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Zoubida Ould Kablia High School

Level: 1st year literary stream

Time allowed: 2 hours
PART ONE: Read the text carefully then do the activities. (15pts)

In recent times, critical opinion has appeared concerning the use of

computers by children and adolescents, especially in education at the
primary and high school levels.

On one hand, some people think that computers accelerate children’s

development, mainly intellectual. Therefore, they should be used as soon as
possible because they will be essential for the individual in his professional
working place.

Furthermore, the use of computers in education may provide a free

environment for learning particularly using the internet. They would bring
students valuable connections with other schools and students around the
However, on the other hand, some parents and psychologists say that
computers used too early may contribute to behave and read like machines,
unable to find interest in other people and without social responsibility. This
means the destruction of some of our most essential human characteristics.

1- Say whether the following statements true or false: (2pts)
a- The writer thinks that children should be kept away from computers.
b- Children don’t have to use the internet in their education.
c- Some people think that computer use makes people behave like machines.
d-Understanding computers is very essential for their beneficial use.

2-Who or what do the words written in bold refer to in the text? (1.5pt)
They (§2) his (§2) our (§4)

3-Answer the following questions according to the text. (3.5pts)

a-Do all people agree with the use of computers?
b-Why should children use the computer at an early age?
c- What are the advantages of the internet in education?
d- In which paragraph is it mentioned that the use of computer at an early age destroy
most of people’s characteristics?

4-Choose the best title to the text: (1pt)

a- Internet addiction.
b- Computers in education.
c- The use of computers.
1. Match the words in column (A) with their synonyms in column (B). (1pt)
Words Synonyms
1- Accelerate. a- offer.
2- Provide. b- very important.
3- Principal. c- Speed up.
4- Essential d- main.
2. Find in the text words that are opposite in meaning to the following: (1pt)
Low (§1) Capable of (§4)

3. Report what the speakers say: (3pts)

1- a. Bob says: “I spend much time surfing on the net today.”
b. Bob says…………………………………………………
2- a. “Why do you want to buy a new computer?” Jack asked me.
b. Jack asked me …………………..…………………..……
3- a. The journalist asked: “Did you read the news paper yesterday?”
b. The journalist asked …………........…………………..

4. Change the adjective between brackets into adverbs and place them in the correct
place in the sentences: (1pt)
a- Sandra always does her homework. (careful)
b- Mary is an excellent secretary. She works very (good)

5. Circle the silent letter : (1pt)

Psychologist should children understand

PART TWO: Written Expression: (5pts)

Choose one of the following topics:
Topic 1: Use the following questionnaire results to write a report about young
people reading habits :
Reading habits-Questionnaire results
Number of informants: 68
Sex: Boys: 34 Girls: 34 Age: 15 -20 years old.
Favourite reading :
Boys: adventure stories ( 10 ) -detective stories (5) - newspapers(18 ) - novels (2 )
Girls: romances (10) -novels (8) -magazines (6)–newspapers (10).
Kind of rubrics(newspapers / magazines ):
Boys : sports events (24 ) -politics and world news (10 )
Girls : horoscope (15 ) - opinion page (10 ) - sports events ( 9 )
Topic 2: Some people think that computers in education are necessary. What do
you think? Justify.