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The case of Prosecutor Reyes vs Judge Julia Reyes is about the five administrative cases
filed against Judge Reyes and one administrative case filed by the respondent against
her Branch Clerk of Court Timoteo Migriño which were consolidated and referred to Judge
Romulo Quimbo (Consultant of the Office of the Court Administrator)

1st Admin Case (Prosecutor Reyes vs Judge Reyes)

On the 1st Admin Case, Prosecutor Reyes charged Judge Reyes for Violation of the Code
of Judicial Conduct, Knowingly Rendering an Unjust Judgment or Order and Gross
Ignorance of the Law Procedure. Rooting from the incident when she denied the request
of Judge Reyes to conduct inquest on her Branch Clerk of Court Migriño for alleged
violation of PD 1602 (Anti-Gambling Law)

2nd Administrative Case (Migriño vs Judge Reyes)

According to Migriño, Judge Reyes exhibited unexplained prejudice (unfairness) and

hostility (anger) towards him, that on several occasions he was barred by Judge Reyes
to enter the court and staff room. Migriño was caught playing tong-its in the court premises
together with two others but has posted bail for their release but Judge Reyes tried to
prevent their release and insisted that she had complaint Migriño of malversation of public
funds, infidelity in the custody of document and/or qualified theft and violation of the Anti-
Graft and Corrupt Practices Act allegedly committed few years ago. Moreover, Judge
Reyes is using her contempt powers to clobber her perceived enemies.

3rd Administrative Case (Flordeliza vs Judge Reyes)

Judge Reyes was charged with residing in the chambers; borrowing money from the staff;
instructing stenographer to collect a minimum amount for ex-parte cases; frequently
bringing some of her staff to nighttime gimmick; unethical conduct; conduct unbecoming
a lady judge; unfriendliness to litigants; anti-public service; inability to control emotions
during hearings; uttering invectives in front of staff and lawyers; conducting staff meeting
in an unsightly attire; and gross inefficiency/laziness.

4th Administrative Case (Lagdameo vs Judge Reyes)

On this administrative complaint, Judge Reyes showed arrogance against Lagdameo who
is just merely requesting for a copy of a decision of the cases tried on that day and was
cited to contempt by Judge Reyes.

5th Administrative Case (Sebastian vs Reyes)

Lastly, Sebastian charged Judge Reyes with Grave Misconduct, Gross Ignorance of the
Law, Incompetence and efficiency arising from the proceedings of a criminal case
involving the petitioner.

With the facts presented by the petitioners, Judge Reyes was recommended to be
dismissed by Judge Quimbo thus the Court finds Judge Reyes unfit to discharge her
functions as judge. WHEREFORE Judge Reyes is DISMISSED from the service with
forfeiture of all retirement benefits, while Migriño was fined equivalent his one-month
salary and warned that repetition of the same act will be dealt more severely.