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Republic of the Philippines

Region VIII
2nd Floor Laohoo Bldg. Del Rosario St. Catbalogan City, Samar
September 26, 2019

Detailed Lesson Plan in Discipline and Ideas in the Applied Social Sciences

Quarter II

I. Objective:
At the end of this lesson, students are expected to:
 Show an understanding of the roles of social workers. HUMSS_DIASS12-If-19

II. Content:
A. Topic/Subject Matter:
Professionals and Practitioners in Social Work
KBI Students will demonstrate the roles of social workers.

III. Learning Resources:

A. References:
Discipline and Ideas in the Applied Social Sciences Textbook Pp. 107 – 110; Internet
B. Other Learning Resources: Laptop, pictures, visual aids

IV. Procedure:

Teacher’s Activity Students’ Activity

A. Drill
1. Prayer In the name of the father. And of the
son, and of the holy spirit. Amen.
2. Checking of attendance, uniform,
and ID

3. Drill (What are they?)

Directions: Identify what aspect
of counseling the following Ma’am, the given instances are
instances are: referring to the counseling
- Client welfare relationships in counseling as a
- Respecting diversity profession.
- Client rights
- Dual relationships
- Multiple clients
- Group work
- Fees Ma’am, last meeting we had the six core
B. Review values of social work and how these
What have we discussed last values serve as a guiding principle that
meeting? shape the behavior and action of the
social workers in interacting with their
Thank you! clients and other people.
Teacher’s Activity Students’ Activity

C. Preparation (Picture Analysis)

A picture showing a slum area will
be presented to the students.

Guide Questions:
1. What common problem do you Students will share their ideas.
notice based on the picture
2. Who among our professional you
think can help solved such

D. Developmental Activity
Social work is an active profession
showing a wide array of
responsibilities in the areas of
caring, curing, and changing.

What are the interventive roles of a Ma’am, the roles of a social worker
social worker? include resource broker, social broker,
mediator, advocate, enable, and
Very good! counselor/therapist.
Activity (Role Play/ Simulation)
A situation/ case about the roles of a
social worker will be given.
Directions: The students will
Students will have a role play.
formulate their own job description
indicating the major function/task
they will perform.

Guide question/act:
1. Based on the needs of their
barangay, what possible
indicators will you look at to
determine whether the
objectives of your work are
2. Act on how you will work with
other client systems such as
individuals and groups.

Have you been provided help by the
Students will share their thoughts and
social worker? How important is the
role of social worker in helping
people in times of calamities?
Teacher’s Activity Students’ Activity

E. Enrichment Activity Ma’am, today we talked about the six

Abstraction/Generalization interventive roles which are
May I have 2 students to summarize combination of tasks that are expected
our lesson for today? to be performed by the social worker to
accomplish the goals agreed upon with
the client.
F. Application (Group work)
1. What social problems do you
encounter in your barangay?
2. What interventions would you
give to help solve the problem?

G. Assessment
Enumerate and explain the roles of a
Social Worker.

H. Assignment
Directions: Identify and discuss the
function of social workers. Write
your answers on a ½ crosswise.

V. Remarks:
VI. Reflection:

Prepared by:


HUMSS Substitute Teacher