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Physics Behind Egg Drop

(Performance Task in Physical Science)

Submitted by:
Marvin de Guzman
Ri-ann Tamimaya
Hannah Sison
Juliene Viray
Jelamy Noble
Kim Bernardo

Submitted to:
Ms. Noemi Quiambao
Statement of the Problem & The
Purpose of the Experiment

The performance task challenges us to prevent the egg from breaking as we will try to drop it
down from the third floor. In doing so, this experiment seems not easy for some factors
could put hazard to the condition of egg. Below are the factors that might contribute to the
breaking of the egg:

 force- too much impact could lead to the breaking of the catch basket, including egg
itself when it starts to fall to the ground.
 condition/direction of the wind- When the wind strongly blows, it will affect the way
how the catch basket falls on the ground. The catch basket will dislocate different
from the direction how it falls on the desired location. It will destroy the catch basket
including the egg inside it.

With the problems above, this experiment requires to think critically. Setting an effective
blueprint in constructing our catch basket to prevent the egg from breaking is our goal. In so,
we have to find and choose the best materials to make a strong catch basket sufficient to
support the egg. In performing this experiment, we also exerts the value of team work. Each
member has to cooperate with each other and must have a common goal- to make the
experiment or task runs smoothly. Another, the task requires us to have an in-depth
knowledge about the application of physics in the experiment. This gives us a chance to
prove our comprehension about the understanding of physical science. We consisted all of
these as the essential purposes of this task or experiment.


We further assume that the egg will not break as we will construct an effective blueprint of our
catch basket. The materials that we will use are enough to validate the strong structure of the
catch basket.
Description of the Experimental

4 3
2 9
6 4

7 8

1- Box 7- Rice grains

2- Mineral container 8- Sand
3- Rope 9- Mineral plastic
4- Crampled newspapers
5- Tape
6- Tissue tube