute in baking (cake and
pastry). Processing chips durian is technology of diversification of durian seed
processing. Processing of durian seeds require special handling on the removal of
mucus in seeds durian. If the mucus is not removed it will affect the taste of flour or

a. The making of lempok according to farmer’s technique:

The basic ingredients used by farmers in Murung raya and Barito Utara is
durian fruit and 20% added sugar by weight of durian fruit. While lempok of
Katingan was made from durian without the use of other additives. Materials are
mixed and cooked while continues stirring until mixed (approximately 6 hours).
After lempok has been cooked, it can then be cooled and packaged. For farmers in
the Barito Utara and Murung Raya, they use plastic packaging, while in Katingan,

they use “tantowu” leaf for packaging. In Katingan, the farmers have been
packaged lempok after processing directly, while farmers in Barito Utara and
Murung Raya store in a closed basin. They will make packaging if there are any

b. The making of lempok based on assessment:

The main raw material used is the durian and sticky rice flour with a ratio of 9: 1,
add with 20% sugar and 14% coconut milk of the total weight of the main raw
material. Durian, sugar and flour are mixed evenly. Coconut milk is heated to boil
and then put the durian, sugar and flour. All material is cooked until lempok is not
sticky in the pan. After the cold and then packed with plastic packaging into small
cylinders and put in boxes or paper bags

2. The processing of durian seeds

a. Durian seed flour

Wash durian seeds, then boiled it for 10 minutes in boiling water, drained,
then remove durian seed from its skin. Then sliced durian seeds with 2-3 mm
thickness, sprinkled with salt 6%. Remove mucus by adding salt, 6% in the seeds
of durian, mixed, churning out under running water until the foam, then rinse with
running water until the slime is reduced and drained , baked until dry. The dried
and then pulverized with a grinding machine and sieved to get the durian seed

Durian seed flour is used as a substitute ingredient in making cake and pastry, the
proportion of wheat flour: durian seed flour which is accepted by the panelists is
1: 1. While in the manufacture of cake, durian seed flour proportions that is :
acceptable include 2 : 1.

b. Durian seed chips

Remove durian seeds skin, thinly sliced with a thickness of 2-3 mm, sprinkled
with salt, 6%, mixed, churning out under running water until the foam, then rinse with
running water until the slime is reduced and drained. Furthermore, soaked in spices
(garlic and salt) for 10-15 minutes. After that, fried it until dry.

Addition of Information:

Lempok durian and its packaging

Addition of coconut milk and sticky rice flour in making lempok provide added value
to producer of lempok. Addition of coconut milk to give a sense of tasteful while the
addition of sticky rice flour is used as a substitute durian so lempok more economical

price. Small cylindrical containers easier to consume, packaging boxes and bags form
to add consumer appeal.

Processing of durian seeds

The processing of durian seed into flour and chips is one way to utilize waste in the
form of durian seeds. Durian seed flour can be used as substitute for wheat flour in
making cakes. Chips durian seed is one of diversification of durian seed processing.

The Pictures of Dodol Durian Processing

Durian seed chips